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saidinesh5hey guys.. the ubuntu touch repos seem to be always down.. are there any places where they are mirrored?05:15
lotuspsychjesaidinesh5: perhaps you can ask known issues in #ubuntu-mirrors ?05:16
* saidinesh5 heads there05:16
lotuspsychjesaidinesh5: you can ask issues about ubuntu mirrors there05:29
saidinesh5lotuspsychje: waiting for the exact 503 error05:31
lotuspsychjesaidinesh5: ask in their channel, someone perhaps knows05:32
saidinesh5lotuspsychje: its been a frequent error lately : https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg22027.html , even on ask ubuntu05:33
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taiebotmm rc-proposed this morning i have been stuck on the google logo for more than 10min has apparmor been updated?09:13
taiebotsorry i am still stuck on google logo..09:13
brunch875mine also got stuck so I rebooted it09:15
taiebotyeah running top we can see apparmor at 100% cpu09:15
brunch875after reboot it shows no issues09:15
taiebotbrunch875 that's it it has started rebooting excess of 15 min to get reboot09:15
taiebotbrunch875 i have done this in the past multiple time i do not really know what is the effect of a hard reset while apparmor update09:17
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currupipiplease i need help14:32
currupipii have a samsung galaxy a5 and when i restart it it throws me a message in red14:33
currupipisaying "recovery is not seandroid forcing14:33
currupipihi please14:35
ecsiHow to change imei sumber, if lost15:05
ecsiwhat is the command?15:05
ecsi*#06# imei empty15:05
matv1probably missing something obvious but i am not able to switch to rc-proposed on the M10 using --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en16:42
matv1I am getting: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en etc..16:43
matv1sorry wrong copypaste.. I am getting: Device frieza not found on server etc..16:44
dobeymatv1: right, you are using a channel that isn't for the m1017:04
dobeymatv1: it's bq-aquaris-pd.en17:05
dobeymatv1: or ubuntu-pd17:05
matv1hi dobey right I see. Do you mean that both options provide the same content?17:05
dobeyor just ubuntu i guess, if you want the image that doesn't have the empty puritine pre-installed17:06
dobeymatv1: no, the bq-aquaris* and meizu* channels have the extra retail stuff for those devices. the -pd for the 'converged' devices (tablet and pro5), and the ubuntu channels don't have all the retail stuff pre-installed, just basic bits17:07
dobeythe -pd images have the puritine stuff already. i think the regular ubuntu images have all the necessary .deb packages now too, but don't have the puritine and extra scopes installed by default, but the -pd images do have that17:09
matv1dobey Now I get you. So if I wanted the rc-proposed on Frieza and I couldnt be bothered with the BQ extra stuff but did want the puritine scope filled I would go with:17:10
dobeyno, you'd go with ubuntu-pd17:15
dobeyjust ubuntu doesn't have the puritine bits, but doe sseem to have builds for frieza/cooler17:16
matv1dobey ah okay will go with that. cheers17:17
matv1do not all rc-proposed channels get updates equally frequent?19:55
matv1i am now running that image on both N4 and M10 but at least one thing that I know landed in rc-proposed and i do see in N4, is not there in the M1019:57
zamoany one online?21:24
zamohave any idea how to make wifi work on htc one m721:25

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