daftykinswhere's the late night gang?00:26
penguin42sleeping I think00:31
daftykinsmorning sir - got a few N64s together for a friends stag do tomorrow night00:32
daftykinsno cartridge blowing for me, i've run some IPA over them all ;)00:32
penguin42that sounds unusually civilised for a stag do00:32
daftykinshehe - it's after daytime activities, drinks at the private venue of the royal yacht club00:33
* moggers57 is just in after been at a wedding reception00:36
daftykinsah did they see the piggy bank or did you have to leave it in a pile?00:38
moggers57i dropped that in a few days ago, they liked it00:41
moggers57won't be short of a few coins for the meter... :-P00:42
daftykinsphew, all consoles tested, bagged up and ready to go01:33
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:12
popeypip pip09:55
* SuperEngineer thinks it is quiet here today. Enjoy your bank hol traffic jams folks ;-)11:29
brobostigoni think if it stays dry, i might visit the pub, :)11:31
SuperEngineergood plan!11:34
SuperEngineer[have 1 for me]11:34
=== moggers58 is now known as zmoylan-pi
diddledantraffic jam? I like jam17:40
diddledanthe red arras were here today17:41
penguin42where's that?17:42
zmoylan-piif they happen in the mornings they should be traffic marmalades17:42
zmoylan-pithe italian display team were here a few weeks back.  they fly a very close low formation.  very impressive17:44
foobarrygoogle searches are struggling, other sites aren't. weird18:56
foobarryhmm google UK18:56
penguin42foobarry: working here18:57
zmoylan-pigoogle ireland working here grand18:57
foobarryyep, google.ie works fine18:57
foobarryco.uk hanging18:57
penguin42foobarry: I seem to be resolving to lhr25s10-in-f3 on a ping of www.google.co.uk18:57
zmoylan-piif google were having trouble it would be news _everywhere_, no?18:57
foobarry64 bytes from lhr25s01-in-f3.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=55 time=23.2 ms18:58
foobarryping works18:58
zmoylan-pinot for apple it didn't... :-P18:58
penguin42hmm, so we're same datacentre18:58
foobarryit could be routing form talktalk thats the issue18:58
MartijnVdSheh, 1e100. A googol18:58
zmoylan-pithey took bings money... :-)18:58
foobarrycan't google it though18:58
foobarryjust remembered other search engines are available lol18:59
foobarryco.uk working better now18:59
zmoylan-pii use startpage and duckduckgo 99% of the time18:59
foobarrymaybe not18:59
foobarrydoes this site work for anyone ? https://my.talktalk.co.uk/servicecentre19:10
popeyConnecting to my.talktalk.co.uk (my.talktalk.co.uk)||:443... failed: Connection refused.19:11
foobarrybank holiday, network guys all off on hols19:32
foobarryi haven't read my work email in 2 weeks. feels great19:33
penguin42that's exactly what the servers are thinking to themselves....19:34
MooDoonice :) I've been off for a week, just read my work email so no surprises when i get in.19:34
foobarryi never received good news in a work email19:36
GorsofaLike totally               https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/161750119:36
foobarryif you look after systems then its always bad if you get mail19:36
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1617501 in OpenShot Video Editor "Openshot is totally buggy" [Undecided,New]19:37
foobarrygahhh keep hitting ctrl-k in browser to search...muscle memory is strong . might have to edit /etc/hosts to redirect google19:38
penguin42foobarry: Where is your google trying to connect to/19:38
penguin42more specifically?19:39
foobarryhost www.google.co.uk19:39
foobarrywww.google.co.uk has address
foobarrywww.google.co.uk has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:4009:808::200319:39
penguin42foobarry: But is that where it's actually trying to connect to?19:40
foobarryohhh... its chrome19:40
foobarryfirefox is fine19:40
penguin42foobarry: That's connecting to that IP fine for me19:40
foobarrytime to slap chrome19:42
foobarryi heard firefox is getting codecs to watch amazon prime soon19:43
penguin42foobarry: I'd be tempted to tcpdump/netstat something to see wth it's doing19:43
MartijnVdSthey have the thing to watch Netflix now I think19:43
MartijnVdSif Amazon uses the same "DRM enabling engine" it should also work19:44
foobarrypondering reading man in the high castle after watching it on telly19:45
foobarryshould probably disregard the illiterate reviews added recently by couch potatoes19:49
foobarrysomebody sounds upset that it had nothing to do with the tv show, as if it's the book's fault19:50
zmoylan-piwhenever i got a work email it was 50/50 it was looking for information i had already emailed them but outlooks search was so bad they couldn't find it...21:18
zmoylan-pii'll never want a window seat again... https://twitter.com/FlightAlerts777/status/76960514407812710621:48
penguin42zmoylan-pi: front fell off?22:06
zmoylan-pinon regulation duct tape holding it together22:10

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