Kiloshi paddatrapper inetpro ambo aquarat drussell ludo pavlushka SilverCode and other lurkers08:35
* pavlushka digging deeper08:35
paddatrapperHey Kilos08:37
* pavlushka (and burying himself)08:37
paddatrapperpavlushka: I'll check about sort and let you know. Need to remember how it works 08:38
* pavlushka (Because Kilos sensed me here) :p08:38
pavlushkapaddatrapper: sure :)08:38
pavlushkaKilos: ahoy :)08:40
pavlushkapaddatrapper: I am getting close, I am following a suggestion inetpro gave me when the Tigers used to smoke cigars :p09:09
pavlushkapaddatrapper: I'll tell you if I achieve 100 success :)09:09
paddatrapperpavlushka: ok cool :) 09:22
Kiloswhere are all the clever peeps10:54
Kilospaddatrapper you here?11:13
Kilostheblazehen you?11:13
Kiloswhere of where is my fly12:21
jeritello squirrels13:02
Kiloshi jerit 13:08
jerityou well Kilos?13:09
Kilosjust tired hopefully ty jerit and you13:10
jeritjust tired, hopefully?13:19
Kilosyip , jerit is it isnt tired then im sick again13:42
Kilosspend whole day in jozi yesterday and that air aint good13:43
theblazehenKilos I'm here13:51
Kilossec i cp/paste13:52
Kilosive been given a blackberry for my trip to aus13:52
Kilos[15:51] <Kilos> if i tether it to lappy as a modem will i then be able to use the bb data13:52
Kilosbecause i think they give uncapped for R59 13:53
theblazehenKilos No :(13:53
Kilosoh my13:53
Kiloswhat data will it use then13:53
theblazehenIt's seperate BIS data, only used by their browser and BBM13:53
theblazehenso their browser and bbm is free, rest is your normal data plan13:54
theblazehenor it was like that a few years back13:54
Kilosall i got it for is for whatsapp to family here13:54
theblazehenI looked into if there was ways to get it to work with websocket magic, but back then you couldn't as the browser didn't support websockets13:54
Kiloshorrible fone though i have to use 2 pairs of glasses to see the keyboard13:56
Kilosoh theblazehen 13:56
Kilosone more thing13:56
Kiloswhat if i tether it and its on wifi13:56
theblazehenIf it's on wifi then it should be fine13:57
Kilossomething to think about then13:57
Kilosneed to find out if they still want the R59 if you use wifi13:58
bushtechafternoon all15:28
Kiloshi bushtech long time no here15:29
Kiloswhere you been15:29
bushtechG'day Kilos15:29
Kilosyou ok?15:29
bushtechyou in Oz?15:29
Kilosleaving tuesday early am15:29
Kilosactually flying at 9.4515:30
bushtechi'm good, up to my neck teaching myself electronics15:30
Kilosi was lucky the gpo paid for my electronics learning15:30
bushtechthinking of going to 1604. Good idea?15:30
Kilosbut then electronics was very much more basic15:30
Kilosstill buggy but if you dont need fancy things the basics is stable15:31
Kilosand 16.04.1 is out so many of the patches already in15:31
bushtechyeah when it gets to the maths involved my eyes glaze over15:31
Kilosbut they are still working on many bugs15:32
bushtechah ok got some extra data think I'll roll it15:32
Kilosalso superfly and inetpro and a few others are already using 16.0415:33
bushtechas long as they haven't stuffed up something like network connections15:33
Kilosill upgrade next month in aus15:33
Kilostry checking outstanding bugs before you actually upgrade15:34
Kilosbut you can download it so long15:34
Kiloswbb pumping water15:34
bushtechhmm yeah. Unfortunately I don't know if the stuff I get up to rates as fancy15:35
Kilosyou use kde?15:36
Kilosbushtech ^^15:38
bushtechI use whatever it comes with15:39
Kilosif you do then there are guys here running it so they would know fixes15:39
Kiloskubuntu that is15:39
bushtechspose i'm on gnome15:40
Kiloshavent you got a spare drive to test it on15:41
Kilosthen you would know if any apps you use are buggy before dropping your stable system15:41
Kilosi am going to upgrade the lappy standard drive first, but keep the ssd on stable till im happy with 16.0415:42
bushtechhmm just replaced my media drive with a WD Red15:42
Kilosthey come in colours now15:42
Kilosused to be sizes15:43
bushtechyep 15:43
Kilosso how big is red?15:43
bushtechnow you need to pick size and colour15:43
bushtechred comes in all sizes15:43
Kiloswhat is the red for them15:44
bushtechbut recommended for 24/7 NAS15:44
Kilosi cant google, data min15:44
bushtechand 3 year guarantee15:45
Kilosthats nice15:45
bushtechfor what its worth15:45
Kilosmy drives are all older than that15:45
bushtechbushtech scratches head15:45
bushtech2tb was about R190015:49
Kilosthats 20% of the airfare to aus15:50
bushtechthats why I dont have any spare drives lying around15:50
superflyKilos: I don't use Kubuntu anymore, I use KDE on Debian15:50
Kilosall the time superfly 15:50
Kilosyou haqd both a while back15:50
Kilosafternoon superfly 15:50
bushtechhi superfly15:51
superflyyup, and when my new hard drive for my netbook arrived, I put Debian on it15:51
superflyhi bushtech15:51
bushtechHere's a free tip for anybody who has an old laptop battery lying around15:55
Kilosmine only has 4% life15:56
bushtechdon't throw it away, break it open and you have 6 or 7 batteries for your led torch 15:56
Kilosi was hoping you had a fix15:57
bushtechyes I do. One of the batteries inside there has failed, open it. find out which are gone , buy replacement battery,, solder in and voila15:58
bushtechlaptop battery fixed15:59
Kilosill do that in aus15:59
Kiloswill be cheaper15:59
Kiloscomplete battery for t410 is $450 there and R1500 here16:00
bushtechhaving been in electronics you'll manage16:00
Kilosi mean $4516:00
bushtechyou'll be looking for a battery called 1865016:00
Kilosi want to price a soldering station there as well16:00
Kilosthey are very pricey here16:01
bushtechyeah nothing cheap here16:01
Kilosmhy weller died16:02
Kiloslasted about 30 years16:02
bushtechmust be fixable16:02
Kilosthe element popped16:02
Kiloscan only get a new pencil for R45016:03
bushtechis it on a station16:03
Kilosand thats no even genuine weller16:03
Kilosyes on a stand16:03
Kilosty it will be cheaper to buy there and bring hom16:07
Kiloswonderful stations16:07
KilosMaaz 19.10*1416:08
MaazKilos: 267.416:08
Kilosexpensive here16:08
Kilosmaybe i should stop fixing things and save for next flight rather16:10
Kilosah you still with access16:10
Kiloswhen you going to get cloaked16:10
bushtechyep, sadly SA businesses will go out of business if they dont compete16:10
Kiloslook at the nicks some show unaffiliated instead of ip addy16:11
Kilosthats cloaked16:11
Kilosdoes your  client show hosts16:12
Kiloswow you still got unstable connection16:12
Kilosfight that access guy16:12
bushtech_yeah, it has it's moments16:12
Kilosive even forgotten who he was16:12
Kilosi think you frightened him16:13
bushtech_going to reboot router bbs16:13
Kiloshavent seen him for a long time16:13
bushtechdoesnt look as if it helped16:19
Kilosoh rebooting router16:20
paddatrapperbushtech: seems there's a bug with Networkmanager in 16.04 that hasn't been fixed yet. Resuming from suspend requires you to toggle wifi before you can connect to a network16:27
Kilosty paddatrapper 16:28
paddatrapperAnyone know how to roll back an apt upgrade? Actually need wifi to work on my laptop... 16:28
bushtechthanks paddatrapper16:38
bushtechby suspend you mean the comouter goes to sleep?16:39
paddatrapperbushtech: yes. Like when you close the lid of a laptop 16:40
bushtechhmm, havent got a lappy with buntu but backupserver runs overnight for backups. if it disconnects backup fails16:42
bushtechpaddatrapper: http://askubuntu.com/questions/761180/wifi-doesnt-work-after-suspend-after-16-04-upgrade16:48
paddatrapperbushtech: that's the one 16:48
* paddatrapper is running Debian16:49
bushtechseems there is a solution there16:49
Kilostraitors in our midst16:49
* Kilos hides16:49
* paddatrapper waves at Kilos16:49
bushtechshocking :)16:49
* paddatrapper dances a jig16:50
Kilosyou following the fly paddatrapper 16:50
paddatrapperWhich is actually quite scary considering my dancing.... 16:50
paddatrapperKilos: yeah the guys at Debconf converted me16:50
Kilosflap flap16:50
Kiloslast time you do help them16:50
paddatrappersuperfly was the one who helped me with the install 16:51
Kilosyou need help with the install16:51
* Kilos sticks to kubuntu16:51
paddatrapperHe had the image and answered the dumb questions I had. Like where I could find broadcom wifi drivers 16:52
Kiloshi CraigZim 18:07
CraigZimHey Kilos how you doing?18:07
Kilosok ty and you18:07
Kilosyou dont often visit here18:07
CraigZimGood thanks18:07
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za18:08
CraigZimNo, wanted to see what goes on down there18:09
Kiloseveryone here is quiet today18:09
CraigZimtrying to get ideas to spread the word here18:10
Kiloswhat word?18:10
Kilosmajor work that 18:11
Kilosmany people use it and never even know about irc18:11
CraigZimId be happy converting a few to using linux for day to day use18:13
Kilostry school kids18:13
Kilosif you find one thats tries it you will be surprised at how quick it spreads18:14
Kiloseven varsity students18:14
Kilosbusinesses are difficult unless you can convince the IT guy18:15
Kiloshi chesedo 18:15
chesedoHi oom Kilos18:16
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:28
superflysup kulelu8819:26
kulelu88hey superfly . howzit?19:27
superflyyeah, not bad thanks. a little less frantic right now19:28
superflystill trying to get everything sold19:28
superflyDog has a home, need to follow up on one cat's potential new home, and cat #3 still needs a home19:28
kulelu88yeah seems like a rush. less than 2 months until your family goes?19:28
superflythey're actually sorted, I'm the one that still needs to be sorted out.19:30
kulelu88if you were going to execute a bash command within Python, without a pip install lib (like sh), what would you use from within Pythons internal tools?19:30
superflysubprocess probably19:30
kulelu88Perhaps you should try resigning soon? may help to be around to sort everything out 19:30
superflyfrom subprocess import check_output; check_output(['ls'])19:31
superflyyes, already chatted with my boss. I'm resigning effective 30 November, but we have a 2 month notice period which I'm not required to work out19:31
superflySo September 30 will be my last day.... *sigh* my mom's birthday19:32
kulelu88I'd be running a command like this: sudo find /path/from/folder/ -name *.php -exec sudo cp {} /path/to/folder\;19:33
kulelu88I'm sure you can leave any valuables you can't sell at your folks place? 19:34
superflykulelu88: no, my dad doesn't want anything more. I've managed to persuade my brothers to take some things, and we've got friends and friends of friends buying stuff. we're also giving a lot away to charities.19:44
superflyonly the absolute worst is going in the bin19:44
kulelu88recycling +10019:46
kulelu88you saw my bash command above? superfly 19:54
superflykulelu88: yes. if you read the docs on subprocess, you'll see that you can easily achieve that19:55
kulelu88alright, I'll review that later, thanks19:55
jeritthis client's more stable than vanilla mirc20:06

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