Bashing-omKeitaro: And how old is this tutorial you are following ? .. I Assure you that with optimus the better result is with the proprietary driver and nvidia-prime to control the graphos's sets .00:00
amnixinerti4: how?00:01
Bashing-omKeitaro: The "supported products" tab -> GeForce GTX 950M, GeForce 945M, GeForce 940MX, ......00:02
inerti4amnix: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair00:02
amnixinerti4: should there be anyting inside /boot/efi ?00:03
amnixinerti4: that folder is empty00:03
Keitarooki Bashing-om00:04
Keitarosorry i will do that00:04
Bashing-omKeitaro: Much preferable to purge what is now installed .. and we do have a Trusted/tested PPA to install new version drivers !00:05
KeitaroBashing-om,  i still have a question why during the install it said that it can't configure in secure boot mode and ask a password ?00:05
Keitaroye^i will uninstall those drivers and install the new one00:06
Bashing-omKeitaro: I would hazard a guess at DKMS. in that 331 has no support for it .00:06
naccinerti4: that seems really weird00:06
Bashing-omKeitaro: Do you have the PPA .. and are you comfortable working with this PPA to install the 367 version driver ?00:07
Keitaroi install with the ppa mode or by the link you gave to me ?00:07
Keitaroeuh ppa ?00:07
Keitarowhat is that  ? i have to check tutorial first00:08
Bashing-om!ppa | Keitaro00:08
ubottuKeitaro: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:08
Keitarooki thx00:09
Bashing-omKeitaro: Ya want to fix this quick . or take the learning process to understand ?00:10
Keitaroso official driver on the is better than the ppa who is third party package ?00:10
Keitarooh i can read ppa and learn to00:10
Bashing-omKeitaro: Our trusted PPA : https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa for the driver .00:12
DexterFold nvidia 9500GT, want to use it on 15.04 for video accel. nouveau wont cut it. cannot upgrade at the moment. which nvidia driver can I use?00:17
DexterF304 and 340 won't load00:17
Bashing-omDexterF: 340 version per: http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html .00:19
DexterFBashing-om, thanks, that's the one I got installed now. any idea why it fails to load?00:21
Bashing-omWell, the log file /var/log/Xorg.0.log will show if the driver built . If so maybe issues in the GUI config ??00:23
Bashing-omDexterF: Also .. 15.04 is long dead. try a supported release .00:24
modpGot a Logitech C170 that's not working properly in cheese in Ubuntu 16.04. Upon executing cheese, the webcam light comes on for a second, then goes off and the CLI says Failed to allocate buffer.00:28
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KeitaroBashing-om, i did sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa and update my list00:45
Keitarowhat package should i install ?00:45
Bashing-omKeitaro: ' sudo apt-get install nvidia-367 nvidia-prime ' . You did purge the old driver. yes ?00:46
Keitarooki thx00:48
Keitaroi did sudo ap-get remove --purge nvidia*00:48
Keitaroi hoped that was the good command xD00:48
Bashing-omKeitaro: Yeah .. should workie great .00:49
Bashing-omKeitaro: OH ! Ya want to remove the old config file also !00:49
energizerWhenever I try to apt install something, it says the packges cannot be authenticated00:51
KeitaroBashing-om, which config file ?00:51
Keitaropurge remove the config file right ?00:52
Bashing-omKeitaro: " /etc/X11/xorg.conf " .00:52
Bashing-omJellyg00se: ' sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf ' . it is just a single file .00:53
Keitarook i will do a rm on it00:53
Bashing-omKeitaro: ^^ apologies Jellyg00se .00:53
Keitarosorry for that ^^00:53
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KeitaroBashing-om, there is no 367.44 version of nvidia on the repository ?00:58
loganleei replaced win10 on my $300 laptop with ubuntu 16.401:00
loganleeso far works ok01:00
polarbeareverything working? i found better support for hardware in 16.04 than 14.04 for me anyway01:00
loganleepolarbear, everything works but i had to tweak a grub for bay trail cpu01:01
polarbearoh ok u did a clean install or dual boot?01:02
loganleepolarbear, clean install01:02
Bashing-omKeitaro: What release are you running ?? I will verify .01:03
polarbearyer me too replaced my hdd with a ssd on my hp sleekbook, after running dual boot on factory hdd, never looking back, now i can use the 1tb hdd that came out of the laptop in my ps4 :)01:03
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polarbearloganlee pm?01:05
polarbearoh nvm u from the village same loganlee?01:06
loganleepolarbear, oh shit yeh01:07
loganleepolarbear, i thought u looked familiar01:07
KeitaroBashing-om, i run the last ont MTS 16.0401:07
Keitaroand shoud i need to do sudo apt-get install vdpau-va-driver for the accelerate GPU ?01:07
polarbearyer ubuntu is good for a comp all u have to do is emails and webbrowsing very happy with it01:07
Bashing-omKeitaro: The driver is there " nvidia-graphics-drivers-367367.44-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1 " .01:08
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polarbeari regret buying win10, only use it on the desktop for a few games but rarely use it01:09
KeitaroBashing-om, this package is better the nvidia-367 ?01:10
Bashing-omKeitaro: Well, it is what nVidia recommends . Better many times is subjective . limited vdpau decoding support I think is a thing of the past . Installing the driver should be all that is needed .01:11
polarbearanyone got any ubuntu security tips? for webbrowsing and secure the computer in general?01:12
Keitarobut your package nvidia-graphics-drivers-367367.44-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1 works only for that version of ubuntu ? if i upgrade update by exemple i have to reinstall a different package ?01:13
KeitaroBashing-om, i still have the same problem with my login loopup01:14
Keitarowith the package nvidia-36701:14
Bashing-omKeitaro: Nope, that is the great thing about installing from PPA rather than from nVidia direct . The PPA driver will be included for any upgrades ( mayne not a Telease-upgrade ) .01:15
Keitarowhat should i do resolve my loopup with my login menu01:16
Keitaroi can only use the tty atm01:16
Bashing-omKeitaro: Been sudo'n where you should not have ? And now 'root' owns your home ? .. what returns ' ls -al .Xauthority ; ls -al .ICEauthority ' ?01:16
Keitaroi thin i did the sudo apt-get install in the tty01:17
Keitaroit is bad ?01:17
bazhangKeitaro, please run the command and give the results01:18
Bashing-omKeitaro: No.. that way is the proper way .. that is for us old timmers . I always prefer the CLI .01:18
loganleewhat is this about ubuntu running on windows 10?01:20
ubottuCanonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.01:20
ritztechanyone with Vmware if we add from 200GB to like 210GB in client and im on a xfs_growfs is that it01:20
KeitaroBashing-om, you want to know the permission ?01:20
ritztechi have XFS01:20
bazhangplease see the channel above loganlee01:20
ritztechbut im not seeing in fdisk -l that it took the extra space from VM01:21
Keitaroit said -rw-------------01:21
Keitarofor both of them01:21
loganleebazhang, thx01:21
Bashing-omKeitaro: Authorization verification is that next logical step .01:21
Keitaroah ?01:21
Keitarowhat sould i configure ?01:22
Bashing-omKeitaro: Need to know who owns the files and what group . "ls -al .Xauthority is a one linner and can thus be passed here in the channel .01:23
Keitaroowner and group is the same01:24
Keitaroi have only one linux account01:25
Keitarothe account that i use to install ubuntu01:25
Bashing-omKeitaro: "< Keitaro> owner and group is the same" .. and is this same the same as your username that you have on this system ?01:26
KeitaroBashing-om, yes of course01:27
Keitarothe same name that i enter when i install ubuntu01:27
Keitaroit is the nickname of my account but the real name that appear in the login windows is my realname that is affiliate to the nick01:29
Bashing-omKeitaro: Good .. then next we look and see if the driver did build . There is a log file for that . ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' the result is a URL back in terminal, pass that link back here and we have read of that log file .01:30
el_sinistrowhere are my fans?01:31
Keitarothat was the url Bashing-om01:35
Bashing-omKeitaro: Reading . I will be a while .01:35
Keitarooki thx01:35
polarbearanyone know of good documentation on how to remote view cctv thats linked to the internet? in ubuntu 16.04?01:36
Bashing-omKeitaro: Well ,, Right off . is the boot parameter ' nomoeset" that you have set . That parameter defeats Kernel Mode Setting . What results now when you remove 'nomodeset' and reboot the machine ?01:38
Keitarook i check that01:39
loganleecorrection nomodeset01:39
energizerIs it ok to mount my second internal hard drive as /seconddrive01:40
energizerloganlee: is somewhere else preferred01:41
loganleeenergizer, maybe /mnt/seconddrive01:41
OerHekspolarbear, 'cctv liked to the internet'.. that would be just a browser?01:41
rachelrI am trying to connect to my MongoDB server remotely through port 27017 of my Ubuntu Server...netstat is showing it is only listening for that port on the local host IP of my ubuntu server.  Does anyone know how I update this so that it will listen on any IP for that port?01:41
Keitarowow it works01:43
Keitarothx a lot Bashing-om01:43
Bashing-omKeitaro: Hey hey .. We, do good work , no ?01:43
Keitaronow i am in 1920*1080 thx :)01:44
Keitaroyep you do a great work i only retype the command ^^01:44
Keitaroand is it true (because the url of french documentation is pretty old) for the optimus we have to switch between the graphic card and the intel GPU manually ?01:45
Bashing-omKeitaro: Major thanks go to all the hard work of nVidia and our PPA composers . I just held your hand .01:45
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Bashing-omKeitaro: no ! .. that is the function of nvidia-prime .01:46
Keitarooh oki it is automaticly01:47
Keitarothx for all man :)01:47
Keitaroanother question do we need a lot of skils or aknowledge to help ubuntu project in the source codes ?01:48
el_sinistrocan anyone explain whats the buzz Im recently perceiving about "bacon"???01:48
Keitaroi mean i will enter in engineer school (computer science ) this september01:49
Keitaroso i am thinkin if it is possible to participate or it is very hard ?01:49
el_sinistroKeitaro, r u afraid?01:50
el_sinistroKeitaro, r u fears?...01:50
Keitaroa little01:50
Bashing-omKeitaro: Help .. we can use all we can get in what ever capacity you are able to offer . http://cheesehead-techblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/point-new-participants-to-find-task.html .01:50
el_sinistroKeitaro, have any background?01:50
Keitaroi am not really skill even if i know to code a little :x01:50
Keitarooki i will read that01:51
bazhangKeitaro, el_sinistro please take the chit chat elsewhere01:51
el_sinistroKeitaro, I got in school withou knowing to switch the box on!!!!01:51
el_sinistrohey bazhang !01:51
bazhang!ot | el_sinistro01:51
ubottuel_sinistro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:51
Keitaroto say i have a master of science in physics but in september i will be in ingeneer school01:52
bazhangthis is support only, thanks01:52
Keitarobut the speciality that i chose is not really software engineering i took securtiy system01:52
el_sinistroKeitaro, bazhang asked us to not chat this here01:52
bazhangKeitaro, thats you too01:52
Keitaroeven i have some programming course but less than software engineering speciality01:52
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic  Keitaro01:53
Keitarooki sorry01:53
Keitaroi go wash my dishes and i back in a couple of minutes01:54
Keitarothx again Bashing-om  for your help01:54
Bashing-omKeitaro: No problem, help is what we do .. Glad to offer help .02:00
el_sinistroyo Bashing-om02:00
Bashing-omel_sinistro: You rang ?02:01
mario3154would it be possible for someone to give me a small basic rundown on proper irc chat commands and manners02:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv02:02
OerHeksbasicly: keep it family friendly :-)02:02
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polarbearanyone with ubuntu security tips on securing it better?02:10
polarbearyer nvm i have easier methods02:13
jmaderohi all - I'm getting miserable rsync speeds over CIFS from local to remote machine02:16
jmaderoalso sporadic long pauses (currently been stuck at 0% for.....15 minutes)02:16
l33n trying to route all traffic through vpn server, and the a wiki says make sure to update /etc/ufw/before.rules with -A POSTROUTING -s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE but to change the ip to the one specified in openvpn/server.conf, but my config files in /etc/openvpn with pia for the regional servers do not have that information, should I be looking in the /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf.sh script for that information02:21
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jmaderohi all - two linux machines seeing 1/8th the wifi speeds as Android and Windows (7 and 10) - Ubuntu 14.0402:48
antipsychiatryHello! How u protect ubuntu users against MIND READING technology used by bastards secret service02:57
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lasindiHi all, I'd like to be able to "ping6 ipv6.google.com" (right now I get "Network is unreachable"). I understand I'm supposed to modprobe ipv6, but this doesn't seem to actually load an ipv6 module. (When I lsmod, there are some modules with ipv6 in the name but not sure those are what I need.) Any ideas?03:08
eaglef00tlasindi: Is your router passing IP6?03:09
antipsychiatryHow can protect ubuntu users against technology: mind reading ....used by these secret service bastards????03:10
UnTr3SSX Tricky03:11
lasindieaglef00t, I think so ... (I'm sorry I know next to nothing about ipv6.) When I look it gives me an "IPv6 Status" page with various information03:11
lasindiI'm not sure if there's a key thing in there that indicates whether or not it is "passing IP6"03:12
Phanesha, upgrade to Xenial was flawless on this 14.04 EC2 instance in AWS guys.  Well done!03:13
jane_I've been using a Live system and I'd like to install. If I do, how do I include the stuff I've set up in the live system to be included with the installed system?03:13
Phanesjane_, you're going to spend 4 hours of work to save 2 hours of work on a live system?03:14
lasindieaglef00t, It has the following info, for example:03:15
lasindiIPv6 Address Assign Type:03:15
lasindiIPv6 Address:03:15
lasindiLink-local Address:03:15
jane_Phanes: Nah. If it's non-trivial I'll just redo the work.03:15
eaglef00tlasindi: Did your try pinging your router with ping6?03:16
Phaneshe can't respond because someone is obnoxious and thoughtless with their bot03:16
jane_He's muted for the moment03:16
lasindieaglef00t, If I do "ping6 -I eth0 fe80::c6e9:84ff:fe9f:9802" it works03:17
lasindiMy understanding is a "link-local" address is specific to the link, i.e. from my computer to the router03:17
lasindiDon't know if that's correct03:17
jane_I had an issue with Windows suddenly not allowing local logons... don't even ask me how. Turns out I'm completely happy with Ubuntu for everything I was doing on Windows.03:17
lotuspsychje!yay | jane_03:17
ubottujane_: Glad you made it! :-)03:17
nIRV_greetings; is there a way to know what configuration flags have been used to compile the Qt5 library in ubuntu's repository?03:18
jane_I've used Linux systems a lot in the past but not for probably over a year.03:18
jane_No real reason for the change.03:18
jane_(from using them to not using them)03:18
lasindieaglef00t, Sorry, I think I was muted because I accidentally flooded the channel (sorry about that as well)03:20
lasindiIf I do "ping6 -I eth0 fe80::c6e9:84ff:fe9f:9802" it works03:20
lasindiMy understanding is a "link-local" address is specific to the link, i.e. from my computer to the router03:20
lasindiDon't know if that's correct03:20
eaglef00tjane_: I recommend 'playonlinux' which will allow you to use some windows programs.03:21
eaglef00tlasindi: np, your response came through and I'm thinking...03:23
abdelfattahany one have a 3642 open port ?03:23
lotuspsychjeabdelfattah: how is it related with ubuntu?03:24
eaglef00tlasindi: did you try the IPv6 hex address of ipv6.google.com?  I'm a IP6 noob as well.03:25
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tourdejordHello.  First time using IRC here.03:27
th3g3ntl3manSame! I'm new to IRC here too03:27
tourdejordright on.  gentleman?  How did you here about IRC?  or what brought you to it?03:28
th3g3ntl3manI was a cyber security intern this summer. My coworkers told me i should check out IRC03:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:28
lasindieaglef00t, I tried using the Google DNS server 2001:4860:4860::8888 (from here: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using) but no cigar03:29
lasindiby "use" I mean tried to ping6 it03:29
tourdejordI need to know if anyone has a suggestion or video for downloading linux to an asus chromebox.  I don't trust my own search results.03:30
tourdejordcurrently I have Gallium03:30
lotuspsychje!download | tourdejord03:32
ubottutourdejord: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Xenial, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:32
tourdejordThanks for the direction Ubottu!03:33
Keitarowhy in ubuntu why i shoud have 8 giga of ram i only see 7.7 in the parameter ?03:33
dloci have no sound i need help03:33
cantooi use pavucontrol to mute abohrrent sound cards of seal descent03:34
eaglef00tlasindi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/645008/ipv6-connect-network-is-unreachable may help. Sorry I'm out of ideas.03:35
dlocive gone through settings and still have no sound i am on a raspberry pi 3 any ideas of whats wrong?03:35
lasindieaglef00t, Alrighty thanks for the attempt. I'll let you know if I figure it out :(03:36
eaglef00tdloc: Sound thru HDMI or audio jack? Just picked up a pi3 myself.03:36
lotuspsychje!arm | dloc03:36
ubottudloc: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.03:36
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dlocaudio theres no option for hdmi on mate03:36
Bashing-omKeitaro: Bios sharing some amount of ram with the video card ?03:37
eaglef00tdloc: *shrug* Maybe try another distro such as OSMC, RetroPie, etc.03:38
energizerIs there a file manager that has that cool nesting thing like osx finder has?, where you see all the items in the whole tree down to where you are03:39
energizerin columns03:39
TravisDilloenergizer> in columns << you mean Nautilus?03:43
TravisDilloThat's what I use as the 'Finder' in Ubuntu03:43
energizeri'm talking about the interface03:44
energizerTravisDillo:  i mean you click on ~/Downloads and it leaves ~ open and creates a new column to the right of ~'s directory, and shows ~/downloads, click on something in there, and you get three adjacent columns. |~ | Downloads | subfolder |03:44
cantooi would like to attach a photograph of my id to all my photographs to share.  is this legal in America and were it not, can it be done with ubuntu using either gif or jpeg format ?03:45
TravisDilloas I said, that's what I use in Ubuntu03:45
TravisDilloNautilus works fine for me03:45
TravisDillothere may be other similar utilities you can install, but I generally stick with what Ubuntu provides03:46
cantoobtw, grub also supports booting from iso.. there is a requirement.  you must have an iso on your hard drive03:47
KeitaroBashing-om, normally no03:48
Keitaroin windows when i check it said that i have 8 Giga of ram03:48
TravisDillojust installed 16.04 and am playing with it a bit03:49
Keitaroother question is the guest account useful ? because i am thinking to remove it. it looks like that for security it is not very good if everybody can log in with it03:49
cantooKeitaro, linux very good for you as long as it multiarch or 64 bit.  thats what i know for memory above 4gb.  many times ago a iso been downloading from times past you had to have a hardened security kernel.  those are the days of the speed tweakers.  we didn't need core 2 duos back then.03:50
cantoooops.  i meant server kernel.  i'm no rights reserved for all that i speak.  it never hit or miss though.03:51
Keitaroeuh cantoo can i explain again plz i didn't understand03:53
cantooKeitaro, if you are using ubuntu with either nothing but 64-bit (feared) or 64-bit and 32 bit.  it seem all your memory and it put to best use per regulation.03:54
bitcoinassassinKeitaro: re: a guest account, if you're the only one using your computer, you can just create your own user log in. you don't need a guest account.03:55
cantooin the future, it a hand picking03:56
Keitarooki i will remove it03:56
fowlhi i lost power and when i turn it back on, gtk looks like garbage look at this: http://i.imgur.com/QQe0dZm.png how do i fix it03:56
fowlthis is what gnome-tweak-tool looks like (such garbage) http://i.imgur.com/CONFm1K.png04:03
dat seems like im being forced into 16.0404:20
modprimeHow do I get Ubuntu 16.04 to see my Creative Soundblaster X-Fi SB0950 Expresscard sound card?04:20
jmaderohi all - I'm getting speed test results of ~3.5Mb/s in Ubuntu 14.04, 22 in Windows 7/Android04:34
Y4kuziI wish I had such results, jmadero04:37
Y4kuzimy BCM chip is pretty messed up.04:37
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aleoreinaBUenas noches como estan gente?05:07
=== avik is now known as anshu2212
z3usxBuenas noches05:11
z3usxbuenas noches05:12
z3usxgood night05:12
jmaderohi all - I'm getting speed test results of ~3.5Mb/s in Ubuntu 14.04, 22 in Windows 7/Android05:25
TravisDilloCanonical _so_ needs to make file sharing available out of the box, as Mac has since longe before OS X05:44
TravisDilloa File Sharing utility in System Tools05:45
z3usxHello how are you friends?05:45
TravisDillosee the above frustration05:45
z3usxHello any from venezuela?05:48
z3usxany dev?05:49
Keitarodev ?05:50
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z3usxHow are you?05:52
Guest45148i am new to this hexchat05:53
Guest45148whats it about?05:53
jmaderoit's about support for ubuntu05:54
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TravisDilloa generally useful IRC client05:54
TravisDillolots of networks and channels out there05:54
TravisDilloFreenode has many, many topics of interest05:54
TravisDillopolitics, economics, ham radio, health, you name it05:55
Guest45148so how can add a new channel05:55
LordLaravelhow 2 get channel list05:56
TravisDillofrom the Server menu, select List Of Channels05:57
TravisDilloClick on the Download List button05:58
z3usxjeje ok06:06
z3usxI new in the chat IRC06:06
z3usxAny developer?06:07
z3usxin php or Python06:07
lotuspsychje!alis | z3usx06:07
ubottuz3usx: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http06:07
TravisDilloonly monty06:07
custserviceUbuntu should of made a phone06:10
TravisDillothey're working on it06:10
TravisDilloUbuntu Mobile06:10
custserviceTravisDillo: sure06:10
custserviceTravisDillo: like Firefox phones06:11
z3usxTravis your from?06:11
xoxoxoour solar system06:11
custservicexoxoxo: what is the name of your solar system06:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:12
custserviceAndroid is great on phones but terrible for desktop use06:13
xoxoxoour solar system06:14
mihael_k33hlI have Ubuntu 16.04 installed on my laptop. It has a very high CPU usage whenever I browse the Internet using Chrome or Firefox. What could be the problem for it?06:14
TravisDilloBrowsers use lots of power for their rendering engines06:15
lotuspsychje!ask | phablet06:19
ubottuphablet: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:19
fowlask your question so nobody can answer you06:20
phablet和他clean /usr /share directory06:21
phablet to06:22
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woodragI have installed a 16.04.1 Ubuntu Server on an openstack platform with Apache2 and i am trying to run roundcube which is a PHP webapplication. When visiting the main page of roundcube on this new server, i see PHP code instead of the roundcube application. Somehow the PHP is not executed but printed. What am i doing wrong??06:52
auronandacewoodrag: you can try asking in #ubuntu-server as they are more geared towards server issues06:55
xtreamwayzUbuntu has multiple clipboards? I'm using keepass2 and I couldn't paste in some programs. I just figured out that ctrl+shift+insert did work. But if I copied something from the browser first and afterwards keepass2 ctrl+shift+v pastes the text from the browser and ctrl+shift+insert from keepass2.06:57
xtreamwayzSo my guess is there are multiple clipboards06:57
xtreamwayzIs there any way to sync those?06:57
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milamberxtreamwayz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/26655/how-do-you-know-when-to-use-shiftinsert-vs-ctrl-v-vs-right-click-paste-to-paste07:23
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xtreamwayzmilamber: thanx, that explains it07:27
milamberxtreamwayz: np07:27
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daunwhat is the firs step to SSH using my iphone?07:50
daun(jailbroke) FYI07:51
daunwhat program do I need to install for initial SSH setup using Ubuntu sheeple?07:53
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daunthank you!07:54
loanHi ! I have a problem : I modified my GRUB_DEFAULT Variable and i set the string of the boot entry, but i can't boot my server anymore... How it's possible ? I've also tryed with numbers !08:07
MinegeSomeone ?08:10
MinegeHHEY ?08:11
RustyShacklefordhey guys08:11
tarjois the server local or remote ?08:12
RustyShacklefordmy intel nuc (6th gen processor) doesn't play nice with the ubuntu 16.04 kernel08:12
RustyShacklefordum hold on, I'll find the stackoverflow post08:12
RustyShacklefordapparantly it is resolved in a newer kernel08:13
RustyShacklefordis there a way to try this in a live usb to verify? I'd like to make sure before I install08:13
MinegeHi zergov08:17
MinegeI have modified my grub config file to boot to another kernel, with string and with number08:17
Minegeevery time it block to boot08:17
Minegeso, it can't boot at all08:17
Minegeand i need to reinstall my server08:17
tarjois the server local or remote ?08:18
phucktankAnyone want to help me with bridged networking? My VM has internet access just I can't ping through network08:21
RustyShacklefordcould someone running 16.04 LTS kindly share which kernel they're running08:22
phucktankRustyshackleford, 4.4.0-31-generic08:23
Minege@tarjo the server is remote08:23
RustyShacklefordI guess I need 4.4.0-18 or newer08:23
phucktankRustyshackleford, what kind of issue are you having08:24
RustyShacklefordphucktank, ubuntu 16.04 LTS doesn't play nice with my 6th gen intel mobile processor08:24
RustyShacklefordlots of graphic artifacts, its unusuable08:24
phucktankRustyshackleford, ahh. Can't hurt to update it08:25
RustyShacklefordI'd like to try with a live usb first...08:25
RustyShacklefordcan I run a newer kernel on a live usb?08:25
RustyShacklefordsome are saying to go even newer to resolve issues with this processor08:26
RustyShackleford4.6 or so08:26
phucktankRustyshackleford, that is a question I do not know. if people are saying it on forums then I'd give it a shot08:26
phucktankRustyshackleford, is it currently running on a live usb, or do you have it installed?08:27
RustyShacklefordwell I have a working windows installation right now08:27
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MinegeTARJO, the server is remote08:27
RustyShacklefordI did originally install ubuntu, faced these issues, and wiped the drive08:27
RustyShacklefordI suppose I could just install to disk and experiement with different kernels08:28
phucktankThat's what I would do if I were you. Worst case you can always go back08:28
elhoiri remember that xserver was having problems with intel HD 4400 GPUs08:28
elhoirmaybe its your issue08:28
RustyShacklefordi haven't had luck with linux hardware support in like two years :/08:28
RustyShacklefordelhoir, 6th gen intel08:29
bekksMinege: if it is a remote server, is it some VPS?08:29
RustyShacklefordfunny enough, I had the same issue on my laptop (3rd gen)08:29
Minegeyes, bekks08:30
Minegeit's a remote vps server08:30
bekksMinege: So contact your hoster for a reinstallation.08:30
bekksMinege: You cannot reinstall it on your own.08:30
MinegeI can do the reinstallation myself08:30
Minegei have a panel08:30
bekksMinege: So do it.08:30
Minegebut it's the 5 reinstallation i do08:30
Minegeand every time08:30
Minegemy grub don't agree08:30
Minegebut i had the correct things...08:30
Minegei added08:30
bekksMinege: Then stop the things you are doing after reinstalling since you obviously break things then.08:30
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bekksMinege: And stop using enter that often please. Enter is not a punctuation sign.08:31
MinegeYes, but i need to modify my grub, and i will always break it, so i want to do it correctly08:31
bekksMinege: If you have a panel there is entirely no need for touching grub at all.08:31
MinegeWhy ?08:32
bekksMinege: Why are you touching grub?08:32
bekksMinege: your panel offers a reinstallation, including grub.08:33
MinegeBecause i need to boot to a other kernel08:33
bekksMinege: your panel offers your to reinstall your vps, and ships a openvz kernel which is booted by default.08:33
bekksMinege: Or do you manually reinstall, like attaching the install media, etc.?08:34
MinegeWith my panel i can reinstall OS, but not directly with openVZ in, so i do it myself, and it work, but when i modify /etc/default/grub, and i do a update-grub, it won't reboot08:34
bekksMinege: thats a manual reinstallation, which is pretty much useless.08:35
bekksMinege: Contact your hoster for reinstalling your vps.08:35
MinegeIn my panel i do Reinstall - > Flavor i want -> Ok08:36
MinegeSo that's not a manual installation08:36
bekksMinege: And whats the problem with that onstall then? If everything works why do you need to change a kernel then?08:36
MinegeI reinstall on normal version of ubuntu, debian.. Then, i install openvz, and if i want to use openvz, i need to boot into it. So, because it's a remote server, i don't have grub interface, so i modify the default grub boot to openVZ, and then, it broke the grub voilà08:37
bekksMinege: So you are trying to install openvz in an openvz server?08:38
bekksThats not going to work.08:38
MinegeWhy this not going to work ?08:39
MinegeIt's a virtual system08:39
bekksMinege: Because its not supported?08:39
Minegei can do all i can in it08:39
bekksYour VPS already IS an openvz instance. You cannot run a nested openvz instance in it.08:39
RustyShacklefordbah I should just buy a macbook lol08:39
RustyShacklefordlinux on the desktop hates me08:39
-terabits:#ubuntu- join ##kill-all-the-jews08:40
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=== IMDB is now known as filosofie
asarplease help08:58
asarubuntu-desktop : Depends: unity but it is not going to be installed08:58
davide_buon giorno a tutti09:00
davide_cerco delle serie tv... potete aiutarmi?09:01
bekksasar: Pastebing the entire output please, and provide the URL.09:03
sonu_nkHi , i am installing Network Security Service libraries and it showing me Breaks existing package 'libnss3-nssdb' dependency libnss3 error09:16
TheLawyerI'm trying to format a sdcard (/dev/sdb) using fdisk while it's mounted, when I write it returns an error message "Re-reading the partition table failed.: Device or resource busy"09:16
TheLawyerif I umount it and it's not longer available to fdisk ... how shall go about that?09:16
TheLawyerthis is mount entry of the mentioned sdcard09:16
TheLawyer/dev/sdb1 on /media/jen/1B16FA646EF8E696 type fuseblk (ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096,uhelper=udisks2)09:16
bekksYou cannot format it while it is mounted.09:17
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Guest57844fuck off09:18
Guest57844fuck off09:18
Guest57844fuck off09:18
Guest57844fuck off09:18
Guest57844fuck off09:18
TheLawyerbekks: and fdisk doesn't see it if it's not mounted09:18
bekksTheLawyer: fdisk does not format anything and is irrelevant at that point. And fdisk doesnt care about partitions/devices being mounted.09:18
bekksTheLawyer: Unmount the sd card, recreate the filesystem on it.09:19
V7Hey everyone09:36
V7I have some troubles with WiFi on new Ubuntu 16.0409:36
V7Issue: I'm connectint to WiFi gracefully, but after 3-5 mins of connection I have no connection09:37
V7WiFi connected, but no internet connection exists ...09:37
me_When starting openvpn client the tun interface is not created. I am thinking that may be some kernel module missing. Can anyone advise?09:37
V7Now I'm connected through lan09:37
V7Might be that because of Ubuntu Keyring ?09:38
Tano75ciao a tutti09:38
me_V7: have you tried other devices ( after the connection is broken )?09:39
V7Other adapters or devices ( Like Mobile phone ) ?09:39
me_V7: mobile will be find.09:39
asarguys help me... i remove unity from my pc and now it doesnt show up09:39
V7I'll try now09:39
me_asar: strange...and seriously are you in cli now?09:39
me_asar: if it doesn't start at all you need to start system in single user mode ( via grub ) make chroot on the system and istall unity from apt-get.09:40
me_asar: not a ubuntu guy so can't give you specifics.09:41
bekksasar: Can you pastebin the information request?09:41
V7me_: Ha ... My smartphone ( Galaxy S5 ) is connected to WiFi router about 25 mins ... and I didn't disconnect it. So ... now I can't load any page ...09:41
V7That's strange ...09:41
bekksAnd totally unrelated to Ubuntu.09:42
V7I even can't load any page through any app, like YouTube09:42
V7But WiFi connected09:42
V7Is that means that WiFi router just fu* up ?09:42
me_V7: isp is fucked most probably. Had the same issue few days ago.09:43
bekksCheck the status page of the router.09:43
ubottuTano75: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:43
me_V7: ip r and ping the default gateway.09:43
V7bekks: 1 sec09:43
yuval6547Any one here is good at networking configuration09:44
me_Wouldn't say good but may try to help. What do you need?09:44
V7bekks: opens09:44
yuval6547Do you know what multicast is?09:44
me_yuval6547: don't have hands on expirience. Sorry.09:45
V7I opened a page through Phone09:45
V7But I can't open it in Ubuntu09:45
yuval6547Do you know a good book about advance networking09:46
bekksV7: So read the content. Check the status of your routers internet connection. And ALL THAT is unrelated to this channel, and offtopic in here.09:46
V7bekks: I can't open it in Ubuntu !09:46
V7Phone opened09:46
yuval6547Is there a channel about networking on linux?09:46
bekksV7: hardware diagnosis of a router isnt ontopic here.09:46
bekksyuval6547: Yes.09:46
asarbekks: i tried to install unity with sudo apt install unity but it says unity 7.4.xxx is already installed09:46
bekksyuval6547: ##networking09:47
V7bekks: That's not a router issue, sir09:47
bekksasar: Third time: please pastebin the entire output and provide the URL.09:47
V7I think that this is Ubuntu Keyring ....09:47
yuval6547Ok thanks09:47
bekksV7: With an invalid keyring, how would you successfully connect to a wifi?09:47
V7I don't know, but ... mb09:48
asarbekks: here is it http://paste.ubuntu.com/23096787/09:48
V7I din't had that Ubuntu Keyring about years, but suddenly it apeared when I've installed Ubuntu 16.04 )))09:48
asarbekks: maybe i should restart my pc and see09:49
bekksasar: So unity is successflly installed. And why do you thuink reboot solves problems?09:49
bekksasar: your initial question was a different one.09:49
V7And network just shuts off after 3-5 mins after connection ...09:49
V7I have Lenovo X201 and clear Ubuntu 16.04 installed on it )09:50
asarbekks: i first it didn't allow me to install. it shows this error( you have held a broken packages)09:50
V7On this laptop is a tiny led which shows WiFi usage, so when Internet shuts of this Led shows that WiFi is using by something ...09:51
V7off *09:51
=== someone_ is now known as kjlhfvkjwvhkwejf
bekksV7: It shows "wifi is on".09:51
bekksV7: It doesnt show "wifi is used by something"09:52
V7Yup, but when it uses then it blinking09:52
V7it's *09:52
pepijndevosI have a usb wifi dongle that shows up as 0bda:818b Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Does that work in any way with Ubuntu?09:53
V7pepijndevos: I think that name of USB dongle won't tell you the workness of this dongle :D09:54
V7operability *09:55
georgia13Hello. Sony Vaio VPCEH. WiFi isn't hard blocked or anything like that- and I can see the WiFi names but when I enter the password, after 30 seconds it requests me the password again. Infinitely.09:55
pepijndevosV7, right, so how do I find out? It for sure isn't recognized out of the box. I found some Debian page about firmware-realtek, but no luck.09:55
V7Might you need a driver ?09:56
georgia13I don't know.09:56
pepijndevosProbably, but how do I find out which? I have no idea which chipset it uses, and how to find out.09:56
georgia13THere was a command doing this exact thing09:57
georgia13I don't remember though09:57
=== georgia13 is now known as RealPanV
V7_Internet ...09:58
V7_Try this one https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/reserve-709:58
V7_Internet ...09:59
V7_Try this one https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/reserve-709:59
RealPanVHello. Sony Vaio VPCEH. WiFi isn't hard blocked or anything like that- and I can see the WiFi names but when I enter the password, after 30 seconds it requests me the password again. Infinitely.10:00
V7_RealPanV: Is that means that You have ubuntu installed ?10:01
V7_Which one ?10:01
RealPanVI have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS10:01
RealPanVInstalled yersteday on a "broken" laptop with unbootable Windows 710:02
RealPanVdo you want the kernel version too?10:02
V7_Me too ... and I have WiFI issue too, but another )) My WiFi internet connection shuts off after 3-5 mins of connection, but WiFi connection is stable :D10:02
RealPanVI connect to the WiFi, I wait a bit after I entered the password, then it asks it again10:02
RealPanVand again and again and again10:02
RealPanVin this unending circle10:03
V7_I'm working on it now ... RealPanV http://askubuntu.com/questions/263529/wifi-keeps-prompting-for-password10:03
RealPanVTHANKS lemme check10:03
V7_RealPanV: also http://askubuntu.com/questions/131919/wireless-keeps-asking-for-password10:04
V7_And http://askubuntu.com/questions/659153/wifi-keep-asking-password10:04
RealPanVtoo much information to handle10:04
RealPanVgosh I need to get better googling skills10:04
RealPanVwriting the model isn't the solution always then- I thought Vaio's were known to have issues. Lemme check <310:05
blackflowyummy, upgrading to yakkety!10:09
RealPanVdoesnt seem to work, lemme check a bit more10:10
=== ianab_ is now known as ianab
RealPanVnope, I tried almost all of them and still wont work10:12
V7_RealPanV: Ha veyou removed all wifi networks and reconnect to it ?10:13
RealPanVLemme try once more10:13
Exterminadorguys, i have a question. i want to install Ubuntu in dual boot. but can i set windows to boot by default?10:15
V7_Exterminador: Yup10:15
V7_They easly with Grub configuration10:15
V7_Very *10:15
Exterminadori'll try Xubuntu..10:16
V7_Exterminador: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/install-grub-customizer-ubuntu-1404/10:16
Exterminadorlast time i tried, my hdd died10:16
Exterminadorlol.. it was already in EOL10:16
RealPanVV7_: , no10:17
Exterminadori'll check that V7_10:17
V7_RealPanV: :(10:17
RealPanVCan I connect with WPS?10:17
RealPanVnevermind that one10:17
OnceMehello I have an issue copying č ć š ć from my pdf file on linux 12.04 lts, what to do?10:18
V7_RealPanV: maybe this one Open Network Manager > Edit Connection > Wireless tab > double-click your connection to edit it > make sure "Connect Automatically" box has a Tick-mark in it > Save and close > Done !10:19
V7_OnceMe: Which charset uses you PDF file ?10:19
mikatoneguys an't install proftpd https://gist.github.com/fccpt/7f0a5a58fa0a4d1737883fdede5e879410:19
RealPanVI somehow fixed it by opening the Network Settings and connecting from there10:19
alkisgOnceMe: many pdf are broken and don't contain a proper map for the symbols to real characters, so the solution is actually to tell the authors to use better tools to generate the pdf10:20
ExterminadorV7_: is it possible to change the way ubuntu deals with things when u write passwords? normally it dont show up anything. can i change it to appear "****"?10:20
V7_Exterminador: I'll try to find this one out, but Passwords are hidden so no-one can see over your shoulder when you enter it. It's a security measure.10:21
Exterminadoryeah, i know it.. but instead of a blank it will appear a * for each character u type.10:22
V7_That way, someone who sees your screen can't see the length of your password.10:22
Exterminadorit's a home pc and only i have access to it :)10:22
Exterminadormy wife barely knows how to boot up windows10:23
alkisgmikatone: run sudo apt-get update, and try again; if you still have the issue, verify that you have the "universe" source enabled10:23
Exterminadorand it's Windows only installed now10:23
V7_Exterminador: http://www.howtogeek.com/194010/how-to-make-password-asterisks-visible-in-the-terminal-window-in-linux/10:23
mikatonealkisg I have runned apt-get update && apt-get upgrade10:24
V7_mikatone: Do full-upgrade10:24
alkisgmikatone: do you have universe enabled?10:24
ExterminadorV7_: tks.. that will work on a vps i have?10:25
rangergordis this the right channel for questions about Ubuntu Server?10:25
Exterminadori got root accese10:25
alkisgmikatone: $ apt policy proftpd-basic ==> 500 http://gr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/universe i386 Packages10:25
V7_If provider gives you a root access then you'll do the trick10:26
Exterminadoryeah, i have it. :)10:26
asarbekks: this help http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears10:26
me_Can't find tun.ko.gz kernel module. Any idea where to get it?10:27
mikatonealkisg WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface yet. Use with caution in scripts.10:28
alkisgmikatone: that doesn't matter, the basic question is if you have enabled universe or not10:28
alkisgmikatone: if you don't understand the question, tell me to rephrase it with more words10:28
alkisgmikatone: what's the output of this command? grep -r '^[^#].*universe' /etc/apt/sources.list*10:30
ExterminadorV7_: do i need to restart the machine?10:30
asarguys help me out http://paste.ubuntu.com/23097022/10:30
V7_Exterminador: After what ?10:30
Exterminadorafter set the asterisks stuff10:31
MonkeyDustmikatone  i know what ^ does, but what's ^[^#]10:31
Exterminadorit still dont show up10:31
Exterminadori've followed the tutorial10:31
alkisgMonkeyDust: if you're asking me, it means "doesn't start with a comment, #"10:31
V7_Exterminador: First try to log out10:31
mikatoneMonkeyDust thats the output nothing else10:31
Exterminadori've done that V7_10:32
V7_MonkeyDust: That's regex10:32
MonkeyDustalkisg  yes, i addressed the wrong person10:32
V7_So Exterminador that means that it shows up ?10:33
mikatonealkisg https://gist.github.com/fccpt/7f0a5a58fa0a4d1737883fdede5e879410:33
alkisgmikatone: that is the old output, what about the command I told you to run?10:33
ExterminadorV7_: nope. still blank10:33
V7_Try reboot10:33
alkisgmikatone: run `software-properties-gtk` and enable the universe repository10:34
mikatoneis there the second comment10:34
alkisgmikatone: ok, you don't have universe enabled10:34
alkisgRun software-properties-gtk and enable it10:34
mikatonealkisg https://gist.github.com/fccpt/7f0a5a58fa0a4d1737883fdede5e879410:35
Exterminadorerm.. i'll reboot it later.. too many procs running now10:35
V7_Exterminador: roger ... I'll back soon10:35
alkisgmikatone: which environment is that? e.g. xubuntu, or ubuntu-server etc10:35
mikatonealkisg ubuntu-server 14.0410:36
alkisgmikatone: try this one: sudo add-apt-repository universe10:36
alkisg(then apt-get update etc)10:36
mikatonealkisg updated gist10:37
alkisgmikatone: err it seems that your sources.list was complete deleted in the past. Try this one now: sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.apt-setup /etc/apt/sources.list; sudo apt-get update10:38
=== james_51 is now known as LordLaravel
mikatonealkisg updated gist10:44
SmackFinSpHello! Can I clone a ubuntu machine to antoher one with different hardware suing clonezilla? Is only 32bits/64bits the only restriction?10:45
MonkeyDust!clone | SmackFinSp10:46
ubottuSmackFinSp: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate10:46
asarguys help me out http://paste.ubuntu.com/23097022/10:47
SmackFinSpIt's more than replicating software packages, but config files, themes, and specific files than cannot be stored in a ISO produced by remastersys for example...10:48
SmackFinSpas ISO has a 4GB limit size10:48
MonkeyDustSmackFinSp  you can use rsync to make a copy of your /home10:49
mikatonealkisg any idea https://gist.github.com/fccpt/7f0a5a58fa0a4d1737883fdede5e879410:49
SmackFinSpMonkeyDust: but users accounts and configurations, sudoers, etc...10:50
SmackFinSpthat's not stored in /home10:50
SmackFinSpagain my question...is it bad to just clone partition to antoher machine with different hardware? will that make trouble?10:51
MonkeyDustSmackFinSp  you can backup those too, /etc et al10:51
mikatonealkisg managed to install but having issues10:52
bekksSmackFinSp: And dont forget to store data under /var in case you need it, like mysql databases, user mail, etc.10:52
GLaDERIs there a specific channel ubuntu server?10:54
MonkeyDustGLaDER  #ubuntu-server10:54
GLaDERMonkeyDust: Ofc. I only tried #ubuntuserver. Cheers10:54
SmackFinSpBut please could anybody answer me if cloning whole partition to antoher machine with different hardware would cause any problem, please?10:54
mikatoneanyone please check my gist https://gist.github.com/fccpt/7f0a5a58fa0a4d1737883fdede5e879410:55
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate10:55
Henry_that would depend how diff that hardware is10:55
mikatoneSolved some permission issue! ;)10:56
tdieselI'm back11:09
SordHi. I have overheating problem with amd gpu. For some reason fans are near idle no matter what is temperature.11:19
BL4DEDoes anyone know how to set up empathy to work with SIP?11:21
SordI looked some tips from here but those files are read only: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI#Fan_Speed11:21
BL4DEI've been trying forever all sorts of configurations. the furthest I got was empathy asking me to provide password. I click on the + icon and nothing happens, says authentication failed11:22
xoxoxohi, check this please: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23097135/11:25
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest42891
tdieselI check it11:27
sonu_nk Hi can one help me to install Upwork on ubntu .. it is showing in issue when login connetion error , please check connection.. how wired message , i am doing intenet with speed11:27
xoxoxois mispelled11:27
=== avail is now known as liava_
RedbeardtCan someone tell me how to know what my window manager is? An AskUbuntu question recommends reinstalling it for my issue but none of the packages they name as the window managers are installed on my setup.11:32
Redbeardtdesktop environment*11:32
adamgwhat version of ubuntu?11:33
=== robert_ is now known as Guest82389
Redbeardt16.04.01 LTS11:33
RedbeardtThe issue, btw, is that I installed a regular update like I always do and now I get a black login screen (with sound) when using my Nvidia GPU (Optimus tech).11:36
RedbeardtI really don't want to reinstall Ubuntu since I've had to do so many tweaks just to get my system working properly at all.11:36
tdieselOhh! I have to go,then bye bye!11:37
BluesKajHiyas all11:44
v1ntall hi11:53
kang00Anyone used Web Api?11:55
bekksweb api of what?11:57
kang00bekks any Web Api which is fetching data from any website11:58
bekksHow is that an Ubuntu question?11:58
kang00I don't think11:59
bekkskang00: So what is your Ubuntu related support question?11:59
kang00Is there Any bridge bot for freenode and matrix channel?12:02
bekkskang00: So what is your Ubuntu related support question?12:02
kang00For Ubuntu channel12:02
nexusguy59Good morning everyone12:04
V7So ...12:04
V7I noticed on more problem in Ubuntu 16.0412:04
V7nexusguy59: morning12:05
V7one more *12:05
V7So ... when I'm enabling bluetooth on computer then Ubuntu's bluetooth icons shows me up that Bluetooth is disabled when it's enabled ...12:05
V7But ... when I'm disabling it in unity bar then it's disapearing !12:06
=== _aMc is now known as filosofie
V7So ... anyone had a WiFi and BlueTooth trouble in Ubuntu 16.04 ?12:13
liava_ever used reaver?12:14
V7liava_: ?12:15
V7I don't need to hack it12:15
V7I need to work it stably :D12:15
liava_oh right ..12:16
liava_i just scan12:16
liava_not trying to hack12:16
liava_but.. does it fail sometimes ?12:16
V7liava_: 60%12:17
liava_hmmv k12:17
V7'cause he uses bruteforce on WPS password12:17
V7So ... new routers have some bruteforce security chips or programs :D12:17
Redbeardt.. I guess I'm just going to  have to hopeand wait that another update fixes my problem. Nothing on AskUbuntu is working.12:22
RedbeardtSince it was an update that caused it, I suppose.12:22
BluesKajRedbeardt, care to tell us your issue?12:24
RedbeardtInstalled a routine update  Software Updater. Rebooted with Nvidia GPU selected (Optimus tech). Login screen is blank, but I hear the audio.12:25
RedbeardtEverything works fine with the Intel GPU selected.12:25
geirhaIf you've used the default desktop environment for Ubuntu, then make sure the package named ubuntu-desktop is installed12:25
blackflow16.10 beta1 is out, but not for Unity. If I install the Yakkety daily build and continue updating that, is this essentially running the same software? as beta2 etc get cut out, it's all coming from the same, yakkety branch, so I should eventually end up on the official 16.10 release, correct?12:26
geirhaAlso, have you installed nvidia drivers manually?12:26
geirhablackflow: correct12:26
geirhablackflow: though #ubuntu+1 for support until it is released12:27
RedbeardtI don't even have ubuntu-deskop installed.. >_>12:27
blackflowgeirha: ah yes, thanks.12:27
=== negronjl_ is now known as negronjl
BluesKajRedbeardt, Redbeardt I assume nvidia-prime is still installed12:27
RedbeardtBluesKaj: Yea12:27
RedbeardtBluesKaj: That's how I switch the GPUs12:28
linuxperiaHi All. I have a huge Problem with Ubuntu Desktop. everytime i try to start google-chrome from the command line with specific options Ubuntu Desktop ignores them which is wrong. However if i edit the local google-chrome.desktop file and add there the options to the exec line and start google chrome again from the command line without any arguments then it works! I need however to be able to...12:28
linuxperia...start google chrome from the command line with options otherwise bash scripts are broken in Ubuntu !!! How can i solve this broken startup of Application in Ubuntu Desktop ? I need somehow the possibility to tell ubuntu desktop to ignores everything ubuntu desktop specific and just execute the command line aka google-chrome --options....12:28
geirhaRedbeardt: Well, did you switch desktop environment after installing ubuntu?12:28
Redbeardtgeirha: Nah I've never changed anything like that12:28
geirhaThen I'd install ubuntu-desktop again12:29
blackflowlinuxperia: not sure I understand your question. You basically want to start google-chrome with specific --options? Why not just create a specific .desktop (launcher) file for it?12:29
alkisglinuxperia: that doesn't make sense... which "local google-chrome.desktop" are you referring to, in which path?12:29
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
Redbeardtgeirha: What's it even do? It's 289 mb according to apt and it's not like I don't have a desktop environment at all.12:29
geirhaIt would be installed after a fresh install, so somehow you've uninstalled a package that has caused ubuntu-desktop to also be uninstalled12:30
Redbeardtgeirha: Well that's odd12:30
linuxperiaalkisg: /home/username/local/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop12:30
geirhaubuntu-desktop is an "empty" package that doesn't contain anything interesting in itself, but it depends on all the packages required for the default ubuntu desktop12:30
geirhaso installing it makes sure all those other packages are installed12:30
alkisglinuxperia: how was that created? google-chrome gets installed to /opt normally12:31
Redbeardtgeirha: I kinda doubt that's causing my problem with my Nvidia GPU though given that I can use Ubuntu just fine with my Intel GPU selected.12:31
BluesKajRedbeardt, did you check the recommended nvidia gpu driver and intel gpu driver12:31
Redbeardtgeirha: I'm installing it anyway though.. So we'll see.12:31
RedbeardtBluesKaj: According to ubuntu-drivers devices, the recommended is apparently nvidia-370, which I've already tried with no effect. Same goes with 367. I'm back on 361 now which is where I started.12:32
linuxperiaalkisg: blackflow: it can easy be proved that Ubuntu Desktop Breaks Shell Scripts. Example try to start Google Chrome like this from command Line  => google-chrome --user-agent="TEST BROWSER" It will not work !!! However if you change the local application file to have same command line it works12:32
blackflowlinuxperia: "Ubuntu Desktop" does not break shell scripts :)12:33
=== V7 is now known as V7_
V7_So .. now I'm from Windows telling you taht WiFi is working WELL !12:33
alkisglinuxperia: what is the output of this? "which google-chrome"12:33
linuxperiaalkisg hmmm i installed it using apt-get install google chrome could be maybe i used a ppa from launchpad12:34
linuxperiastable version 5212:34
blackflowlinuxperia: I'm not sure what you're talking about with that. but anyway, it should be easy to copy the default .desktop file to your ~/.local/share/applications  and adjust it with custom options12:34
linuxperiasorry apt-get install google-chrome12:34
V7_so ... bekks are you here ?12:34
blackflowlinuxperia: just name it differently.12:34
BluesKajRedbeardt, you've treid 367 and 370 since the issue or before it?12:35
RedbeardtBluesKaj: since12:35
linuxperiablackflow this is not a solution as it is not variable for shell scripts12:35
alkisglinuxperia: what is the output of this? "which google-chrome"12:35
blackflowlinuxperia: what shell scripts?12:35
linuxperiaalkisg: /usr/bin/google-chrome its a ppa12:36
linuxperiablackflow: shell script to automated start google chrome the way i like it !12:37
pr_hey friends my keyboard is not working properly there is wrong mapping of keys eg `=` is now 8=12:37
geirhalinuxperia: Are you trying to run it from cron or at or something? if so, that won't work, since cron and at don't know about your X server12:37
alkisglinuxperia: and the output of this? apt policy google-chrome*12:37
linuxperiaand it does not work becouse of ubuntu desktop12:37
blackflowlinuxperia: so why not call that script from the Exec line of your custom .desktop file?12:37
blackflowlinuxperia: you're convinced "ubuntu desktop" does not work, but it works just fine, you're just doing something wrong, and we can help figuring out what.12:38
geirhaYou just have to let go of the incorrect diagnosis you're so convinced of12:38
linuxperiablackflow: ohh my good becouse its not variable to call a fixed desktop file with fixed options from a shell script with variable application options ?!12:39
alkisglinuxperia: afaik, google-chrome is not provided by PPAs, only by google's own repository12:39
blackflowlinuxperia: I don't understand what you're talking about. Can you give an example of what exactly you're trying to achieve?12:39
linuxperiaalkisg apt policy is not availble as options! do you have other command line to try ?12:41
RedbeardtGuess I better start putting together a post for AskUbuntu12:41
alkisglinuxperia, apt-cache policy google-chrome*12:41
linuxperiaalkisg: http://apaste.info/aWD12:43
linuxperiaits from google itself12:44
alkisglinuxperia: right, it's not a ppa12:44
alkisglinuxperia: and are you running this from gnome-terminal, or from the dash (unity)?12:44
linuxperiabut it looks like its heavy tailored for ubuntu desktop which in turn breaks caling this application from the command line12:45
linuxperiai am using the ubuntu terminal12:45
linuxperiathe desktop ubuntu terminal12:45
blackflowit doesn't break anything, you're just using it wrong.12:45
linuxperiablackflow: its not possible to call the installed app from the command line with options in ubuntu desktop its a fact!12:46
alkisglinuxperia: google-chrome-stable.deb is not targeting ubuntu only. Anyway, what happens if you type: /usr/bin/google-chrome <parameters>, does it work with an absolute path?12:46
blackflowlinuxperia: it's not a fact :) what exactly are you trying to achieve? can you give specific example?12:46
alkisglinuxperia: also, can you reproduce the issue with any other application except for google-chrome, which is supported by google and not ubuntu?12:47
alkisgE.g. with chromium-browser?12:47
linuxperiaalkisg: will try it out just a second!12:47
geirhalinuxperia: Show some example line that fails?12:47
geirha(along with any error messages)12:48
blackflow((preferably in a pastebin))12:48
alkisgHe claims that he puts `google-chrome --user-agent=xx` in a shell script of his, and google-chrome then is then launched with the parameters of his local/applications/google-chrome.desktop file Exec line, which doesn't make any sense (unless the /usr/bin/google-chrome wrapper is really screwed up - I don't have it installed to check)12:49
linuxperiawill report back as soon for the full path. for every one that want try it out itself just install the official google-chrome deb from google then try to call google-chrome --user-agent="TEST" from the command line and it will not work as everything is ignored becouse of the desktop file in the local dir12:49
geirha"everything is ignored"? what is "everything" ?12:49
blackflowlinuxperia: then you're not calling the actual bin, but some wrapper executable. absolute paths should be used.12:49
linuxperiathe options you want launch the app12:49
linuxperiawell tell this the shell scripts ...12:50
blackflowlinuxperia: please give EXACT command line you're trying out, and please use ABSOLUTE paths.12:50
linuxperiai have gave the exact command line allready!12:50
blackflownot with absolute paths12:50
geirhalinuxperia: what does ''type google-chrome'' output?12:50
blackflowlinuxperia: you need to make sure you're calling the correct executable. if you're calling some shell script wrapper, it is quite possible the options are not passed on to the binary.12:51
blackflowlinuxperia: that's why absolute paths.12:51
linuxperiagoogle-chrome ist /usr/bin/google-chrome12:51
linuxperiablackflow: i just checked /usr/bin/google-chrome and its a shell script12:52
linuxperiaone second12:52
geirhagood, so it's using the right command, so no need for absolute path12:52
mikatoneWhen trying to ssh get this output after login: This account is currently not available. Connection to tor closed.12:52
alkisglinuxperia: put that script to pastebin, and also try: google-chrome --version, and verify that it shows a version in your terminal12:52
blackflowlinuxperia: there you go12:53
blackflowlinuxperia: also, chromium does not have --user-agent option. Are you 100% sure that google-chrome does? maybe google-chrome --help will give more info?12:53
linuxperiahere is /usr/bin/google-chrome shell script that is installed => http://apaste.info/S0E12:53
linuxperiablackflow: yeah user-agent exist in both chrome and chromium can confirm it12:54
blackflowlinuxperia: I just checked, no such thing in chromium12:54
linuxperiablackflow: hmmm sorry but you are wrong!12:55
blackflowlinuxperia: chromium-browser --help doesn't list it, the manpage doesn't list it, runnig chromium-browser with --user-agent="something" doesn't change the UA12:55
_adbchrome commandline flags are generally undocumented and subject to change at the dev's whim12:56
linuxperiai did test thus option buy calling it from the local desktop file and the user agent was changed . confirmed it by websites that show you the changed user agent12:56
alkisglinuxperia: ah, another thing. When you are running "google-chrome <params>", if you have a google-chrome window open, they are ignore and that window is reused. Did you know that?12:56
blackflow_adb: I guess that explains it12:57
linuxperiaokey will try to call the bin file direct as suggested by alkisg instead by calling  shell script aka google-chrome which is the normal way12:58
linuxperiaone moment12:58
blackflowlinuxperia: not sure you have to, the shells cript passes on command line options through $@. I bet what _adb said is the case. did you test in a clean environment with on chrome running at the time?12:58
_adbalso, be sure to close chrome completely between tests. if an instance is still running and you attempt to launch a new one, it may ignore your flags12:59
_adb(what's the objective? i got here late)13:00
BluesKajlinuxperia, I fail to see what google-chrome shell scripts have to do with ubuntu btw13:00
blackflowlinuxperia: okay, just tried with a clean session of chromium, it works from the command line. what _adb said it is, as I previously tried with an open session.13:00
linuxperia_adb: for every one that want try it out itself just install the official google-chrome deb from google then try to call google-chrome --user-agent="TEST" from the command line and it will not work as everything is ignored becouse of the desktop file in the local dir13:00
alkisgblackflow: I said that :)13:00
blackflowalkisg: okay, sorry, credit where credit is due. I guess I missed what oyu said :)13:01
_adblinuxperia: oh, cool, thanks13:01
alkisg_adb: He's reporting that running "google-chrome params" from a terminal ignores the params, and instead the params from his .local/applications/google-chrome.desktop Exec line are used. But it's possible that he just left a google-chrome window open.13:02
_adbah, ok.13:02
linuxperiaalkisg: hmm could not be true i have as first line killall google-chrome13:02
alkisglinuxperia: the application is called "chrome". While google-chrome is the wrapper and it's not running. Run `ps aux|grep chrome` to verify this.13:03
linuxperiaahh okey lets try13:03
alkisglinuxperia: also note that the script is using "exec -a", which means it will display a different name in ps13:04
blackflowit also passes on the command line options through $@, so...13:04
alkisgRun your killall command from a terminal to verify that it's working, before using it in your script13:04
mikatoneIs this option available in ubuntu server when creating a user -s /usr/sbin/nologin user ?13:06
mikatoneI can't see tat directory13:06
linuxperiaalkisg: well i have a chrome process and no matter how much i execute sudo killall chrome it still exist maybe becouse of some other process also13:08
linuxperiacould be that is allways reswapnd13:09
linuxperiathe moment it get killed hmmmm13:09
EriC^^linuxperia: try killing it using the pid13:09
linuxperiawith the standard options from the local desktop file13:09
alkisglinuxperia: what's the output of cat /proc/<pid-of-chrome>/cmdline13:09
alkisgYou can see if a process is respawning if its pid changes13:10
alkisgIf it's the same, you're just not using killall properly13:10
landerossomeone here?13:10
alkisg(or pkill)13:10
linuxperiaEriC^^: did killed the PID too but i really think its get reswapnd allways by a another active service with the standard options then13:10
linuxperiaokey one moment13:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:11
alkisglanderos: ^13:11
RedbeardtInstalling ubuntu-desktop had no effect on my issue, btw.13:12
linuxperiaokey i can confirm it that chrome is respawning by a another service i am running so i have allways a active chrome process that prevent me then to use the options from the command line13:12
alkisglinuxperia: so it's not a problem with ubuntu-desktop ;)13:13
landeroshi,its only ubuntu or general linux?13:14
linuxperiahoooooo why is it not possible to start chrome with another options when you have allready a existing chrome process ? will now try to shut down this respawning process and try to launch it from to command line. based on the reports here then it should work. alkisg one moment will just confirm itluence13:15
_adblanderos: this channel is for ubuntu support, but there will naturally be some overlap with more generic linux concepts13:15
linuxperiaalkisg: okey i just rebooted my ubuntu desktop in a new cleaned session without starting anything. did a ps aux|grep chrome and it show me one active chrome process looks like ubuntu desktop on start load the chrome browser in stealth modus to start faster ...13:20
alkisglinuxperia: it's not ubuntu-desktop, it's the chrome developers :)13:21
alkisglinuxperia: ubuntu-desktop doesn't contain any code for chrome at all13:21
a3gisHello! Anyone here familiar with PF? (the firewall)13:21
linuxperiawhen i try to kill it with sudo killall chrome it just get respawned with a different process id13:22
linuxperiaoohhhhhhh my nerves13:22
alkisglinuxperia: maybe use chromium-browser instead? :)13:22
linuxperiayeahhh there must be something running in the background that i need to stop it13:23
alkisglinuxperia: what's the output of this? ps aux | grep chrome13:23
blackflowlinuxperia: that sounds like malware :)13:25
linuxperiaalkisg: http://apaste.info/Qrp13:25
linuxperiablackflow: its the official google package for ubuntu :-) need to find out what keeps caling this chrome process always that prevent me to start chrome with different options in ubuntu desktop13:26
linuxperiahave the feeling like i work in windows now losing controll13:27
BluesKajI doubt very much it's ubuntu desktop cuasing your problem13:28
alkisglinuxperia: I don't get it, if you see nothing in ps, why are you saying that it's running in the background?13:29
linuxperiai suppose you should all have the same problem when installing the official chrome package for ubuntu from google. speak having a running chrome process in background without able to kill it13:29
linuxperiaall the time13:30
alkisglinuxperia: "official google package for ubuntu" means that it's a problem by google, not by ubuntu13:30
alkisglinuxperia: the same package is also used e.g. in debian13:30
BluesKajlinuxperia, IO run google chrome just fine here, but I don';t use shell scripts to set it up for my needs13:30
linuxperiaBluesKaj: when you have google-chrome installed and run it with google-chrom from the command line do you still have the chrome process after killing it everytime with sudo killall chrome?13:32
BluesKajlinuxperia, I don't run it from the commandline , no need to13:32
BluesKajlinuxperia, let me try13:33
linuxperiawell run it from the sise bar no problem just wanted be sure that you call the right browser13:33
blackflowlinuxperia: iirc chrom(e\ium) has a settings options about keeping background processes running, and that's enabled, two checkboxed near the bottom of advanced settings. perhaps turning those off would help?13:34
linuxperiablackflow: thanks a lot will check it out. the chrome process is satrted however  right at booting of ubuntu desktop need to disable this as first13:36
nedstarkchrome opens every tab and extension as a process and wants to run all the time13:37
linuxperianedstark: ooohh baaadddd so this meand no possibility to start chrome with different options like a specific user agent13:38
nedstarkyes you would need at least 2 processes for that13:39
BluesKajlinuxperia, chrome closes fine when the terminal is closed here13:40
linuxperiaBluesKaj: ahh okey thanks for confirmation. i can confirm now that i am able to set the user-agent for the google-chrome browser not sure what happend now but everything i tryed before it failed works now hmmmm13:51
blackflowlinuxperia: any specific reason you want google-chrome instead of chromium?13:54
linuxperiablackflow: not really beside the reason that i guess its google favorite product line. for ubuntu its the  unity desktop so i stick with what canonical and google favorite instead to use alternatives. by the way i am using ubuntu server in the google cloud and pay some good money hope this money comes to canonical and its developer13:58
BluesKajblackflow, googe-chrome's embedded flashplayer works for starters , that's my reason13:59
_adbgoogle-chrome also has better support for drm-protected media (amazon steaming, for example)13:59
blackflowlinuxperia: I doubt there's any of that money going to canonical :)  though, google-chrome is a closed source version of Chromium, in fact it's Chromium with some patented codecs IIRC, or something like that. So unless you strictly need google-chrome, just use Chromium.14:00
blackflowBluesKaj: chromium's doesn't?14:00
blackflowand.... what is this... "flahs" you speak of? :D ;)14:00
blackflow_adb: is that with widevine?14:00
BluesKajit's unfortunate that HTML5 is slow to be adopted but that's our reality14:00
_adbblackflow: i think so? you can get chromium to do it, but it's convenient when things work out of hte box14:01
BluesKajblackflow, video on some sites  still use flash and chromium can't play them14:02
blackflowBluesKaj: you can use chromium with pepperflash14:02
zykotick9BluesKaj: re: blackflow's comment, adding pepperflashplugin-nonfree to chromium will be "google's" flash14:04
BluesKajblackflow, haven't had any luck with pepperflash , besides there's very little difference between the two other than chrome works on flash sites and chromium doesn't14:04
linuxperiaBluesKaj: I have several over 50 USD Ubuntu Servers in the G-Cloud they sell it me. From my understand the should pay money to Canonicals as at the end its there Product. Would be surprised when they sell Ubuntu Server Images to Customers and Canonical and its Devs dont get anything. P.S. Maybe its becouse of this Patented stuff i want use Chrome he he he14:04
blackflowBluesKaj: shrug. The Chromium I use in Ubuntu with pepperflash works just fine.14:05
linuxperiaehh sorry message should go to blackflow14:05
linuxperiai guess i need some rest. my brain is on fire14:06
blackflowlinuxperia: you do know that all that is open source and free to download? the only thing "payable" to Canonical is support and perhaps some specific service.14:06
blackflowI seriously doubt google pays anything to canonical, but I could be wrong.14:06
linuxperiayeah but ubuntu is registered mark to canonical14:06
linuxperiathey cant sell ubuntu without paying them anything would not make sense14:07
* BluesKaj shrugs as well,...to each his own I guess blackflow, but that's been my experience14:07
linuxperiaits like selling coca cola14:07
RedbeardtDoes anyone know if this line is of any significance "W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/skl_guc_ver6.bin for module i915_bpo" it popped up while purging my nvidia drivers again14:08
ubottuTo ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages14:09
blackflowlinuxperia: are you referring to the recent demand by canonical from hosting companies to pay trademark royalties if they're offering Ubuntu?14:09
bumblefuzzhow do I adjust the startup volume for ubuntu?14:09
bumblefuzzit always starts at 70% or higher14:10
MetamorphosisHello. newbie here. does ubuntu support ArcGIS software? Google did not helped me with the issue14:10
minimecbumblefuzz: Adjust the sound volume and try 'sudo alsactl store'14:11
RedbeardtJesus I installed nvidia-current and it installed nvidia-30414:11
Redbeardtthat's so OLD14:11
minimecbumblefuzz: maybe even use 'alsamixer' for the volume adjustment.14:11
bumblefuzzI can adjust the volume just fine14:12
bumblefuzzbut every time I start up, the volume is back up again14:12
blackflowRedbeardt: which GPU? some older models are only supported by older drivers14:12
RedbeardtIt's a 940M14:13
minimecbumblefuzz: Try to save current settings with 'sudo alsactl store', as mentioned.14:13
bumblefuzzok, I did... we'll see if that workd14:13
RedbeardtI was running nvidia-361 until recently when my problem hit14:13
minimecbumblefuzz: Other option would be to create a script that sets the volume when starting the user session.14:13
blackflowRedbeardt: ah... that's definitely supported by the 36114:14
blackflowRedbeardt: what... problem, tho'?14:14
linuxperiablackflow: ahh did not know about this but they have all right to request trademark royalities especially from google. they just reported hughe profits thanks to growing cloud bussiness and canonical ubuntu server plays sure a important role in this as i only use ubuntu server images.14:14
Redbeardtblackflow: I did a routine software update a few days ago and now I get a blank login screen with sound.14:14
Redbeardtblackflow: It's fine if I use prime-select to switch to my Intel though, so it's purely a problem with the Nvidia.14:14
blackflowRedbeardt: hm..14:15
ExterminadorXubuntu installed successfully14:16
blackflowlinuxperia: well, just using the distro is not grounds for any royalties or payment. and google is not "selling ubuntu server images". it's selling it's platform and offering Ubuntu for (free) installation.14:16
blackflowlinuxperia: https://twitter.com/olesovhcom/status/74460923907579904414:18
blackflowcanonical can only enfornce payments for trademark (ab)use.14:18
Redbeardttime for another attempt, rebootin'14:19
linuxperiablackflow: hmmm okey the free offering is a argument but at the end everything is automated. its not like you download the ubuntu server image itself and install it. its incoparted in there sell products. its a one click product solution they offer. its not like here is your hardware server and for the server you have to look itslef. they host the images itself and use the canonical...14:21
linuxperia...trademark on there website14:21
linuxperiaits like offering coca cola in a restaurant without to pay money to coca cola itself14:22
linuxperiawhen a customer choose to have a coca cola drink14:22
linuxperiaeven if coca cola is free elsewhere when you as business sell coca cola in a bottle14:23
OerHeksguys, move the trademark talk to #ubuntu-discuss or offtopic please14:23
jsparkshi, having troubles with ftp not matter what only the user that installed the system can login... either vsftpd / proftpd any ideia please share14:26
OerHeksjsparks, on what ubuntu version and what guide did you follow?14:27
jsparksOerHeks thank you, I've installed first vsftpd and everything by default should let me in tryed several aproaches by only 530 as response14:29
jsparksthan I tried proftpd and same14:29
RedbeardtWell that didn't work14:30
osidsnjdnvdhi please give me command to register my nickname14:30
=== osidsnjdnvd is now known as currupipi
Mathisencurrupipi, /msg nickserv register14:31
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:31
jsparkscreated several users with all sort of options etc tried first enter via ssh then via ftp nothing every user is denied except for the user that installed the system14:31
RedbeardtIs there supposd to be an xorg.conf file in my /etc/X11/ directory?14:31
RedbeardtCoz there isn't14:31
OerHeksRedbeardt, nope, but you can make one if you need it14:31
currupipi/msg nickserv register papagayo kewinmaxplay19283@gmail.com14:31
jsparksOerHeks this is letting me really annoyed an logs say nothing except for 530 bit14:31
RedbeardtHow do I know whether I need it? Heh :P14:31
OerHeksjsparks, what guide did you follow?14:32
currupipido u give help on here about phones?14:32
jsparksÍ haven't followed no guide I can install vsftpd for example14:32
RedbeardtI don't understand how linux fits together very well. I just see people putting graphics card information in this xorg.conf file, and I wonder whether it coudl help me.14:32
jsparksit is fairly simple14:32
OerHekscurrupipi, join #ubuntu-touch for phone14:32
OerHeksjsparks, installing is simple, setting up an user is simple too ..14:32
Mathisencurrupipi, and change your password you just sent it to the channel.. and if you use in on other sites email,fb whatever change it there to14:33
jsparksOerHeks ok i need to solve this I've lost an huge amount of time on this can you help me please?14:34
OerHeksold tutorial but should work https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-vsftpd-on-ubuntu-12-0414:34
jsparksOerHeks I'm now using proftpd14:34
currupipiMathisen ok no problem, is there any other channel for android phones?14:34
currupipii have a samsung galaxy a5 and when i restart it it throws me a message in red14:35
currupipisaying "recovery is not seandroid forcing14:35
RedbeardtWell I guess with the xorg.conf I'll try rebooting .. again!14:35
jsparksOerHeks proftpd removed14:35
currupipiCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services14:35
currupipiwhy status says me that?14:35
currupipihow do i identify myself14:36
zykotick9!register | currupipi14:36
ubottucurrupipi: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:36
currupipido i need to check my inbox?14:36
hudnixAfter last round of updates, nvidia driver no longer works. I can log in with nouveu driver, but then the windows are messed up. If I install any nvidia driver from the list, I can't login14:37
Redbeardt_Well, that didn't work..14:37
Redbeardt_Christ I wish I understood how to actually follow the clues and drill down to the problem. I'm just wading about in the dark here.14:38
Redbeardt_Add a file here, install a firmware there, try some different drivers, try a different kernel version, etc. etc.14:38
hudnixDoes anyone know where the xorg.cong file is anymore? I don't have one in /etc/X11 or in /usr/share/X1114:42
akikhudnix: it's not created by default any more. its location is in /etc/X11 if you create it, it will be used14:43
zykotick9hudnix: it doesn't typically exist by default anymore... it's not usually required.14:43
jsparksOerHeks tail -f log outputs: https://gist.github.com/fccpt/727174bd9908469d0819e2eacfffb45314:43
akikhudnix: there are snippets of xorg configuration in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/14:43
hudnixakik: thanks14:44
Redbeardt_What does the xorg.conf file do?14:45
zykotick9Redbeardt_: it's the config file for xorg (the gui foundation)14:46
Redbeardt_I figured that much >_<14:46
jsparksOerHeks now even the user that installed the system can login so any ideia?14:48
jsparksOerHeks *can't, sorry14:49
uotzapHey, guys14:52
uotzapHow do I start a live usb in uefi mode?14:52
EriC^^uotzap: try esc when the laptop boots then boot options then uefi usb14:53
pyroall123I would like to run xscreensaver-command -lock after the system starts, any idea? I need to run a server but the needed programm needs a desktop, however I dont want the system exposed.14:54
uotzapEriC^^: I know this part but my live usb just boot in csm mode :(14:56
blackflowpyroall123: xscreensaver is no longer used, there's a dbus/logind based lock iirc14:56
uotzapI'm trying to install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10, because my wife can't use just Linux14:57
jsparksOerHeks thanks man great help finally I made it on my own14:59
pyroall123blackflow: can you further help to realise a lock screen after book15:03
pyroall123thank you15:03
ovrflw0xsup folks what are your problems? ubuntu oracle is here!15:05
blackflowpyroall123: sorry, I don't understand.15:05
raymondillo /quit15:06
pyroall123backflow: after my system boots it will start LXDE and log in the user. However I want to lock the screen direkly after start/reboot.15:10
pyroall123i tried to run "xscreensaver-command -lock" in /etc/profile but is does not work15:11
blackflowpyroall123: and what happens after the user is logged in? I'm not sure I understand this, do you have a program that just needs Xorg, or does it need a full blown, user session desktop?15:12
blackflowpyroall123: does it help if you configure locking via regular settings? the lowest time period is after 30 seconds15:13
blackflowpyroall123: alternatively, after login something must start your program, correct? so that can be a script where you lock manually. check this out: http://askubuntu.com/questions/457204/how-can-i-lock-the-screen-using-the-new-lockscreen-from-the-command-line15:14
pyroall123I try to run the owncloud clint, but unfortunately it need a running desklop as far I understood.15:15
blackflowpyroall123: there's owncloudcmd for cli based client15:16
bumblefuzzthere are two install downloads for a program I'm looking at15:17
bumblefuzzthey look otherwise identical but one of them has (glibc 2.3) written next to it15:18
bumblefuzzwhat difference does that make?15:18
blackflowbumblefuzz: what programs?15:18
OerHeksbumblefuzz, a lot. what program are you talking about?15:18
bumblefuzzbittorrent sync15:18
pyroall123blackflow, ok thank you. I will give the owncloudcmd a try15:18
bumblefuzzhow do you decide between the linux downloads?15:19
OerHeksbumblefuzz, don't choose, let ubuntu grab the right package, recent tutorial http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/02/howto-install-bittorrent-sync-from-its-official-repository/15:20
bumblefuzzbut when I try to sync using that, it tells me it's out of date15:21
OerHeksif so, contact the maintainer of that package15:21
V7Guys ... I still have troubles with my WiFi connection15:23
V7WiFi adapter connected to WiFi router, but no connection after 3-5 minutes15:23
antimistUm, help required on installed the Hardware EnableMent Stack Security Upgrades15:24
antimistI get conflicts whenver I try to install15:24
antimiston XUbuntu 14.0415:24
antimistit says: conflicts libegl1-mesa and the rest15:25
blacknred0is there a way to export only uncorrupted files from a tar file without having to specify each one to be skip?15:25
V7Guys ? Noone had this isse ?15:27
V7issue *15:27
MonkeyDust blacknred0 maybe the people in #bash can help you with that15:27
jmaderohi all - I've been having dramatic differences in wifi speed between Linux and Windows/Android - I get about 1/6th the speed results15:28
jmadero3-4 Mb/s in Linux, 20-22 on Android/W715:28
ovrflw0xsub thugs15:29
ovrflw0xjmadero, it's the driver15:29
ovrflw0xjmadero, you must be using opensource driver15:29
jmaderoovrflw0x: any solution? I've seen a variety of suggestions online and none work15:29
ovrflw0xjmadero, use the driver of the manufacturer15:30
jmaderodoes intel have a manufacturer driver?15:30
zach2825hi, im not sure if this is the right place for this questions. but, in my htaccess im trying to specify the php version to use like this url says to do https://www.siteground.com/kb/how_to_have_different_php_versions/ but its not working, do i need an apache module or something?15:30
ovrflw0xjmadero, sure look at intel site15:31
jmaderoovrflw0x: not sure what I was thinking, it's a broadcom chipset and I'm using the STA driver15:31
jmaderowhich from my understanding is not the open source driver15:31
ovrflw0xjmadero, what exact model wifi card you got?15:32
jmaderotrying to find that out now15:32
jmadero04:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY15:32
ovrflw0xjmadero, http://askubuntu.com/questions/11993/how-do-i-install-bcm4312-wireless-drivers15:33
jmaderoyes - I have STA installed already15:34
ovrflw0xjmadero, is it newest version?15:34
jmaderowhatever is with 14.4015:34
jmaderoI'm going to try the other driver really quick (the open source one) to compare results15:35
ovrflw0xjmadero, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219092515:35
ovrflw0xbye now15:35
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
V7I've tried to look up for this issue all day, but nothing15:49
V7Asking last time15:49
V7Issue: Connecting to WiFi and all works, but after 3-5 minutes internet doesn't work. Connection to WiFi exists, but nothing pings and also I can't load a router page.15:51
V7Tried on Windows, same laptop and all works.15:51
V7Also that started after I've installed 16.04 LTS15:51
SchrodingersScatV7: what card do you have?15:52
V7SchrodingersScat: 1 sec15:52
RedbeardtWell this is weird. I just noticed that something is deleting my xorg.conf whenever I change it.15:52
V7SchrodingersScat: Should I type lspci ?15:53
V7SchrodingersScat: Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 35)15:53
V7Driver iwlwifi15:54
V7Before 16.04 there was 14.04 and all worked.15:55
|WaV|https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=798036 There is bug in konversation 1.6 which is fixed in 1.6.2 regarding QCA support. is there anyway to get the new version via apt-get? Ive tried building from source but i get an endless amount of errors from cmake.15:56
ubottuDebian bug 798036 in konversation "konversation: 1.6 Built without QCA support" [Important,Fixed]15:56
RedbeardtWell, I'm at my wit's end so I finally put my post up on AskUbuntu if anyone wants to have a bash at it. https://askubuntu.com/questions/817504/16-04-01-lts-blank-login-screen-w-sound-after-recent-routine-software-update15:56
=== whoami_0001 is now known as _whoami_
jmaderookay done with that test - getting 1/6th speed wifi in ubuntu vs. Android/W7, no difference between open and STA driver16:01
jsparksguys can't install smbclient getting this error under 14.04 http://pastebin.com/QFKiYMSq16:02
V7SchrodingersScat: I've send a message to ilw@linux.intel.com, so ... maybe they'll help ..16:03
jmaderojsparks: have you been messing around with your repos?16:03
=== antimist is now known as antimist|away
_adbis there a way to get setxkbmap options to stick around after unplugging/plugging in a keyboard?16:04
V7SchrodingersScat: Thank you for trying16:04
SchrodingersScatV7: sorry, was just trying to get further detail, hoping maybe someone would have an idea16:04
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:04
_adbi've got setxkbmap -option ctrl:nocaps, but my keyboard cord is touchy, so it keeps going back to the default layout16:05
jsparksmost probably yes jmadero16:05
V7SchrodingersScat: Yeah I understood ... so I can give you all need information if you want !16:05
jmaderojsparks: then you'll have to resolve that.....it's not recommended to screw with repos if you're not sure what you're doing16:05
jmaderojsparks: check to see if you have extra repos in /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:06
jsparksjmadero look It might happened by mistake16:06
jmaderojsparks: yeah sorry - not judging ;) just saying that there's not much anyone here can do if you're installing additional repos that have newer/incomplete binaries16:07
jsparksjmadero can i restore repos16:07
V7So SchrodingersScat do you need any information ?16:08
jmaderojsparks: you can purge them, but if you have installed software from those repos you could screw up your system16:08
SchrodingersScatV7: does anything show up in logs when it loses connection?  like maybe dmesg or etc?16:08
jsparksi get that but by now only used ondeij php etc16:08
jsparksjmadero *ondrej16:09
jmaderojsparks: that's not the issue, the issue is that you could have packages installed that conflict with default repos, when you purge a repo you could screw stuff up16:09
jmaderojust running base system you have thousands of packages installed16:09
V7SchrodingersScat: I though about it ... I need to get by connecting to WiFi, but if I start to check that I'll lose connection to you :D16:09
jmaderojsparks: what do you have in that directory I asked about16:09
SchrodingersScatV7: true, so may need to gather that later, or connect to irc via a more stable machine?  can you have both wired and wireless so your irc will stay up then watch the wireless struggle?16:10
jsparksjmadero understand so what's my best expectations here?16:10
jsparksjmadero 1 sec16:10
SchrodingersScatjsparks: and you likely added the owncloud repo? if so which?16:10
V7SchrodingersScat: I'll connect via mobile to irc16:10
V7So ... I'll be there after 5 mins or earlier16:10
SchrodingersScatV7: might be hard to pastebin like that, but whatever you need to do.16:10
jsparksSchrodingersScat no I havent'16:11
jsparksI added it by wget and tar16:11
jsparksjmadero http://pastebin.com/C2ppN38y16:11
jsparksSchrodingersScat no problem :D16:11
jsparksthis system is problematic from long time too many experiences :D16:12
jmaderojsparks: .... so I can give you adivce, but it might break everything16:12
jmaderoclearly those are related to your problem16:13
jmaderothere is no need to install repos for mysql....ever16:13
jsparksso now perhaps i can add smbclient by hand?16:14
jmaderojsparks: that would be miserable16:14
jsparksI know that16:14
jsparksI guess I will  sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list16:15
jmaderomy recommendation is get rid of those repos16:15
jmaderosudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*16:15
jmaderosudo apt-get update16:15
OerHeksuse ppa-purge, removing the lists does not reverse packages16:15
OerHeksand you end up, adding the ppa again and use ppa-purge :-D16:16
jsparksjmadero still the same16:17
jsparksI need original /etc/apt/sources.list16:18
jmaderoyes you do - at this point it's likely your repo is just screwed, try what OerHeks said16:19
_V7SchrodingersScat I'm here from mobile16:20
nedstarkjsparks, this will let you generate a sources list https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/16:21
OerHekshis sourceslist is not changed, ubuntu puts repos in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder16:22
jmaderoOerHeks: unless he manually added :-b16:23
jmaderoin my early linux days I'd do that so...it's possible16:23
jsparksnedstrak I've done it here  https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/generate.php16:23
OerHeksI hope not16:23
jsparksyes it's about the same I've deleted the list updated it seems fine lets install the package16:24
jmadero....deleted the list? then you have no repos??16:24
jmaderodangit, I can't for the life of me get decent wifi speeds in Linux.....16:24
OerHeksdeleting a added repo list will only work, if that repo never contained packages for your ubuntu version.16:25
jsparksyes and finished to install smbclient16:25
jsparksI've added only universe and not so much16:25
jmaderonow solve my wifi issue :-b16:26
jsparksjmadero I'm really bad linux user I barely understand how sticky bit works :D LOL16:27
V7_SchrodingersScat: you know ... it's strange, but ... I'm connected to mobile tethering WiFi hotspot and after 5 mins it works well16:28
jmaderowe're all here to learn16:28
V7_Continue watching16:28
SchrodingersScatV7_: hmm, k16:29
jsparksjmadero ;) that is true16:30
jsparksas always thank you very much16:30
orionHi. On Xenial which service do I need to restart to pickup changes to /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf?16:33
johnharris85Anyone got any suggestions for this issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/815558/upstart-logs-dont-exist16:34
jsparksjmadero what is the problem with your wifi?16:34
jmaderojsparks: way slower speeds compared to Windows or Android16:34
jsparkswhats your device?16:35
jmaderojsparks: I've tried multiple drivers16:36
OerHeks BCM4312 .. not the best supported wifi device, this is linux wide, not just ubuntu16:36
jsparksok then what your device ;)16:36
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
jsparksthat broadcom ?16:36
OerHeksbut you should know this by now, this is not the 2nd day you try to fix speed16:36
jmaderoOerHeks: indeed, just trying to see if there is some fix that I haven't tried yet - a ton of suggestions online16:37
=== LaptopBricker is now known as Bricker
jsparksjmadero lshw -C network16:37
jsparksjmadero product?16:37
jmaderojsparks: OerHeks already said, BCM431216:38
jsparksI get that but need to confirm please16:38
jmaderotrying another solution, brb16:38
jmaderohow can bcmwl-kernel-source not be installed when I'm using b43 driver....16:39
jsparksjmadero have you compiled from source?16:41
jsparkshave tested speed from terminal?16:41
jsparksjmadero i know you're ahead of me but sometimes little things escape and when you know too much tend to forget simple stuff, anyway I leave with this link perhaps you have read it anyway has plenty of information on the subject happy speeds :D16:43
somethingdopeIs there a reason not to update everything on ubuntu whenever the nag box shows up?16:44
OerHekssomethingdope, there is no partial update.. so what is your goal?16:45
somethingdopeOerHeks, I dunno, up to date software that won't break?  basically right now I run "sudo apt update" then "sudo apt upgrade" I'm wondering if this is a bad practice16:46
OerHekssomethingdope, that comand is oke, if you keep packages holding back, use sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade16:47
OerHekssomethingdope, i would just use softwareupdates, it notifies when you need to reboot.16:48
OerHeks* this is not clear manually16:48
somethingdopeOerHeks, I usually do use the nagbox thing.  Next question is it possible to check which if any of the incoming updates will require a system restart?16:49
somethingdopeOerHeks, I know how to check after they are installed16:49
TXRoadkillusually, if it asks you for you PW it will require a restart16:49
TXRoadkillat least that's been my experience16:50
OerHekssomethingdope, Normally if the file /var/run/reboot-required  exists you should reboot.16:50
OerHeksbut this is comandline, the gui shows a notification16:51
somethingdopeOerHeks, Yeah I know that, I want to know if the incoming update will require a reboot before I upgrade16:51
V7_SchrodingersScat: Works well...16:52
V7_I can't understand ...16:52
V7_So... this one will be noticed ...16:52
V7_So ... other question. When I'm starting an Opera browser, system asks me for Ubuntu Keyring ...16:53
OerHeksAn admin should test on a single machine.. too much work to check any update if you need to reboot or not.16:53
V7_Why ?16:53
OerHeksOpera wants to store keys in the future, so it wants access to your keyring, but it does not store something there, without your permission16:54
OerHeksand you can revoke access in keys & passwords16:54
V7_OerHeks: But I didn't set up my Keyring ..16:54
=== physpi_ is now known as physpi
somethingdopeOerHeks, seems stupid, I'm only admining one computer, my own16:54
V7_I've just installed Ubuntu (fresh)16:54
OerHeksV7_, well, that is what opera complaints about16:54
=== diytto_znc is now known as diytto
V7_OerHeks: Also that happens when I'm just start up my comp.16:55
V7_... Ubuntu Keyring ...16:55
OerHekssomethingdope, beside a kernel it is hard to say, if a service needs full reboot to load things right, or finish updates.16:55
somethingdopeOerHeks, but how does it know to create the file in /var/run then?  It seems the update should be able to identify itself as needing a reboot16:56
OerHeksnot sure how ..16:57
V7_OerHeks: found one http://forums.opera.com/discussion/1873940/why-does-starting-opera-produce-an-unlock-login-keyring-error/p116:57
V7_OerHeks: Do you know how to disable that if I didn't store password in browser ?16:58
OerHeksV7_, nope, opera is not my thing...16:59
OerHeksjust use keyring, i see no reason not to.17:00
SchrodingersScatopera has never asked this of me ;(17:01
V7_SchrodingersScat: Me too ! So I'm asking ... 'cause this's strange to me too !17:02
V7_So ... I did this one http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/disable-unlock-login-keyring-ubuntu-13-04/17:02
V7_Now nothing apearing17:02
V7_nothing appears *17:03
OerHeksSchrodingersScat, that is you have setup keyring17:03
SchrodingersScatthat's what that means?  And the only benefit of opera is if you like their proxy.17:03
V7_SchrodingersScat: You know ... that's weird ... WiFi still works ... I'm communicating with you via laptop17:04
V7_WiFi connected through Mobile Data -> HotSpot17:04
SchrodingersScatV7_: could just be quirky ;(  I have a couple cards that don't always play nice with every access point17:04
V7_SchrodingersScat: Might be ... but ...17:05
V7_iT'S WeiRD17:05
SchrodingersScatV7_: check logs if it happens again, you may see something relevant17:06
V7_SchrodingersScat: I'll do17:06
V7_Never ... never ... I tell you NEVER type down word "weird" into Google ...17:07
somethingdopeHow do you, in libre office, smoothly graph time ranges from pm to am?  An example would be if you were plotting when you went to sleep17:08
V7_somethingdope: https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/74084/how-to-concatenate-12-hr-time-and-the-text-am-or-pm/ ?17:11
V7_Also https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=30291&start=017:12
michany hardware experts here?17:12
michmy computer keeps shutting off17:12
michI have no idea what's wrong!17:12
enkeicheck heatsink17:12
fsocietygood night..17:13
fsocietymay i qeustion??17:13
=== fsociety is now known as Guest93712
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:13
=== Guest93712 is now known as fsociety_404
somethingdopeV7_, Unfortunatly not, it properly recognizes it as a time already17:14
michwhen I reboot, it shows several messages17:14
mich/dev/sda2:   Clearing orphaned inode17:14
michmeans nothing right?17:15
fsociety_404how get install synaptic on ubuntu 16.04 lts?17:15
jmaderointeresting, I'm trying to activate b43 driver but on reboot it reverts to wl driver17:15
jmaderofsociety_404: sudo apt-get install synaptic17:15
michcan anyone help/?17:16
varaindemianhow does apt-get differ from apt? does the later one clean files after installation and stuff?17:16
enkeimich : try fsck disk check17:16
BluesKajtoo may people watching Mr Robot :-)17:17
somethingdopevaraindemian, apt is just an interface to apt-get and apt-cache with a few features like a progress bar baked over it17:17
somethingdopevaraindemian, I use apt cause I like the progress bar but if you are gonna put it in a script use apt-get, apt-cache cause the interface for apt isn't stable apparently17:18
varaindemiansomethingdope: I see17:19
somethingdopevaraindemian, they are both interfaces over dpkg btw, not that it matters17:20
_V7Hi absolutelyNoWayI17:21
absolutelyNoWayII'm a noob to irc and just tryna get some good linux tips and tricks for both admin related stuff and hacking(for my job)17:23
_V7So ... you're hacker ?17:23
absolutelyNoWayILegally, yes!17:23
SchrodingersScat!offtopic | absolutelyNoWayI this is specifically for ubuntu support, you can maybe try the offtopic or try !alias for other channels.  Feel free to idle though and maybe you'll see something interesting.17:24
ubottuabsolutelyNoWayI this is specifically for ubuntu support, you can maybe try the offtopic or try !alias for other channels.  Feel free to idle though and maybe you'll see something interesting.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:24
SchrodingersScatit's !alis actually, not alias17:24
V7_absolutelyNoWayI: hacker with 2602:306:c5c7:a6c0:11cd:9a21:6e23:5f7d ip17:24
fsociety_404thanks for solution17:24
absolutelyNoWayIhahaha _V7 that's why I'm a noob, but I'm defintely in the wrong channel according to SchrodingersScat and ubottu! Thanks!17:25
=== V7_ is now known as v7
ScootyHas anyone experienced weird issues with virtual console and i915? For me, whenever I wake my screen from power saving sleep, xorg would be fine but all virtual consoles freeze on me17:27
jmaderoif I'm considering replacing my wifi card in my laptop - what's a decent choice to get similar speeds/support as Windows?17:27
=== sean is now known as Guest32644
LinuxGuy2020I think this would be considered on topic since its an install question so here goes (I'm sure someone will complain anyways). I have two matching 120GB SSDs installed. I want to dual boot alongside Windows 7 for games. If I choose the install option to install along side Windows, will I get to choose the second physical drive for Ubuntu? Also will the GRUB install automatically ask me what to boot after rebooting? I've never dual boote17:31
pubunthelp....computer does a hard reboot on me17:31
pubuntcannot figure out what is wrong.... anything I can try or test?17:32
EriC^^LinuxGuy2020: i doubt, try the "Something else" option17:32
jmaderoyup - try something else option17:32
EriC^^pubunt: have a look at /var/log/kern.log17:32
LinuxGuy2020thanks guys17:32
Guest32644Is there any relation between nice values and relative CPU share? Even if it requires some assumption like there are only two processes - just something more precise than - more nice is less cpu?17:33
LinuxGuy2020I might be asked for partition sizes maybe. What size should swap be? Same size as RAM?17:33
EriC^^LinuxGuy2020: yeah, if you want hibernation17:33
LinuxGuy2020Sounds good thank you17:34
pubuntEriC^^, nothing is there?17:34
pubuntwhat program do I use to open it?17:34
EriC^^pubunt: cat17:34
pubuntcat /var/log/kern.log17:36
SchrodingersScatGuest32644: as far as I know nice value is only priority.  do you maybe want something like taskset or cpulimit?17:36
EriC^^pubunt: yeah17:36
pubuntthere's no output17:36
EriC^^pubunt: try ls /var/log/kern.log*17:36
pubuntlog.1 has output17:39
pubuntbut what to make of it?   dunno17:39
jwrI'm trying to sync music to an iphone using usb. i can see the iphone in `dmesg` when i connect it, but banshee doesn't show any device for it. the apple device support extension in banshee is enabled. anybody using banshee to sync an iphone?17:40
pubuntnow what?  can anyone help?17:43
assemany ruby devs arount?17:45
SchrodingersScat!ohmy | assem17:45
ubottuassem: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:45
assemanyone with ruby knowledge?17:46
SchrodingersScatask your question or check #ruby17:46
pubuntno one helps here17:47
pubuntare the forums any better?17:47
pubuntI would help you with ruby if I knew it17:47
pubuntruby on rails, right?17:47
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hheeany nice app for linux for text snippets?17:56
reisiohhee: for what now?18:02
hheereisio, for code18:03
jwrhhee: what do you want to do with those snippets?18:06
hheejwr, well, mostly for storage most useful function, classes, and so on18:07
reisiohhee: for like, use in what?18:07
reisioan editor/IDE, or your shell, or what?18:07
hheereisio, maybe in another application. i know there is "snippets" in mac (as separate app)18:08
SchrodingersScathhee: git?18:09
hheeSchrodingersScat, cool idea! but now..18:09
gweedo767I am using nvidia-setrings to configure a multi monitor setup in 16.04 and saving the xorg conf out. Config looks good. But on reboot the settings arent applying. I have to re open nvidia-setrings and do it again. Thoughts?18:09
reisiohhee: I guess you just want a clipboard manager18:10
reisiohhee: ask your package manager about it18:10
reisiogweedo767: did you save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?18:10
hheereisio, well, no. clipboard - store everything. but i want to store something like best18:11
reisiohhee: pardon?18:11
hexhaxtronDo you know which Desktop Environment is this one? http://img04.deviantart.net/6af9/i/2010/316/7/d/conky_style_2_and_tint2_by_br_lin-d32pul6.png18:11
gweedo767reisio: sure did18:11
hheereisio, well, clipboard manager - store anything. i want to store selected classes, functinos and so on18:11
OerHekshexhaxtron, gnome3 maybe. or Fedora .. or redhat, suse or mint ..18:12
reisiohhee: I'm pretty sure classes & functions are a superset of 'anything'18:13
existenzehey there18:15
hexhaxtronOlá! existenze18:15
existenzehow do I know wich graphic card is being used for DE?18:15
existenzeI have an intel and a nvidia (driver installed)18:16
OerHekshhee, check out Eclipse, which has a really nice snippet manager18:16
reisioexistenze: sudo lspci -k | egrep -i 'vga|in use' | grep -i vga -A 118:17
reisioexistenze: or read /var/log/Xorg*log18:17
existenzeit's the intel18:18
zykotick9reisio: is do actually required for that lspci command?  it doesn't seem to be...18:18
hheeOerHeks, got it, thx18:18
zykotick9reisio: s/do/sudo/18:18
reisiozykotick9: dunno, I don't keep track of where Ubuntu puts things18:19
zykotick9reisio: it's cool though - thanks.18:19
reisioin sane distros lspci is in sbin18:19
existenzeDi I need to install some proprietary driver for intel graphics (or any other intel stuff)?18:19
reisioalso in sane distros, lsblk -f doesn't need sudo, either :p18:19
reisioexistenze: pretty unheard of18:19
reisioor at least, proprietary in the sense of binary18:20
Bray90820Can someone help me get ubuntu installed on an Intel Atom Z3735F every time I try to boot  the live USB i click try ubuntu without installing and then the screen goes black18:20
zykotick9reisio: well, i use a sane ditro... and lspci is in /usr/bin but "lsblk -f" works ;)18:20
existenzeI mean anything other than the default drivers18:20
reisiothere's a subtle but important difference between free software that's only developed by a single, for-profit organization, and free software that is developed by an open community18:20
reisioyou could take mysql as an example18:20
reisiozykotick9: <shrug> no shared standard really, and that is fine18:21
reisiothe actual problem is that sudo is widely misused these days18:21
zykotick9reisio: on that, we agree!18:21
reisioback in the days when sudo was not widely misused, you could just say 'run lspci', and if it didn't work, you'd know to swithc to root first18:21
reisioor use the full path, etc., etc.18:22
johnharris85Anyone got any suggestions for this issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/815558/upstart-logs-dont-exist18:22
reisioBray90820: ask ubottu about nomodeset18:22
reisiojohnharris85: upstart isn't used by contemporaneous versions of Ubuntu, no?18:22
johnharris85reisio, I'm on 14.0418:24
johnharris85systemd is used from 15 onwards I believe18:24
reisiowhy do you want to go debugging something that isn't even an issue if you were updating at a proper interval?18:25
* reisio shrugs18:25
EriC^^14.04 is still supported18:25
johnharris85reisio, huh?18:26
johnharris8514.04 is an LTS18:26
johnharris85people only deserve support on the bleeding edge?18:26
elias_a_Nope. Bleeding edge is for devs, teenagers and dummies. :P18:26
reisiothe relevance of "LTS" aside18:27
reisiothere is a newer LTS you could be using18:27
reisiothere has been for a while18:27
eneconI have 3 users in ubuntu and for some reason Mozilla and Skype dont work properly in one of them , any ideas why? Mozilla cant see the members here http://www.math.u-psud.fr/-Les-membres-167- and Skype so ofline some online contacts18:28
johnharris85how is that in anyway relevant to my question?18:28
reisioand if you _ever_ plan on updating, then having spent time on this upstart issue will have been a waste of time18:28
reisiobecause upstart is gone18:28
johnharris85reisio, that is a spectacularly stupid point of view.18:28
johnharris85Even for the internet.18:28
reisiofucshiagirl: fuc-shi?18:28
reisiojohnharris85: it's simple logic <shrug>18:28
johnharris85I think you need to re-do your logic course.18:28
frendaHi there18:41
frendaI need a program to draw simple arrows/rectangulars/circles on screenshot! Do you know anyone?18:41
dancingd3mon__on ubuntu https://github.com/ShareX/ShareX18:42
OerHekslibreoffice draw can do that18:42
reisiofrenda: dia would work18:43
OerHeksor inkscape to make good vectorgraphics18:43
OerHeksdia indeed18:43
OerHekstons of options18:43
frendadia? isn't it a CLI app for making diagrams?18:43
frendareisio: ^18:43
reisiono, it's a GUI app, for making diagrams (drawing simple arrows/rectangulars/circles)18:44
frendaLook, I need a simple app to put some arrows on screenshot to show some part of a screenshot! (I'll try dia)18:45
OerHekshttp://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntustudio-graphics http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntustudio-publishing18:46
OerHekstry and use what you like best, there is no single best18:47
reisiofrenda: dancingd3mon__'s suggestion might be more what you want, assuming it works18:48
dancingd3mon__It does18:49
eneconI have 3 users in ubuntu and for some reason Mozilla and Skype dont work properly in one of them , any ideas why? Mozilla cant see the members here http://www.math.u-psud.fr/-Les-membres-167- and Skype so ofline some online contacts18:52
frendaIsn't ShareX a Win app?18:57
frendaHere https://getsharex.com/ the download link gives an exe file!18:58
dancingd3mon__yeah i use it on windows but thought it had a linux release too18:59
_adbenecon: so things work correctly for two users, but fail for the third? have you checked user group membership?19:00
rimdekerHey all, I'm running ubuntu 16.04 and for some reason it keeps crashing every now and then. I checked dmesg and see this with a few lines constantly repeating: ata2: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x4000000 action 0xe frozen19:00
rimdekerI thought it might be a disk failure until I realized I have no disk connected on ata219:01
gweedo767reisio: yeah, tried a few more things...stuff I have set in xorg.conf is getting ignored on reboot19:01
reisiofrenda: still, useful information: http://alternativeto.net/software/sharex/?license=opensource&platform=linux19:02
reisiogweedo767: 16.04 you said?19:02
gweedo767reisio: yes19:02
reisiogweedo767: if /etc/X11/xorg.conf is in place, you might find your xorg.conf.d and temporarily mv anything in there elsewhere19:04
gweedo767reisio: wher eis xorg.confg.d?19:05
reisiogweedo767: think it's in /usr/lib/X11 on Ubuntu19:05
reisiogweedo767: or /usr/share/X1119:05
rimdekerCan someone explain this to me? I don't even have a disk connected to ata2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/23099000/19:05
gweedo767reisio: /usr/share/X11 for the win19:05
reisiorimdeker: might just hit up ##linux19:06
rimdekerreisio: Thank you, will do19:06
frendareisio: I found a good one called "HotShots"19:09
reisiowonder how it compares to the much more highly voted (on alternativeto.net) 'shutter'19:10
=== joob is now known as Guest696969
frendaShutter is feature rich19:14
=== nubcake_ is now known as nubcake
airoplainHi how do I delete all lines from a file that don't contain a : with sed?19:16
WaVairoplain: http://ccm.net/faq/1451-delete-lines-from-a-file-using-sed19:18
Mathisensed '/^:/ d'19:18
Mathisentry it out on a test file first19:18
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therightmanso I have a problem19:27
geirhagrep : file > newfile19:28
therightmanubuntu seems to think that my screen is bigger than it actually is19:28
therightmanI know this from when I take screenshots19:28
szbtherightman: On first thought this sounds like a scaling problem with your graphics card... what GPU are you using and what driver is installed (open-source or proprietary)?19:32
Guest696969therightman, try and type your issues on one line to keep channel de-cluttered. Mention your make/model of monitor, video card and cable connection method.19:32
eril-713hi everyone??19:34
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eneconI have 3 users in ubuntu and for some reason Mozilla and Skype dont work properly in one of them , any ideas why? Mozilla cant see the members here http://www.math.u-psud.fr/-Les-membres-167- and Skype so ofline some online contacts19:36
reisioenecon: what makes you think those are problems?19:38
RedbeardtHey all. Me again with my GPU issue. I pulled some stuff out of dmesg after a boot attempt. Can anyone take a look at this pastebin and let me know if they have insights about it? http://pastebin.com/SjKadL0L19:38
eneconreisio isnt not being able to see a website on mozilla a problem by definition ?19:38
RedbeardtParticularly the 'this pci device is not a vga device'19:39
reisioenecon: no, but that's not what you just described, either19:39
RedbeardtI want to drill down further but I dunno where to go19:39
eneconreisio to me a program not doing what is suposed to do is a problem, what I describe I think is that mozilla doesnt show a part of the site19:40
bekksenecon: which might be caused by poor programming skills of the website author.19:41
bekksenecon: Or by some addons/plugins you are using.19:42
eneconbekks well the other users can see it ( on mozilla again )19:42
bekksenecon: so its most likely caused by some addon you are using.19:42
eneconbekks seems like they are the same19:43
Bashing-omRedbeardt: I can take a stab at this, see what I can see . in small steps . is the display manager satisfied ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' ? see whsare we go from here .19:43
Archeus_hello ppl19:43
bekksenecon: seems like? Did you check? And did you check versions, too?19:43
Archeus_is there any way to copy a 7.8GB file to a hard disk19:43
bekksArcheus_: sure, thats what the cp command is for.19:44
Archeus_it is a single 7.8 GB so cant make it smaller19:44
eneconbekks I checked from the add-on menu19:44
Archeus_how to use cp ?19:44
szbArcheus_: To a NTFS disk?19:44
reisioenecon: screenshot?19:45
Archeus_i thnk yes19:45
Archeus_btw how to use cp command ?19:45
bekksArcheus_: cp source target19:45
RedbeardtBashing-om: I suppose I'd have to switch over to my Nvidia to get the info you need. I have to switch back to my Intel to log in successfully ATM.19:45
Archeus_how ?19:46
szbArcheus_: NTFS has a limit of 4GB for files, it's just how it was designed, I don't think the cp command will help you in this case!19:46
eneconreisio of what? add-ons? the site not beeing seen ?19:46
bekksNothing but a smaller file will help at that point.19:46
Archeus_btw the hard disk is msdos type file19:46
reisioenecon: ...whatever it is you perceive as the problem19:46
RedbeardtBashing-om: I'll brb in a few minutes with the output of that file19:46
reisioArcheus_: he means FAT, not NTFS, szb19:46
akikszb: you're thinking of fat3219:46
Bashing-omRedbeardt: That file is static .. should not matter what the graphic's set in use is .19:46
bekksenecon: a screenshot showing the sire region correctly, and one from your browser.19:46
RedbeardtBashing-om: Oh.. Well then, I'll just pastebin it.19:47
Archeus_no its not FAT its msdos19:47
eneconbekks they are both from my browsers , just different users19:47
eneconok wait19:47
RedbeardtBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/c6QVWb1419:47
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Look'n .19:48
szbArcheus_: You could use the Archive Manager and create several smaller .rar or .zip-files and recreate the file once they are all copied!19:48
bekksArcheus_: then you need smaller files.19:48
Archeus_its a game file19:48
szbreisio, akik, Archeus_: whoops, yes! my bad, i was thinking of fat32!19:48
bekksArcheus_: The type of the file is irrelevant - it is too big.19:48
Archeus_tht cant get smaller than 7.819:48
Archeus_so no way to transfer it to another PC ?19:48
Archeus_thts got windows ?19:49
bekks0827 214810 < szb> Archeus_: You could use the Archive Manager and create several smaller .rar or .zip-files and recreate the file once they are all copied!19:49
bekksDid you read that?19:49
Archeus_but i dont understand how19:49
bekksThen you know the answer is "yes".19:49
bekksOpen the archive manager, and create a new archive containing your file.19:49
Lpzieim gay19:50
uRockHow do I add a default route? I have two network cards and am able to connect to devices on both networks at the same time, but only one of them has an internet connection.19:50
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Humm . a bit confusing here as " Has nvidia? no " and " How many cards? 1 " .. Is the nVidia card turned on in bios ?19:50
bekksuRock: look at "netstat -rn", to see wether there is a default route already.19:51
RedbeardtBashing-om: It ought to be. I haven't touched the BIOS for months. I only suddenly had issues a few days ago when I downloaded a routine software update.19:51
Archeus_that file dosnt show in archive manager19:51
Archeus_its a .ggpk file19:51
antipsychiatryFor ubuntu users : WHAT CAN U DO TO STOP MIND READING TECHNOLOGY??????????19:52
uRockbekks, it does right now, but gets lost when I connect to the second AP19:52
bekksArcheus_: the file extension is totally irrelevant.19:52
Archeus_means ?19:52
bekksuRock: look at "netstat -rn", to see wether there is a default route already.19:52
Guest696969antipsychiatry, wrong chan19:52
bekksArcheus_: that the file extension is irrelevant for a file being shown or not.19:52
Bray90820Can someone help me get ubuntu installed on an Intel Bay Trail Atom Z3735F19:52
eneconhttp://i.imgur.com/r1IdkGg.png   http://i.imgur.com/w6xtEsp.png   reisio , bekks19:53
uRockbekks, Yes, it has it right now. I'll connect, but likely to drop this connection.19:53
Bray90820Every time I try to boot  the live USB i click try ubuntu without installing and then the screen goes black19:53
uRockbekks, it has both networks as a default route19:53
szbArcheus_: (1) Open the "Archive Manager". (2) Go to File > New Archive. (3) Tell it where the big file is located and choose a file type (.zip for example). (4) Click "other options" and check "split files into several archives" and give them a size (for example 1024 MB). (5) Now you'll get 8 files with around 1GB. (6) Copy all of them to the location where you want your file to be. (7) Select the first file, right-click "extract here"19:53
szband the rest will be done automatically.19:53
eneconreisio bekks I just realized the lagnuadge parameter :(19:53
Bashing-omRedbeardt: K, then let us surmise that in the update process the graphic's driver for nVidia got broke, . What returns ' sudo lshw -C display ' ?19:53
eneconreisio bekks talking to you helped seeing it though so thanks :P19:54
uRockbekks, oddly enough if I already have a connection open on the AP with internet, then the right one is listed on top.19:54
RedbeardtBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/3usqswNt19:54
RedbeardtBashing-om: I wonder if that output would be different if I had the nvidia selected with PRIME though.19:55
bekksuRock: you cannot have more than one default route.19:55
Guest696969Bray90820, google nomodeset ubuntu19:55
bekks!nomodeset | Bray9082019:55
uRockbekks,         UG        0 0          0 wlp3s019:55
ubottuBray90820: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:55
uRock0.0.0.0         UG        0 0          0 wlp2s019:55
Guest696969ty bekks19:56
bekksuRock: Use a pastebin. More than one default gateway means that you will experience network issues.19:56
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Yes the output would be different .. as this is sky lake ! .. what release are you on ?.. 16.04 does support the sky lake graphic set .19:56
uRockbekks, where do I configure it manually?19:56
varaindemianafter locking the screen it is not going black19:57
RedbeardtBashing-om: I'm on 16.04.01 LTS19:57
bekksuRock: In a terminal, by setting the routes. If that all works, you have to manually configure your networking files.19:57
RedbeardtBashing-om: I've been on 16 before it was LTS because 15 had such poor support for my hardware.19:57
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Think we want to change the graphic's driver ! .. see : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2328993 . Have a read and we discuss this further .19:59
RedbeardtBashing-om: Actually I've changed the driver 5 times. :< I was trying to find a version that would work.20:00
Bashing-omRedbeardt: 16.04 supports skulake . the recommnedation in the thread is to go with i965-va-driver for the Intel interface . Have you been there ?20:01
donatas__Is there a duck hunting game on ubuntu?20:02
RedbeardtBashing-om: Hang on. I don't understand. Why do I need to change my intel interface driver when it's working just fine? It's the Nvidia one that's busted.20:02
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Because nvidia feeds through the Intel set .20:03
RedbeardtBashing-om: Gah20:03
RedbeardtBashing-om: Ok, I'll try this then20:03
RedbeardtBashing-om: Oh. Apparently I already have the package 'i965-va-driver' installed.20:04
Bashing-omRedbeardt: As you only have the one monitor connection , then some means must exist to swich the video inputs through that one connection .20:04
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Presently used "  configuration: driver=i915_bpo  " .20:05
RedbeardtBashing-om: Well.. The package is installed, so I suppose I have to kill off the 915 driver somehow?20:06
binaryDragonyes yes20:07
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Now we are both going places I have never been before . I have limited experience with Intel .20:07
RedbeardtBashing-om: Haha damn.. I'm a little scared of busting up what IS working, which is booting with the Intel selected with PRIME.20:07
_adb!es | binaryDragon20:08
ubottubinaryDragon: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:08
RedbeardtBashing-om: There is this page though, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/intel-graphics-installer-linux-1.4.0 maybe I could give that a shot.20:08
\ottizen<\ottizen> Hiya. When I press backspace I get `12345 on my screen. Enter gives me ASDFG. What should I do?20:09
somethingdopewhy do so many people seem to use xfce over mate?20:11
uRockbecause they like it20:11
somethingdopeuRock, I get that but are there any objective benifits?20:11
Bashing-omRedbeardt: I play catcvhup . post #8 from mc4man ( I totally trust ) . "There is nothing to configure. Run vainfo & see what it returns." . I am looking at yor latest link now .20:12
uRocksomethingdope, Since both are very configurable, I'd say they grabbed what the like most. Both can be configured to do the same things.20:12
RedbeardtBashing-om: The odd thing is that vainfo mentions the i965 driver, but lshw -C display shows that i915_bpo is in use20:13
uRocksomethingdope, My experience has been with XFCE being a bit faster on my little Netbook.20:13
Guest696969somethingdope, for me, it just makes sense. no frills config yet can look elegant without speed sacrifice.20:14
somethingdopeuRock, Ok, I don't really have any problems with mate except I don't like the system bar, but its not worth migrating just for that20:14
Guest696969somethingdope, so mod it to your needs....20:15
Guest696969oops nevermind20:15
somethingdopeGuest696969, thats why I went with mate, it had pretty much the same tagline20:15
RemindHey everyone, using Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit here. Just a question regarding hybrid nvidia/intel cards. I have a NVIDIA GTX950M and can't get the drivers/system to work without having to reinstall ubuntu. Any advice?20:15
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Going to Intel (IEM) is the means of last resort . A real pain to maintain the driver then . Besides it is beta .. and you are the tester !. Let's take a look at the config file for X see if there is something out of place ' cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf ' Be aware I am the more familiar with this file with nVidia as the card in use .20:16
uRockAs long as it has Network Manager, I can use it.20:16
RedbeardtBashing-om: Looks like I don't have an xorg.conf20:16
Bashing-omRemind: What driver are you using  for the 950M ?20:17
RedbeardtBashing-om: I'm on 361 atm20:17
RemindBashing-om, I just reinstalled. When I go to additional drivers it says its using the X.Org X serer right now20:17
uRockbekks, I was able to find a GUI workaround. NM has a Route button in the IpV4 tab, once clicked, I was able to select a checkbox setting the connection to be for LAN use only.20:18
RemindThe other option is 'Using NVIDIA binary driver - version 361.42'20:18
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Ouch ! now that is an issue .. that file must exist for switching to take place ! // OK. let's try this .. can you boot with the nVidia card ? and we have the system generate the file .20:18
bekksuRock: and that leaves you with only ony default gateway in "netstat -rn"?20:18
bz-hi, has anyone noticed that qimo4kids.com is down?20:18
RedbeardtBashing-om: Actually I had put a file there a few hours ago, and then I checked later while continuing to diagnose and it was gone. Something is deleting it.20:19
bekksbz-: No on in here cares, actually.20:19
ikonianothing to do with ubuntu bekks20:19
uRockbekks, yes20:19
ikoniabz-: even20:19
ikoniasorry bekks20:19
bekksikonia: ;)20:19
RedbeardtBashing-om: I noticed at the bottom of the gpu-manager log you asked me to paste earlier, there was mention of deleting xorg.conf.20:19
uRockikonia, lol20:19
bz-how come?20:19
Bashing-omRemind: Consider : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/106780/en-us ; where nVidia recommends the 367 version driver .20:20
RemindWhen I select the prooprietary driver (Using NVIDIA binary driver - version 361.42) and restart, my System Details still says I'm using Intel for my graphics20:20
bekksbz-: It is not related to Ubuntu.20:20
bz-it's not?20:20
bekksbz-: "No."20:20
ikoniabz-: this channel is for ubuntu discussion20:20
RedbeardtBashing-om: "Moved /etc/X11/xorg.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.08282016" from gpu-manager.log20:20
bz-sorry, i thought it was urrm, like an ubuntu extension20:20
bz-i thought this was a channel which may have also been responsible for other creations of ubuntu, including qimo, my bad....20:21
RemindBashing-om, I tried that just a bit ago, which is why I had to restart. I had to CTRL+ALT+F1, service lightdms stop, and installed the driver. It gave me an error saying it didn't install, and when I restarted20:21
ikoniabz-: no problem20:21
bz-so like20:21
RemindI would log in, and be immediatly logged off20:21
Bashing-omRedbeardt: In hybrid graphics. the file should get switched our for use by the "in-use" graphic set . If that file does not exist ... then X has no directive of what to do .20:21
RemindCould this have something to do with needing to get bumblebee or something to do with prime/optimus? I've read about these but not sure which route to go. I just want to use my graphics card and have a working Ubuntu :P20:21
RedbeardtBashing-om: Oh right20:21
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Try and have the system generate a new file ??20:22
=== Afrotoast is now known as afro_
RedbeardtRemind: My experience was that bumblebee just doesn't work very well. Things got a lot easier when I started using PRIME.20:23
szbRemind: Maybe you can add Ubuntu's "official" Nvidia ppa and install the latest driver that way... At least from there they are properly packaged! Had success with this on a friend's Linux Mint when the older driver from the repo and the newer from Nvidia's website wouldn't work!20:23
RedbeardtBashing-om: Uhhh how do I do that? hah20:23
szbRemind: Read about / Find it here: hat just a bit ago, which is why I had to restart. I had to CTRL+ALT+F1, service lightdms stop, and installed the driver. It gave me an error saying it didn't install, and when I restarted20:23
ikoniabumblebee is dead20:23
szbRemind: Argh... ignore that, I don't even know why I had that in my clipboard!? here's the link to the ppa: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa20:24
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Try boot up with the nVidia card as in use , and in terminal run : ' sudo nvidia-xconfig ' . Should build us an appropriate file .20:25
RedbeardtRemind: ikonia: Bumblebee is so dead that if you use the Nvidia PPA mentioned by szb and download driver packages from it, nvidia-prime comes with them.20:25
Remindszb, Bashing-om, thank you guys very much20:25
RedbeardtBashing-om: Ok, brb then ;)20:25
RemindIs there a way to verify that my system is utilizing the NVIDIA card and not the intel card?20:25
RedbeardtRemind: prime-select query ... if you have it installed20:26
* uRock That warm fuzzy you get when you find how to do something without opening the terminal.20:26
RemindThank you :)20:27
Bashing-omRemind: I do follow what nVida recommends - 367 - However ! That driver is to be gotten from our PPA . depending on how you feel about PPAs and what you want to do .20:27
RemindSo after adding this PPA, would I just apt-get install nvidia-graphics-driver-367 ?20:28
szbRemind: Yup, pretty much! Not sure if you need to run 'nvidia-xconfig' after installation... Bashing-om? ^-^20:29
Bashing-omRemind: Yes, just remember to purge the o;ld driver .. and also remove the old config file ' sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf ' . A new one will be nade up with the driver install .20:29
Remindsudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* ?20:30
LordLaravelstrange, few days ago I have root -> root logging in 1440 times20:30
LordLaravelthe past few days20:30
RemindThank you guys so much for helping me out20:30
LordLaravelalways 144020:30
Bashing-omszb: Yeah .. there are those rare cases where the config file does not build . rare though .20:31
RedbeardtBashing-om: Well I generated the new xorg.conf and it differed rather drastically compared to the old one, but it had no effect on my problems. :<20:33
ElectroLexme is using "Ubuntu Kylin" it's pretty cool...20:34
RemindAdded the PPA, seemed to work fine. However it can't find that nvidia package. Could I be doing it incorrectly? sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphcis-drivers-36720:35
RemindE: Unable to locate package nvidia-graphics-drivers-36720:35
_adbwhich package do i need for apache to execute perl cgis? (it currently displays content of file without executing. Options +ExecCGI is included in config)20:36
EriC^^Remind: did you run sudo apt-get update ?20:36
RemindI sure did!20:36
EriC^^Remind: try apt-cache search 36720:36
Remindnvidia-367 - NVIDIA binary driver - version 367.4420:37
RemindI got quite a bit of results though20:37
EriC^^try apt-cache policy nvidia-36720:37
Bashing-omRedbeardt: And what driver is in use ? ' sudo lshw -C display ' ..20:37
RedbeardtBashing-om: Well I'm logged in so now it'd be the Intel... and it is20:38
RemindBashing-om, it shows both my intel and my GTX 950M in two seperate display listings20:38
bandittiHello all.  I did do-release-upgrade from 14 to 16.04 and now things don't work.  For example, I can't ssh to the box now.  Thoughts?20:38
RedbeardtBashing-om: I might go run that with the nvidia selected just to see what it says.. brb20:38
Bashing-omRemind: Might be good to make sure that BunbleBee is not a factor and all nVidia deiversa are purged ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' and I give ya the new install routine .20:38
RemindBashing-om, iHR nvidia-367                                  367.44-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1                                  amd64        (no description available)20:39
Bashing-omRemind: ' sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa ' ?? and did you update afterward ???20:40
RemindBashing-om, I sure did, just checked my .bash_history too20:41
EriC^^Remind: the nvidia package is still half installed20:41
Bashing-omRemind: Humm show me in a pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' . See what is .20:42
RemindWell, I think it was because I jumped the gun and ran 'apt-get install nvidia-367'20:42
RemindNow when I dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia20:42
RemindSorry I thought that'd be a bit easier20:43
Redbeardt_Bashing-om: With the Nvidia selected by PRIME, sudo lshw -C display returns http://pastebin.com/bYTWz7nB .. so it shows both!20:43
=== Redbeardt_ is now known as Redbeardt
Bashing-omRemind: Looks good to me .. reboot and let's see what the effect is .20:44
RemindBashing-om, will do, and thank you so much20:45
RemindSorry to ask for so much help. I absolutely love linux and want it to be my only OS (which is what I'm doing now)20:45
RemindIt's just this is the part that is always a huge speed bump20:45
RemindCrossing my fingers that this survives a reboot, brb!20:45
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Looks good .. but I do not understand now why " driver=i915_bpo  ' is used as the updated driver is installed . let's take a look at the control file ' cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf ' .20:46
RedbeardtBashing-om: Well it's gone again since I'm booted with Intel selected.20:47
RemindIt survived! I think it may have worked. Maybe this isn't the right way to check but when I go to settings > details > Graphics says "GeForce GTX 950M/PCIe/SSE2"20:48
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Ouch .. something is seriiusly ammiss, I think ! .. as Intel also must have it's config file in place . should have switched out !20:48
RedbeardtBashing-om: Here is the xorg.conf that was generated by the nvidia command though: http://pastebin.com/E4nkd7zx20:49
Bashing-omRemind: Welcome to the linux learning curve . If you use the system and all is good .. you are in good shape . :)20:49
RedbeardtBashing-om: I'm not even sure if there's any warrant for concern for a lack of xorg.conf file when I boot into the Intel, since the Intel seems to work just fine.20:50
Phanesusing the gui in an implementation-specific GUI is not a "linux learning curve"20:50
RemindSweet! Thank you so much! I'm in school right now learning linux installation/troubleshooting but we use RedHat and CentOs. However, everything I hear is Ubuntu is geared towards home users20:50
RemindGlad to finally ditch windows and make the switch. Thank you for being around and help me out. I really do appreciate your time20:50
Phanesstop telling people solutions only application to one window manager20:50
ksftRemind: were you having problems with an Nvidia/Intel graphics card thing?20:51
Remindksft, I was, but Bashing-om got me fixed up!20:51
ksftI'm still having trouble with mine20:51
PhanesBashing-om, for example, i use i320:51
ksftif I install proprietary nvidia drivers, I get a login loop the next time I start X20:52
=== viky is now known as knokon
Phanesanybody using the new GTX 1080 yet?  how's proprietary driver support?20:53
RedbeardtI'm starting to get burnt out again on this issue.. Already done heaps of digging myself, then the AskUbuntu question, now here with you Bashing-om. It's starting to seem unsolvable.20:54
tammy_I've dug myself a hole :( /boot is full and I get errors when try to apt-get purge or apt-get autoremove.  I can't use apt-get upgrade or install because it complains that my linux-headers-generic have unmet dependencies. Can anyone knowledged enough point me out of this hole please?20:54
spartan2276How can I find out where the config files for the Wacom Tablet devices20:55
Bashing-omPhanes: Supported ! in our PPA . see: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/106780/en-us .20:56
reisiospartan2276: why do you ask?20:56
GoSutammy_, can't you archive and then move older versions of the kernel?20:57
tableshow do i stop postfix from starting up?20:58
GoSuwhat is the size of your /boot partition?20:58
spartan2276because I have an Wacom Intous 12x9 and the ring to zoom in and out is not working. The tablet itself seems to work fine except for that20:58
tammy_I'm trying aptitude remove20:58
tammy_things are thinging20:58
spartan2276I tried using the GUI that is in the systems settings but not working20:58
tammy_so that's good20:58
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Oh it is solvable . I do not know the why however that the system does not pick up on the keyboard, mouse and monitor ! .. (Kernel Mode Setting) should take care of all that !20:58
tammy_ /boot is 184MB :(20:59
GoSutables, disable the service to start on boot time20:59
GoSutammy_, wow20:59
GoSuwhat files do you have there?20:59
tammy_that's the way this box is setup I guess20:59
=== erika is now known as Guest5593
tammy_a few kernels20:59
tammy_I forgot to remove them for a while :(20:59
Bashing-omRedbeardt: Gonna go smaoke on this .. be back soonest .20:59
GoSutry 'uname -r' and see what you are using20:59
GoSuthen, the ones that are not needed, archive them end move them to another directory21:00
Bashing-omtammy_: Got the operational overhead available for apt to work ' try ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' to remove old kernels .21:00
tammy_aptitude looks like it's saving my ass at the moment21:00
spartan2276reisio also the selection for the modes is also not working within the ring21:00
tammy_Bashing-om: I did that and it was nope. 4MB free on /boot21:01
tammy_aaaaand kernel has depends that were not there yet21:01
tammy_aptitude is working it's magic still21:01
tammy_I think this will do it21:01
tammy_power better not go out21:02
GoSuisn't aptitude more optimized than apt-get?21:02
tammy_beats me, never used it before just now21:02
sorin-mihaiI'm trying to understand which components from the Ubuntu Cloud stack require a paid subscription and which not, and if I could work around that at least for a while, using different software. any ideas?21:02
prometI have a working nfs share, I'm trying to add a second exported folder on my nfs server. The client sees and correctly names this second folder, but upon opening, it is actually a mirror of the first shared folder. Anyone seen this?21:02
RedbeardtBashing-om: So I just booted with the Nvidia again and checked out the xorg.conf and gpu-manager.log. Looks like the newly generated xorg.conf we did earlier is being overwritten by the older version it was using. I have no idea where the xorg.conf that it swaps in sits.21:02
reisiospartan2276: that's one of the color display computers?21:02
GoSupromet, any chance of having a symlink?21:03
tammy_apt-get autoremove is removing!21:03
prometGoSu, I'm not sure what you mean21:04
tammy_I was ready to accept my fate of never updating this machine again21:04
GoSutammy_, I had that issue once, although my /boot partition had 250MB21:04
GoSuresized it via 'fdisk'21:04
spartan2276reisio no is a drawing tablet like this https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/314x5FzCUqL._SX300_.jpg21:04
spartan2276reisio so that middle ring is not working21:04
RedbeardtAh shit. I installed some packages from a PPA that was ostensibly supposed to have updated Intel drivers and now I'm getting weird rendering problems.21:04
RedbeardtGrrr fuck this problem21:04
MarkusDBXI got this superfull system, 100% full /, suggestions on temp files I can rm..  Apt get is not running it needs to  do stuff adn crashes, so I can't uninstall stuff21:05
MarkusDBXAny way to recover such a full system?21:05
Bashing-omtammy_: :) .. Mighty smart system is 'buntu !21:05
RedbeardtMarkusDBX: .. Logs? :321:05
timBandTechSo I tried to do a dist-upgrade from 14.0 to 16.0 and got stuck somewhere in the middle so that I have ability to login but am stuck with a myspell bug that locks out the package system21:06
RedbeardtShit shit shit all my rendering is weird now. I gotta figure out how to rolllback all the stuff I just installed from that PPA.21:06
MarkusDBXRedbeardt: Still full, it seems it just eats the space I clear.21:06
MarkusDBXI guess it got cached writes to write.21:07
Bashing-omRedbeardt: I do not like at all that former xorg config file . Just do not have an idea yet of what is not taking place . I am going to go smoke and consider .21:07
reisiospartan2276: what's the model, again?21:07
tammy_ /boot is no 57% full.21:07
MarkusDBXRedbeardt: It's just a "goof" machine is I can kill anything, more suggestions?21:07
* tammy_ breaths a sigh of relief21:07
MarkusDBXmy boot is not full21:07
MarkusDBXis full though21:08
RedbeardtDoes anyone know how to downgrade your packages if you upgraded them from a PPA? Like can you remove that PPA and then downgrade to the latest versions newly available somehow?21:08
kostkon!ppapurge | Redbeardt21:09
ubottuRedbeardt: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:09
spartan2276reisio intuos4 12x921:09
Redbeardtkostkon: thanks21:09
reisiospartan2276: meant to be a scroll wheel?21:11
BL4DEIs empathy actually any good? I've been trying all day to set up a SIP account. In the end wouldn't give me buttons to pick up calls while they rang.21:11
tammy_thanks for letting me freak out in your channel #ubuntu :)21:11
daumieAm using linux color palette formy terminal..still I don;t like the display..any other recommended color palleted21:12
daumieusing zsh shell21:12
spartan2276I believe so21:12
OerHekshint: Oh My Zsh21:14
Bashing-omRedbeardt: We have a bug report ! I be reading : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-drivers-common/+bug/1565516 .21:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1565516 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "Fails with skylake & nvidia 940m, removes xorg.conf boot up/log in fail" [Critical,Confirmed]21:14
OerHeksdaumie, see examples https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/wiki/themes21:14
RedbeardtThis ppa-purge doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot21:15
daumieNot themes, color scheme OerHeks21:16
daumieFor example in my terminal profile preferances an susing linux terminal color pallete21:16
Bashing-omRedbeardt: ^^ no solution offered . But you are not alone !21:16
daumieOerHeks: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^21:16
RedbeardtBashing-om: Damn. Well, thanks a bunch for your help21:18
RedbeardtBashing-om: Now to figure out this new problem I've given myself with this PPA, and why ppa-purge isn't dealing with it properly.21:19
GoSudimi34ka, hubav nick :)21:21
Bashing-omRedbeardt: ppa-purge should only revert that 367 driver to what is in the repo (361 ?) . and then you must remove the entry from the sourcs.list.d directory .21:23
budderpage 33 of the installation guide says "To prepare the USB stick, you will need a system where GNU/Linux is already running and where USB is supported"21:24
RedbeardtBashing-om: I actually added this ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers because I thought it might help with the Intel.. but it has causedall sorts of strange rendering problems21:24
budderi am looking to dualboot alongside windows and DO NOT have a system already running GNU/Linux. what are my options?21:25
akikbudder: first install windows, then linux. let grub boot both windows and linux21:25
budderakik: i do have windows installed21:25
budderakik: i did not understand the second part of your reply21:26
akikbudder: you can resize (shrink) the windows partition to give space for the linux installation21:26
akikbudder: this can be done within the disk management in windows21:27
Bashing-omRedbeardt: K; There is no doubt something strang is going on . What we do not yet know . Also there is no doubt in my mind that mc4man knows his stuff and as such with sky lake in 16.04 we want the i965-va-driver installed .21:27
budderakik: i have windows installed on my ssd and am looking to install ubuntu on my hdd. it is a 1tb hdd21:27
akikbudder: is this an uefi system?21:28
reisiobudder: what's the problem?21:28
budderakik: i'm not sure. i am running windows 10 64 on my ssd. want to install ubuntu on the hdd21:29
RedbeardtGonna reboot.. Hopefully this rendering stuff is dealt with21:30
budderreisio: my concern is that in the installation guide it says "To prepare the USB stick, you will need a system where GNU/Linux is already running and where USB is supported" and i do not have a system already running GNU/Linux21:30
budderakik: custom PC with ASRock H97M pro4 motherboard21:30
budderakik: idk if that helps21:30
=== Insight is now known as Guest32463
bekksbudder: you can use a tool like Rufus for creating the USB using windows.21:31
reisiobudder: referring to what, a usb stick for use as install media?21:31
kholdstayrewhere do i add a new path so that it applies to sudo? i added the path to /etc/environment and then sourced it, but that does not seem to have solved the problem21:32
budderreisio: yes i plan to use a USB stick as install media21:32
Redbeardt_Nope. ppa-purge apparently did nothing. Goddamnit.21:32
reisiobudder: yeah okay, that's just a poorly written part of the install guide, then :)21:32
reisiobudder: there's a variety of ways you can do it from Windows21:33
budderbekks: okay i am familiar with rufus. why does the installation guide not mention that alternative method then?21:33
reisioprobably because nobody's paid to update it21:33
tomreynkholdstayre: be sure to logout + login again to have changes apply.21:34
kholdstayretomreyn, ah ok21:34
budderreisio: okay i see. so any specific reason it is not mentioned anywhere else in the installation guide?21:35
Redbeardt_Sigh. How the christ do I downgrade these packages now?21:35
tomreynkholdstayre: also be aware that changes to /etc/environment apply for all users you may have. you can alernatively edit a users' $HOME/profile21:35
Redbeardt_I guess I'm getting frustrated after all that stuff about the other issue.21:35
budderreisio: do i have to partition my drive before I install ubuntu? or can I do that during the install? and how much space would you recommend? the guide says 10gb21:35
reisiobudder: it probably says 10 is a "minimum"21:36
reisiobudder: you don't have to, no, it can & will partition during installation21:37
reisiobudder: I'd use a partition equivalent to the size of your ram for swap, and the rest for /21:37
reisiowhich is probably close to what it'll do automatically if you let it21:37
budderreisio: partition equivalent to the size of your ram for swap, and the rest for /21:38
budderwhat does that mean?21:38
budderi have 8gb ram21:38
bekksso 8 gb swap then.21:39
tomreynRedbeardt_: you want to remove a ppa and remove packages installed from it / downgrade to supported package versions? i could guide you, but you'll need to bring along some patience and post some output to a pastebin, more than once..21:39
budderbekks: what is swap21:39
reisiobudder: kinda like virtual memory21:39
reisiospace for virtual memory21:39
reisioit's also used for suspend/hibernate, though21:40
reisioand is just generally useful, and expected21:40
budderreisio: you said partition equivalent to size of ram. i don't know what you mean by that. partition my hdd for linux equivalent to the size of my ram? that is what i get from that21:40
reisiobudder: like bekks said21:41
Redbeardt_tomreyn: I merely re-added the PPA then ran ppa-purge on it again and it worked this time for some bloody reason. So that's that.21:41
tomreyn<tomreyn> kholdstayre: also be aware that changes to /etc/environment apply for all users you may have. you can alernatively edit a users' $HOME/profile21:41
reisioif you have 8gb of ram, then make 8gb for swap partition21:41
bekksbudder: size of RAM = 8GB = size of the swap partition.21:41
reisioor you can just let it choose on its own21:41
Dave666Hi, anyone know how to get rc.local to run at startup in osmc? I think it's based on debian, but systemd doesn't seem to work properlu21:41
budderreisio:, bekks, so besides parititioning hard drive, is there something else that needs to be done?21:41
reisiobudder: no, you don't even need to partition yourself, as I said :)21:41
reisiobudder: I would suggest, though21:41
tomreynRedbeardt_: fine. sometimes ppa-purge actually works.21:41
bekksbudder: As reisio said :)21:41
reisiobudder: if you have the option, to make your spinner the first drive, and your solid state the second21:41
kholdstayretomreyn, i need the changes to apply for sudo. I have logged out and back in, but the problem persists, is there anything else I can do to add a path for sudo?21:42
reisiobudder: that way you can keep grub more simply with the rest of Ubuntu, on the spinner, and not touch the windows installation at all21:42
tomreynkholdstayre: when you run a command thorugh sudo it will, by default, use your normal users' environment.21:43
budderreisio, bekks, i'm just gonna dive into it. hopefully i'll learn these things along the way21:43
reisiobudder: yeah you'll be fine21:43
reisiohave any trouble, this is the place21:43
budderreisio: thank u21:43
budderbekks: thank u21:43
tomreynkholdstayre: sory, i meant to say by default it does NOT preserve your users' environement.21:44
tomreynkholdstayre: you could user the --preserve-env option to sudo, though21:44
tomreynkholdstayre: this can have security implications, however. so be sure to read up on it on the man page first.21:45
kholdstayretomreyn, ok let me try that. also, where are the env paths for sudo stored if not in etc/enviroment?21:45
tomreynkholdstayre: /etc/sudoers(.d)21:45
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danny_I'm setting up a server, should I create an a root account?  Or just always use sudo from a normal account?21:57
LaunchedIt's more secure to use sudo from a regular account21:57
reisionot really21:58
reisiodanny_: using sudo is the more Ubuntu way, however21:58
reisioeither that means something to you or it doesn't21:58
tomreynthe question is not really whether or not to setup a root account, but whether or not to assign a password to the root account, since you will have a root account either way.21:58
LaunchedGood point21:59
danny_tomreyn, Actually no, according to the setup prompt right now "The root user should not have an empty password. If you leave this empty, the root account will be disabled and the system's initial user account will be given the power to become root using the "sudo" command."22:00
reisiowell, one might argue that set-ting a password for root is kind of like a set-up of the root account :p22:00
reisiodanny_: well he means "disabled"22:00
ikoniadanny_: what setup prompt ?22:00
antipsychiatryHey?????? What do u speak??? What security??? They use mind reading !!!!!! These secret service bastards!!!!!!!!22:00
reisioantipsychiatry: ikr22:00
ikoniaantipsychiatry: enough please, stop with this sort of nonsense22:01
danny_ikonia, I'm setting up an open media vault server, (based on debian)22:01
ikoniadanny_: ok - so this is nothing to do with ubuntu22:01
ikoniaso nothing to do with this channel danny_22:01
antipsychiatryIkonia!!!!! Read on ex -Nsa: remote neural monitoring.22:01
ikoniaantipsychiatry: no - stop talking on this topic please22:02
danny_It seems like a topic relevant to all the debian variants ikonia.22:02
ikoniadanny_: no it's not22:02
ikoniadanny_: this channel support official ubuntu releases on ly22:02
antipsychiatryThese secret service bastards - have clasified secret hi tech for spy on your minds.22:02
LaunchedCould we stop with the nsa talk?22:03
OerHeksdanny_, ubuntu uses a disabled root password, so don't unfix that way22:03
antipsychiatryThese bastards must be jailed!!!!!!!!22:03
ikoniaOerHeks: he's not using ubuntu22:03
ikoniaOerHeks: hence his question22:03
tomreynwhy don't you set a permanenet ban? he keeps coming back.22:03
tomreynokay, that's offtopic.22:04
timBandTechSorry guys, but given todays climate I do believe that the spooks are inside our OSs. Let's face it, how hard can it be to install backdoors in community maintained software? Any serious group can do this and so I suspect that numerous governments have done so. This is an abstract analysis and I have no actual proof, however you who are disabling this train of thought are the zombies. They who go off the deep end are not terribly22:11
timBandTechfunctional either. When your computer gets wierd you may have been hacked, but you may not have been; dealing in the unknown is tricky business, and the severe accumulation of software bulk is not helping this problem.22:11
reisiotimBandTech: pretty hard22:12
mario3154that was a big rant for IRC22:13
reisiothat was a pretyped copy & pasted "rant"22:13
reisiobig rants are organic :p22:13
zykotick9^ the BEST thing you can do about crap like above, is NOT talk about it!  ignore it - and it'll go away/stop/slow-down...  ymmv?!?!22:14
poseidondoes ubuntu have decent touch screen support?22:15
reisioposeidon: yup22:19
BrickerDesktop 14.04: System wont boot without monitor plugged in. I tried to add a dummy driver, but thats not working. Any solutions without requring a vga resistor setup? I'd like it to be pure software related no hardware22:22
zykotick9tomreyn: can i PM you?22:23
OerHeksthat should be an bios option:  halt on no errors, for keyboard/vga22:23
tomreynzykotick9: technically, yes22:24
tomreynzykotick9: do it22:24
Brickeractually im kinda dumb...i tried pinging device from desktop when it has my ethernet cable :P it seemed to have worked22:24
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Guest75891I'm running kubuntu 16.04 x64. how can i install ltsp-server-standalone without all these gnome & gtk dependencies?22:34
reisioGuest75891: could look into disabling recommends22:35
Guest75891apt-get --no-recommends package?22:36
Guest75891like that?22:37
Brickerany reason Wireless wouldnt connect when booting without a GUI?22:37
reisioGuest75891: http://superuser.com/questions/615565/can-i-make-apt-get-always-use-no-install-recommends22:40
reisioGuest75891: however22:40
reisiohowever (you please)22:41
reisiotricky ole English22:41
Guest75891"however" is usually a conjunction :P22:41
reisioBricker: yes, your autoconfigurator is probably GUI-based22:41
reisioGuest75891: and 'usually' indicates exceptions :p22:41
Brickersounds right22:41
Brickerhow do I overcome this? /etc/network/interfaces and specify wlan1 there?22:42
Bricker(this is 14 not 16)22:42
Guest75891I just don't see the need for all the gnome packages when I'm not serving a gnome environment.22:42
reisioBricker: IME nm-applet, for example will actually write to the configuration file, so it _should_ work as long as your networkmanager service is actually running22:42
* Guest75891 has never done anything like this before22:42
reisioGuest75891: very sane22:42
Guest75891my not wanting to install a bunch of crapi don't need (gnome) is sane?22:43
Guest75891cool. :)22:43
reisioyes, quite sane22:44
reisiomy congratulations on you pursuing that22:44
reisiodisabling recommends will help some22:44
Brickersorry, whats IME mean? nm-applet when ran via commandline wants a gui22:44
reisioin my experience22:44
reisionm-applet is probably what you had been using from GUI22:45
reisiobut as I said, IME it saves to the configuration file22:45
Brickerwell, when i plug ethernet in, its working, but not wireless. which is weird22:45
Brickerwhere does it save the config file?22:45
reisioso check that the networkmanager service is running, and it should work still22:45
MonkeyDustBricker  not weird, ethernet doesnt need configuration, is faster and more stable22:45
Guest75891--no-install-recommends still wants all the gnome crap22:45
Brickeryes networkmanager is running, but ethernet is plugged in as well22:45
reisiothat should be the file, the one you mentioned22:46
reisioBricker: well it'll prefer wired over wireless, most likely22:46
polarbearwould anyone recomend to change the swappiness and enable write caching?22:46
reisioGuest75891: could be an unavoidable dep based on how the package was configured/built, then22:46
Brickeryeah, only reason I plugged in the ethernet was to gain access back, as wireless wasnt working22:46
reisioGuest75891: could potentially build on your own22:46
Brickerthis box is going to be deployed without ethernet22:46
reisiopolarbear: for certain situations, yes22:46
Brickerwhich is the problem22:46
reisioBricker: that sounds like an altogether unrelated problem, though22:47
polarbearwell running 4gb ram and ssd, would u recomend or leave default?22:47
Guest75891if I install all the gnome crap, will it hurt my system?22:47
BrickerIm not following22:47
Brickerif wireless doesnt work on boot, then thats the issue22:47
reisioGuest75891: that's a good question :)22:47
reisioGuest75891: for the most part, it will just take up space, but some applications also take up resources (cpu/ram)22:48
reisioGuest75891: and some, badly made ones, can theoretically do things you don't want :p22:48
Guest75891i've read (and had a few bad experinces) with having multiple desktops installed22:48
reisioand if you're doing a server install, you do indeed not want GUI stuff22:48
reisioGUI stuff in particular, and more software than is required in general, will make a server less secure22:48
Guest75891the "server" is my desktop rig, with KDE 5 installed on it.22:48
reisioon top of less performant :p22:48
Brickerthe whole point was to make the system boot without needing a monitor, which is where xorg.conf came in. When that happens, system boots (when wired) and everything works. if wired isnt there, i dont know if system boots or not, because i cant plug a monitor in to see what happened. but i know its not responding so networking isnt working22:48
reisiookay, so not so big a deal22:48
Ralbaluweather applet broken?22:49
Guest75891Bricker: can't you just ping it?22:49
MonkeyDustGuest75891  if you don't want gnome, install kubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu ...22:49
reisioBricker: should work the same without a monitor22:49
akikBricker: here's /etc/network/interfaces configuration you could follow https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1403717 (post #5)22:49
BL4DESo did anyone manage to set up empathy to work with SIP calls? I managed to call from a different account, empathy rang but gave no windows or notifications to pick up the call22:50
Brickerhmm, akik, that doesnt seem to work either. it does give it a static ip etc, but cant ping out or anything. when i plug monitor in it shows wireless isnt connected22:53
akikBricker: i'll test22:53
Brickerbrb poo23:00
akikBricker: doesn't work for me either. i've tried to find a nmcli command to start the wlan0 interface but haven't found it23:01
Brickerme either :(23:02
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Guest23181anyone here?23:11
Guest23181nickname DaX23:11
* dax raises an eyebrow23:11
Guest23181how can i install netbeans file i downloaded with "sh" extension23:11
* hggdh considers probability of random match23:12
SchrodingersScatGuest23181: if it's a bash script you can try bash filename.sh or make it executable and ./filename.sh23:13
polishdreamwhat is the most proper way of learning ubuntu OS ?23:20
ElectroLexpolishdream, try a "live" version first23:23
akikpolishdream: you could read https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/index.html23:23
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