FManTropyxnow, I'm not sure what to do with my download mirrors: I don't have enough space on those small VPSs those host all 4 images - maybe I will just support the 64-bit version or perhaps simply replace the 16.04 images with 16.04.109:36
sakrecoerthats kind of you FManTropyx :)09:49
FManTropyxnot being sure what to do? :P10:05
flocculantFManTropyx: in a simple world the difference between 16.04 and point releases is that all the updates between one and next is all the updates between are not needed10:09
flocculanteg .1 will be 16.04 updated10:10
flocculanthowever I'm not sure how HWE impacts on point releases10:10
flocculantalso, if you keep them all you'd end up with 16.04, .1, .2, .3, .4, .510:11
sakrecoerOMGubuntu always forget to mention studio...10:12
sakrecoerexcept for that dvd iso size melodrama.. :D10:13
flocculantimagine that10:14
sakrecoermaybe we need more controversy to be promoted by them :D10:15
autumnaI am back from traveling. where are we with the krita problem? do we still need somebody to package it? 14:26
OvenWerksautumna: it is removed from our iso for now I think.15:20
OvenWerksFManTropyx: I would suggest to have 16.04.1 (then .2 when it comes out)15:21
autumnaowenwerks: so what needs to be done is to package it for debian, or help the kubuntu team? I have been trying to skim through the chat but slightly confused15:35
OvenWerksautumna: I am not any less confused :) just that it has something to do with moving to qt515:36
autumna(and yeah mypaint is great although they are not replacements to each other. I actually love using MyPaint for early sketching, and krita for a lot of work including even some of the photography work these days)15:37
autumnaOvenWerks: I would really like to help, I am just confused from conversations I saw what to do  - if there is anything that can be done15:39
OvenWerksI would really like to help you help  :)  but even though I code other sw... packaging just makes my eyes glace over.15:40
autumnayeah I have the same reaction a bit15:44
autumnabut considering I wanted to already package some other stuff as well so that we can add to US15:44
autumnaneed to learn how to do it at some point.15:44
sakrecoerautumna, pick up on Ross offer to teach via the mailing list16:30
sakrecoerautumna: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2016-August/008023.html16:35
autumnasure will do17:32
autumnaif he has time through17:33
sakrecoerautumna: if you do it via the mailing list, it might be a bit slow, but it would help others (me! :D) and  he could do it wheneer he's got time..17:34
autumnathat sounds like a good plan17:54
autumnaI just wanted to check in briefly because it wasn't clear to me from IRC logs if somebody was on it?17:54
autumnaor that the situation was outside our ability to do, or if it was just discussing options17:54
sakrecoeranother kindof game killer in the graphics workflow is this bug #157953619:43
ubottubug 1579536 in font-manager (Ubuntu) ""Querying installed files" process on start-up takes abnormally long (~20minutes)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157953619:43
sakrecoerseems font-manager in debian is super old...19:44
sakrecoerand well, it would be nice to package/maintain it aswell...19:44
autumnasakrecoer, whoever else is interested, maybe we can schedule a time, to, well, each pick a package sit together in devel chat, and try to package and upload something 21:55
autumnathen we can email rosco whatever we get stuck at. etc21:56

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