bluesabreNoskcaj, hopefully this weekend, but if you are interested, please go on ahead00:25
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Noskcajbluesabre, mugshot updated in the svn, might need the disable clutter patch but otherwise good to go07:29
Noskcaji'll have a look at the other stuff tomorrow arvo07:30
flocculantknome: didn't think about it during last meeting, but "vote mail out on 29th August with vote ending on 4th September" isn't a full week even lol08:58
flocculantshall send it out tomorrow I guess08:58
knomeflocculant, ack10:36
nairwolfit's time to upgrade my system to the devel version ;)13:00
bluesabreNoskcaj, great, thanks!13:09
flocculantnairwolf: lets hope it works then :p13:32
flocculanthi bluesabre 13:32
nairwolfyes, some people told me that using the same /home partition could create some issues with two OSes different13:33
nairwolffor example, if there use different config files13:34
flocculantcould 13:34
nairwolfbut, I think it would not be a problem (or not frequent) because it's just the n+1 version, it stills Xubuntu, etc etc13:34
nairwolfhave you been annoyed by that ? 13:34
flocculantnot personally 13:34
flocculantsometimes I get a mismatch on firefox versions - but that's just addons13:35
flocculantI don't have a shared home either, I just have symlinks to ff/tbird and hexchat, data elsewhere13:36
nairwolfoh, ok ;)13:36
flocculantall my other data is on partitions/drives and added to fstab13:37
nairwolfI can't do that, because I'm using a laptop with small space for my data. 13:37
nairwolfanyway, I think it should be okay13:37
flocculantshould be 13:37
nairwolfI'm using backup daily13:37
nairwolfand I shouldn't come back to the n-1 version often, so...13:38
flocculantI backup just after it all goes wrong - then forget about it till the next time :p13:38
nairwolfah ah ^^13:39
nairwolfnow, I'm using the dev version ;)14:21
bluesabrehey flocculant 16:43
flocculantspooky - I'd just sat here ...16:43
bluesabreI know.16:43
flocculantstop kickin gthat football around then :|16:44
flocculanttoo noisy 16:44
flocculantcan't believe we've all actually almost made it to a council :p16:45
* flocculant might forget to stop the poll after he starts it 16:45
bluesabrejust got today's daily installed and set up16:46
bluesabrelooks like I need to nag ochosi_ about some greybird issues16:47
flocculantI turned of the shimmer ppa16:47
flocculantbluesabre: which particular issues?16:48
flocculanton the whole it's all pretty stable at least - if we forget the no desktop at all issue :p16:49
bluesabreweird things in general, login screen is unthemed, "Preferred Applications" seems to have the font not line up with the icons, each of the progress blips in the installer have a tiny bit of progress, sometimes checkboxes are grey, other times are white16:50
bluesabreit does seem very stable16:50
bluesabrewhich is reassuring16:51
flocculantyes noticed the progree blips this morning actually16:51
flocculantnot noticed grey/white tbh16:51
flocculantpreferred apps looks ok to me - but old eyes ...16:51
bluesabreI'll probably go through and screenshot and give ochosi_ a bunch of bug reports16:52
bluesabremight be my font choice16:52
bluesabremaybe a bug in fontconfig16:52
flocculantbluesabre: did you not notice the wandering skip button when installing :p16:52
bluesabreflocculant, don't think I saw that one16:52
flocculantI was going to see if tiny bit of progress happened in ubuntu before I reported that - got a screeny ready16:53
flocculantbluesabre: and I assume you've not got shimmer ppa?16:53
bluesabreflocculant, not currently16:53
bluesabreneed to review each of those and make sure they build correctly16:54
flocculantok - just making sure - cos that breaks things a bit 16:54
bluesabremy issue might actually be gtk3 ppa related https://i.imgur.com/FvFBFWP.png16:55
flocculantoh yea - that's well out of line16:55
flocculantmust be if I can see it ;)16:55
bluesabrejudging by the headerbar there16:55
bluesabreprobably a bug I created tbh :D16:55
flocculantI'd not added that one yet 16:55
flocculantor rather not added it locally - have a vm with it16:56
bluesabreprobably wise16:57
flocculantthough happy to check it out when asked of course16:59
bluesabreprobably not going to pull in any gtk3 components for yakkety, but might start with z17:00
flocculantbluesabre: what font is that though - can check that first I guess17:00
* flocculant uses noto sans 17:01
flocculantbluesabre: z works for QA :D17:01
bluesabreFira Sans 10, https://launchpad.net/~bluesabre/+archive/ubuntu/fonts/+files/fonts-fira-sans_0.01+git-0~26fb0a2_all.deb17:01
flocculantoh right some random thing :D17:01
bluesabreflocculant, indeed, I'm sure you're not bothered by that at all ;)17:01
flocculantbluesabre: I will still be hanging around - just really need a rest from beating my head on that wall :p17:02
bluesabremaybe get some spackle and patch the hole you've left there17:02
flocculantooh - -brb - that font's doing funky stuff 17:03
* bluesabre causes trouble17:04
flocculantnot sure what that's all about17:05
flocculantcould be out of line - REALLY hard to tell :p17:06
* flocculant does a shrug and moves swiftly back 17:06
bluesabrethats fira sans light17:06
bluesabreshould be a regular option there somewhere, not that you'll ever be able to see again17:07
bluesabreit seems17:07
bluesabrehard to read ;)17:07
flocculantoh right ... 17:07
flocculantgot it - pref apps looks fine here still17:08
bluesabreso its greybird or exo, caused by me or ochosi :D17:09
flocculantwell - it's something caused by someone that's not installed here :p17:09
flocculantif you want I can add the gtk ppa and check that here17:10
bluesabrenah, don't worry about it17:10
flocculantokey doke 17:10
flocculantbluesabre: when we get to beta, I'm going to let Dave decide for QA what position to take on release17:11
bluesabreflocculant, sounds good to me17:11
flocculantI'll still jump up and down for RC and final this time17:11
bluesabrerelease tantrums are the best tantrums17:12
flocculantbluesabre: glad wqe got that sru finally, couldn't confirm the issue on trusty - but given only a few months left anyway 17:15
flocculantI think ...17:15
flocculantI still got a mild dislike of thunar though lol17:16
bluesabreflocculant, indeed, surprised it actually moved along without issue17:16
flocculantfeel a bit to blame there - should have put my foot down at release 17:16
bluesabreflocculant, yeah... thunar isn't getting better (even in y), and I'm not opposed to moving to a different file manager, but that suggestion tends to rock the boat a bit17:17
flocculantyea 17:17
flocculantI understand *why*17:17
flocculantjust believe that if we moved on then the fault(s) might get looked at more 17:17
flocculantthough I don't know that for sure17:18
flocculantI can understand that it's pretty much core xfce, but on the other hand we're not xfce, we're xubuntu17:18
* bluesabre agrees17:18
flocculantI guess at the end of the day - I take the problems more personally - cos I sign it off as ok from qa perspective - even though I don't want to and know it's broken17:20
flocculantbut heyho - I get to not worry soon :)17:20
flocculantI can watch Dave's hair fall out :p17:20
flocculantif he's got any that is 17:20
akxwi-davenot alot of it.. even less now its been cut this morning18:12
flocculantsetting yourself up for a fall then :p18:13
akxwi-davealso re the file manager.. must admit I usually prefer nautilus18:13
flocculantI prefer pcmanfm18:14
flocculantwell that's not quite true - I prefer thunar - but it's fighting back :)18:15
flocculantat least my main file manger problem is agnostic :D18:16
flocculantcan't eject usb318:16
flocculantand it stay ejected ...18:16
akxwi-davewell same here.. been using thunar mainly in the last few cycles....  only swap to nautilus now for when connecting to windows networks18:17

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