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knifeworkAnyone willing to help me attempt to resolve some bluetooth issues?01:18
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glitchdcan someone tell me why it is that, when i create a jpg it has no thumbnail for the icon? it has instead a broken looking gear as the placeholder12:33
CodFectionxubuntu lubuntu mubuntu ubuntu kubuntu or dubuntu? which one is more stable and fast?12:38
glitchdCodFection, well, ive used xubuntu, lubuntu, and ubunutu, but not the other ones you listed. so i can only comment on what ive had experience on.12:39
glitchdCodFection, and thus far, xubuntu has been the fastest for me personally.12:40
glitchdor ubuntu with the xubunut desktop installed actually\12:40
glitchdCodFection, ^^12:40
CodFectionthanks glitchd12:42
CodFectionI have tried installing xfce on top of ubuntu and it messed it up12:42
glitchdCodFection, maybe it was how you installed it?12:43
glitchdCodFection, worked perfectly for me12:43
CodFectionubuntu unity right?12:43
glitchdCodFection, im using it right now, ubuntu 16.04.1 with xubuntu-desktop12:43
glitchdCodFection, lol nonono12:43
glitchdCodFection, im not a fan o unity12:44
glitchdCodFection, and i stay far from it12:44
CodFectionbecause ubuntu comes with unity12:44
CodFectionI suppose12:44
glitchdindeed it does12:44
glitchdbut you can install xubuntu-desktop and boot to that instead12:44
guiverci've installed xfce on ubuntu... my normal approach & have no issues.  (also kde, mate....)12:44
glitchdthe process would be, install ubuntu, boot to desktop, install xubuntu-desktop, logout, select different desktop, boot into xubunut.12:45
guivercat login .. I select the DEsktop I want to run...   if you want to switch; logout & at login; select different DE12:45
CodFectionhmm so u have installed xubuntu-desktop instead of xfce12:46
guivercno need to 'reboot'12:46
glitchdguiverc, thx for saying everything i just said12:46
glitchdCodFection, its basically the same thing12:46
guivercsorry glitchd12:46
glitchdguiverc, no problem=)12:46
glitchdxubuntu is the xfce version of ubuntu12:47
glitchdxubuntu-desktop is the xfce version of ubunut-desktop12:47
glitchdbut its not unity12:47
glitchdthere is no xfce version of unity12:47
glitchdCodFection, what version are you on right now?12:48
glitchdCodFection, ??12:49
glitchdCodFection, you didnt upgrade to 16.04.1?12:51
guivercps:  if you've fully updated Codfection, you'll be running 16.04.112:52
CodFectionyea sorry12:55
glitchdCodFection, its easy to install and give it a try and make your own decision on it12:56
glitchdCodFection, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop12:56
CodFectionthanks a lot glitchd12:57
CodFectionwill try it12:57
CodFectionso no bugs or glitches right?12:57
glitchdnah not really12:58
glitchdits my go-to desktop for every install12:58
glitchdCodFection, btw, what are the specs of you machine?12:59
CodFectioni5 laptop13:01
glitchdsame here13:01
CodFection16 gb ram13:01
glitchdwhoa itll run really well on you machine13:01
CodFectionu think I need i7 laptop or i5 is neough?13:02
glitchdi hope youre using 64 bit13:02
glitchdi5 is just fine13:02
glitchdi have an i5 and it runs great13:02
glitchdhp probook i5 8 gb ram13:03
CodFectionI also have hp13:03
glitchdjust make sure u install 64 bit13:03
glitchdwhich model hp do u have?13:03
CodFectionhp elitebook 8470p13:04
CodFectionquite old\13:04
glitchdno matter13:04
glitchdelitebook are good anyways13:04
glitchdi got mine a couple of years ago13:04
CodFectionbut yours is probook13:04
CodFectionprobook is better right?13:05
glitchdi honestly have no idea between the models13:05
CodFectionI have bought lenovo y700 before few months13:06
CodFectionhad a lot of issues13:06
CodFectionsold it and got this one13:06
CodFectioneven thou it had better specs than this one.. I prefer elitebook13:07
CodFectionmaybe build quality is superior13:07
glitchdyea i think hp defiantly out-ranks lenovo13:08
glitchdquality wise anyways13:08
glitchdi think hp is a quality brand whereas lenovo is more the economy type brand13:09
CodFectionmacbooks are the best13:09
CodFectiononly if I could afford one13:10
glitchdim not a mac fan either lol13:11
glitchdnever liked macs13:11
CodFectionhave u tried them?13:12
glitchdindeed i have, and still jus not a fan13:12
CodFectionbecause it supports more apps13:13
CodFectionthan linux13:13
CodFectionand it has same capabilities as linux13:13
CodFection(bash shell)13:13
glitchdyea but so does windows, but i dont use that either13:14
CodFectionbut mac os is unix certified13:15
guivercunix is a trademark; meaning appl have paid $s to use the name, nothing more......   gnu/linux is the now more common standard than the unix of the 70s & 80s.13:16
guivercglitchd:  your question.  no answer sorry... i tried creating image (from tty; gimp) and every time a jpeg was created in my $HOME directory... it had a correct thumbnail  (using thunar as file manager).... my ubuntu 16.04.1 has other DEs loaded; so its not a standard xubuntu.13:26
glitchdguiverc, no problem, i guess ill just have to deal with it. although i noticed it only happens when creating jpg files through gimp. other image software display thumbnails on the icons corretly13:29
guivercmy attempt in gimp was just a 'save using different name/format' ... so not a "creation" at all... this could make my use completely different.... i'm graphically hopeless.13:30
glitchdguiverc, wow.13:31
glitchdguiverc, i just created another jpg and exported it to my home folder and the thumbnail showed correctly13:31
glitchdguiverc, so apparently it only has a problem showing thumbnails on files save to the desktop13:32
guiverctrying again:  I did note in advanced settings (export; it has "save thumbnail" as an option!13:32
glitchdsame here13:32
guivercwith this option changed; it showed in my thunar as a "picture" & not thumbnail; ie. generic icon13:33
glitchdwith save thumbnail option enabled or disabled?13:34
guivercmaybe thumbnail database is prevented in the desktop folder.... by a rule... but pure guess13:35
glitchdi believe this problem is gimp specific since i can create a jpg with another program and the thumbnail shows fine on the desktop13:36
guiverci tried one of each...(drawing lines over pic)... both saved to $HOME, but one had generic icon, one had thumbnail.. would have to try again to know which was which.13:36
glitchdso its something with the way that gimp is creating these files13:36
glitchdCodFection, are you using xubuntu-desktop yet?13:37
guivercjust then with TICK on create thumbnail; thunar has full thumbnail; not generic icon.... saved to $HOME13:38
guivercnope... that time NO TICK & I still got a thumbnail... in fact now all pics have thumbnail.. but I may have forgotten to make change to pic13:40
glitchdguiverc, im not even gonna worry about it, ill solve this another time13:42
glitchdguiverc, thx for the help tho.13:42
guivercmost welcome;... sorry about slow typing/distraction thus repeatition before... my bad!13:43
glitchdguiverc, no problem=)13:43
xubuntu28wforgot password15:47
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Guest2252Estou usando o Xubuntu 16.04.1, depois de uma atualização não sei por qual motivo no painel o icone do bluetooth duplicou e o da bateria ficou estranho, os icones, alguém poderia me explicar? Segue a imagem http://imgur.com/a/RH2mB17:38
Guest2252Estou usando o Xubuntu 16.04.1, depois de uma atualização não sei por qual motivo no painel o icone do bluetooth duplicou e o da bateria ficou estranho, os icones, alguém poderia me explicar? Segue a imagem http://imgur.com/a/RH2mB17:41
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ubottuCodFection: please see above18:08
knomeCodFection, hmm?18:08
CodFectionis ubottu a bot? knome18:09
CodFectionahan, ok18:09

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