mappshooray the strain is back04:31
knightwiseStarted watching "Halt and catch fire" yesterday06:22
knightwisealso a very good show06:22
diddledanknightwise: it's awesome!06:22
diddledanI want a third season .. been waiting for that too long :-p06:23
diddledanI love it because it shows me a romantic view of the 80s06:25
diddledanit's my generation's version of "heartbeat" (uk show)06:26
diddledanheartbeat is a 60s drama thingy06:26
diddledanmy dad watches that for all the old motorbikes and the soundtrack06:27
knightwiseLove it , just like Stranger things06:37
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:06
christelmorning brobostigon09:08
brobostigonmorning christel09:08
christelhow are you keeping up? :)09:09
brobostigonsome days better than othrs, and you?09:10
knightwisemorning everyone09:11
brobostigonmorning knightwise09:11
MooDoohello all09:13
MooDooI've just seen someone abusing channel topics and notice that there are a couple of ubuntu channels susceptable to it, whos the best people to speak too?  any one know?09:13
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:14
MooDoohi brobostigon just seen someone abusing channel topics :( - To find big channels with unlocked topics, use /msg alis list * -min 100 -mode -t    Then you can join them and abuse their /topic for the lulz!09:14
popeyMooDoo: #ubuntu-ops09:16
diddledanalis? who the beep is alis?!09:16
popeybut sorted now i see09:17
MooDoook thanks09:18
foobarrysurprised i remembered my password after 3 weeks off out of the last 410:04
popeyfoobarry: what would you put on a hudl2 if you did root it? Would you try and build a newer android image for it?10:05
diddledanpoor simba http://38.media.tumblr.com/6df5824591f6c6f76ea952e69610be2f/tumblr_n489r3sout1sqdbk4o1_400.gif10:07
foobarrypopey: the priority would be to tweak a couple of things that require root (e.g. the aforementioned loud BONGGG when it is started up, plus adblocker).10:07
foobarryas time goes on and 5.1 becomes more insecure, i would have to consider a newer build10:08
foobarryi use the tablet a lot for watching video as the screen is lovely and a nice form factor for watching10:08
foobarryi used to have root on 4.4.4 but got lost after the 5.1 update when they also locked/signed the bootloader. a strange move.10:09
foobarrymaybe the best thing is a lobying campaign for tesco to release the keys10:10
foobarryto allow community to continue using the tablet securely10:10
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: I am now forced to think up new passwords on a schedule. So they've gone from long & secure to short & simple.10:10
diddledanTwistedLucidity: qwerty123410:10
popeyfoobarry: i hate having to navigate modaco to find out the latest state10:10
foobarryi am subscribed on a couple of topics10:11
foobarrybut who knows the best one.10:11
TwistedLuciditydiddledan: More like Fred1, 2Fred, Fred3. By-passes the whole "this password is too similar" thing and means I have a hope of remembering.10:11
foobarryit seems people are a bit stuck atm10:12
foobarryi even thoguht of contacting some ex tesco android guys who can be found via linked in10:12
popeyif they're community people, might be worth doing10:12
foobarryit is tesco's ethical duty to allow the community to use the tablets if they aren't supporting it anymore10:12
diddledanthreewordsuppercase <-- one word lowercase10:13
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Not really. It's your duty to recycle and buy a new one. Think of the starving shareholders!10:13
* TwistedLucidity actually agrees with you10:14
diddledanthank goodness the horse battery staple is correct!10:14
diddledanI'd hate an incorrect one10:15
TwistedLucidityOh yeah, that's what I *used* to use. Something comedic and long. But now? Every ~45 days? Sod that.10:15
diddledanalthough I'm not sure the RSPCA would approve of horse-battery10:15
TwistedLucidityWhy not? As a beast of burden they are an energy store.10:15
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Schnier had a few addenda about that. For starters "CorrectHorseBatteryStaple" is not a safe password.10:16
foobarryschneier the windows user?10:16
TwistedLucidityIs he? Dunno.10:17
TwistedLucidityBack to the Kindle - how would releasing code/docs/specs benefit Tesco? Allowing a community to maintain older models will hurt future sales. Or are you thinking that the "benefit" would be the avoidance of bad PR?10:19
foobarrykindle or hudl?10:19
TwistedLucidityMeant to say "Hudl", my bad.10:19
foobarrytesco are no longer in the tablet market10:19
TwistedLucidityOh, in that case...10:20
TwistedLucidityI wonder if they even have that info though.10:20
foobarrywell they fired all the android devs just after they rushed out a 5.1 update and dropped the tablet10:22
foobarryunsure if they are under NDA10:22
foobarrybut the information will be there10:22
TwistedLucidityAh, they directly employed? I had always assumed it was just some generic thing in a different case.10:23
foobarryits a pegatron tablet, although pegatron never release this spec10:23
foobarryits an excellent tablet with hdmi out and micro SD etc10:23
diddledanho boy: https://9to5mac.com/2016/08/30/eu-regulators-order-ireland-to-recover-13-billion-euros-in-illegal-irish-tax-benefits-from-apple/?pushup=110:23
foobarryexcellent except for one thing ; intel chips10:23
TwistedLuciditydiddledan: Where's the popcorn?10:24
TwistedLucidityAnd will that ruling just affect Apple, or will it set a precedent for Google etc?10:25
foobarrythis is what the EU is good at10:27
foobarryhitting big corp with big bills10:27
foobarryalthough where the money ends up is anyones guess10:27
foobarrylike the 500M from MS10:28
foobarryhe is blinkered/mad if he thinks windows is most secure10:29
TwistedLucidityOr he just wants to get work done.10:29
* TwistedLucidity has one *just* managed to fix screen tearing. Maybe.10:30
TwistedLucidityAnd, of course, just because he's wrong on one thing doesn't mean he's wrong on everything.10:30
foobarryif he was giving opinion on an area outside his field of expertise maybe10:31
foobarrybut i tend to take everything he says with a massive pinch10:32
popeyyou take everything everyone says with a massive pinch though, surely?10:32
foobarryprobably although people with good track record i might be more accomodating10:33
foobarryor less scrutinous10:33
foobarryi wouldn't ask linus torvalds what laptop he uses or what DE he likes because its irrelevant. quite a lot of G+ i see people asking these things10:34
foobarrybut i respect he and greg KH when they talk about the kernel and take their word for it10:35
foobarrycrypto is another thing you have to usually take their word for as its so complex10:35
foobarrynot theirs, but crypto specialists10:35
TwistedLucidityI view crypto like I view quantum mechanics. If you think you understand it....10:35
foobarryi have however read the scheier article you linked10:36
foobarryi might run a recent cracker over my hashes10:36
foobarryinterested to see how quikcly correcthorsebatterystaple gets pwned10:38
TwistedLucidityhutner2 4 evah!10:39
TwistedLucidityWhat always amuses me are error messages like "Your password cannot be over 12 characters or contain special symbols" Uhh...whut?10:39
popeyThe Google Play services 'app' in the play store has over 1 billion installs.10:44
popeyQuite boggling10:44
ali1234given that you literally can't install anything else without it10:59
popeyyeah, just the number of devices with that one codebase on is staggering11:00
ali1234there's only about 1 billion android phones in existence11:01
popey"only" :)11:01
ali1234of course there's also lots of other things running android11:01
popey1.6Bn in 2014 according to some stats11:01
zmoylan-pihow many of those are sitting in drawers replaced by shinier newer devices11:51
diddledanshiny sounds like a plan11:52
TwistedLuciditySub-5" with a 180p OLED screen + decent RAM & CPU + decent battery? That'd be "shuddupandtakemymoney" for me.12:11
TwistedLucidityInstead everything semi-decent is 5.5" or bigger and thin (so poor battery)12:11
diddledanI kinda want USB-C12:24
diddledanfor the charge-port and data12:24
zmoylan-piand time saving not attempting 3 tries to plug it in...12:25
diddledanmicro-USB is evil. not only do you have orientation issues but if you're slightly off-axis it still won't go into the hole even if you have it the right way around12:25
zmoylan-pibring back docking stations and cradles like palm had12:26
diddledanthe lightning connector that apple uses is actually very resilient12:26
diddledanwe've got announcements on the 7th from apple12:27
diddledannext weds I think12:27
* diddledan checks calendar12:27
diddledanyup weds12:27
zmoylan-piapple watch 2... this time they mean it...12:28
TwistedLuciditydiddledan: 1080p12:33
TwistedLucidityNah, it'll be a digital cap with Siri saying "Any spare change, pal?"12:34
zmoylan-pithat to sort their tax woes they're buying switzerland... and releasing the itoblerone12:37
diddledanooh. that sounds tasty12:40
zmoylan-picomes in white of course12:41
DJonesApples announcement will probably be that "Today is 7th September"12:43
zmoylan-pi...have you charged your iphone 2-3 times today...12:44
TwistedLucidityWhat ever it is, it'll be new, exciting, innovative and never-been-done-before. Apart from the fact it's none of those things.12:47
zmoylan-piand comes in these exciting colours12:48
TwistedLucidityIf they announce "The first phone with real desktop convergence" I'm sure we'll all her popey's screams! :-)12:48
zmoylan-pinokia communicators will spin in their drawers...12:49
diddledanTwistedLucidity: and many fanboys saying it's the second coming12:49
zmoylan-pimore likely a phablet with a slide out small phone for making actual calls12:51
knightwisezmoylan-pi: that would not be such a bad idea actually13:10
knightwiseI'm starting to look towards a solution where I have a simple phone with a long battery life and shove all the connected stuff onto a a 3g tablet with a large battery13:11
popeyi just carry an additional battery and charger everywhere13:11
knightwisepopey: as long as you can still swap out batteries13:11
* knightwise has an Samsung S613:11
zmoylan-pii have seen in dublin bt mini phones that connect to your main phone... AND have spot for a sim in case you lose your main phone...13:12
knightwisezmoylan-pi: sounds bizar right ?13:12
zmoylan-pione way it pretends to be a bt headset... the other it just switches on it's gsm phone13:13
knightwisezmoylan-pi: its an original approach to the project13:15
knightwiseI would get a tablet .. and one of these http://shop.startrek.com/star-trek-the-original-series-communicator-bluetooth-handset/detail.php?p=86690613:16
popeyknightwise: I've yet to have a phone that the battery couldn't be removed from13:18
popeymight need a screwdriver, but it's not *that* hard in most phones13:18
knightwisepopey: Agree. But with the convergence of pc's and tablets coming into play it might be a new era for the mobile phone industry13:19
zmoylan-pithese are one of the ones i saw... http://www.chinabuye.com/daxian-bm50-mini-ear-hook-mini-bt-phone-black-white13:23
zmoylan-piabout the size of your little finger13:23
popeynobody every phones me and i never phone anyone13:26
popeyi could probably get away with a data-only phone13:26
zmoylan-pii have thought of bringing my phones to repair place and have them disable microphone for privacy guarantee13:26
knightwiseWish I could but ... i have a business so .. calls are still pretty important13:26
knightwiseOne of these .. https://www.amazon.com/Jumbl-Bluetooth-Hands-Free-Streaming-Receiver/dp/B00UUDZLB0/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1472563811&sr=8-17&keywords=bluetooth+receiver  A pair of earbuds and a Tablet13:31
zmoylan-pii have a sony bt headphones with a mic.  that could do the voice calls nicely13:31
=== diddleda- is now known as diddledan_
foobarryi considered the £5 giffgaff data only sim13:46
foobarryand calls/texts on PAYG13:46
zmoylan-pidata only and voip?13:47
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Wouldn't 3 be cheaper?13:48
foobarryTwistedLucidity: whats the cheapest 3 deal?13:49
TwistedLucidityI joined giffgaff and the found out 3 were about 1/2 price for charges.13:49
TwistedLucidityNot actually sure of their lowest monthly teir13:50
TwistedLucidityWhich seems to be offset by the cheapest plan being £9. :-S13:51
foobarrygiffgaff do £5, £7.50 deals13:51
foobarryi'm on the monthly 7.50 one13:51
foobarryi don't think 3 are cheaper13:52
TwistedLucidityThe per min/gb are I think13:52
TwistedLucidityAt least, they were when I checked13:53
TwistedLucidityOdd thing, by giffgaff sim keep registering as o2 (I know it's their network).13:53
foobarryi don't use any PAYG data or voice atm.13:53
TwistedLucidityI try not to13:53
foobarryits all within my monthly limit13:53
diddledan_ipads better than drugs: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2016/08/ipads-subdue-kids-as-well-as-hard-drugs/14:34
foobarrycomments below the line on the xkcd password efficacy are still supportive of it https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2014/03/choosing_secure_1.html14:34
foobarryi remember when solaris didn't care what you typed after the 8th character14:36
foobarrynot that long ago!14:36
foobarryi would be logging into a solaris server, get the user to type the 9th character then do some super fast typing of 9-2014:37
foobarrythey would be amazed that they guessed the right character14:37
foobarryoof. harsh19:54
foobarrybing bong19:54
diddledan_I cried when bingbong died19:55
diddledan_that was totes sadness19:55
diddledan2016 got gene wilder, too?!20:55
diddledanthis year is the worst!20:55
penguin42although deathlist.net doesn't seem to be doing that well20:58
diddledangonna be gutted when marvel movies no-longer have cameos from stan lee21:04
zmoylan-pisomeone suggested that all the following movies have the heros mention attending a funeral of walk on characters all turning up at same funeral...21:18
zmoylan-pior they could just cgi him in any old way21:18
penguin42how odd22:21
penguin42I've just randomly found a site comparing different countries and it has a list of UK table manners22:21
penguin42 'Do not slurp when eating soup' (sane but odd to specify)22:21
penguin42 'Smash up your peas using your fork' ?!!!22:21
zmoylan-piin some countries making noises seems to be the polite thing to do...22:45
funkyHatpenguin42: I've never smashed my peas or seen anyone else doing that23:07
funkyHatMaybe I'm not posh enough23:07
penguin42funkyHat: same here23:10

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