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mterryDo we have a current mega silo going?14:12
mterry(for after freeze thaws)14:12
Saviqmterry, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/163614:18
mterrySaviq: awesome14:19
Saviqcimi, you can pop the last two qtmir branches - they've landed ↑14:25
cimiSaviq, qtmir fixIsPidFocused14:26
cimiqtmir revert-r538-queued-appstartup ?14:26
ltinklcimi, Saviq: unity-api cursorConfinement too, until the rest gets approved?14:26
Saviqprolly yup14:27
ltinklit would bump the API level unnecessarily14:27
Saviq@unity: standup (CC andyrock, Trevinho)14:29
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Trevinhostill blocked in 7 :/14:33
mterrytsdgeos: re: default-wallpaper, I fixed the build failures, added tests as you saw, rebased on greeter-no-lockscreen, and switched the dash background to use the new ImageCache instead of the thumbnailer.  It's all building in the silo, but should be reviewable14:37
tsdgeosmterry: the CI failed again?¿14:38
tsdgeosor is it an old revision?14:38
tsdgeosyes, it's an old revision14:38
mterryit seems to be building in the silo14:38
tsdgeosmterry: since i'll be away from tomorrow on kind of almost to the end of september could you keep an eye on https://code.launchpad.net/~tomas-tormo/unity8/bug_1378814/+merge/303874 ?14:39
mterrytsdgeos: sure, though he says he'll be out until mid semptember, so not too much of a gap14:41
tsdgeosmterry: remind me the silo number again?14:43
mterrytsdgeos: 2314:43
tsdgeosSaviq: ci broke?15:07
Saviqtsdgeos, ?15:10
tsdgeosSaviq: see https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/default-wallpaper/+merge/304382/comments/78623415:11
tsdgeosit's like all the child jobs are gone?15:11
Saviqsomeone aborted it15:11
Saviqthey prolly restarted the nodes or something15:11
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taiebotHi As anyone seen this bug on rc-proposed. I suppose this has to do with unity8 or the App scope. Apps can be like half way down the screen instead of filling the entire screen. Maybe i am in weird state but  i can reproduce if i use the search option for an app and the app search results is already at half way. when i use the left edge action the apps are displaying properly but the top bar is missing. I pull dow the apps to refresh the 17:57
taiebotLike that https://ibin.co/2tNGdrqJ9bEg.png18:00
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dandradertaiebot, looks like the Flickable component in unity8-dash got stuck18:08
dandradertaiebot, scrolling the content up or down should fix it I suppose18:08
taiebotdandrader: yeah but how come i can reproduce 100%18:09
dandradertaiebot, that's good news actually. makes for a solid bug report18:09
taiebotdandrader: well i have a feeling if i restart unity8 it will disappear.18:10
taiebothere we go https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/161858018:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1618580 in Canonical System Image "rc proposed App scope can have the apps filling only from half the screen" [Undecided,New]18:13
dandradertaiebot, right, it's possible. don't know what would have made it go into this state.  such a glaring issue wouldn't have gone unnoticed if it happened all the time gues...18:13
taiebotdandrader: Maybe it's due to screen rotation. If i rotate the phone no problem there it's only in landscape  mode not in portrait.18:16
taiebotdandrader: i think it could be linked to wifi and 3g connection18:27
taiebotdandrader managed to get into the same state after switching on and off wifi..18:27
dandraderstrange. maybe that triggers some scopes update or something...18:29
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