JLyecan anyone here accept launchpad group submissions for the team ?03:17
sakrecoeri'll take care of that membership request. not 100% what the user name is on LP, so i'll doublecheck via email first.06:52
eylulhi JLye06:52
sakrecoereylul: i think he left for today06:53
eyluloooh that was a playback06:53
sakrecoerpretty certain who he is on lp, but i'd rahter be safe than sorry06:54
eylul*nods* it makes sense to confirm06:54
zequenceardour 5.3 is packaged and ready in unstable. Anyone want to do a sync-request?14:56
eylulzequence: how is sync-request done?15:15
DalekSecAnd FFe, I'd think.18:46
sakrecoerOvenWerks: just got a reply from alessio; it looks like he wants to package the latest fontmanager in debian \o/18:58
DalekSecEh, it's full of CSDs and such, else I was going to update locally.19:01
zequenceeylul: sync-request is a tool you can use, but it is also a thing you can do in order to request a sync from the Debian archive to the Ubuntu archive (most of what is in the Ubuntu archive is automatically imported from Debian up until Debian Import Freeze, which happens 2 months before each release)20:00
zequenceastraljava: Are you perhaps getting more into development again, or just passing by?20:00
zequenceastraljava: btw. make sure to check out #ubuntustudio-offtopic20:12
* zequence had mysteriously departed from it20:13
astraljavazequence: Hi! I believe I will be spending more time at a computer on my spare time in the near future, so yes that would be a possibility. Certainly I'm still interested in the project, so I'll continue to hang around and whenever convenient, I'll lend a hand where needed.20:24
zequenceastraljava: sakrecoer can always benefit from having someone experienced in packaging and coding around. Ross is one, but I'm sort of looking for a way to end my participation soonish.21:17
zequenceSince I'm yet the only one with upload rights for our source, I will be sticking around until someone else gets it.21:18
DalekSecFWIW, font-manager 0.7.2-1 was uploaded...  "Bummer" :P22:43

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