ueloHi, one of my .pack files is getting too big (+200 Mb). Is it possible to reduce the size or manually edit the pack file and remove specific commits?11:29
thebigjHello, Pycon India this time organizing 3 days devsprint.11:44
thebigj(14:58) <   thebigj> We request Tryton community to submit entry. CFP is already started.11:44
thebigj(14:59) <      cedk> thebigj: I think an email to tryton mailing list is better to reach more people11:44
thebigj(15:00) <   thebigj> You can submit praposal here: https://in.pycon.org/cfp/dev-sprint-2016/proposals/11:44
thebigjPycon India this time organizing 3 days devsprint.11:44
thebigjWe request this community to submit praposal here (https://in.pycon.org/cfp/dev-sprint-2016/proposals/) CFP is already started.11:44
thebigjPlease suggest if know better place than this to reach to the community. Thanks!11:45

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