bazhangkernel 4.6? is that like a zebra kernel or something00:36
enchiWhy was I banned from #ubuntu-offtopic?22:19
k1lenchi: hi. i am not an op there and dont have a full backlog, but the bantracker says the ban was for your repeated foul language. ikonia made the ban but he is not online right now. i suppose you come back somewhat later when he or another op is available.22:32
elkyenchi: we might be convinced to let you back in if you can manage to not blatently bait trouble with bad language again.22:42
enchiSorry, an op had told me that talking about that programming language was acceptable22:46
enchiI've seen people mention it when it wasn't relevant beore22:46
enchiSo I didn't realise it would be an issue22:47
elkyIn a context where you were warned against swearing pretty much every single day, and given more chances that i have hairs on my head, it was merely the straw that broke the camel's back. Do you comprehend that?22:48
wxli think ideally, you would just refrain from using inappropriate language, regardless of the context. you know, just in case.22:50
wxlthat esoteric programming language has got SUCH a trolly name.22:50
daxhrm, so, my opinion...22:51
daxmentioning brainfuck in #ubuntu-offtopic has been deemed fine before when it's done to, you know, discuss brainfuck22:51
daxit's like the prototypical example of our Guidelines being more nuanced than "HURR DURR NO SWEARING EVER"22:51
daxbut clearly using it to avoid our ban on actual cussing would be bad22:52
wxli can accept that, but at the same time, it certainly could be muted a bit22:52
daxand the thing you got banned for was halfway in between those two scenarios22:52
elkyyeah, the logs clearly demonstrate a "lol ima try get away with LOOPHOLE"22:52
daxwhich would usually lead to "maybe we shouldn't have banned for borderline", but there's the additional complication of previous operator interaction22:52
wxle.g. brainf**k. i mean, at that point, it at least shows some reasonable attempt to try to be considered22:53
daxelky: i read it (when i was there at the time, and now) as making fun of OERIAS being a prat22:53
elkywxl: nah, obfuscated language is the same thing, only intended to get around word filters and thus LOOPHOLE22:53
daxit's a complicated situation, and it's the sort of thing that should have provoked a PM conversation, and if it didn't then then we should probably have a conversation now instead, and so we are22:53
elkyi don' like people exploiting loopholes.22:54
daxand if he'd said, with my apologies for the example, "go brainfuck yourself", i would see your point much more clearly22:54
daxbut he was replying to someone else being an idiot about bitchx22:54
wxladmittedly, it was an isolated example. there was not a lot of conversation pre/proceeding it22:55
wxlthat PARTICULAR issue, that is22:55
wxlthe fact that there's additional history doesn't help much.22:57
elkydax: i'm not convinced it was making fun of oerias so much as joining in for the meme/troll.22:57
daxwxl: agreed22:57
wxlelky: looking at the logs, that's my take on it as well.22:57
elkyand that's based on my previous interactions with enchi22:58
elkysince that's a thing enchi does frequently22:58
wxlyep, and that's clear looking back through the logs.22:58
daxps i just noticed that we seem to have jumbled up -ops and -ops-team22:58
daxso you know, hi enchi22:58
elkyas i said, i'm willing to lift the ban if there can be assurance that past behaviours will not continue to be embraced, as people are frankly very very bored of them.23:00
daxworks for me23:01
wxli would concur with that as well.23:01
wxlperhaps this would be a good time for enchi to have a refresher on the guidelines and the CoC23:01
enchiSure, what's the link?23:02
enchiHi dax :<23:02
wxlmight be good to pay attention to the section "Don't be annoying"23:03
enchiYes, I see it says not to continue misbehaving after you've been asked to stop. Like I said I didn't realise I was misbehaving but I'll do my best23:05
daxand now you know and knowing is half the battle =====*23:08
elkyenchi: we understand that that particular topic was ambiguous, but surely you're aware of when you're doing trolly things or jumping on a "lets be annoying" bandwagon.23:24
enchiI don't usually think before I say things23:26
daxthat may be worth practicing23:27
elkydo you think you can put some extra effort into doing that?23:29
elkyi know i personally have the urge to say trolly annoying stuff in the channel often but i can stop myself because i think before i hit enter.23:30
enchiI can certainly try. The problem with not thinking is that I don't think to think if you know what I mean23:35
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