clivejoreally not impressed!00:08
clivejoit was working a month or so ago00:08
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IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> clivejo does dragon player work for you?03:42
tsimonq2acheronuk: I think it would be good if you decided on a final date for your membership meeting. ;)03:44
acheronuktsimonq2: thank you captain obvious :P I was planning on closing the poll and setting later it. was just waiting the weekend out 06:16
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acheronukskipped: kde-runtime (0, 9, 0)07:13
acheronuk    got: 182+0: a-34:a-20:a-20:i-25:p-20:p-20:s-4307:13
acheronuk    * amd64: calligra-dbg, kdewebdev-dbg, libkdegames6abi1-dbg, libkipi-dbg, libkmahjongglib4-dbg, libksane-dbg07:13
jimarvangood morning peeps :)07:16
CRogersmornin. :)07:18
acheronukmorning all :D07:18
* acheronuk caffinates07:18
* CRogers does too.07:18
CRogersacheronuk, what's your method?07:19
acheronuka cafetiere with probably more spoons of coffee in it than is really healthy!07:20
CRogersI've discovered the joys of Nespresso pod coffee.07:31
CRogersand I load mine up with a custom blend of coco powder and demerara sugar.07:32
jimarvanhey :D07:32
jimarvantalking about coffee? :D07:33
jimarvansorry guys I am a tea person07:33
CRogersBest poison in the world, imho07:33
jimarvanmountain tea barbarian07:33
CRogersNothing wrong with that.07:33
jimarvanor as it called in greek07:33
jimarvanSideritis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sideritis07:33
CRogersSome of me personal heros drink tea.07:33
jimarvan(iron tea)07:33
CRogersNice. Sounds very manly.07:34
CRogersMakes me want to grunt, and spit, and throw leather orbs around.07:35
CRogersAnd then spears.07:35
CRogerslots and lots... of spears.07:35
CRogersThough I suppose it's just as womanly. Maybe with less spitting.07:36
jimarvanI think you need a zip of a coffee07:36
CRogersOr less coffee? lol07:37
CRogersDo you know Martin?07:37
CRogersAka doctormo?07:37
CRogersBig big tea fan.07:39
CRogersas you can see from this photo: https://inkscape.org/en/~doctormo/%E2%98%85inkscape-hackfest-2016-group-photo07:39
CRogersIt goes very well with the bowler hat.07:39
CRogersCoffee would not have the same effect.07:40
jimarvanabsolutely agree07:41
CRogersI think, even if you put coffee in his cup, it would be earl grey by the time he lifted to drink it.07:42
CRogersOne thing I like about coffee though, is you get cool machinery to make it.07:44
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tsimonq2acheronuk: lol ok10:52
acheronuktsimonq2: tis done now :)10:53
santa_clivejo: ping11:01
tsimonq2santa_, clivejo, acheronuk: I'll get whatever CVE work that's left done tonight11:03
santa_I don't have much time to deal with those, so whatever you do, you have my blessing11:04
tsimonq2santa_: ok cool :)11:04
acheronuksanta_: I think clive is a bit busy at the moment. you have a stopgap route to sort calligra?11:14
santa_acheronuk: yeah, at the same time we speak I'm checking its status to discuss this with the release team11:14
acheronukif it's still broken by the end of today, that won't be much change :P11:16
santa_I don't think so11:18
jimarvanΗΕΥΥΥΥ 11:29
jimarvanwhasup? :)11:29
jimarvanhow is the release going? :D11:30
tsimonq2jimarvan: slow but steady11:30
santa_we will end it in a photo finish fashion11:30
tsimonq2sitter: ping11:30
tsimonq2+1 santa_ 11:31
santa_not slow really11:31
tsimonq2well it *was* slow11:31
mparillo59 packages to be upgraded from last night: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23302705/11:31
jimarvanhehe 11:31
santa_nah, given the time you have to spend to fix the issues it wasn't slow at all11:31
jimarvanomg you gusy are awesome11:32
jimarvanand gusy :P11:32
tsimonq2I saw the pidgin thing go through11:32
santa_mparillo: that should porvide you the kdepim as in apps 16.04.311:32
jimarvanwe need to start considering removing amarok11:32
jimarvanand using vlc instead11:32
jimarvansince it is support by qt11:32
tsimonq2then Santa Claus came to town and brought presents :P11:32
jimarvanhave to check KDE if they are including it as a KDE project11:32
jimarvanI am curious11:32
jimarvanwe need an awesome media player! (although I loved amarok...)11:33
tsimonq2jimarvan: remind us after release ;011:35
tsimonq2ok I'm off o/11:35
BluesKaj_howdy folks11:42
sittertsimonq2: sup?11:43
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Help fix KCI? :P11:44
clivejoit needs the slaves setup again11:45
clivejoon scaleway and linode11:46
clivejositter, do you know how the custom layout was achieved? ie the blue build button etc11:47
sitterblue build button?11:48
sitterah, probably theme11:50
sitterclivejo: https://github.com/kevinburke/doony11:51
acheronuksitter: when viewing jobs, there used to be a rectangular "Build now" button about there --> http://i.imgur.com/JZRZcNw.png11:51
acheronukaha. there we go in that theme :)11:52
acheronukclivejo: did you find the keys?11:53
jimarvanvideo call support?12:15
jimarvansoee: what the hell is going on in microsoft? why do they even bother? LOL12:15
soeemost likely they want some spywere inlinux :D12:17
jimarvanwell I went to download new skype but it is still the old 12.04 version 4.34 something12:17
jimarvan*ubuntu 12.0412:17
jimarvanI am hearing rumours about World of Warcraft that they are going to release a linux client soon...12:18
jimarvanthat would be so awesome if they do that12:18
jimarvanwindows is going down! :P12:19
jimarvanfor those gamers interested :D12:20
jimarvanits a godly time to become a linux developer12:20
soeei do not play addictive games12:23
soeethey are time and life killers12:23
soeejimarvan: the valid link https://community.skype.com/t5/Linux/Skype-for-Linux-Alpha-and-calling-on-Chrome-amp-Chromebooks/td-p/443429912:24
jimarvanah ok12:25
jimarvanthanks soee12:25
clivejoI believe Philip is the only one can retrieve those keys, he said there might be a copy of them on the slaves12:38
clivejotsimonq2: your patch for messagelib12:40
clivejoThanks for these. Just a warning that the messagelib patch breaks BIC, so 12:40
clivejoat least mailcommon, kdepim and kdepim-addons need to be rebuilt against 12:40
clivejothe patched messagelib.12:40
jimarvangod I LOVE Kubuntu13:01
jimarvanan old Epson photo 950 could not make it work on Windows13:02
jimarvantold my boss forget about Windows and use it on your Kubuntu laptop. I bet 50 GBP it would work13:02
jimarvanand it did :P13:02
soeeyuo will love even more when Plasma 5.8 will land in it13:02
jimarvanwoohoo! :D13:02
clivejocant see that happening any time soon with the state KCI is in13:10
soeewhat happend to kci ?13:17
acheronuksitter killed it by accident, wiping /var/lib/jenkins and vital parts of our config13:18
acheronukkfunk: it may be funny in 6 months :P13:19
acheronuksoee: at the moment KCI is just sitting there, unable to do anything useful13:26
CRogersYea, our company Laser printer came with an Ubuntu test-sheet in it. lol13:27
CRogersMade me soooo happy. lol13:27
acheronukBluesKaj_: yep, but it wasn't 'oops' that popped to my lips when I saw what had happened13:34
BluesKaj_acheronuk, I suppose not, but i was just making light of a serious ¨thing"13:36
clivejonor mine13:36
mamarleyLots of curse words? :p13:37
acheronukmore than I can count13:39
mamarleyYeah, that sucks.  I hope you are able to get it back up and running again.  Taking a backup might also be a good idea.13:40
* acheronuk wanders off to find a handy brick wall to bash head on13:42
BluesKaj_Ive made mistakes serious enough to take a time out for a day or 2 to settle myself ....familiar with the frustration13:44
BluesKaj_thankfully i have other diversions 13:45
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clivejomaybe take a few days off, until Friday ?14:01
acheronukme? I'm just having a random grumpy moment :P14:06
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> clivejo: huh?14:18
acheronukhehe. new kernel going in just before they spin the isos. 16:17
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Holy Jesus16:18
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Why do they do that?!?16:18
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Looks like the kernel team is having a testing party? :P16:18
santa_"He who is without sin can cast the first stone"16:22
santa_we are pushing our stuff in the last moment too (unfortunately)16:22
acheronuktrue. but that will only bork our iso if it goes wrong.16:29
blazeI'm using 4.8 for more than a week somehow, proposed not enabled16:33
blazestill wondering how this happened16:34
ScottKclivejo: Need anything uploaded?17:27
IrcsomeBot1<CliffordTheBigRedDoggie> Not sure, bit busy with other stuff today17:52
IrcsomeBot1<CliffordTheBigRedDoggie> no change rebuilds: kjots and zanshin were these done?17:55
acheronukclivejo: yes, done18:00
clivejoah cool18:05
clivejoany news on calligra?18:05
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> I see a critical bug in Debian...18:06
acheronukclivejo: think the plan was to demote the current calligra to proposed so it doesn't mess up the release, and at the same time work on a fixed update that may go in, but may end up being an update after release18:12
acheronuksanta_: that is the gist, yes? ^^18:13
santa_reboot, brb18:14
clivejohas anyone tested kdeconnect in my PPA?18:25
clivejowill the real sick_rimmit please stand up18:26
clivejoacheronuk: do you use KDE Connect?18:34
acheronukI have occasionally tried it, but usually give up on it after a short while for being too buggy or a pain18:36
* sick_rimmit stands up18:36
clivejoScottK: can I release kdeconnect 1.0.1 as a SRU into xenial?18:36
ScottKI think the rule is that you can.18:36
clivejo1.0 needed an updated QT, but 1.0.1 fixes that18:37
ScottKIf it's not on the ISO, we can still upload it if you want.  Worst case the release team says no and it gets accepted for SRU after release.18:37
ScottKSo is 1.0 broken in Xenial?18:37
clivejojust wont build18:37
clivejo!info kdeconnect-plasma xenial18:38
ScottKUpdate from 0.8 to 1.0X is too much for an SRU.18:38
ubottukdeconnect-plasma (source: kdeconnect-plasma): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9+git20160315-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 354 kB, installed size 1641 kB18:38
ScottK(thought 1.0 was in for some reason).18:38
clivejono, I havent uploaded because Im unsure how to deal with the naming18:39
ScottKI'd get it into Z and then use ubuntu-backports18:39
ScottKLeave it for Z.18:39
clivejobut for me its a very important part of plasma18:39
ScottKSure, but a major version upgrade now seem too late.18:40
ScottKGetting it so people can install from backports should be enough.18:40
ScottKI can help with that.18:40
clivejo!info kdeconnect-plasma yakkety18:41
ubottukdeconnect-plasma (source: kdeconnect-plasma): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9+git20160315-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 354 kB, installed size 1641 kB18:42
clivejoso a 1.0.1 release would not make it over a 0.9+git?18:42
ScottKDepends on how much change there is.18:42
ScottKI was looking at the wrong package: kdeconnect.18:43
ScottKBTW, should that one be removed?18:43
clivejoyeah, its confusing18:43
clivejoin kubuntu, the kf5 port was called kdeconnect-plasma18:44
ScottKIf it's git snapshot to final release, I'd upload it and see what the rt says.18:44
clivejoRiddell spoke to upstream and they indicated they would use this name18:44
ScottKSo should kdeconnect go?18:45
clivejobut they didnt and debian started releasing kf5 port uisng the old source package name18:45
clivejowe decided we should follow debian on it 18:45
ScottKSounds good.18:45
clivejobut Im not sure how to go about it18:45
clivejoso its never happened18:46
Riddellneon also uses "kdeconnect" for source and binary name now18:46
clivejoah thank Jon18:46
clivejowe should deffo follow18:46
clivejo1.0 was the first stable release18:47
clivejobut needed Qt 5.618:47
ScottKAre either on the ISO?18:48
clivejoI believe the 1.0.1 release was to build on older Qt18:48
clivejoIve been building the releases myself and using them on my own yakkety install18:49
ScottKIf so, then I'd do nothing until "Z"18:49
clivejomaking them available via my PPA18:49
clivejoacheronuk: do you know if kdeconnect or kdeconnect-plasma are on the ISO?18:50
ahoneybunwhy do we have 2?18:51
clivejoproblem is that I dont think those versions work any more18:52
acheronukis one a dummy?18:52
clivejoahoneybun: read above! ^^18:52
clivejokdeconnect-plasma was intended to be the kf5 port18:52
ahoneybunsorry kinda boucing around clivejo18:53
ScottKacheronuk: no. Both are real.18:53
clivejobut going forward we need to drop kdeconnect-plasma and go back to kdeconnect 18:54
ahoneybunvalorie: wxl and I have been approved for SeaGL18:54
ScottKclivejo: since it impacts the ISO, but doesn't affect basic install or functioning, I think you shouldn't do anything now.18:54
clivejoScottK: ok18:54
clivejobut Im nearly sure it wont work, out of the box so to speak18:55
acheronukclivejo: debian seems to be kdeconnect in unstable, so yes18:55
ScottKI noticed the Debian package is out of date and that lisandro uploaded it last time.18:55
clivejothere was a big update to do with encryption supported 18:56
ScottKSomeone might work with him in the meantime to update Debian so that when "Z" starts you can sync kdeconnect and rm the other one.18:56
clivejoso if you have newest app on Android, which is most likely, it wont work with the old package on Kubuntu18:57
ScottKOnce that's done, you can get 1.0.1 into Yakkety and Xenial backports.18:57
ahoneybunKDE Connect still works here18:57
clivejoahoneybun: what version you got installed?18:58
ahoneybunsame as acheronuk posted18:58
clivejoyou sure?18:59
ahoneybunjust sent an image from my phone to my laptop18:59
clivejoI mean are you sure its to one in yakkety archive?18:59
ahoneybunyea I have the same as the ISO has18:59
ahoneybunno PPA18:59
* acheronuk adds ppa:clivejo/kdeconnect-kde18:59
ahoneybunclivejo: ^19:00
ahoneybunjust use the remote control too 19:00
ahoneybunlittle laggy but works19:00
ahoneybunthat :test" was using the phones keyboard19:01
clivejook cool19:04
clivejoacheronuk: should be able to reply to SMS using 1.0.119:05
acheronukwon't even pair at the moment19:06
clivejohave you ever got it to work ? :P19:06
clivejomight be your network or firewall19:07
acheronukNot since I reinstalled this machine on the SSD19:07
acheronuklogged out and back in again, and no joy19:12
ScottKI'd recommend focusing on getting the ISO images tested and worry about kdeconnect on Friday.19:20
ahoneybunoh reply to SMS!19:22
valorieahoneybun: awesome! 19:43
valoriesgclark: have you heard back about funding for SeaGL?19:44
ahoneybunyes in deed19:44
valorieScottK: have they respun the ISOs already?19:44
valorielast I heard they were processing in the new kernel19:44
ScottKI don't know.19:45
ScottKRegardless, I think it's too late to mess with kdeconnect this cycle.19:45
sgclarkvalorie: seems I forgot to even submit one.19:55
mparillovalorie: The ISOs have not appeared here: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/368/builds and maybe half an hour ago, my YY was up-to-date so the new kernels have not hit the YY archive I was hitting.19:56
valoriesgclark: are you still going to do that?19:57
valorieI think there is still time, and plane tickets shouldn't be that expensive19:57
valorieif you still want to come19:57
acheronukfrom #ubuntu-release.....19:58
acheronuk[17:13]  <infinity> Attention release team: There's a new kernel (and matching d-i) making its way through the pipes, so have a look at excuses and queues and see of there are other thing we should be fixing and/or slipping in for the inevitable respin later today.19:58
sgclarkyeah I recall doing all the research but failed at execution. Will try to do it today19:58
valorie!info skrooge20:18
ubottuskrooge (source: skrooge): personal finance manager for KDE. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.4.0-2build1 (yakkety), package size 1626 kB, installed size 8139 kB20:18
valoriewow, much more up-to-date is available here, from the developer of skrooge: https://launchpad.net/~s-mankowski/+archive/ubuntu/backport-kf520:19
sgclarkvalorie: just submitted request. cross your fingers.20:28
kfunkjust upgraded my kdepim stack (16.10). kdepim-addons did not get pulled in. known issue? without kdepim-addons the message header won't be shown (major issue IMO)20:42
kfunkjust FYI20:42
ahoneybunoh no a new d-i20:46
acheronukreverse-depends kdepim-addons20:46
acheronuk* kdepim20:47
acheronuk* kmail20:47
kfunkrecommends is not enough here, correct?20:51
kfunkyou'll just get the message body in the message view, without it.20:52
kfunkno headers.20:52
ubottuDebian bug 826746 in kdepim "kdepim: dependency to kdepim-addons" [Important,Fixed]20:57
acheronukI got kdepim-addons so that recommends was enough in my case20:59
ahoneybunspeaking of kmail acheronuk21:09
acheronukahoneybun: is that from a system just installed from the iso the other day, or an older system upgrading?21:17
acheronukmy VM here did not see that, nor has my YY PC21:19
valoriewxl, ahoneybun, sgclark: https://osem.seagl.org/conference/seagl2016/register21:27
acheronukanyone tried installing an up to date Xenial box/VM, and then doing an upgrade on it to YY?21:38
acheronukfrom release....21:39
acheronuk[22:15] <infinity> Okay, I have to run off to family dinner soon.  Will be back later to garden excuses, migrate what I can, britney block the world, and spin new images.21:39
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Upgrading21:39
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Just did a apt -f install to fix21:39
acheronukwhere we got PIM updated in dribs and drabs depending on what we could get to migrate, I'm not sure if what you got is just an artefact of that and would not be seen on a clean upgrade done all at once, or if it is something many people will hit21:42
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> I've not rebooted or tried kmail yet21:43
sgclarkvalorie: registered21:44
sgclarkvalorie: if I fly in the night before can I stay @ your place?21:44
valorieWed, or Thur?21:45
valorieI have the hotel for Thursday21:45
valorieif you come Wed., of course21:46
sgclarkok thx, will let you know whatt I end up with.21:47
valorieon Thur, you can just take the lil train from the airport to downtown21:48
valorieand a bus up to the hotel21:48
valorieI think the lil train goes to the tunnel under seattle rather then the train station you know from Amtrack21:48
valorieooo, it goes to Capitol Hill!21:50
valorielooks like the streetcar takes you straight from the station to the hotel21:53
valorieor a 1/2 mile walk21:54
valoriewxl, ahoneybun ^^^21:54
ahoneybunlooks cool22:05
acheronuktrying xenial to yakkety upgrade in a VM......22:05
* acheronuk wanders off as that will take a while22:13
clivejohow would I get the LP private keys for kubuntu-ci ?22:14
acheronukwho would have made them?22:15
clivejoJR I reckon22:15
acheronukAsk JR then?22:16
clivejoIm just guessing, have no idea!22:16
acheronukIf I made them, I would keep a backup22:17
clivejomaybe easier way is to setup new keys?22:17
acheronuk** shrugs **22:26
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acheronukwow. xenial to yakkety upgrade went flawlessly in a VM!22:34
tsimonq2one less thing to worry about ;)22:35
valorie!info KCI22:35
ubottuPackage KCI does not exist in yakkety22:35
valoriethat would be so much easier22:35
acheronukdidn't add quite the full packageset before upgrading, but did all of PIM, which is what was worrying me22:36
acheronukIn the morning can hopefully test new isos22:36
acheronuk!info jenkins22:38
ubottuPackage jenkins does not exist in yakkety22:38
acheronukprobably a docker/container template somewhere 22:40
* acheronuk pretends he knows what he is talking about ^^^22:40
clivejotries sudo apt-get install jenkins on KCI22:40
valorietoday's update included this: 23:05
valorieUnpacking libkf5messageviewer5:amd64 (4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1) over (4:15.12.3-0ubuntu2) ...23:05
valoriedpkg: libkf5incidenceeditorsng5: dependency problems, but removing anyway as you requested:23:05
valorie kmail depends on libkf5incidenceeditorsng5 (= 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu2).23:05

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