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dufluhikiko: 'lo05:23
hikikohi duflu :) happy monday!05:27
dufluhikiko: Happy Monday. Anything to raise the collective tone following that presidential debate05:28
pittiGood morning05:47
seb128good morning desktopers!07:30
pittibonjour seb128 !07:30
seb128salut pitti, comment ça va ici ?07:31
pittias-tu eu un bon week-end ?07:31
pittiseb128: ça va bien ! le temps était horrible, mais on a joué au badminton la première fois cette saison :)07:32
pittiet ma rhûme est mieux07:32
seb128oui, de bonne vacances, le vol de retour était hier donc dimanche c'était voyage et rangement des valises07:32
seb128le début des activités d'après été !07:32
pittiseb128: oh, tu as perdu les valises ?07:33
pittiseb128: oui, pas plus de travail dans le jardin :)07:33
seb128non, mais elles étaient pleines de choses à ranger07:33
dufluMorning pitti, seb12807:34
seb128hey duflu07:34
seb128how are you?07:34
pittihey duflu, good day!07:34
dufluseb128: Alright. You?07:34
seb128I'm good thanks, going through a stack of email after holidays07:35
pittiseb128: it's not like we are in a release week, so no hurry :)07:35
seb128I hope you guys did some good bug fixing job while I was away!07:35
seb128did the systemd user session got completed?07:35
pittino, that indicator PPA still didn't land :(07:36
didrocksgood morning pitti! duflu!07:36
pittiseb128: I made it a fair bit less ugly, though (had some good input at systemd.conf)07:36
dufluMorning didrocks07:36
seb128oh, right, how was the conference?07:36
pittiseb128: and Laney found/fixed some issues too07:37
seb128I though the indicators were needed otherwise things were flacky though?07:37
seb128what blocked that from landing?07:37
pittiseb128: really good; mostly a social week of course (OMG pub and beer for 9 days in a row ☺ ), but some interesting presentations, and productive hackfest07:37
pittiseb128: I don't know, haven't gotten an answer from Ted yet07:37
pittiseb128: it actually works without upstart, then they just get started in gnome-session.service07:38
pittibut I still need to port the unity greeter (lightdm), and that's blocked by that PPA07:38
pittithat's the only (formal) upstart rdepends that's left07:38
pittiso, *shrug*, early z I hope07:38
pittiseb128: and bug 1626651 was fun to debug :)07:39
ubot5bug 1626651 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "brightness keys are handled slower in Yakkety than Xenial" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/162665107:39
seb128oh, pam fun, nice ;-)07:40
seb128coffee, brb07:41
pittiseb128: it actually didn't take that long after all, jderose gave me the right push07:41
willcookemorning gang07:57
seb128good morning willcooke07:59
willcookehey seb128! Welcome back, we missed you :)  Did you have a good holiday?07:59
seb128yes, holidays were great07:59
seb128>30°C in Spain still07:59
seb128quite a difference this morning, 7°C here, brrrr08:00
willcookeha, yes, same here08:00
willcookeCold, but a little sun - so quite nice really08:00
seb128how is the release going?08:00
willcookeclear skies08:00
willcookeRelease is OK08:00
seb128I'm going through email still08:00
seb128u8 session landed?08:00
willcookeIssues about installing on UEFI are fixed AIUI08:01
willcookeU8 is in08:01
seb128seems that took a bit more turns still before being ready though?08:01
seb128it didn't break $things/unity7?08:01
willcookeyeah, a few little bits and pieces, but was OK.08:01
seb128k, good08:01
willcookeNothing that I've found yet08:01
flexiondotorgMorning willcooke08:01
flexiondotorgWelcome back seb12808:01
seb128hey flexiondotorg, thanks, and welcome to you!08:02
willcookeThere are a couple of annoyances about the error reporter popping up in the U7 session reporting problems from the U8 one.  But I think that people who are playing with U8 will know whats going on08:02
seb128hope you didn't have a too rough start08:02
willcookeI need to check that Terminal is actually in now, wasn't clear what was going on last week08:02
flexiondotorgseb128, No, I'm settling in thanks.08:02
willcookeand then I have to write a blog post thingy08:02
willcookemorning flexiondotorg08:02
seb128release week, does it mean Laney is visiting London? ;-)08:03
flexiondotorgseb128, Laney is having difficulties getting connected.08:05
seb128the question was rather to know if there is a release sprint at the office08:05
seb128and if we have anyone from desktop there08:05
willcookeI haven't heard anything about a release sprint at all this time08:06
seb128flexiondotorg, like his dsl line is not working? or like he's in London? you didn't really reply to my question ;-)08:06
Laneyright then08:07
Laneyrestarting n-m fixed it08:07
seb128hey Laney!08:07
Laneyhey seb128!08:07
flexiondotorgMorning Laney08:07
Laneyhow's it going?08:07
pittihey Laney, good morning! good weekend?08:07
seb128just read the telegrams08:08
* didrocks sees that pitti is telling good morning to everyone but ignored didrocks good morning *sad violon music* :)08:08
didrockshey Laney!08:08
seb128didrocks, did you ever report that bug to upstream n-m on b.g.o? they are usually responsive and it would maybe help to get it resolved08:08
* pitti donne une accolade à didrocks et le souhaite un bon jour !08:08
pitti"lui souhaite", non?08:09
didrocksseb128: I reported on launchpad, didn't on b.g.o as you told me the logs don't really uncovered anything08:09
didrocksseb128: also note that I tried on fedora, did multiple reboots, works all the time08:09
didrockspitti: "lui souhaite" or just "souhaite" or even "te souhaite"08:09
seb128didrocks, yeah, the log don't have much info but upstream might know what to ask or what component to blame08:10
* didrocks donne une accolade en retour à pitti08:10
seb128I would open one anyway08:10
Laneyhey didrocks & pitti08:10
didrocksI need to find them back (or at least, find the bug I reported on launchpad)08:10
seb128but I never saw that issue here08:10
seb128intel graphics stack is crap for me in recent versions08:10
Laneypitti: good thanks; climbing, dinner with friends, hanging out & reading - pretty quiet08:10
seb128but other components work fine08:10
Laneywhat about you?08:10
Laneyseb128: avoided the sunburn? ;-)08:11
didrocksseb128: do you use wifi often?08:11
Laneyno london sprint this week08:11
seb128yes, I had my Ubuntu cap!08:11
seb128and some sun blocker08:11
seb128didrocks, yes, I use it 90% of the time08:11
seb128there is no ethernet cable going where I've my main desk08:12
didrocksinteresting, I guess it depends on the card/AP setup08:12
* Laney uses it too a lot, just fine here08:12
seb128is your issue on fresh boot has well?08:12
seb128or after suspend/resume?08:12
didrockson both08:12
didrocksmostly getting it on fresh boot every morning08:13
seb128even at conference?08:13
seb128or specific to your home config?08:13
didrockshappens as well at some conference08:13
didrocksnever got it on canonical network though08:13
didrocksbut yeah, mostly, everyday, I now power up my laptopt08:13
didrocksand go to do something else for a good 5 minutes08:13
didrocksI have to come back sometimes because n-m stops trying to connect08:14
didrocksso relaunching it08:14
didrocksand have to reenter my passphrase08:14
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seb128you should open it on bgo they seem responsive and might know what to ask08:14
didrocksdaily experience from the past 6 months now, getting use to it :(08:14
didrockswill do then, I wonder if anyone looks at the bugs on our side though, the one on lp stayed dead08:15
seb128happyaron is supposed to...08:16
davmor2didrocks: what wifi card do you have I had a similar sounding issue with my ethernet card and I had to change the mtu 8192, not sure if the same solution would help you08:17
didrocks00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection (rev 04)08:18
didrocks03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 [Taylor Peak] (rev 34)08:18
didrocksfor the wifi ^08:18
didrocksdavmor2: you had like a 5 minutes to get an ip/authenticated with your AP?08:19
happyaroncuz no clue for too many stuff...08:19
davmor2didrocks: I'll have a look through my hardware and see if I have a similar card, one thing you might want to do is see if it has powersave mode enabled and if it does disable it and see if that affects it08:20
happyaronmany of them could be kernel bugs but I have no direct proof...08:20
seb128happyaron, hey! no clue is fine, that's when we forward to upstream to see if they have some ;-)08:20
happyaronI see08:20
seb128well don't forward every weird bug08:20
happyaronyep I know, :)08:21
seb128but the ones that impact quite some users and come often as complain from an Ubuntu version are worth forwarding08:21
seb128it's often upstream issues at the end08:21
didrocksdavmor2: I tried disabling power saving already, didn't really help08:21
happyarondidrocks: do you have latest firmware installed?08:21
didrockshappyaron: is there new firmwares?08:22
happyaronwhat's your installed version?08:22
didrockssee above ^ rev 34 I guess08:22
Laneyjust accidentally poured water from the kettle on myself08:23
davmor2didrocks: :(  try picking on the kernel team and cyphermox and awe when they are on08:23
didrocksdavmor2: cyphermox doesn't handle n-m anymore, I tried to ping him08:24
davmor2Laney: ijit you okay? run it under cold water asap08:24
happyarondidrocks: ah I mean the linux-firmware package. and look at boot syslog to see which ucode it loads08:24
willcookeI poked c_yphermox about something which sounds a bit like this problem last week.  He's pretty sure it's driver related08:24
happyaronshould be things like /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-8000C-22.ucode08:25
davmor2didrocks: it's true but he also did it so long that he might have pointers that other people don't :)08:25
didrockshappyaron: well, I though be updated, right? I'm on latest xenial, or is there anything else I should do08:25
willcookethe bugs around these problems are a real mess as well, lots of "me toos" for what are actually different problems.08:25
didrocksdavmor2: happyaron is the new maintainer, that's why I pinged him moons ago :)08:25
didrocksyeah, I bet08:25
flexiondotorgI've only experienced the wifi issues with Intel wifi chpsets, but not all Intel wifi chipsets.08:25
didrockshappyaron: ah, I only have iwlwifi-8000C-16.ucode08:26
happyaronflexiondotorg: and their firmware fixes are almost disabling features...08:26
flexiondotorgBroadcom and Atheros installed into an affected computer resolved the issue.08:26
didrocks(on xenial)08:26
Laneydavmor2: it mostly went into my jumper08:26
Laneybut have done08:26
flexiondotorgAs did install an Intel 8260 (<- I think)08:26
happyarondidrocks: would you mind to try a new kernel + linux-firmware package?08:27
didrocks(nothing in syslog tells me what ucode I'm using)08:27
happyaroni.e. from yakkety08:27
didrockshappyaron: hum, are we sure they are going to work well on xenial, like modules are tested?08:27
happyaronnope, but you can boot back to old kernel anyway08:27
flexiondotorgLaney, seb128 I'm working on several themes fixes. Multiple bugs to be referenced.08:27
flexiondotorgWhat is the process for an SRU when it addresses multiple bugs?08:28
didrockshappyaron: don't we have that backported anyway with hardware enablement on the LTS?08:28
flexiondotorgEach bugs becames an SRU?08:28
didrockshappyaron: because if there is something I can just enable to use this stack (even if in -proposed), that would be even better to bug proof for our users08:28
happyaronbut there's a major bump of kernel version in yakkety08:29
happyaronand only newer kernel would take a newer implementation of the iwlwifi firmware08:29
didrocksoh ok, so I guess I need to manually install new linux-image, & co08:30
didrockscould do that, but not today as it's not a 10 minutes thing :)08:30
pishuiluHi,all. Who can help to upload ubiquity-slideshow pacakge to ubuntu. The url is https://code.launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/html. Thanks!08:30
happyaroni.e. intel may fix some bug in iwlwifi-8000C-16.ucode and update it, but they also develop new things like iwlwifi-8000C-22.ucode, and that fixed 802.1X problem for myself on thinkpad08:31
Laneyflexiondotorg: That's right, each fix needs to be verified08:31
didrocksok, let's see then! will test. Thanks happyaron :)08:32
* Sweet5hark thinks he found a hotfix for the "white tab" issues with libreoffice-gtk3 ...08:40
flexiondotorgSweet5hark, Morning08:50
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seb128hey Sweet5hark, how are you?09:03
seb128sorry, tried to reply earlier but seems some IRC servers issue09:04
Laneywhat go on09:06
Sweet5harkhey seb128, welcome back!09:10
Sweet5harkhow was time off?09:10
seb128hey andyrock, how are you? had a good w.e?09:11
andyrockkind of... some hiking on sunday09:11
seb128Sweet5hark, great, spain, sun & 30°C, visited some nice cities, had good wine&tapas, did some swimming in the ocean09:11
seb128andyrock, good, just back from holidays09:11
Sweet5harkseb128: that sounds really awesome!09:12
seb128it was great :-)09:12
Laney30° in october09:12
seb128I put my summer clothes when I got out of bed this morning09:13
seb128then realized that it's 7°C here09:13
Sweet5harkLaney: lets burn some more coal to bring 30 Celsius in october home to us here in the north.09:13
andyrockseb128: where have you been in Spain?09:13
seb128andyrock, Andalousia, Malaga, Cadix, Sevilla, Cordovia, etc09:14
seb12834°C in Sevilla09:14
seb128I don't want to go there in middle of summer09:15
* Sweet5hark was at his new appartment on Saturday night, wanted to take bus home. Should have had to wait for 13 minutes for the right bus. It was 4 celsius and I still had summer clothes on. Decided to take a rental bike instead to keep myself a bit warmer by moving.09:16
seb128Sweet5hark, when do you move?09:17
Sweet5harkend of this month.09:17
Sweet5harkwell, Im trying to move some stuff over bit by bit already, so the "real" move day isnt that hard anymore.09:18
pishuilucyphermox: Hi, can you help to upload ubiquity-slideshow pacakge to ubuntu? The url is https://code.launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/html09:31
Sweet5harkoh, hmm. seems dsa crypto was broken for good by heninger et al.09:35
chrisccoulsonhow come we don't have exfat support out of the box? (I just plugged in a brand new micro SD card that comes pre-formatted with exfat)09:51
willcookeHow can I grab a screenshot from lightdm?09:57
dufluchrisccoulson: Licensing... IIRC09:58
dufluWhich is amusing given Windows machines are now the only machines that don't support large FAT-32 drives09:59
dufluI guess the reason is Microsoft wants you using ExFAT09:59
Laneywillcooke: in a VM you can do it from virt-manager10:03
Laneyvirtual machine -> take screenshot10:03
Laneyor else xwd -root after exporting DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY (I think) should do it10:08
willcookeseb128, Laney - either of you guys know much gstreamer / clutter?  There is a problem causing U8 to hang if you press print screen.  https://launchpad.net/bugs/152528510:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1525285 in clutter-gst-3.0 (Ubuntu) "inspecting clutter plugin hangs outside X11" [High,Triaged]10:44
Laneywillcooke: not loads, is is urgent?10:50
Laneydoesn't seem to be forwarded from that bug at least10:50
willcookeLaney, there are a couple of people who can take a look who know more, so lets wait and see for now10:50
Laneywillcooke: Would be nice to see it sent upstream - maybe affects wayland too10:53
willcookeLaney, ack will suggest that once I know who is looking at it10:53
Laneygstreamer upstream are often good at fixing stuff too ;-)10:54
Laneyotherwise, can try to climb the hill of knowledge10:55
Laneyto gaze upon the fields of englightenmtn10:55
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seb128willcooke, same as Laney, I don't know offhand but I'm happy to have a look11:35
willcookethanks seb128 - lets see how Jim gets on11:35
seb128chrisccoulson, dunno but it's annoying, we don't even have working exfat support in the archive, I realized a few days into my holidays that I couldn't copy the photo from my camera on my laptop because of that, exfat-utils didn't work, gives random errors, every few tries I could see the DCIM directory on the card but it never worked good enough to get the content :-/11:37
Trevinhoseb128: hey, welcome back... how was your holidays?11:47
* Trevinho had to take the morning out since recovering from the yesterday's flu :-/11:47
seb128Trevinho, hey, holidays was great, sunny & warm in Spain, saw some nice cities, had wine&tapas ;-)11:48
* Laney hugs Trevinho (not too close)11:48
seb128Trevinho, oh, flu, get better!11:48
TrevinhoLaney: lol :-D11:49
Trevinhoseb128: awesome... Was andalusia or where?11:49
Trevinhoseb128: I love spain :-)11:49
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Laneyflexiondotorg: Are you working on bug #1623856 right now?11:59
ubot5bug 1623856 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Updated gtk element means you need to specify a size on the details drop down or it is only 1 line high" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/162385611:59
* Laney could fix that quickly12:00
Laneyunless you want the exercise12:00
Sweet5harkseb128: so I have a very hackish (but low risk) patch for bug 1527053. What to do with it? 0-day SRU, I guess? Ugly/Hackish in that it hardcodes/special cases Ubuntu themes in the LibreOffice gtk3 backend, because doing generic changes/fix here might break more (themes) as this is one leftover area were LO still "manually" paints widgets imitating gtk, which is fragile.12:17
ubot5bug 1527053 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Tab names unreadable in GTK3 in Ubuntu" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152705312:17
flexiondotorgLaney, Yes I am.12:18
pishuiluHi,all. Who can help to upload ubiquity-slideshow pacakge to ubuntu. The url is https://code.launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/html. Thanks!12:27
seb128Trevinho, sorry was eating, yes andalusia, Malaga, Cadix, Sevilla, Cordova, etc12:32
seb128Sweet5hark, your call, how much does it impact default experience? we could probably still justify an upload today12:33
seb128Sweet5hark, in any case prepare the update and let's upload with a bug reference, that can be converted to a SRU if r-t prefers that12:34
* flexiondotorg goes lunch hunting12:47
willcookeooohhhhhhhh kay12:56
willcookeLooks like I've lost my encrypted swap12:56
cyphermoxdavmor2: didrocks: what's with n-m?12:57
davmor2willcooke: his wifi connection is dying all the while I'm assuming it is a driver based issue maybe but figured you might be able to give him some hints and tips to see if it helps12:59
pishuilucyphermox: Hi, can you help to upload ubiquity-slideshow pacakge to ubuntu? The url is https://code.launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/html12:59
davmor2cyphermox: ^ even sorry willcooke12:59
cyphermoxpishuilu: I got it the first time you wrote that, it will be done13:00
cyphermoxdavmor2: that would be more likely drivers13:00
davmor2cyphermox: yeah that's what I thought but didrocks would need to be that one to confirm I can't reproduce it here13:02
pishuilucyphermox: OK, thanks very much!13:02
Sweet5harkseb128: k (sorry for the delay, was in a call). As for impact: I think it will raise severe complains unfixed, but it is a nuisance if it is _temporary_ (one can still read the tab labels with some effort, tabbed dialogs arent used too frequently in a common workflow). but yeah, will prep the package.13:04
seb128Sweet5hark, thanks13:04
cyphermoxdavmor2: ok I'll let him chime in13:10
renato__dpm, popey, hey guys Do you know why clock app has the snappy related files on github instead of the trunk on lp?13:16
renato__is this some kind of rule? We are adding the necessary files on trunk for core apps.13:17
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, I've been there too a couple of years ago... Awesome cities, delicious food...13:20
dpmrenato__, there is no particular reason other than we added the snapcraft.yaml and other files to the snappy-playpen project in github. The code can go to the clock app trunk, as we did for calculator already13:26
renato__dpm, will be nice to have the code on trunk, to setup the automatic snappy package build. Or is possible to do that from git?13:28
dpmrenato__, I think it's not possible from git, unless the branch is imported into LP.13:29
seb128willcooke, did we end up switching the google api key to the new one?14:23
seb128geoloc seems to still not be working here14:23
willcookeseb128, yeah it's switched but there are still problems. qengho is chasing up with Google14:23
seb128which kind? the new one got over quota as well?!14:23
willcookeits generating thousands of errors still14:25
seb128the graph is interesting14:27
jbichaseb128: do you mean in Firefox? because FF49 with the change is stuck in proposed because it doesn't build on ppc64el14:27
seb128still looking at the same url, unsure if that represents the old key14:27
jbichafor yakkety14:27
seb128jbicha, I'm using xenial14:27
jbichaoh right14:27
seb128also the issue is that our google api key is being spammed14:27
seb128it goes over the quota and stops working14:27
seb128willcooke, the graph went down to like 30% of the requests it had, I wonder if whatever is generating the requests is using e.g our firefox package and that the number went down as the machines got updated14:29
seb128it's a bit crazy that we can't get more info on the issuze14:30
willcookethat's exactly what qengho is working on, getting someone to tell us what the heck is goingon14:30
seb128it means basically anyone can DoS the key from somebody else without issue14:30
willcookeAt this point I wouldn't be surprised if its something we're doing wrong14:30
willcookebut I still hope it's someone spamming us14:30
seb128it's a bit weird14:31
seb128the graph has a linear decrease14:31
seb128it's like machines were upgraded over time14:31
seb128if that was some script work from somebody I would expect the key to be changed at some point to the new one14:32
seb128and the old one to stop being used14:32
willcookeyeah, seems quite sophisticated for someone who just "borrowed" our keys14:34
seb128also it has the exact same sine-wave pattern every day with a spike of successful request at the same time14:35
seb128well those successful spikes stopped on septembre 28th it seems14:36
jbichawell, if it's tied to Firefox installs, maybe it's a misbehaving FF extension?14:38
seb128jbicha, we don't know what it's tied to, the graph is http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/geolockey.png14:42
seb128green is the errors, blue is the success14:42
seb128we don't have details on the caller software, ips, or anything14:42
willcookeWhat the heck is using the speech api?14:43
seb128the wave is a bit too regular for being random webbrowser use I would say14:44
seb128willcooke, speech?14:44
willcookeseb128, sorry, missed your comment - what do you mean, like "what is the speech api" or "we are using it for speech"15:10
seb128willcooke, I didn't understand your "<willcooke> What the heck is using the speech api?"15:11
seb128I though we were looking at the geoloc one15:12
seb128I guess some misunderstanding from something I said earlier?15:12
willcookeseb128, ah right15:12
willcookeso with the Google API it seems you get "an API" and then you use that API for all GOOG services15:13
willcookeand as far as I can tell, we shouldnt be hitting the Speech API at all, but yet it shows on the graph that we are15:13
willcookeI think the limits are per service though, not per key15:13
willcookeso that in itself isn't killing our location api usage15:14
willcookebut it looks like it's being used by /something/15:14
willcookewhich is odd.15:14
willcooke*an API *KEY*15:14
willcooke*use that API *key*#15:14
Laneyattente: if you're around, could you review that branch I requested you on please?15:17
flexiondotorgLaney, I'#ve been looking at LP: #162385615:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1623856 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Updated gtk element means you need to specify a size on the details drop down or it is only 1 line high" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/162385615:23
flexiondotorgYou said you have a quick fix.15:24
flexiondotorgI'd be interested to get a hint.15:24
flexiondotorgBecause I've tweaked the "obvious" selectors without success :-(15:24
Laneyflexiondotorg: In the .ui file, set the min-content-height on the scrolled window containing the details textview15:25
Laneysince it's a data file, you can seb128 it up and hack that on the installed package to test15:26
flexiondotorgSo your suggesting changing the .ui of the application to resolve this?15:26
flexiondotorgSo, this issue is not visible using other themes.15:27
flexiondotorgI was working on a theme change.15:27
LaneyYou think it's a general problem with scrolled windows?15:28
flexiondotorgWell, That was my assumption.15:29
flexiondotorgOther applications using aptdaemon gtk3 widgets exhibit the same issue.15:30
flexiondotorgFor example the Adwaita, Arc and Ubuntu MATE themes do not exhibit the issue.15:33
LaneyDunno then15:40
LaneyUse the inspector to find out what property is different15:40
flexiondotorgI'm starting to thing some from gtk-3.0 is being used.15:41
Laneyflexiondotorg: Is it because they set a higher min-height on the scrollbar slider?15:49
flexiondotorgI'll check...15:49
Laneyis canada off today?15:53
flexiondotorgLaney, minor progress.15:54
flexiondotorgLooks like scales.15:54
jbichaLaney: yes, happy Thanksgiving :)15:55
Laneyflexiondotorg: you what15:55
flexiondotorgscale.vertical slider15:55
flexiondotorgNot just that.15:55
flexiondotorgPoking at it.15:56
seb128Laney, http://www.officeholidays.com/upcoming/index.php15:56
Laneywhere's one of those?15:56
Laneyseb128: the secretary's list this morning was INCOMPLETE!15:57
willcookeSorry Laney :)16:02
willcookeI'll add that site to my checklist16:03
Laneyno worries16:04
LaneyI thought they were entered into the website already16:04
* Laney cowboys some uploads in16:04
Laneydavmor2: meow? any chance of a favour?16:05
davmor2wow Laney is a cat16:05
davmor2Laney: what's up dude?16:05
Laneydavmor2: can you hack /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-system-settings.desktop and add OnlyShowIn=Unity8 to the bottom, just check that works properly quickly please?16:06
davmor2Laney: sure give me 516:08
Laneyta duck16:09
davmor2Laney: I still see it in unity8 and not in unity7 even when naming it fully if that is what you needed to know?16:14
Laneyyeah, it's the same as terminal really16:15
davmor2Laney: cool :)16:15
seb128Laney, thanks for fixing gnome-software on i386 ;-)16:21
Laneyfeels like ages ago16:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1631978 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Auto-hide the Launcher and Enable Workspaces options don't work when accessing Settings via desktop right-click" [Undecided,New]16:34
Laneythis is true, and weird16:34
seb128Laney, is COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE set in the u-c-c env in this case?16:39
seb128guess not16:39
seb128u-c-c needs to write in the right compiz profile, that would be lowgfx on the iso16:40
seb128but if the env is not set it's going to try to write to the normal profile16:41
seb128which would lead to that issue16:41
Laneygood knowledge16:44
Laneynautilus has COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE=ubuntu16:47
seb128Laney, regression from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/revision/4193 ?16:54
seb128the upstart job used to setenv16:54
Laneygnome-session has the wrong environment, so I b et it starts nautilus with it wrong too16:58
seb128those used to be updated by the unity upstart job calling setenv when going in lowgfx17:01
seb128Trevinho, ^ what that removed in purpose for another way to do the same?17:01
Laneythis doesn't quite make sense17:05
LaneyI don't think it works on 16.04 with lowgfx either17:05
Laneybecause gnome-session starts without knowing which compiz profile is going to be used17:06
Laneyand that is true for upstart and systemd17:06
seb128but an upstart job calling initctl set-env, as the unity one does, would update their env no?17:06
Laneyit doesn't update the environment of random other processes17:07
Laneyonly for ones which get started after17:07
seb128oh ok, I though it would do for any of the upstart user jobs17:08
Laneyit's one more reason that the ordering matters17:08
* Laney gets a new 16.04 iso to confirm17:08
Laneyyeah, busted there too17:14
* Laney assigns Trevinho ;-)17:15
seb128on that note I'm calling it a day17:16
seb128have a nice evening desktopers!17:16
willcookenight seb12817:16
willcookeI'm off too.17:16
Laneyme three17:23
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TrevinhoLaney: mhmh, I think we can just apply the setting to both profiles without checking the running one... it would be better also to keep the settings in sync20:31
LaneyTrevinho: As you prefer, I think it could be also fixed by setting the variables earlier in the sequence20:41
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