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daftykinsgood morning all07:03
JonTheNiceGuy[m]Time Zone Appropriate Greeting :) (like "Good Evening", or "Mornin'") :D07:26
daftykinsah that's a new one on me07:28
JonTheNiceGuy[m]It was something I used to see on identi.ca a lot.07:30
daftykinsi used to see that site in social links but never knew what it was07:31
JonTheNiceGuy[m]It was a self-hosted alternative to Twitter.07:31
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:44
SuperMattgood morning to you too07:49
brobostigonmorning SuperMatt07:49
diploMorning all07:50
brobostigonmorning diplo07:50
davmor2Morning all08:05
BigRedSgoood morning!08:12
daftykinscold already? :)08:17
SuperMattI was quite happy to come in to the office this morning to find the heating on, however now it's off again and the aircon has kicked in and I was to go on a rampage08:18
daftykinssounds like a very conflicted setup :)08:19
SuperMattI just want the warmth to embrace me like a lover08:23
daftykinsdo a few press ups ;)08:24
foobarryi have a vest on today08:24
foobarryand cashmere sweater08:24
foobarrywhich seems to have shrunk :(08:24
daftykinsfire the laundy staff08:26
brobostigoncan i fire myself?08:27
GargoyleI've done it08:27
foobarryi bet Myrtti has done this kind of thing08:28
brobostigoni fire myself then from doing laundry. lol.08:28
foobarryunshrinking woollen or cashmere08:28
davmor2foobarry: does the label on the jumper say hand wash only, if so then my recommendation is to follow the instructions it's why they are there :P08:29
foobarryi didn't do it08:29
foobarrymy wife dunnit08:29
foobarryshe also shrunk my favourite tee08:29
brobostigonyep, i cant blme my gf for that, i do my own laundry.08:29
foobarryits only shurnk in the length a bit08:29
davmor2foobarry: what she do throw it all in a boil wash08:29
foobarryapparently a gentle wool wash08:30
foobarryit would have been mullered on anything else.08:30
foobarryjust a bit tight and high now08:30
brobostigonsounds like you made your own corset accidentally.08:30
Myrttilol, you're joking. I just turned a machineful of laundry green on Friday. on my defence I did put a colour catcher sheet into the wash, too. It just turns out that the item in the wash was so badly dyed it probably would've needed the whole box of sheets.08:31
Myrttiand if it's really shrunk and felted, there's not much you can do, apart from upcycling it into something else08:32
foobarryits not felted08:33
foobarryjust riding a bit high on my waist08:33
foobarryit stell looks and feels the same08:33
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* diplo wonders if foobarry may have ate to much over the summer :D09:15
foobarryi'm pretty much teh same weight as when i was 1809:26
foobarryif not a bit less09:26
TwistedLucidityLucky bugger, I'm about 13kg heavier09:27
TwistedLucidityIt's just latent muscle...09:28
SuperMattI'm about the same weight as I was when I started uni09:30
SuperMatta good 11 and a half stone09:30
SuperMattbut it's a whole one stone above my recommended BMI weight09:30
TwistedLucidity88kg here (which is about 13 stone)09:31
foobarryi need to gain a 1 1/2 stone09:31
SuperMattbut all the exercise in the world can't make me keep that weight09:31
TwistedLucidityBut then I am 1.94m (6'4") tall09:31
SuperMattI'm a full foot shorter09:31
TwistedLucidityMy plan is to up exercise slightly, cut back on the booze a bit, let the energy imbalance sort things out09:32
TwistedLucidityThen pig-out at Chrimbo! \o/09:33
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Monday, and please spare a thought for those in need of support on World Mental Health Day. 👋09:43
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd2B6SjMh_w09:48
davmor2JamesTait: I think that covers us :)09:48
davmor2JamesTait: it's also just a great song :)09:49
JamesTaitdavmor2, 👍09:52
daftykinsthese are gold - < OerHeks> these are funny http://www.boredpanda.com/comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016/12:42
daftykinsthat's neat, i was having problems with the NFC in my Nexus 5, as i wanted to try out Android Pay - just took it apart and added some tape to pack up the connector on the antenna in the rear case of the phone, works again now :D12:47
zmoylan-pithat sounds... reassuring...12:48
aptanetAnyone here good with Samba permissions, specifically those that differ between accounts that look to be setup the same?12:50
daftykinsno, it's a replacement back and so on because this phone had a smashed screen when my mate gave it to me12:50
aptanetIt is driving me up the wall!12:50
daftykinsaptanet: perhaps a paste of some info would explain that statement a bit better :>12:51
aptanetthat will be tricky given my irc client is connected via a vpn to quassel in my office from my tablet and I am connected to the samba server via my laptop!12:52
daftykinsi was talking about using a pastebin, just do something to demo / explain the issue a bit better12:52
daftykinsuse your loaf :P12:52
diddledanmmm, bread12:53
daftykinsi bought some pancakes at M&S12:53
aptanetbasically when I create a directory with my account I get permissions dwrxrwx--- as per smb.conf, but other accounts get dwrxdr-x---12:53
diddledanM&S food is teh awesome12:54
daftykinsaptanet: i think i use a force group on mine, other than that dunno12:54
diddledanyou can't have two d's12:54
daftykinsheh that's true12:55
aptanetdiddledan: sorry, misstype!12:55
daftykinsnever met 'er12:55
aptanetgot a force directory mode in there already as well as a force group12:56
daftykinscould be ignoring one, or perhaps your users are not in the same12:56
aptanetI'm working on the basis that there is something different with the accounts, the only issue is most accounts not giving group write when they create a directory12:57
daftykinstime to compare 'em then :)12:57
aptanetthat's what I have been doing, now looking for more inspiration12:58
diddledancreate modes are usually dictated by the user's umask12:58
aptanetpdbedit shows they are identical as far as samba goes12:58
aptanetdiddledan: damn, I've been through that but now I find a difference - thanks13:01
aptanetthat's one of the things I miss about working for a large company - being able to take a coffee break and talk techie to clear your brain!13:04
daftykinsso umasks where?13:07
daftykinsi know they're a user property, but where would you be glancing for issues in samba config?13:08
diddledanerm. I would think there be no difference between samba mounts and other mounts as regards to umask13:09
diddledani.e. it is whatever the session has13:09
daftykinsoh so you're saying whover mounts the share would have that uid bound potentially and throwing it that way?13:09
diddledanjust run umask in your terminal13:10
daftykinsthat's just giving the current users one though right, how do you take this knowledge and apply it to the issue...13:10
diddledanwell when you create a file, no matter where that file is, your requested permissions will be filtered through your current umask before the file is created13:11
aptanetdaftykins: 002 on my account and 022 on the others13:12
diddledanthe fact that it's a samba mount in this case is irrelevant13:13
daftykinsbut they're never gonna be the same, right?13:13
daftykinsso what do you even do with that one o013:13
aptanetnow the fun bit is working out where it is being set differently, identical .bashrc and .profile files (well, bar starting byoby which shouldn't touch it)13:17
aptanetoh fun, changing the umask made no difference13:30
aptanetI also realised that it is only on directories not files13:30
diddledanthere goes my theory then :-)13:30
aptanetmore digging in the config!13:30
aptanetdiddledan: it was a promising one, the first notable difference that seemed likely13:31
aptanetbeen a while since I was on irc much, I lived on it back in the 90s and 00s13:34
Gargoyleaptanet, Things just go round in circles. You start with IRC, then try MSN, Jabber, Yahoo then come back to IRC for a few years. Then HipChat and Slack are the new cool apps, but eventually, you come back to IRC! ;-)13:36
aptanetGargoyle: I did jabber (still have a prosody server running in the office), but not yahoo or msn13:37
aptanetbriefly used slack, but hated it - or possibly more the fact that it was too easy for people to ignore/miss messages13:38
aptanetI'm still old school and prefer email - imap connected not webmail too :)13:38
aptanetirc is good for chatting through issues, although I've tended to be more answering than asking questions in the past13:40
aptanetI spent hours on the smoothwall channel back in the day - if anyone remembers that!13:40
GargoyleNope. I plagued pfSense with all my firewall questions! :-)13:41
GargoyleSpent too many hours on QuakeNet back in the day.13:43
aptanetI was involved with smoothwall from the start, and worked for them for a while13:43
GargoyleNice, is it still going?13:43
aptanetI had a bit of a gap in gaming between my Amstrad and an original Playstation13:43
aptanetyes, mainly in a commercial sense, but the project is still there13:44
aptanetnot used it in years, I moved to ipcop for a while and then moved on13:44
GargoyleI played with ipcop a long time ago. Currently running ipfire.13:45
daftykinsi started with ipcop, went to smoothwall, then the alcatel speedtouch 'modem' stopped working with it so i gave up, by then consumer routers had gone mainstream13:47
aptanetI've been using dd-wrt for a while and am playing with openwrt at the moment13:48
aptanetfirst thing was to turn an old dlink dir615 from virgin into a range extender13:48
aptanetfree old hardware plus free software is great :)13:49
daftykinssounds like it could be nasty ol' 2.4GHz 802.11g only13:49
daftykinsmy ISP gave out some nice newer 802.11ac dualband routers a bit ago, only 2:2 stream, but 866Mb is pretty neat13:50
aptanetit is, but it has been in use for a few years now13:52
aptanetI'll be switching to an old ac netgear and an old ac tplink soon I hope13:52
daftykinsi didn't used to care, but now i can throw files around when on the laptop at 50MB/sec+ it's quite neat13:52
daftykinsused to just plug into wired of course :D13:53
aptanetthe dlink was supposed to be a temporary upgrade from some devolo dlan units that proved very poor performance13:53
daftykinsoh, powerline?13:54
aptanetyes, very poor on my cabling14:04
aptanetparticularly when a slightly slow 11g was an upgrade in performance!14:04
daftykinsi've got a cheap tp-link set to go up into the bedroom for my music streamer device / internet radio - does 100Mb just dandy, but my wiring is quite apt14:05
daftykinsi did have a client with a devolo pair ages ago that seemed to have fallen over every time they wanted to use it14:06
GargoyleGood thing about doing the house refurb, I have cables :-)14:07
GargoyleWi-Fi and 16" thick 100 year old farmhouse walls don't play nice!14:08
GargoyleShould be able to run 10Gig at some point in the future too (used cat6).14:08
daftykinsonly 100? :) 16th/17th century here14:09
daftykinsi read some cheaper chips have been produced for the 2 to 5 Gigabit range, could be neat14:09
diddledandaftykins: I want your babies^H^H house14:58
daftykinsdiddledan: wat15:03
diddledandaftykins: 16th century sounds tasty15:03
aptanetmy 1950's house seems a bit new!15:25
aptanetalthough the rate they're building round here it is beginning to feel like an old timer compared to others around!15:26
aptanetnot easy balancing a tablet and separate keyboard while sitting in the driver's seat15:27
daftykinsconcerned i heard death watch up in my roof the other day mind you15:27
daftykins(the woodworm)15:28
aptanetnot that I'm driving I hasten to add!15:28
aptanetwe've had mice, but they are quite easy to catch and re-home15:28
foobarrymice keep respawning15:29
foobarryand get clever after a while15:29
foobarrycompletely avoiding food on traps15:29
diddledanfoobarry: you need to figure-out the respawn points and then camp there with your BFG5000 ready15:30
foobarryunder the floorboards :(15:31
diddledanI never was any good at FPSes15:31
diddledanor is that FPSing?15:31
aptanetso far they stay gone for a long while, and peanut butter has proven irresistible15:31
diddledanwhat about the jelly?!15:32
diddledancan't have peanut butter without jelly! although in the UK that seems a bit of an odd combo15:32
aptanetjelly? jam!15:32
diddledanimagine trying to convince an american that ice-cream and jelly is a thing15:33
* aptanet scrambles for cables15:35
diddledanvince cables?15:35
diddledanyou low on power?15:36
aptanetno, the ones that provide power for my phone / hotspot15:36
aptanetand to think that my remote connection to the office used to be a 14.4 dial up modem!15:37
diddledanI had a 56Kflex modem as my first connection media, which usually synced at about 40Kbps15:38
aptanetstill got my usr modem somewhere15:38
diddledanV.90 or V.92 (I forget whether I had the earlier spec or not)15:38
diddledanyeah I've got a V.92 serial-attached one knocking about here someplace15:39
aptanetat one point I had to dial in to my windows nt4 desktop to then dial out over isdn to a windows 98 desktop in Holand that was the mail server!15:39
diddledanthe joys of multiple hops15:39
aptanetIt was a bit of a step down from Netscape messaging server running on AIX on an RS600015:40
diddledanstill get crazy stuff like that with top-secret access15:40
aptanetI switched a customer's isp remotely through their dial-up connection once15:41
aptanetscary waiting for the connection to come back on the new ip15:41
diddledanat my old place of work they had a government issued laptop which required multi-factor auth to boot (encrypted HDD with a key-fob-style decryption module) which you then needed to login to, then remote desktop to the mildly secure network and then another remote desktop from there into the secure network15:42
diddledanit was weird15:42
daftykinshttp://i.imgur.com/010Ufgx.jpg new tires! gotta pop the downhill ones off :)15:42
aptanetright, time to get back on the road15:51
diddledanTom Scott15:58
daftykinsi saw the bike share system at NASA in Houston, that was neat16:00
daftykinsjust free bikes on stands, use any and take it to another building :>16:00
diddledandoesn't London have that as a general city-wide thing?16:01
daftykinsa lot of cities have such a system that's paid, yes16:01
daftykinsthey're shocking the ones i've seen in the US, you have to check them in every 30 mins16:01
daftykinspoint was it is a staff thing though :>16:04
diddledansciency types are usually pretty good at sharing16:06
diddledanbetterment of everyone16:06
diddledannone of this silly "out for yourself" nonsense16:07
daftykinsclient just had a fake apple ID email claiming a bank card had been added, link pointed to a .pt domain though16:07
daftykinshow naughty16:07
diddledanooh, I got westworld episode 216:11
diddledan\o/ for automation16:11
MyrttiGoogle has those bikes for their employees16:13
Myrttiin Google colours16:13
* Laney has started getting spam to the dropbox-only email address16:22
daftykinsit's all about the Cores17:16
daftykinsnot The Corrs though17:17
diddledanjust watching brian lunduke & matt hartley's linux and whatnot where they're talking about https://matrix.org/19:21
diddledanspecifically https://matrix.org/docs/projects/client/riot.html19:22
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zmoylan-pithat'll take care of those feckin immigrant grey squirrels... :-P22:25
diddledangoogle cloud services have a load of new datacentres coming online today: https://cloud.google.com/about/locations/22:41
diddledanincluding london22:41
daftykinsjust finished Deus Ex ;_;22:45
diddledantime for call of duty?22:45
zmoylan-pisee, you were holly in red dwarf we could type in a few commands and erase them from your memory so you could enjoy them again...22:46
daftykinsnah i don't play call of doody22:47
daftykinszmoylan-pi: i wish that were possible for books and music22:48

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