squish102hmm anyone know what do do here?00:46
squish102I get to the part that says "To set up your homeserver, run (in your virtualenv, as before):"00:46
squish102and I am lost00:46
kulelu88what are you lost on? Squirm 00:52
kulelu88squish102: 00:52
squish102how to run the commands?00:54
kulelu88you can just paste it. It is 1 python command00:54
kulelu88 "\" is used for multi-line pastes00:54
squish102it says in your virtualenv though00:54
kulelu88is your virtualenv activated?00:55
kulelu88paste your user@something info to the left of the command-line00:56
Kiloshi kulelu88 squish102 00:57
squish102i think it is working...00:57
Kilosty squish102 00:57
kulelu88Hello oom. how are you?00:58
kulelu88squish102: it should already be active, cause you ran the /bin/activate on it00:58
Kilosim ok ty, hows things there00:58
squish102kilos, i'll try again after payday00:58
kulelu88im fekking exhausted. 00:58
Kiloskulelu88 you shoulda been asleep long ago00:59
Kiloswhy you up so late/early00:59
kulelu88work Kilos . think it is time for me to resign00:59
Kilosnight shift00:59
kulelu88kak shift. you out of hospital oom? 01:00
squish102kulelu88: it worked thanks01:00
kulelu88shot squish102 01:00
Kilosyes ty lad im home, was only in hospital for 3 days, 01:00
kulelu88back in SA or parking with the Aussies? 01:00
Kilosstill in aus with my girls01:01
Kilostill end of november01:02
Kilosthen the long trip home01:02
kulelu88you made us scared oom, getting sick and shit01:02
Kilossorry lad, it was a surprise for me as well. strange to have a heart attack when only walking and at home i could run and catch sheep and do farm work without hassles01:04
kulelu88must be the aussie people oom. hows the life there? Are you allowed to live there beyond November?01:04
Kilosonly a 3 month visa. the people are ok, have some habits that are strange to us, but basically normal peeps01:07
squish102much more expensive than SA?01:07
kulelu88"no worries mate, no worries" :D01:08
Kiloswhen you directly convert costs things seem very expensive to us but then they earn more01:08
Kiloslike a 10mm socket cost $6.50 which is R6501:09
squish102that seems expensive01:09
Kilosyes i think its between R20 and R3001:10
kulelu88oom checking tool prices <3 hahhaa01:10
Kilosi have to buy as we can afford so i can repair a toploader washing machine for the girls01:10
Kiloslaundromat costs about $50 a week01:11
squish102R20 is cheap. it is about $3 in US01:11
kulelu88you have more than 1 daughter oom?01:11
Kilosno one and the mother of course01:12
Kiloswe are almost like teenagers01:12
Kiloslike 30 years apart never happened01:12
kulelu88hahahaha. 01:13
Kilossquish102 where are you now lad?01:14
squish102i live in a little town in the US01:15
squish102close to a largish city. Charlotte, north carolina01:15
kulelu88squish102 is now an American Boer. Hy bly op die "Ranch" 01:16
squish102My house01:16
squish102nope, small property01:17
squish102ive been here for 15 years, so pretty american01:18
squish102only visit sa every couple years now01:18
kulelu88your kids born there? Squirm 01:18
kulelu88squish102: 01:19
squish102yes, they american01:19
kulelu88squirm is gonna murder me :D accidentally pinging the owe01:19
squish102yes, tab sucks with the name so close01:19
kulelu88time to become zquish01:20
squish102btw Kilos, aussie also have open house plots, or is it all walls like sa?01:20
=== squish102 is now known as zquish012
kulelu88LOL I was kidding, but thank you!01:21
zquish012was the strangest thing to drive into a residentual area and no walls. they actually not allowed, low open fences only01:21
zquish012Squirm: will thank me :)01:22
kulelu88zquish012: in your state? I've heard of some places in America being as dangerous as Hillbrow01:22
Kilosall fencing like in our old days but many walled places as well01:22
zquish012kulelu88: i'm sure there are some dangerous places, none that i know of close to me01:24
zquish012kulelu88 i don't bother to lock my cars, or my house for that matter01:24
kulelu88NC must be very safe though01:24
zquish012no buglar bars, or alarm system01:24
kulelu88Republican and religious right?01:24
zquish012although i don't leave stuff in my car01:24
zquish012i think democrat and religious01:25
kulelu88aah, well politics doesn't matter. they must be old-school friendly kinda people01:25
zquish012only think i left in my car was my car keys because i hoped someone would steel it and i could claim insurance. insurance was higher than i could sell car01:26
zquish012after a couple months, i ended up selling my car :)01:26
zquish012no the real reason i left the keys in the car, was i had another car in the garage, so i had to move my other car every day. was easier to leave keys in the car :)01:27
zquish012i'm also not in the city but about 50 k's from the city01:27
kulelu88you work remotely?01:28
zquish012sometimes.. but work is about 30k's away01:29
zquish012not far, about 40 min drive01:29
kulelu88you must be driving on roads with cows and sheep :D01:30
zquish012which is nothing, my next job, if i get it, is an hour and 15 minutes away :(01:30
kulelu88why do you live in the middle of nowhere?01:31
zquish012wifes dumb idea. house was cheap and she liked the rural small town feel01:31
kulelu88she must be regretting it now :D01:32
zquish012she still loves it. her car is 4 years old and has about 120000 km on it01:33
zquish012and she doesn't work01:33
zquish012that is shopping miles01:33
zquish012lucky petrol is so cheap01:33
kulelu88very rare to hear a wife not working in the US. you must be raking in the moola 01:34
kulelu88jys nou n larnie 01:34
zquish012i would say more than half my friends don't have working wifes... it is all about the children and raising them correctly01:35
zquish012and i couldn't afford a maid01:35
zquish012and i miss my maids and gardners :)01:35
zquish012not plural01:35
kulelu88now you are the gardener ;)01:35
zquish012i'm the gardner and my wife is the maid01:36
kulelu88how is the weather there throughout the year? 01:36
zquish012where i am, it is pretty good. we have seasons, so summer is hot, about 28-40 and winter is cold, about -5 to 1001:37
kulelu88-5 ... rough 01:38
zquish012but houses all have aircon and heat, so your house is always at the temp you want it01:38
zquish012i keep house at about 22-24, somewhere around there01:38
* zquish012 having to convert from farenheight01:39
zquish012coldest we get is -12, but no wind (ever)01:39
zquish012except when a hurricane comes through, like yesterday01:40
zquish012ok so now I have a http://matrix.org/ server running.... what to do with it... hmmmmm01:41
zquish012that reminds me... I need to ask in this # when people are here for good managment tools of debian01:43
zquish012i plan to deploy about 13000 raspberry PI's into stores, how am i going to manage them :(01:44
zquish012one in each store. i have to patch them and send app updates and any config changes. i need tools01:45
Kilosare there so many stores there01:46
zquish012i can see security team saying something like "switch all ssh ports to port 32453 by tomorrow"01:46
zquish012yes, my company has that many01:46
zquish012so when you say, let me replace the thin terminals with new ones, and the unit price is $400 for a wyse thin terminal01:47
zquish012and then i say i need $5 mil... they go.. um no01:48
zquish012so we go with a cheap $60 raspberry PI. they said yes but now i am stuck with how to manage them01:49
zquish012anyway, i gtg, it is getting late here now01:51
Kiloslook here01:52
Kilosmight give you an idea01:52
Kiloszquish012 01:55
KilosMaaz time in charlotte usa01:56
MaazKilos: I'm not feeling too well01:56
zquish012thanks Kilos, will check it out tomorrow01:59
zquish012Maaz: time 2817301:59
Maazzquish012: Sorry...01:59
zquish012Maaz: time charlotte usa02:00
Maazzquish012: Huh?02:00
zquish012about 10pm, but i have to get kid on school bus tomorrow at 6:20am02:00
kulelu88zquish012: somebody once said changing ports is security theatre02:01
LangjanGoeiemore Kilos tyd vir 'n bietjie Afrikaans daar in Oz06:04
LangjanHoe gaan dit met jou en jou omstandighede rondom die medieserekeninge? 06:06
KilosMaaz tell Langjan Skuus oom. Ek  was buite. Of ek het n middag slaapie geniet. As jy nie so haastig was nie kon ons gesels06:29
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell Langjan on freenode06:29
ra1v3nHello all\09:03
Kilosmorning everyone09:20
Kiloshi ra1v3n 09:20
ra1v3nHello Kilos09:22
Kiloshi inetpro thatgraemeguy and everyone else as well09:28
Kiloswake up za09:29
thatgraemeguymorning :)09:47
chesedoKilos: i'm awake... i'm awake09:54
chesedocan i go back sleep now :P09:55
Researcher-One of the long time opensource and ubuntu contributor, Miles Sharpe (IRC NICK : Kilos) need your help and donations, please read the full story and help him, https://www.gofundme.com/reunionroadblock11:19
inetprogood evening18:40
inetproON THE MONEY: Wits SRC’s funding proposal flawed by Stuart Theobald,  10 October 2016, 05:37 http://www.bdlive.co.za/opinion/columnists/2016/10/10/on-the-money-wits-srcs-funding-proposal-flawed18:43
inetprokulelu88, MaNI: some interesting points there ^^18:43
kulelu88they came up with some bullshit funding model in 2 weeks. politics students at their 'best'18:45
MaNIyoung naive socialist marxist students publish document that ignores half of reality, in 10 years time they will be sitting in real jobs condemning the exact people they used to be. The joys of youth.18:45
MaNIas I tried to allude to the other day, one of the 'elephants in the room' that everyone is ignoring, is that the most popular degrees are also the ones that don't even necessarily lead to a bright future.18:48
MaNIIf we burn all of our remaining resources to churn out a bunch of unemployed bachelor of arts students does that really help anyone?18:49
kulelu88it sure as heck doesn't make sense to be funding the next 30,000 marketing students when we need more doctors :D18:49
MaNIWould people be okay if "free education" also came with the clause that the education had to be in something deemed "in demand"?18:49
inetprofair points18:50
MaNIWhen I used to write my unisa exams, the exam hall was always full, but I was often literally the only person writing the exam for the computer science subjects18:50
kulelu88anyways, that topic is exhausting. 18:50
kulelu88does anybody know how to generate your own SSL certs?18:50
MaNIbut yeah it makes me sad just to talk about this stuff, back to work :p18:50
kulelu88you couldn't even copy from your peers MaNI :(18:51
inetprokulelu88: https://letsencrypt.org/18:51
MaNIevery year it got less18:51
MaNIfirst year 10 of us18:51
paddatrapperkulelu88: letsencrypt? Or do you want self signed? 18:51
MaNIsecond year 518:51
MaNIfinal year 218:51
MaNIhonours, just me 18:51
MaNIfelt like I was going to get taken away by a death figure at some point :P18:52
kulelu88paddatrapper: self-signed for local dev. I want to generate server-certs and client-certs18:52
kulelu88MaNI: 2 as in 2 in the venue?18:52
MaNI2 in the row for comp sci subject18:52
MaNI300 in the row(s) for economics, hehe18:53
MaNIthey usually have multiple subjects in the venue for each day18:53
kulelu88joburg venue? MaNI 18:54
MaNIthough I had to do one once in cape town while traveling and it was a similar story18:55
paddatrapperkulelu88: https://www.linux.com/learn/creating-self-signed-ssl-certificates-apache-linux18:55
paddatrapperGood work through there 18:55
kulelu88paddatrapper: you know how to generate client certs?18:56
paddatrapperkulelu88: sorry that I'm not sure about 18:56
kulelu88paddatrapper: https://gist.github.com/mtigas/95234419:41
paddatrapperkulelu88: thanks  19:43
kulelu88so fekking hard to find examples like that19:45
pavlushkaahoy ZA!20:18
=== DalekSec_ is now known as DalekSec
zquish012any advice on managing raspberryPI's. like windows sccm. push patches and app updates as well as config changes?22:39
zquish012i don't want to pay microsoft money to manage the PI's22:40
kulelu88zquish012: I answered you yday22:49
zquish012checked that out. pretty neet, problem was that it basically loads the OS from a central server22:50
kulelu88you need an agent on the Pi itself?22:51
kulelu88and no, Ansible doesn't do that22:51
zquish012with 13000 stores all opening and they all have (i think) 1.5mbit connections, i don't think i have enough bw22:51
kulelu88you need to architect a solution22:52
kulelu88is it 1 Pi per store?22:52
zquish012yes, one maybe 222:52
kulelu88and the Pi has access to a 1,5MB connection to the internet?22:53
zquish012one as a think terminal, basically running a web browser, for ppl to apply for jobs22:53
zquish012and one to be used to monitor temps in fridges.. IoT stuff22:53
kulelu880.o you plan on running a browser via a Pi 22:53
kulelu88geez, your company could have invested about 40 bucks for decent ARM processors instead22:54
zquish012yes, boot up into chromium and lock it down. public facing22:54
zquish012needs to have wifi, bluetooth and video22:54
kulelu88nah man, that's insane. have they bought this stuff already?22:55
zquish012nope, piloting it in a couple stores22:56
zquish012$40 bucks cannot get anything, i don't think22:56
kulelu88you need a more powerful board to run chromium at any decent speed on a thin client22:56
kulelu8840 bucks gets you the highest performing Pi22:57
zquish012ya, you mentioned a decent arm processor for 40 bucks22:57
kulelu8840 bucks gets you an entry level android, which is more powerful than a Pi22:57
zquish012we have an android stick too, but doesn't have bluetooth (i don't think)22:58
zquish012Pi seems fine for browsing, not that i have used one for very long22:59
kulelu88break down the functionality of what the thin client must do: ?22:59
kulelu88and you should start by explaining to your company about botnets10123:00
kulelu8813,000 Pis would be a good botnet to send DDoS from :D23:01
zquish0121. browser for job applications. 2. RDP client to hit internal rdp farm to get to websites internal. 3. bluetooth to talk to IoT devices in fridges23:01
zquish0124. maybe a 3rd to try do triangulation of customers in store23:01
zquish0125. Possibly also a cash register, if we can compile the C code to work in debian23:02
kulelu880.o 23:02
zquish012but need to be able to patch them and update them. keep the bots out23:02
zquish012not sure how secure debian is with security patches. will have 2 sites whitelisted for public23:03
kulelu88Ansible can patch and update without an agent. Salt can do so as well, but it uses an agent. Unless you're not a Python guy, then Puppet, Chef are also options23:04
kulelu88is 1) public-facing or to be used internally by the staffers?23:04
zquish012public facing, to 2 whitelisted websites23:04
zquish012pi should be bolted behind monito in vesa slot23:05
kulelu88your security policy is a bit flawed then. you'll have an RDP client connected as well. If I pwn just 1 Pi (like literally break in and connect to it directly), I then have access to the entire RDP farm23:05
zquish012my worry with all those, is i need to be able to manage that number. if puppet has a good console to report problems, re-apply patches etc23:06
kulelu88the only way to know which is the best is to test them all at a scale going upwards. 23:06
zquish012RDP farm requires AD authentication (but no 2FA yet)23:07
kulelu88does it have brute-force protection?23:07
zquish012built into AD afaik23:07
zquish01210 attempts and locked account23:08
zquish012i do that to myself all the time. running scheduled tasks on windows and password changes. bam, lock my account :)23:08
kulelu88botnets are a real thing, so the security of your architecture needs to be good23:09
zquish012so start with ansible, salt, puppet or Chef?23:09
kulelu88hmmmm, let me check quickly23:10
kulelu88I'd do an agentless setup first. SSH into a box for updates seems normal for anyone managing a server (or a Pi in this case)23:13
zquish012i leave the networking up to our mpls cloud provider and hope they running the network securly 23:15
zquish012ok, will check that out, thanks for the help23:15
kulelu88They all have sizeable learning curves too. Good luck though23:16
zquish012it will take the company from running 13000 thin terminals running windows XP with SP2 to the new age23:16
kulelu88A Pi can't replace a thin terminal though, you need a bit more power23:17
zquish012they only running rdp on them. they very small and old, think the have 256 meg memory in them23:17
kulelu88I can see how I'd quickly grow frustrated with this companies IT policies23:19
zquish012me too, that is why i have to get out23:21
kulelu88the grass is probably not greener though23:22
zquish012job market is good, but wife doesnt want to move to different city23:22
zquish012since being purchased, the team has gone from about 20 people to 523:23
zquish012about 10 of those, i still have lunch with to keep in contact23:24
zquish012their grass is so much greener23:24
zquish012they lol at me staying :(23:24
kulelu88heh??? you want to manage 13,000 stores with a team of 5 0.o23:24
zquish012keep sending me pics of the xbox in cafeteria for when they need a mental break23:24
zquish012no, i need to manage 13000 devices with one person and that is in a different department23:25
kulelu88that is a botnet waiting to happen23:25
kulelu88you need at least 24 hour log monitoring for so many terminals23:26
zquish012it department in total is about 800 ppl23:26
kulelu88how many sysadmins?23:26
zquish012like 3 for storage, 5 for virtualization, 4 for AD/exchange, risk/security has about 14 and a company that monitors qradar logs 23:28
zquish012but security team is a bit like https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ycQV62iNSrs/maxresdefault.jpg23:31
zquish012the IoT botnets are really scaring ppl23:32
zquish012probably need laws to make a change to IoT devices23:32
kulelu88that is why 13,000 Pis is like "whoa, fun times"23:33
zquish012if my lights are part of a botnet, but they still work... /me don't care23:33
zquish012^^ that is the issue23:33
zquish012well we 70000 pc's in the stores.. bigger botnet23:34
kulelu88Updating a Pi is not so hard, updating those smaller IoT devices is difficult23:34
zquish012because if the IoT device works, ppl not going to update it23:35
kulelu88zquish012: they shouldn't. If the device is already on the interwebz, it can be updated by itself23:37
zquish012like my accesspoint at home. unified networks, or something... does a sweet job of updating itself23:39
kulelu88well it's an american problem, in SA our internet network is too shit to support any IoT stuff23:41
zquish012american internet is about 20th on the world list23:42
zquish012need more competition to get fiber in everywhere23:42
zquish012only once google fiber came into city did my isp go from 20mbit to 100mbit. hey free upgrade guys, stay with us23:43
kulelu88how is netflix on 100MB?23:44
zquish012it was fine on 20MB, 2-3 streams in HD (i think they were all HD)23:46
kulelu88now you can stream in 3D :D23:47
zquish012wish i had a 3d tv. not too big on 3d though23:47
zquish012waiting for a tv to blow up before i replace it23:47
kulelu88can see you're not american. jy is spaar vir geld. is jou vrou American?23:48
zquish012nope she also south african23:48
zquish012i could not justify spending money on another tv. better things to buy23:49
zquish012i have already "sized" up the tv's in the house. buy a bigger tv for HT room, move the other around, and throw out the smallest23:50
kulelu88living in a dorpie, I thought your kids would have no TV23:51
zquish012at this point the guest bedroom has a 40 inch23:51
kulelu88"gaan daar uit die huis en kyk National Geographic" :D23:51
zquish012they don't ever watch TV, it is so sad23:51
kulelu88do they have a mixed S.African accent or full blown "howdy y'all" ?23:52
zquish012use ipads/phones to watch tv, even though they have a tv in their room with a chromecast... but noooo they watch it on ipad23:52
zquish012they don't understand us, and we don't understand them :)23:53
zquish012and we in the "south". different accent to the west "TV" accent23:53
zquish012when we came over when we emigrated, we were like wtf, this is not how americans sound on TV23:54
kulelu88what made you decide to leave? 23:54
zquish012well we looked at SA and for us, back then, didn't see anything that showed any signs for improvements 23:56
zquish012and we wanted kids to have a future without being based on colour23:57
kulelu88now you'll have superfly you can hang with :D23:57
zquish012notice i can still spell south african23:57
zquish012"color" "colour"23:57
zquish012i should warn superfly 23:58
zquish012moving to a new country is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard, hardest thing I have ever had to do23:58
zquish012easiest thing would be to have stayed in SA23:59
kulelu88so you never moving ever again?23:59
zquish012naaa, other than the pain, i am very happy here. would never leave. (ive been brainwashed or something :) )23:59

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