powersjkalx2: are you trying to prevent the image from generating SSH keys automatically?00:02
kalx2powersj: I still want it to generate the local RSA/DSA/ECDSA/etc keys. I don't want it to take the key provided by EC2 Metdata and add it to the authorized_keys file00:03
kalx2powersj: Basically, looking to have a hardcoded key in authorized_keys, and just have cloud-init do the RSA/DSA/ECDSA/etc key generation and not touch the authorized_keys file.00:04
kalx2I assume the SSH module is what's grabbing the key from EC2 metadata and adding it to authorized_keys. However, I can't find any config related to this or to disable it00:04
powersjthere is a disable_ec2_metadata option, but I'm not sure what other impacts that would have.00:05
kalx2powersj: from the logs, it looks like it grabs a lot of other info from the ec2 datasource like details on storage devices to auto-mount, etc.00:26
powersjah that does make sense, probably not something you want to wholesale blow away :)00:27
kalx2powersj: so not so desirable here., yes : ) This disable SSH key seems like it would be a somewhat common usecase, will try to search more00:27
kalx2thx for your help though00:27
kalx2very odd. I don't find anything and the SSH module doc doesn't mention anything about performing this function. Best choice seems to disable the ssh module and take care of the host key generation manually via script00:55

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