smgollerthumper the endpoint is set to similar to the example: http://my.mass.server/MAAS00:21
thumpercan I get you to put a slash on the end?00:22
thumperit shouldn't matter, but might00:22
smgollerthis is the error:00:22
smgollerhold on let me pastebin it00:22
smgollerthumper http://paste.ubuntu.com/23524903/00:23
smgollergut feeling is the slash won't matter, but i can try it if you like00:23
thumperthat's fine00:23
thumperno idea why that is happening to be honest00:24
thumperit shouldn't00:24
thumpercan you hit the 2.0 api endoint without juju in the way?00:24
smgollerthumper let me reverify that, actually00:25
thumperfrom the controller machine?00:25
smgollerjuju and mass box are the same00:26
smgollermaas box that is00:26
smgollerthumper  hitting http://maas.goller.lan/MAAS/api/2.0/version/ works fine from both maas/juju machine and another machine on the network00:28
smgollern/m for some reason I was thinking the controller being boostrapped couldn't talk to the maas box, but it's being bootstrapped from the maas box :)00:29
smgollerand it's definitely ssh'ing into it00:30
smgollerso it successfully launches the host via maas, right now it's installing the machine agent00:30
rick_hsmgoller: does the 1.0 api version exist on 2.0?00:30
rick_hsmgoller: e.g. can you take that url and hit it successfully as does the 1.0 api version say it's maas 2.0?00:31
smgollernot any more apparently. If you hit 1.0 it says it's been removed.00:31
rick_hsmgoller: what's the version response from that call above?00:31
rick_he.g. what does maas say its version is?00:31
rick_hok, so this is a dev version of maas? they just got 2.1.1 out today right?00:32
smgollerit's maas-stable repo00:33
rick_hok, the +bzr/etc made me suspect it as a dev version but ok00:33
rick_hI know that froboware was having issues with 2.1.1 and juju trunk, but it was in getting vmaas machines working vs bootstrap/api version I thought I understood it to be00:34
* rick_h wonders if they yanked something and we've not noticed it yet. I just sent a request to QA to update our maas to 2.1.1 today based on the new release00:34
rick_hsmgoller: I'll have to spin up a vm and try the latest maas and see what I can see00:36
rick_hthumper: if you get a sec I wanted to chat please00:36
thumperrick_h: hey00:38
smgollerrick_h: awesome. thanks!00:38
rick_hthumper: can I steal 15min ?00:38
thumperrick_h: sure00:38
rick_hsmgoller: heh don't thank me yet, going to take a sec00:38
rick_hthumper: do you have a bluejeans or something you use?00:38
smgollerrick_h: you're looking into it, that's all that counts.01:05
rick_hthumper, so I can't find any examples of us parsing this complicated version string on the gomaasapi code: https://goo.gl/uKxsbE01:24
rick_hthumper: my guess is that the version checker is failing to parse, returning an error, and that's turning into an error that it's not a 2.0 supported version and it falls back to 1.001:24
* thumper looks01:25
rick_hthumper: but I don't follow that parser code well enough for the problem to jump at me and the controller_test.go code doesn't have anything testing it's parsing I'd expect to see.01:25
thumperit just unmarshalls the json01:25
rick_hthumper: any chance there's a fast way to test that method against the version string 2.1.1+bzr5544-0ubuntu1 ?01:26
thumperpaste me the version string01:26
rick_hthumper: https://goo.gl/RQn9Im is what I think is failing01:27
rick_hthumper see line above, the 2.1.1+bzr...01:27
rick_h"version": "2.1.2+bzr5555-0ubuntu1" is my json output01:27
thumperthat isn't valid json01:28
rick_hthumper: no, you want the full json?01:28
* thumper pokes the code01:28
thumperno... that should be fine01:30
rick_hhmm, ok then. No idea. I can verify that you're right. It tries 2.0 first, and the error smgoller is seeing is when it fails to find a valid version and that version is put together by parsing that output.01:31
thumpersmgoller: can you try bootstrap with --debug?01:31
thumpersmgoller: that will at least get the line that is failing the 2.0 check to be logged01:31
rick_hsmgoller: +1 be curious if that debug line about "read version failed:" comes out in there01:31
thumperrick_h: that isn't what is done01:31
thumperrick_h: the 2.0 endpoint is hit, and the only thing that is looked at in that response is the capabilities array01:32
rick_hthumper: ? /me is reading it wrong? readVersionFailed is checking it parsed the json response?01:32
thumperparse just hits the url and parses the json01:32
thumperversion is the path01:32
thumpernot the field name01:32
rick_hthumper: understand, sorry. I just mean the output of version. in that readAPIVersion01:33
thumperit would say 2.001:33
rick_hso bootstrap against this maas with 2.0.0 works (well it complains about lack of machines but gets that far)01:41
* rick_h upgrades to devel ppa01:41
rick_hsmgoller: where did you get your juju from?01:41
* rick_h smacks head for not upgrading juju 2 vs just juju01:42
rick_hsmgoller: ok, I can't replicate with the 2.1 beta1 either. I have to say to check your url and your credentials in .local/share/juju/credentials.yaml  and clouds.yaml01:45
rick_hI don't think it's an auth problem, I get 01:46:03 ERROR cmd supercommand.go:458 Authorization Error: Invalid API key.01:46
rick_hif I change my oauth token...01:46
* rick_h waits for bootstrap to timeout with a bad url for the maas endpoint...01:48
rick_hboom, here we go I bet: 01:49:22 DEBUG maas controller.go:80 read version failed: &errors.Err{message:"", cause:(*url.Error)(0xc82044a000), previous:(*errors.Err)(0xc82040c0a0), file:"github.com/juju/gomaasapi/controller.go", line:794}01:49
* rick_h now waits for v1.0 to time out01:50
rick_hboom! {Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection timed out}])01:51
rick_hok, so that's what it is. failure to reach the maas server at all01:52
rick_hthumper: smgoller ^01:52
rick_hthe bug I'll file from here is that we need to output to the user when we fail to connect/find v2.0 so that's much more obvious in the output to the user01:52
rick_hbecause you can't tell "cannot communicate with maas" vs "wtf are you looking at the 1.0 api url?"01:52
rick_hhttps://pastebin.canonical.com/171681/ for full output01:53
rick_hsmgoller: filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1644395 on your behalf01:56
mupBug #1644395: failure to connect to maas endpoint looks the same as wrong maas version <observability> <usability> <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1644395>01:56
* rick_h stops working now...01:57
viswesnDo juju bootstrap output can be send to log file? rather than stdout or stderr?03:56
viswesnI am writing juju-ci-tool and I want the output of juju bootstrap redirected to a file03:59
hallynjuju won't shut up: Nov 24 05:39:09 sergeh2 mongod.37017[16252]: Thu Nov 24 05:39:09.595 [conn26] command juju.$cmd command: { getLastError: 1, j: true } ntoreturn:1 keyUpdates:0  reslen:83 111ms04:46
viswesnredirecting stdout and stderr fails on juju-ci-tools; - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23525597/04:54
viswesnhow to overcome this issue04:54
AnkammaraoHi All05:48
Ankammaraoi am new to terms05:49
Ankammaraocan any tell me how to create terms or push terms05:49
lazyPowerAnkammarao: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/developer-terms07:04
Ankammaraothanks lazyPower, but charm push-term  is not working for my machine07:07
Ankammaraogiving error like ERROR unrecognized command: charm push-term07:08
lazyPowerAnkammarao: do you have the charm package installed?07:08
Ankammaraoyes installed07:08
lazyPowerAnkammarao: did you install via the snap?07:09
viswesnI am getting always juju version - 2.1-beta2-xenial-amd64 rather than stable version; I also ran - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stable07:10
Ankammaraosnap has installed at /snap/bin/charm07:10
viswesnhow to get stable rc3 version of juju07:11
lazyPowerAnkammarao: would you mind filing a bug here? https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client/issues07:11
Ankammaraook sure07:11
viswesnhow to upgrade to juju2.0 rc3 version from my current juju version 2.1-beta2-xenial-amd6407:15
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kjackalGood morning Juju world!08:20
AnkammaraoHi mattyw08:32
Ankammaraocan you help me to create terms08:33
feral_yo, do you guys know of any scalable web crawler or screen-scraper charm bundles?08:43
zeestratviswesn: Do you perhaps have the juju/devel ppa for juju installed alongside juju/stable? You should be able to list them with: "ls -la /etc/apt/sources.list.d/"08:48
zeestratviswesn: Is there a reason that you want the juju2.0 rc3 release? Just asking because it is an older release now. See https://launchpad.net/juju/+series08:50
viswesnzeestrat, so how can I upgrade to new version08:51
viswesnright now I am using - 2.1-beta2-xenial-amd6408:52
viswesnlooking in to the launchpad.net/juju/+series I think the version which I am using it good to go ; Please correct me, if I am wrong08:53
zeestratviswesn: The latest release in the juju/stable ppa is 2.0.1 so if you want to get on stable you'll have to make sure you only have the juju/stable ppa installed, do apt update, then downgrade or remove and reinstall juju08:57
viswesnThanks zeestrat09:01
viswesnZeestrat, Is I am missing something ? - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23526316/09:03
viswesnI am still seeing the same version after updating juju/stable09:04
zeestratviswesn: Could you paste the output from "ls -la /etc/apt/sources.list.d/" and "dpkg -l | grep juju"09:05
viswesnzeestrat, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23526325/09:06
viswesnZeestrat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23526325/09:11
feral_can the charm command line tool list all bundles in the charm store?09:13
zeestratviswesn: Thanks. Seems you have the juju/daily ppa in there. Try this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23526346/09:14
viswesnFinally it is working :)09:16
viswesnThanks a lot Zeestrat09:16
zeestratNo worries. Good luck!09:18
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mattywAnkammarao, hey there -sorry, we keep missing each other11:07
mattywAnkammarao, you were asking about terms?11:07
mattywAnkammarao, there's a good guide to terms here: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/developer-terms. If you have any more questions I'll be around all day11:13
Ankammaraomatty i have tried with charm push-term command11:15
Ankammaraobut its giving error to me11:15
AnkammaraoERROR unrecognized command: charm push-terms11:16
mattywAnkammarao, what version of charm tools do you have?11:16
mattywAnkammarao, only charm tools 2.2 from the snap has push terms11:16
Ankammaraocharm-tools 2.1.911:17
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mattywAnkammarao, you'll need to get 2.2 from the snap store11:17
Ankammaraocan you tell me how to upgrade the charm tools11:17
mattywAnkammarao, snap install charm should do it?11:17
Ankammaraoyeah i tried it and it has installed11:18
mattywyou'll need to make sure you run charm from the snap path11:19
mattyw /snap/bin/charm I believe11:19
Ankammaraoyes i tried11:20
Ankammaraocharm is not a directory11:20
mattywcharm should be the binary11:21
mattywAnkammarao, did you do snap install charm?11:21
Ankammaraoyes i did11:21
mattywAnkammarao, so /snap/bin/charm push-term -h should work?11:23
Ankammaraoits working11:23
Ankammaraogiving some output11:24
mattywevilnickveitch, ping?11:24
evilnickveitchmattyw, hey11:25
mattywevilnickveitch, so I need to improve the docs here: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/developer-terms11:27
mattywevilnickveitch, and I'd like them to be live asap - which branch of juju/docs should I submit the pr to?11:27
evilnickveitchmattyw, Hi, okay. The PR should be against master - we'll backport to relevant versions11:28
mattywevilnickveitch, ok great, I'll give you a friendly ping when it's done, cheers11:29
Ankammaraomattyw, so i can use /snap/bin/charm push-term terms.txt my-group/my-terms command to create terms?11:37
mattywAnkammarao, you can indeed11:38
Ankammaraomatty, what terms.txt contains11:41
mattywevilnickveitch, https://github.com/juju/docs/pull/154311:56
mattywAnkammarao, terms.txt should contain the plain text of the terms you are publishing11:56
mattywAnkammarao, are you looking to publish a charm that requires some terms and conditions to be signed?11:57
Ankammaraoi have already pushed the charm to the charm store, but i got review comments terms missing or terms not created for the charm11:58
Ankammaraoso i want to create or push terms to the charm11:58
mattywAnkammarao, are you expecting to need to create terms for the charm?12:00
mattywAnkammarao, as the charm author that's you're decision, if you don't require terms and conditions to be signed you don't need to include them12:00
Ankammaraomattyw, when i tried to deploy the charm from the charm store it was asking for agree the terms12:01
Ankammaraomattyw so can we remove the terms if we do not require12:02
mattywAnkammarao, which charm is this? to agree to terms you just need to run juju agree...12:02
mattywAnkammarao, and yes - if you don't require uses to sign any terms you can just not specify any in the charm's metadata.yaml12:02
Ankammaraomattyw ,ibm-platform-ac12:03
mattywAnkammarao, and then users won't get prompted to agree to terms when they deploy the charm12:03
mattywAnkammarao, this charm? https://jujucharms.com/u/ibmcharmers/ibm-platform-ac/trusty/412:03
Ankammaraomattyw,yes this only12:04
mattywAnkammarao, so if you have any terms and conditions that users of this charm should sign they should be uploaded using charm push-term filename.text owner/termname12:05
mattywAnkammarao, I believe there are a number of ibm terms already uploaded, but the ones needed by this charm is obviouslly an ibm decision12:05
mattywAnkammarao, but any terms that need to be signed should be put in plain text format and put into a file which is passed as an argument to charm push-term12:06
mattywAnkammarao, and then when the user deploys the charm and does juju agree they will be presented with the contents of this file12:06
Ankammaraomattyw, i am getting this error "error: could not read contents of "ibm-platform-ac.txt": open ibm-platform-ac.txt: permission denied" while pushing terms12:07
Ankammaraomattyw, i just pasted the content into the file .txt12:08
mattywAnkammarao, that error would be a local problem (local to your machine) it means the command is unable to read from that file12:09
Ankammaraomattyw, thanks for help and i'll try to resolve the issue with .txt and i'll push the terms12:17
mattywAnkammarao, no problem, sorry the docs weren't clearer, I've submitted a fix for that, if you have any more issues just let me know12:18
Ankammaraomattyw, ok np12:19
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capsalihi guys13:29
capsaliwe have a small problem with juju2 and i hope i can get some help with it13:31
capsaliwe have juju2 deployed in ha with 3 state machines, MAAS as backend13:31
capsalithere are 6 total models13:31
capsalithe largest modle has 70 machines13:32
capsaliand the smallest one has 4 machines13:32
capsalithe problem is that it takes a long time for any command givent ot juju13:33
capsalion the larger model if i issue a juju status command it hangs around 40-60 second untill it displays the results13:33
capsalion the 4 machines model it is quicker, but still around 10 seconds13:34
capsalifor 'juju models' the same problem, round 1min to display results13:34
capsalii have been tailing juju logs with no luck13:34
capsalithere isn;t any relevant error in the logs that could trace to this problem13:35
capsalithe only thing that is weird to me is that from the 3 state machines, two of them have mongodb consume around 5% of cpu and jujud around 55%13:36
capsalithe first state machine mongodb stays at around 80% sometimes reaching 160-200% cpu13:36
capsaliany ideas on what could be the root cause for this slowness?13:37
zeestratHey capsali I don't have an answer but I saw bdx having some similar load issues yesterday: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/11/23/%23juju.txt13:49
zeestratAlso, it's pretty quiet here today from juju folks due to it being a US holiday.13:51
pmatuliscapsali, yeah, best open a bug14:16
capsalithanks guys14:27
capsalii would open a bug but i don't have any relevant logs to show14:27
capsalithat's why i didn't open a but yet14:28
capsaliand happy holiday14:28
capsalithanksgiving right?14:28
viswesnI am using logger module to write log messages to file in juju-cli-tool but I am getting logs that were specific to juju-cli-tool in the log file where as the log output from juju is shown on stdout but not in the file; how to redirect that to the log file?14:39
magicaltrout isn't it nice when all of the USA is offline! ;)16:24
mattywevilnickveitch, you still about?16:54
evilnickveitchmattyw, yup, I'm just working on backporting that fix16:55
mattywevilnickveitch, you work fast - I was just about to ask what I should be doing :)16:56
evilnickveitchmattyw, should be live in stable docs in about 10 mins17:12
mattywevilnickveitch, many thanks17:13
evilnickveitchthanks for helping17:14
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bdxrick_h: happy thanksgiving19:36
bdxrick_h: hitting this pretty regularly -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23528908/19:37
bdxrick_h: don't know if you made a bug for it the other day or not19:37
bdxcan't even access my controller -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23528918/19:40
mupBug #1644634: cannot access controller <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1644634>19:46

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