Trioxinhere's a question if anyone wants some points https://askubuntu.com/questions/852907/autostart-gui-app-as-root-without-adding-logged-in-user-to-wheel00:25
valorieyou can have multiple panels, and I believe the settings for each are separate00:28
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glmvnhello everyone02:40
[Relic]Is there some way of stopping 16.10 task manager from sorting windows alphabetically when set to "do not sort"?02:47
[Relic]FF taskbar items bounce around a lot if you open in new window rather than new tab02:48
OCNIOZHello! I could use some help with the built in messenger program on Kubuntu, every time I click on Google to try to set up my hangouts account nothing happens03:07
OCNIOZhttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-telepathy-0-9/ already tried what that page says03:08
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valorieOCNIOZ: telepathy is no longer being developed03:37
valorieI believe we pulled it from the last ISO03:37
OCNIOZOh... so there is no way I can get it working with Google?03:37
valorieif we didn't, we should have03:38
OCNIOZIf it was pulled it was pulled :03:38
valoriewell, some people have said that they got it working03:38
valoriebut mostly I hear complaints03:38
OCNIOZAh. Any idea what those who claim it is working have done?03:38
valoriegoogle and fb both changed their api or closed them03:38
valorieI don't, and gave up myself03:39
OCNIOZAny suggestions on a google hangouts alternative solution then?03:39
valorieif I have to use it, I use chromium or chrome03:39
valoriesorry to say03:39
OCNIOZJeeze... it's gotten that bad?03:40
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> They have snapped the Google Hangout but in CLI03:40
OCNIOZI use google hangouts for *all* of my calls and text messages03:40
valorieahoneybun: a snap for hangouts?03:40
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Oh calls03:40
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> I think its called hangups03:40
OCNIOZI don't care about calls from my laptop, but the text messages would be super nice03:40
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> It works fine when I used it03:41
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Till I moved all to Telegram03:41
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> sudo snap find hang03:41
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Either hangups or hangout03:41
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Then sudo snap install hang*03:41
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Np03:42
OCNIOZI always feel so silly in here03:42
OCNIOZI'm an IT pro but it's all Windows OS at work so I know nothing about NIX03:42
OCNIOZWhat are "snaps" or should I just google it03:43
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> http://snapcraft.io03:44
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> One place for sure03:44
valoriesnappy is a way of making instant packages03:44
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Well snaps are03:44
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Snappy is the IoT OS I believe03:45
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> That is built with snaps03:45
valorieok, sorry03:45
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> No reason to be sorry, its very confusing03:45
IrcsomeBot1* ahoneybun needs to learn more snappy and snaps for a conference in March03:46
gstnetI thought "internet accounts" thing in kde 16.10 IS ktelephaty04:15
gstnetit works great for me. I use it with google hangouts, AIM and jabber04:16
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GoodPuppersHello. I have a computer with a GTX 970, an intel core I5 skylake, 8 gigabytes of ram, a few other distros on the hard drive, and a usb drive to install ubuntu. When i boot up into the install menu and press enter to install, it goes to a grey terminal window momentarily, then going black and not displaying anything.06:16
GoodPuppersPosting here as well, as the problem also occurs on kubuntu.06:16
DarinMillerGoodPuppers: By chance have you tried nomodeset? http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu06:19
GoodPuppersI haven't installed the OS yet, i'm afraid.06:21
hateballnomodeset works on the install media as well06:21
GoodPuppersI'm curious, what does nomodeset do?06:24
DarinMillerGoodPuppers: Sorry, here's a better link.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/131435/can-i-force-kubuntu-installer-to-use-nvidia-driver-not-nouveau06:24
DarinMillerSee UPD: near the bottom.06:25
DarinMillernomodeset forces a specific default graphic mode.  Quite often it will not use your native screen resolution- especially if its HDPI.06:26
GoodPuppersThanks. Be right back then!06:27
GoodPuppersIt worked, but i forgot i had ubuntu on my usb instead of Kubuntu -_-06:35
GoodPuppersI saw an amazon logo and noped out06:35
GoodPuppersHow do you pronounce Kubuntu?06:36
GoodPuppersIs it koo-boon-too, or K Ubuntu?06:36
hateballI'd use the former06:36
DarinMillerKU Bun 206:36
valorieI use koo buntu06:38
valoriebut since it's made up, you can pronounce it any way you like!06:38
GoodPuppersdoes kubuntu have the same advertising and shady business stockbuntu does?06:38
GoodPuppersI'm gonna pronounce it k ubuntu06:38
valorieno advertising, no reporting06:39
GoodPuppersI was using mint until people on an IRC trashed my decision06:39
valoriewell, use what you like06:40
DarinMillerMint is also a good DE.06:40
valoriethis isn't religion06:40
GoodPuppersThey kinda did let one of their isos get compromised, though06:40
valoriethey did06:40
GoodPuppersI'm liking linux so far06:42
GoodPuppersI just started and the automation with simple scripts is pretty cool06:43
DarinMillerGoodPuppers: For me Linux makes computer fun to use again.  So many projects and things to expore.06:45
GoodPuppersI also kinda hate it when a computer tells me no06:46
GoodPuppersI bought you06:46
GoodPupperslisten to me06:46
DarinMillerThe longer I use Linux, the more I appreciate the community and the attitude of open source.  And the more I dislike any other business model.06:50
valoriefreedom is pretty great06:53
valorieI don't mind paying my favorite restaurant for dinner, though06:53
valorieor donating to free projects!06:54
DarinMillerDitto :)06:54
valorieso I hear06:54
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thelionroarsuh, help? The installer won't let me continue past the 'Prepare' stage08:56
hateballthelionroars: Is this 16.04 or 16.10?08:57
hateballthelionroars: And you have successfully booted into the "Try" mode, and are now trying to install it?08:57
hateballHmmm, the "prepare" stage, what does that show? I cant remember08:59
hateballack, gotta run, hopefully someone else will be around08:59
thelionroarsit's a new XPS 13, I'm checking UEFI settings at the moment08:59
thelionroarsit asks if you want to download updates while installing, and install 3rd party stuff08:59
thelionroarsbut no matter what options, proceeding to disk is disabled09:00
hateballthelionroars: Does the machine have a windows install on it?09:00
thelionroarsit came with it, I disabled secure boot but am looking for other possible problem settings09:01
hateballthelionroars: are you looking to dualboot?09:01
thelionroarsI'm wiping that sucker09:01
hateballthelionroars: have you tried using the partitioning tool before starting the installer?09:02
hateballto wipe the drive clean09:02
hateballI think windows has some... hybrid sleep mode... thing... maybe that confuses the installer09:02
thelionroarsmight give that a go09:02
thelionroarsTrying AHCI instead of RAID, that may work09:03
thelionroarsI'm guessing it was the RAID being on, that or 'legacy' boot modes being disabled.09:07
thelionroarsworking now09:07
hateballI recall reading about that AHCI/RAID stuff09:11
hateballThink that was a machine that didnt allow switching to AHCI or some such09:11
hateballGood you got it going at least !09:11
thelionroarsyes, relieved09:12
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timssHi. Using Kubuntu 16.10 with Nvidia Quadro 600 (binary driver), and the desktop feels really sluggish. Moving windows have a slight delay, and I can notice a lag when starting krunner etc. Any obvious performance tweaks I should do? I'm used to running Plasma (5) on Intel graphics, where it's really snappy.09:42
yossarianuktimss: try the latest drivber from the offical nvidia ppa - latest is 275.2009:44
hateballIs 375 packaged now?09:44
hateballah I see, very recently09:45
hateballtimss: For the latest official driver: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37009:45
hateballtimss: replace with nvidia-375 for the beta driver09:46
yossarianukIi winder if anyone can help me - also I havee a fairly beefy work laptop - I7 cpu, Nviidia 960, 16G ram, SSD - my issue is whenever I write data to a USB stick my system is unusable - really  laggy/slow - its oytherwise pretty damn fast09:46
yossarianukits not the USB stick09:46
hateballyossarianuk: high cpu load?09:46
hateballyossarianuk: what filesystem does the thumbdrive use?09:47
hateballNTFS will eat more CPU than say FAT32 or ext*09:47
hateballI have also seen some bugs related to the notification plasmoid, that gobbles CPU when it updates the progress of file operations down in the tray09:47
timssyossarianuk: hateball: I'm running 367.57 atm, any particular reason you'd expect the 375 to be much better? I've used a few iterations of drivers on this card without much difference.09:48
yossarianukfilesystem doesn't matter - fat/ext4 /ntfs i.e using dd makes my machine unusable09:48
soee375.20 has one serious bug where opengl apps have poor performance09:48
hateballyossarianuk: hmmm, using dd would rule out the notification plasmoid as well09:49
yossarianuksound skips, mouse lag, just typing this is a nightmare09:49
yossarianukdoesn't happen on my i5 desktop ...09:49
yossarianukanythinng I can do to help troubleshoot - i.e any logs ,,  etc09:50
yossarianukcpu load is fairly high09:50
yossarianuknot sure if this is ubuntu/kubuntu specific as i've only used *buntu based distros on this machine09:51
yossarianukhappened to 16.04 also09:51
yossarianuk(on 16.10)09:51
soeeso it also makes screenlocker crash and you have to switch tty yo unlock screen :)09:52
timsssoee: thanks for the heads up09:52
soee"The regression was identified, so the next 375.XX release will carry a fix. In the meantime, there is no workaround that we can offer, so please downgrade the driver to 375.10."09:52
yossarianuk370.28 performed better in some steam games than 36709:56
yossarianuknogt benchmarked 375 - and yes I've had the unlock bug - its easy to sorft out though09:57
yossarianukI can see this in dmesg -> scsi host4: runtime PM trying to activate child device host4 but parent (2-1:1.0) is not active10:05
viewer|68393Hi, since a couple of days (last update) the konsole doesn't start. Encountered on 3 computers (Yakkety)10:14
viewer|68393Any clues?10:14
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BluesKajHiyas all13:40
yocs0000Hi all! Yesterday update usate the aduio system .... the priority list was altered and caused quite a few problems ....14:16
BluesKajyocs0000, what problems?14:43
yocs0000BluesKaj: got to the office, and the external headset was excluded, which blasted sound across the offices. The priority list was reversed.14:51
BluesKajyocs0000, check your multimedia hardware setting in system settings and make sure automute is disabled and relevant controls in alsamixer are turned on and not muted(MM)14:53
BluesKajBBL...stuff to do14:56
yocs0000BluesKaj: yes, of course .... but the point here is that the update overrode th previous settings.14:56
BluesKajsometimes updates, especially upgrades also change the config files back to defualt settings14:58
BluesKajanyway bbl14:58
viewer|74979I am trying to install Kubuntu in virtualbox as a guest15:09
viewer|74979while the most is mac os sierra15:09
viewer|74979its stuck on a window with a blank15:09
viewer|74979any suggestions?15:09
arensrenothing goin on hear :)17:56
sintresame , just waiting till time to do turkey rounds17:56
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yocs0000OK, bluetooth does not work anymore .... yet everything seems to be set up properly. Yet I keep getting obexd service not running.19:21
yocs0000OK, bluetooth does not work anymore .... yet everything seems to be set up properly. Yet I keep getting obexd service not running.19:57
sintrewell one thx giving dinne rover20:11
yocs0000hu guys! Bluetooth ot working, 16.10 64 bit, error "Obexd service is not running."20:11
sintrewell seems for some reason using different usb port when installing wokre dnow kubuntu actually booted from ssd20:12
sintreanybody know the command sequence to update all packages20:12
yocs0000sintre: I do not understand ....20:13
yocs0000sintre: like upgrading the release?20:13
sintreyea couple days ago somebody gave me some back door terminal command20:14
sintrethen it well went to work for thirty minutes20:14
sintrewas like three different lines20:14
sintreno biggy , sure some more people will be around later20:15
sintrei gott head off for turkey dinner # 2 here in an hour20:15
yocs0000sudo do-release-upgrade20:15
BluesKajyocs0000, one should always update and upgrade your packages first20:17
sintreok where to start guys nothing done yet20:17
sintreit says no packages to be updated20:17
yocs0000BluesKaj: of course, do we need to say that?!20:17
sintreok just had it find some downloaded those now20:18
yocs0000sintre: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:18
BluesKajyocs0000, yes, users just need a reminder20:18
yocs0000sintre: then you do sudo do-release-upgrade20:18
sintreyea k got it , it  magically found some in 5 minutes lol20:18
BluesKajapt full-upgrade20:18
yocs0000Bluetooth ot working, 16.10 64 bit, error "Obexd service is not running." Anone with the same problem?20:19
sintrewish i could help , i don't even own a blu tooth device20:20
yocs0000I so hate the fact that muon does not refresh the databas ebetween searches and installtions20:22
sintremoun seems to never ever search a data base for me lol20:25
sintrejust the top programs on front page20:25
yocs0000anyway, time to go. Have a good upgrade sintre .... yes, it is not only you. I am completely fed up. I am in half a mind ot move to unity. FFS.20:25
sintrehad to us the ubuntu package thing to put some waste time game son20:25
sintrec ya20:26
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sintrelol funn followed commands , then tell me no new release found20:33
BluesKajsintre,  turn off the LTS only option and change it to normal in the update manager20:38
sintrethere we go its rolling now20:40
sintrethanks a ton20:40
yocs0000Bluetooth ot working, 16.10 64 bit, error "Obexd service is not running." Anone with the same problem?20:42
sintrecheck forums for blu tooth problems , maybe somebody has come across it before?20:44
BluesKajyocs0000, make sure bluez-obexd is installed20:44
yocs0000sintre: this is the last resort, if I had found a solution in the forum would not be here ....20:44
yocs0000bluez-obexd is already the newest version (5.41-0ubuntu3). BluesKaj20:45
sintreis it just one device or all of them?20:45
BluesKajyocs0000, ok install bluetooth20:47
yocs0000BluesKaj: what do you mean?20:47
BluesKajit has the plugins20:48
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup20:49
yocs0000BluesKaj: of course I have bluetooth installed :)20:49
BluesKajwell, it's not installed here by defualt20:49
BluesKajdefault even20:49
yocs0000BluesKaj: of course, but I need to use it so I installed it .... the point is it worked perfectly well in 16.04, upgraded to 16.10 it does not work anymore together with many other things!20:52
sintrenow you tell me when i just started to upgrade :)20:52
sintrethen again i'm just happy i got the thing to install properly20:52
sintrestill upacking packages now20:53
BluesKajcalling it a day ...later20:54
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schnoodlesWhat is the proper way to remove .deb from kubuntu? It never appears in Discover but does in the old "synaptic"23:24

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