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flexiondotorgcjwatson, I realise opening network access during the snap build phase is a little way out.11:10
flexiondotorgBit here is a bug I raised which you'll be able to close when the time comes.11:11
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1642281 in Snapcraft "Unable to build python based snap on Launchpad" [Undecided,New]11:11
cjwatsonflexiondotorg: moved to the right place11:41
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mitya57cjwatson, hi, is it by design that Git recipes do not clone submodules, or that's a bug?17:53
cjwatsonmitya57: not sure17:54
cjwatsonpossibly a bug17:54
mitya57In my case the submodule is on a 3rdparty site (git.gnome.org), not on Launchpad17:55
mitya57So if the recipe builders have limited access to outside world, then maybe my chances on getting support for that are low :)17:57
rbasakI wonder if you could mirror in the submodule trees, and then somehow tell the recipe where your replacement is.17:58
carakathey trip over submodues and gpg sigs at the moment17:58
mitya57Yes, I'm thinking of using nest-part as a workaround18:01
cjwatsoncaraka: that's git-to-bzr imports; git-to-git imports don't suffer from that18:07
cjwatsoncaraka: hence also not git recipes18:07
cjwatsonmitya57: yeah, I think that may actually be the right answer18:07
mitya57cjwatson, while trying to work around missing submodule support we ran into bug 1644640. I hope *that* is a bug :)20:12
ubot5`bug 1644640 in git-build-recipe "Cannot nest-part into an existing directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164464020:12
mitya57Can somebody please respond to https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/404131 ? It's upstream developer asking for rights for his projects on LP.20:49
cjwatsonmitya57: done21:04
mitya57Thanks a lot!21:04
cjwatsonand yes, that git-build-recipe thing seems like a bug though can't look hard now21:05
mitya57We have a workaround for now, but in a longer term it would be nice to have a fix21:05

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