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FJKongchrisccoulson: ping06:19
pittiGood morning07:12
didrockshey pitti, how are you?07:16
pittididrocks: very good, thanks! a bit tired still, but had a great basketball game last night07:17
pittiet toi ?07:17
didrockspitti: très bien :-) however weather is rainy this week, so hard to find some spots to run :)07:19
flocculantdidrocks: find one dry spot and run on it :p07:24
didrocksflocculant: haha, staying still :-)07:26
flexiondotorgpitti, didrocks, flocculant Morning!08:51
didrockshey flexiondotorg!08:52
willcookemorning all09:01
Laneyyo yo09:04
pittiLaney: hey hey09:05
davmor2Morning all09:07
flexiondotorgGood morning Laney, willcooke, davmor209:09
willcookehowdy howdy howdy!09:09
desrtthis is my favourite part09:10
desrtgood morning willcooke, flexiondotorg, davmor2, pitti, Laney, didrocks and seb128 (since he's so obviously lurking)09:10
seb128good morning desktopers09:10
willcookeha! called it09:11
seb128hey desrt09:11
pittiheey desrt, guten Morgen! Wie gehts?09:11
pittiça va seb12809:11
seb128pitti, oui, et toi ?09:11
desrtpitti: 'meh' :p09:11
flexiondotorgMorning desrt seb12809:11
didrockshey desrt09:12
FJKongchrisccoulson: ping09:16
seb128FJKong, hey, you better include some context in that ping if you want a reply, chris than to be busy and might not reply without details09:19
FJKongseb128: ok ok09:19
pittiseb128: je vais bien, merci ! bon basketball match hier soir09:23
seb128ah, mercredi le jour du basket ;-)09:23
andyrockgood morning all :)09:59
willcookehey andyrock10:00
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?10:01
andyrockseb128: rested and relaxed you? XD10:02
seb128I'm alright! a bit tired but it's ok ;-)10:02
seb128andyrock, what do you hack on this week?10:05
andyrockseb128: holidays but I've been  working on my thesis so yeah hacking on holidays too10:06
seb128andyrock, oh, you were off work a few days right? had some holidays/fun?10:06
seb128right, I just remembered, sorry :-)10:06
willcookeoh, broken icon when updating cache from Software & Updates10:42
seb128where? what serie?10:43
willcookeXenial, when "updating cache"10:43
willcookejust looking at the python code10:43
seb128in the unity launcher?10:43
willcookesorry, gtk-software-properties10:43
seb128I've it matching the software&update icon10:43
seb128just having a second >10:44
seb128since it's another dialog from the same application10:44
seb128I don't see that issue on my xenial...10:47
willcookeprobably a hangover from me messing around with themes10:48
seb128could be yeah10:49
willcookeseb128, trying to install the proposed version of g-s10:53
willcookebut apt-cache policy says it's not there10:53
willcookeis this likely a mirror thing?10:53
seb128no, see the icons next to the builds10:53
willcookegot it10:53
seb128" Missing build dependencies: libsnapd-glib-dev "10:53
seb128SRU team needs to promote snapd-glib to main10:54
seb128pitti, ^ is that something you can help with?10:58
pittierr, I thought I accepted it into main already10:58
pittioh, maybe not binNEW10:58
pittiright! https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+queue?queue_state=010:59
seb128oh, right10:59
seb128it's in binNEW10:59
seb128I technical can click that in but I'm not in the SRU team10:59
pittiaccepted, and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/3.20.1+git20161013.0.d77d6cf-0ubuntu2~xenial1 is dep-wait, so it should auto-retry11:00
willcookethanks pitti seb12811:00
seb128pitti, danke11:00
pittide rien11:00
willcookeseb128, Jonas asked if we could take a look at this to fix a U8 keyboard layout issue11:37
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1644268 in gnome-desktop (Ubuntu) "GnomeDesktop-WARNING **: Failed to load XKB rules file" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:37
willcookeLooks easy enough, what do you think>?11:37
seb128willcooke, sure, I'm adding it to my todo11:39
willcookenice one, thanks seb12811:39
* flexiondotorg lunches12:50
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pittiLaney: hm, are you using juju-2.0 locally?13:38
pittiit still worked fine in zesty last week (I went through it with seb128), but it seems bootstrap stopped working13:38
pittiis that by any chance somethign you stubled over?13:39
Laneypitti: no, I don't use it at all locally actually13:44
pittiLaney: ack, thanks; there was some miniscule chance :)13:56
Laneypitti: I had some problem setting it up - forgot what now - and didn't try since :(13:57
pittiAttempting to connect to
pittimine is hanging forever at this step13:57
LaneyI think I was trying with lxd13:57
pittithe lxd container is up, but there's no key installed in ~ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys13:57
* Laney got IS to make a staging tenant and used that instead13:57
Laney(for appstream)13:57
pittiI'm not entirely sure how that's supposed to work, but I guess that's the problem13:57
hikiko|lnI want to install distcc13:58
hikiko|lnbut x, y and z have different gcc versions13:58
hikiko|lnis it safe to use the latest gcc or is better to downgrade the zesty gcc?13:58
pittiIMHO best to use chroots, and use the same chroot on every slave13:59
hikiko|lnI want to use all the cpus that are available for compiling at home pitti13:59
hikiko|lndoes chroot do the same thing?14:00
hikiko|lnI didn't understand :)14:00
pittino, I mean build in a chroot on every slave14:00
pittiand use the same x or y or z chroot everywhere14:00
pittiinstead of installing gcc and the build deps on directly on the target14:00
hikiko|lnoh chroot for gcc14:00
hikiko|lngood idea :)14:01
hikiko|lnlet's see if that's easy to do14:01
hikiko|lnor maybe I can just build the most recent gcc somewhere and export CC.. blah14:02
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seb128hikiko, why do you need the new gcc?14:05
Laney-Wmisleading-indentation # awesome warning14:06
hikikoseb128, distcc requires that all the computers you use to compile something have the same cc version14:06
seb128you use several computers to build the same thing?14:07
hikikoso I was thinking that it's better to install the Z version than downgrade z, but I'll just build it, I probably don't need it system wide14:07
hikikoseb128, not yet14:07
hikikobut that's the plan14:07
seb128just curious but why do you need that?14:08
hikikodistcc claims that it can use all the available cpus on the network14:08
seb128Laney, did you catch some bug thanks to it?14:08
hikikobecause chromium takes ages to compile14:08
Laneyseb128: yeah14:08
hikikoand this laptop has 2 cpus only14:08
LaneyI think it was that one that told me I forgot some {}14:08
seb128Laney, nice!14:08
hikikobut the new laptop has 8 cores and the desktop 414:08
hikikoso I could use 16 :)14:09
hikikoand make it 16 times faster14:09
hikiko8 times*14:09
pittiyou need to substract the network bandwidth and latency14:09
pittiwhich is usually considerable14:09
seb128it's a balance14:09
hikikobut it's a lan14:09
pitticompiling C++ takes ages, and distcc might be worth it14:09
hikikowon't it be fast enough?14:10
seb128you can experiment14:10
pittibut compiling a single .c file is usually quite fast, and the network latency might just be worse than that14:10
seb128let us know how it works for you14:10
pittiright, doesn't hurt to try14:10
pittibut don't expect miracles :)14:10
pitti(particularly not over wifi)14:10
hikikoyeah I'm not gonna use wifi14:10
seb128I would probably just try with some ccache on the machine with the best cpu14:10
seb128but it might be an interesting experimental14:11
hikikoI've tried ccache but caching causes several other probs14:11
hikikoit's useful for maintainers14:11
hikikobut if you change your files frequently14:11
hikikocaching = nightmare14:11
hikikothen you have to make clean to get rid of errors14:11
hikikoand it's slower14:11
TrevinhoLaney, hey... I would probably need some help/review with these packaging bits https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/update-notifier/fix-pep8-style/+merge/31168314:24
TrevinhoAs autopkg tests and building was broken in zesty14:25
seb128Trevinho, hey! how are you? why are you working on update-notifier? ;-)14:28
Trevinhohikiko: anyway... Yeah, use schroot. If you configure it well, you basically have an environment you can do what you want without breaking anything.14:28
didrocksTrevinho: did you update the cloud wiki today? https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/issues/26914:41
didrocksI don't even find back the url14:41
didrocksbut I can confirm that since I merged your changes, they disappeared14:41
Trevinhodidrocks: let me see :o14:41
Trevinhodidrocks: no change to the wiki...14:42
Trevinhodidrocks: it might be an issue of snapcraft not supporting remote on remote? :o14:43
didrocksTrevinho: well, this works for ubuntu-app-platform though14:43
didrocksTrevinho: but yeah, let me try to revert your changes14:43
didrocksand see if next pass works14:43
Trevinhodidrocks: let's ask in #snappy to sergio, or maybe there's some logging of the server around14:44
Trevinhodidrocks: ubuntu-app-platform has not an after statement isn't it?14:45
didrocksTrevinho: sergio didn't write the importer14:46
didrocksTrevinho: it's joe, and today is off for the us14:46
didrocksit seems to be an importer issue14:47
didrocksTrevinho: meanwhile, I reverted, and let's see if this appears soon (~1h at worst)14:47
Trevinhodidrocks: it should be less... I think there's a cron every hour14:47
Trevinhodidrocks: otherwise, I'd need to redefine these parts inside the helper... and I don't like much that, but... well if there's no other way14:48
didrocksTrevinho: I hope it's at the top of the clock!14:49
didrocksTrevinho: let's see first if the theory is correct14:49
didrocksnobody edited the wiki in days, so not the wiki itself14:49
Trevinhodidrocks: yeah, not.... when I added my parts it was fine afterwards14:49
Trevinhobut I guess it will be like: hey I depend on this part... ok, which part=?! I don't know it, and I've not parsed it yet14:50
Trevinhodidrocks: ah.... wait, maybe it might be because it's listed later in the wiki? :-D14:50
didrocksTrevinho: could be14:50
didrocksTrevinho: but better to wait for people supporting the importer being here14:50
Trevinhodidrocks: yeah, since you reverted... I'd have tried... but let's wait14:51
didrocksfirst, let's get back to a working status (especially if the US aren't around until Monday)14:51
didrockswell, people depend on it :)14:51
didrockswe need to get back to a working state ASAP14:51
Trevinhodidrocks: sure, sure... In fact I should try with some test branches instead14:56
LaneyTrevinho: mmmmmmmmm don't understand the packaging changes15:42
TrevinhoLaney: they might be wrong 😂17:36
Laneywhat are you trying to do?17:38
TrevinhoLaney: make it build17:38
TrevinhoLaney: it was failing without these17:39
TrevinhoLaney: it wasn't triggering autogen17:39
Laneyyou had to fiddle with multiarch stuff?17:40
Laneyseems suspicious17:40
TrevinhoLaney: also there are multiple scripts depending on the fact it's in /usr/lib/..17:40
TrevinhoLaney: I didn't want it to be in arch triplet17:40
* Laney tries to build it17:44
TrevinhoLaney: it's a zesty only issue eh17:45
Laneywhy did sbuild start being so slow :(17:47
LaneyI: Built successfully17:48
Laneyno changes from zesty17:48
ximionLaney: could LP: #1644498 be an artifact of the asgen switch?17:50
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1644498 in appstream (Ubuntu) "apt-get update returns "AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors." periodically" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164449817:50
TrevinhoLaney: with proposed?17:51
LaneyTrevinho: of course17:51
TrevinhoLaney: it failed in the ppa last night...17:51
TrevinhoLaney: no changes at all, or my branch?17:52
Laneyximion: in what way?17:52
LaneyTrevinho: no changes17:52
ximionLaney: maybe the data was broken temporarily and the mirror got busted data...17:52
willcookedinner and quittin' time - night all17:55
Laneyximion: I see it too on xenial17:57
Laneyit's saying everything in xenial-updates is invalid17:57
ximionthe data looks fine though...18:00
Laneymust be libas in xenial18:00
ximionLaney: oh, let me check something...18:05
Laneyximion: Trevinho: got to go, will check in later if possible (off tomorrow)18:05
ximionLaney: I found the bug18:06
ximionwill prepare a patch18:06
Laneyximion: nice, will upload later, thanks!18:06
Laney(what is it?)18:06
ximionLaney: the data has 0.10 as minimum compatibility level, while the stuff in Xenial is too old18:08
ximioncan easily be solved with one simple patch to the appstream package18:08
Laneyoh right18:08
Laneynot a problem is it?18:08
ximion(or switching asgen back to a lower compat-level, but solving this in appstream is better, since we already have support in asglib too)18:09
ximionnot a big issue18:09
LaneyTrevinho: Just took your first commit, built, ran through autopkgtest -> passed18:17
* Laney will upload that18:17
seb128was the build issue a side effect of you bumping the debhelper compat?18:19
Laneythat's why it got multiarched18:20
Laneyguessing there was a problem before otherwise he wouldn't have tried random things18:20
Laneyanyways, keep an eye on LP, sorry if it doesn't build /o\18:20
Laneyprobably want to retry the tests with --trigger update-notifier/3.177 added after this is published18:21
* Laney is off18:21
seb128Laney, have a nice w.e!18:22
* seb128 wonders why Trevinho is building update-notifier to start with18:23
flexiondotorgNight desktopers18:23
TrevinhoLaney: this is what I get http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23528583/18:23
Trevinhoseb128: because it caused the autopkgtests for libindicator failed otherwise18:23
Trevinhoto fail*18:23
seb128night flexiondotorg18:26
TrevinhoLaney: let me see your package, it's just weird that it failed in the same way (the normal version, without my hacks) locally and in the bileto ppa18:27
TrevinhoLaney: tomorrow if you can unblock this would be cool https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/220819:31

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