ducassehi all \o07:18
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BluesKajHiyas all13:40
ducasseBashing-om: surprising to see you here this early :)17:17
Bashing-omOH .. All the wemen folk are acook'n for Thankgiving .. I be handy for "honey do " .17:19
ducassei see :) i hope you have a pleasant one, eat some turkey for me and make sure to relax plenty :)17:20
BluesKajHappy Thanksgiving Bashing-om17:20
ducasseBluesKaj: yours was some time ago, i guess?17:22
Bashing-omBluesKaj: Here we will eat well, Forgive me in that I do not recall your local if you also celebrate this day .17:22
BluesKajyes. it's the 2nd Monday in October17:23
BluesKajin Canada17:23
BluesKajwe already have snow on the ground here17:24
Bashing-omOh us Southern illiterate Americans, I am not familiar with the Canadian traditions :(17:24
Bashing-omYeah .. on the snow up North .. was seeing so last night .. It has been unseasonably warm here .. And I am not complaining .17:25
ducassei don't get turkey for another month :(17:25
BluesKajwon't last tho , gonna be +7C/45f in a day or 2 so i'm jnot gonna bother shovelling snow17:26
BluesKajBashing-om, we had a very nice november up until last weekend ,... the warmest on record, so I'm not complaining17:27
ducassealmost all the snow is gone here, it's been very mild the last week or so. i'm suspecting that is only temporary, though.17:27
Bashing-omHeber Springs, AR: Temp: 46 F (8 C) ~ Overcast ~ Humidity: 87% ~ Observed: Thu 24, 11:1517:27
BluesKajArkansas, ok  gotcha17:28
Bashing-om^^ That is about right for this time here .17:28
* BluesKaj nods17:29
ducasseBluesKaj: out of curiosity, do you also have black friday?17:56
BluesKajducasse, yes, the retailers here have adopted it to compete with the US retailers cities close to our border, but now that our dollar is in the toilet Canadian shoppers are staying here....the retailers here are still advertising black friday but the consumer isn't as enthusiastic as before our doller went down so low18:03
ducasseright. they've also started trying to introduce it here the last couple of years for some reason, but consumers don't seem very enthusiastic about it. there are half taxes in december, so most wait with the shopping until then.18:05
BluesKajour traditional "deals day" is  the day after Christmas called Boxing Day and British tradition that transfered to Canada many yrs ago and the retsilers adopted it as a chance to obtain some profit before years end, especially if they had a poor Chritmas shopping season18:11
ducasseBluesKaj: ours is first business day after new year, most of everything is (semi-)closed until then anyway.18:13
BluesKajsome cities here still don't allow businesses to open on boxing day , but they are very few18:15
ducassewe are kind of backwards that way :) there has been some talk of allowing shops to be open on sundays, but it's getting a lot of opposition.18:18
BluesKajducasse, that's understandable, the people who work in retail deserve some time of on weekends too, at least that's the argument here18:21
ducasseright, that's what most people think (we're very protective of employees), plus most simply want a shopping-free day.18:23
BluesKajwhy should businesses run 24/7 anyway, unless they're considered too important to close like gas/petrol stations and perhaps some convenience stores for those who work shifts18:24
ducassethe consensus here seems to be that people should be capable of a minimum of weekend planning :)18:27
\9that's the kind of common sense that people here seem to be lacking18:52
ducasse"yes, i will do backups. at some point."18:53

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