devbieHi can someone pls tell me which ports are used by apt-get? my sys admin (a windows guy, so no support from him...) has been tightening the security settings; now all outbound ports are closed by default and I need to let him know the exat minimum requirements. does the firewall need to open just ports 53 (udp) + 443 (tcp)? thanks08:56
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gennadyHi, I just installed ubuntu-mate on my laptop and two issues. 1st, I can't get Flash to work on Chromium. It works on Firefox though.14:24
gennady2nd. I set up 3 family accounts. When I turn the computer on, it automatically logs into my account.14:25
gennadyIt doesn't give me a log in screen to choose. When I turn the computer on from sleep, it does give me a choice.14:26
alex-BDA53832477Hi. 2nd issue should be solvable by going to control center -> Users and Groups and uncheck the "dont ask for password at login" box (I guess thats causing the issue).14:35
alex-BDA53832477As for flash ... no idea :)14:39
gennadyThanks Alex, that box is unchecked already14:41
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miller_whick one install kodi already ?15:01
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murilomeu teclado abnt2 n~ao acentua18:43
TheUncertainManGood evening everyone18:50
alkisgGood evening TheUncertainMan19:02
TheUncertainManGot a RaspPi question if anyone's available?19:10
TheUncertainManFor the past couple of months I've experienced sound stuttering with my RaspPi. Apparently it's to do with the fact that I've got it plugged into a tv via hdmi. Though I hear other things19:17
TheUncertainManWould increasing my GPU Memory help with this at all?19:17
TheUncertainManOr providing more power with a better micro-usb charger?19:17
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Guest69117just installed mate 16.04. the greeter login page's resolution is huge on my laptop. How can you modify that in Mate?23:42
Guest69117I have looked at the /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf.d/99_ubuntu-mate.conf23:43
Guest69117you can change the DPI, but that doesn't increase the icons...23:44

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