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hikikoquestion :)11:34
hikikoI'm trying to build mir from source11:34
hikikoand although I have libcapnp and dev installed, I get this error:11:35
hikikoignore, just found the package missing11:37
seb128hikiko, you might want to apt-get build-dep mir11:40
hikikoI did so seb12811:41
hikikothere were some extra dependencies11:41
hikikothat was cpnproto for the record11:41
seb128yeah, if new requirements were added between the archive version and what you builds...11:41
hikikoI just receive new errors now during make for gmock11:42
hikikohttp://pastebin.com/73LyaAjM this is the output11:45
hikikowell I disabled the tests for the moment11:47
seb128hikiko, is that on zesty?11:52
seb128there are some issues with googletest/cmake-extras there it seems11:52
seb128that was discussed a bit on #ubuntu-devel yesterday, kenvandine and attente hit build issues as well11:52
hikikoI see11:53
hikikowell, the problem is gone if I don't build the tests11:54
hikikoseb128, which one of the mir*11:54
hikikoin bin/11:54
hikikoshould I run11:54
hikikoto have the server running?11:54
seb128no idea, that's a question for the mir people here ;-)11:54
hikikoquestion to all: is still mir_demo_server the right executable to have mir up and running?11:55
hikikoor any of the other mir* will start the server automatically?11:55
greybackhikiko: only mir_demo_server* will bring up the Mir server, the other binaries are clients for that server12:00
hikikogreyback, there's an error that I'm missing libmir_demo_server_loadable.so12:06
hikikothere's no such .so in lib/12:06
hikikoso I guess I didn't build it12:06
greybackhikiko: that file is in mir-demos, and should be located: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmir_demo_server_loadable.so12:06
hikikoso I have to install mir system wide too12:07
alan_ghikiko: you should be able to run in the build tree12:08
hikikohi alan_g12:08
alan_gthe so should be in lib12:08
hikikoalan_g, you mean the lib where I built mir right?12:08
alan_gRight. But... what do you want a mir server for? The demos in Mir are rather limited12:09
hikikoalan_g, I want to change the chromium backend to use mir12:09
hikikoshouldn't I build mir-server?12:10
alan_gYou could just install miral-examples and run miral-server?12:10
hikikoI don't know :) last time I used mir we didn't have that yet :)12:11
hikikois there any documentation for miral-server alan_g ?12:11
hikikobasically I need these 2 things:12:11
hikiko1- find the documentation or the source of the mir api12:12
hikiko2- find a way to run mir to test chrome12:12
hikikowhat is the miral-server?12:12
alan_g1. Sadly out of date online, but you can build & show the mir docs: "make doc-show"12:14
alan_g2. http://voices.canonical.com/alan.griffiths/2016/08/18/miral-mir-is-not-all-about-unity8/12:14
hikikothank you alan_g :)12:14
alan_g(If you install miral-examples you can inore building it and the "bin/" part of commands12:14
hikikoI only need to start miral-shell?12:15
hikikofantastic :D12:15
hikikoand how do I exit it? kill?12:15
alan_gOr the "x" in the corner12:16
alan_g(kill works too)12:17
hikikono kill is not a good idea12:18
hikikoI have to reset afterwards :)12:18
hikiko(I mean reset the term attributes)12:18
hikikoanyway :) thanks a lot alan_g :)12:19
alan_gThat's odd! You just ran as "$ miral-shell"?12:20
* alan_g wonders why that changed any term attributes12:20
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