linux_Hello. I've been struggling for a while now, going through many online guides, and I've finally decided that I can't solve this by myself. If anyone here has the knowledge and some time, I'd appreciate the help. I've posted my problem at XDA Forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/how-to-htc-one-m7-list-specific-current-t350603603:17
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TheKitWyZeGuY, where did you get HTC One M7 port from?03:18
WyZeGuYYou mean the .zip ROM? I think it was called HTC1Guru.03:20
WyZeGuYI pulled it off a huge list from the XDA forums, because the user seemed to be a well-respected and trusted community user.03:21
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TheKitI mean, the existing port of Ubuntu Touch to HTC One M7 was abandoned back in 201303:25
WyZeGuYTheKit, Ah yes, I pulled that from the Ubuntu website. I knew it was abandoned, but the features list stated that many aspects were working, so I decided to try it. I was okay with missing some features, if it meant running Ubuntu Touch. I pulled it from the Community page listed in the Ubuntu Phones section.03:27
WyZeGuYAs stated in the forum, I had initially downloaded Cyan as well, as a backup in case things went wrong. Well, things went wrong, and then they kept going wrong.03:28
TheKitso can you get your device to show up in fastboot devices when in fastboot mode?03:35
WyZeGuYTheKit, Yes, "fastboot devices" shows my phone is connected. However, when actually trying to use "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img", it fails, with the error messages that are posted in that forum.03:39
TheKitcould you try another USB cable/port just in case?03:41
WyZeGuYTheKit, Well that's a confusing potential solution, but sure, I'll try it.03:43
TheKitalso, did you try running fastboot as root? (to check your issue is not due to device permissions on host)03:47
WyZeGuYTheKit, Just making sure that I'm doing this correctly, because it's not working ... I open the Terminal, "cd" (change directory) to the location where the "recovery.img" is located, and then run "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img", correct?03:47
WyZeGuYYea, I'm running it as root right now03:47
WyZeGuYTheKit, Okay, is my phone screen supposed to be doing something? Because it just stays on the Fastboot screen.03:48
WyZeGuYAnd the Terminal just says < waiting for device >03:49
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TheKitI don't have the exact phone myself, but it should say "FASTBOOT" or FASTBOOT USB, at least looking on YouTube videos03:51
WyZeGuYTheKit, I would assume that "S-On" (Security-On) is what's preventing Fastboot from flashing?03:51
TheKitunlikely, it should output error at the very least, and here it can't connect03:53
WyZeGuYTheKit, the Terminal still says < waiting for device >. I'm using a different USB cable than before.03:55
TheKitdoes fastboot getvar all work?03:56
WyZeGuYTheKit, I don't know, just googled that, and this is the first time I've heard of that command. I'll terminate fastboot flash in order to try that.03:58
WyZeGuYTheKit, Okay no, "fastboot getvar" and "fastboot getvar all" do not do anything. It just says < waiting for device >.03:59
WyZeGuYOh wait, now "fastboot devices" isn't even showing anything...04:00
WyZeGuYTheKit, Okay, in both the Terminal and the Command Prompt, "fastboot devices" no longer lists the device.04:06
TheKitreboot it then04:07
WyZeGuYyea, I did, still nothing. I'm opening Android Studio and Eclipse, and then trying it again.04:07
WyZeGuYTheKit, "fastboot devices" returns "HT39HW######" (the HTC number that it is). But "fastboot getvar all" returns the error message: "getvar:all FAILED <command write failed<No error>> finished. total time: 0.003s"04:37
TheKithm, no further idea then, try to look for your device-specific information on how to get fastboot working04:42
TheKitmaybe you could also reflash using HTC RUU tool04:42
WyZeGuYTheKit, Yes, I've tried figuring out how to do that, but I haven't figured that part out yet. It would seem that I'd need to ADB Sideload "sideload push ruu.zip" the RUU file to my /sdcard file, but I can't figure out how to get ADB Sideload to work, in order to attempt installing it.04:57
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ulrichardWhen is the next ubuntu phone expected to come out?10:43
davmor2ulrichard: when there is an announcement from a manufacturer about a new phone coming out, we don't actually know we just work with them.10:47
ulrichardIn the past they were sold out pretty quickly. Usually vendors understand this as demand, and try to fill it by producing more. But to my knowledge, there was nothing for at least half a year.10:49
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rdhHello, i just installed ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 tablet, and i like it so far. i was thinking about getting the pixel, anyone have it working on that device?14:39
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