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* diddledan twiddles his thingies01:35
diddledanwaiting on drbd01:35
popey\o/ finally put a proper snap in the store01:35
diddledanpopey: \o/01:36
diddledanwhat did you get up?01:36
diddledanthat's cheap *ducks*01:36
popeythis time next year rodney01:36
ali1234how do you install games for it?01:41
ali1234i mean where do you have to put them, if it's in a snap?01:41
popeyput them in ~/snap/mame/common/roms01:49
popeyor symlink to there01:49
popeyi copy the mame.ini to ~/snap/mame/common too, so you could edit that and tell it where your roms are if preferred01:51
diploMorning all08:17
davmor2Morning all09:07
* foobarry wave09:08
* zmoylan-pi surfs09:10
foobarryYou're one of 32,939,105 people pwned in the SC Daily Phone Spam List data breach09:10
diploI saw that this morning too09:14
foobarryi wonder where this list is. want to check the details09:20
foobarrySC = spamcannibal? snapchat?09:27
foobarrydiplo: were you on the modern business solution one too?09:33
diploThis is an alert at work, and yes someone was ( doesn't list who )09:34
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Thursday, and happy Evolution Day! 😃 🙈 🙉 🙊09:46
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:54
popeyhttps://haveibeenpwned.com/PwnedWebsites is quite a list!10:04
foobarryi can't get a dump though10:06
foobarrywnat to see if its my personal data or someone elses10:13
popeywhat is sc btw?10:32
foobarrywe don't know. and there isn't a dump file. https://twitter.com/haveibeenpwned/status/80166889996812288010:40
foobarrythere was a dump file for modern busines solutions but it got taken down10:55
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foobarrysigh. ordered a bunch of AAA batteries on ebay and neglected to notice the expiry date of 03/201711:24
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cad2JYi4F0I got you covered bud11:32
davmor2JamesTait: I think that does it right :D11:48
foobarryi have access to the modern business dump but don't wanna install mega download manager on my browser to download it11:53
foobarryanyone else win a free bottle of prosecco from british gas?13:17
SuperMattThey're just trying to get you drunk so you put out13:22
zmoylan-piit comes with a cook book for using it on recipies so generating business13:28
MoBeatshappy leet o'clock13:37
diddledanyou're not 1337 enough13:41
foobarryreading unixpowertools from humblebundle13:49
foobarryits been a while13:50
Azelphurso, with the happy fun time that is the investigatory powers bill, does anyone have any suggestions about making the data be inaccessible but maintaining a good speed and low latency connection?19:26
zmoylan-piuse a commodore 64 for all your web browsing... no one writes malware for that anymore :-P19:28
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: this is with regards to ISPs being forced to keep a log of connections and that pretty much anyone can get access to it now >.>19:30
zmoylan-pii seem to remember somewrote a web server for the c64 that streamed music from the datacorder... worked well-ish19:30
zmoylan-pithis is when you send your foreign relatives a  pre configured rasp pi for all your vpn needs19:30
Azelphurmaybe so19:31
zmoylan-piand hope they live in a bastion of freedom like china, saudi arabia, australia were the national firewalls suck19:32
foobarrycan anyone recommend a good 2A charger ?20:40
ali1234yes, the official one20:45
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foobarrywas thinking for my tablet but thats a geeat idea thx20:55
ali1234oh sorry i thought this was the rpi channel21:26
ali1234about 50 people ask that question every day there21:26
ali1234i do use them to charge my phone and tablet and stuff and they work great21:27
ali1234the 2.5A one charges things noticably faster than regular chargers21:28
declan_marksI am currently at Anglia Ruskin University and they use eduroam for WIFI. I am currently using Ubuntu 16.10 and I cannot use it. I can connect but the internet doesn't work.21:34
declan_marksWhy doesn't it work?21:34
zmoylan-pishiny... http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/11/24/pinebook-arm-linux-laptop-powered-by-allwinner-a64-processor-to-sell-for-89-and-up/22:41
daftykinsterribly underspecced22:49
zmoylan-pimore powerful than an old netbook i use every day... :-)22:50
daftykinsi'd say they're about equal in terms of landfill status22:51
* zmoylan-pi shakes original olpc at daftykins angrily... :-P22:57
daftykinsget it away!23:00
zmoylan-piit still has the best laptop screen ever made...23:00
daftykinslooks like i've convinced a wealthy fella to drop £2.5k on the 65" OLED 4K TV :D23:01
zmoylan-pibeen able to use it bw mode outdoors in direct sunlight AND save battery life was brilliant23:01
zmoylan-pinothing bus the best pot noodles for daftykins this crimbo \o/23:02
daftykinsi'm amazed to discover John Lewis will ship to the rocks, amazon won't anymore23:02
daftykinsi've never had a pot noodle!23:02
zmoylan-pijohn lewis is a uk company so probably sees the rock as just non mainland uk23:02
daftykinsmakes me wonder though, can you really charge for your product research time...23:02
daftykinsyeah but most others refuse to ship here23:03
daftykinsof course the site fails to do anything about tax23:03
zmoylan-pithe rock is an odd place in terms of shipping and taxes so maybe not worth the hassle?23:03
zmoylan-pi65" 4k tv... you'll see every nose hair and pimple23:04
daftykinshave to train the client to stop buying SD DVDs :P23:04
daftykinshe did ask me to find a bigger TV, but i doubt he fancies the £25k price tag on the 77" version23:05
zmoylan-pifair enough, he'll have to hold out for the blu ray of all the pre 70s classics...23:05
ali1234you can charge for anything you want23:08
ali1234some people do nothing but charge for research...23:09
daftykinsTV drops to £2474 from £2969 here in tax free land23:10
zmoylan-pithat's a lot of blu rays23:10
daftykinsnope, only 1 4K bluray player ;)23:11
daftykinsin fact i should look at those too23:11
zmoylan-pidoes sony playstation not do 4k blu ray?23:11
zmoylan-pii always heard it was the defacto blu ray player23:12
daftykinsnope, would you believe it they didn't even bother to put an updated drive in their newer models23:13
zmoylan-pisony have not just jumped the shark but are posing for cheesy pics with it afterwards...23:13
daftykinsthere's a certain benefit to using a console since you can keep getting updates for the app way easier than you'd get player firmware updates, but i doubt a client would want to sit there with a console UI to get something going23:14
zmoylan-piit's also that as there are so many of them that blu ray manufacturers made sure it at least worked on the playstation if nowhere else23:14
daftykinshmm i don't see that being a big deal23:15
zmoylan-pisafety in been part of the herd23:15
daftykinscheaper to buy an xbox one S, figures!23:17
daftykinsah Sony, the company that brought out a copy protection on DVDs that rendered many of their own players unable to play new titles23:17
zmoylan-pii lost a lot of trust when they went out of their way in 90s to make their cd players not handle cd-rs or mp3s23:18
zmoylan-pithey make beautiful hardware but their software aspires to merely sucking23:19
daftykinslooking forward to checking out OLED tech anyway, not even been to a TV shop to see a 4K one in person either23:47

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