floridagram1<govatent> @AdamOutler how is that different from motor 6191 with 32 down and 8 up?01:08
floridagram1<govatent> I was always wary of netgear equipment01:09
floridagram1<ahoneybun> https://www.humblebundle.com/books/unix-book-bundle01:39
floridagram1<ahoneybun> @Ivoriesablaze just bought Star Wars KOTOR for Android01:50
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Its in the family plan as well so you have it too01:50
floridagram1<govatent> So Veriphone just wiped out the configuration of over 120 store pin pad devices. Over 360 credit card machines all over the country02:34
floridagram1<govatent> They need to be manually configured02:34
floridagram1<ahoneybun> ???02:36
floridagram1<govatent> Aka my job sucks sometimes02:44
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @govatent  you mean the Motorola 6191?  Easy.  Have you ever been happy with the speed of your connection with the Motorolas?  I've had them for many years and I've never been more than satisfied. I'm ecstatic right now.02:55
floridagram1<govatent> Hum... I'll have to check it out02:58
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @govatent I went from motorola-arris 6183 to this and only gained 4-additional channels.  The ramp up on my speed tests are shorter and the speeds of browsing is noticeably quicker.03:35
floridagram1<chuckr> Note5 just started to drain battery. Was at 75% then 2 hrs later was a 6%. Have to reboot phone everyday, trying to find what process is doing it.15:16
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Did it blow up?15:17
floridagram1<chuckr> That note7.15:18
floridagram1<chuckr> Some times want to use hammer­čśÄ15:18
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Wow15:25
floridagram1<itnet7> Thanks for sharing the book bundle @ahoneybun  ;-). Happy Turkey Day everyone!15:27
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Np15:29
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Happy Tofo day15:29
floridagram1<itnet7> Let me know if you enjoy wardogs 2, and if you think it's worth it15:29
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Watch Dogs 2 is fun so far15:30
floridagram1<itnet7> I saw there were a few deals, but haven't bought it yet. I bought Battlefront for like 19 bucks for the PS415:30
floridagram1<chuckr> Cool15:40
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Oh noes!  They're forcing NASA to focus on space! http://www.iflscience.com/environment/nasa-to-lose-climate-research-as-trump-kills-off-politically-correct-science/15:41
floridagram1<chuckr> That like having a Dr. See patients.15:51
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Actually, it's more like forcing a general practitioner to only look at broken bones16:17
floridagram1<AdamOutler> joel, actually its like forcing a general practicioner to NOT look at broken bones.   We have an agency for earth science.16:18
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Yeah, NASA was among them, they had a climatology department the kept getting defunded. Noaa by themselves don't have the tools to look at everything16:20
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> And defunding something like that when there is a general scientific agreement is dangerous and reckless16:21
floridagram1<AdamOutler> I just don't agree.  we have departments for everything.  We don't use emergency medical services to respond to crimes.  Police respond to crimes.  They request the service of EMS when needed.   That's how it should be.  The research on earth science should not be conducted at the aerospace agency.  If earth science needs data, they should request it.16:24
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Nasa has expanded its research since it first began. Remember it was first established as way to beat Russia to the moon... And that was it's sole existence. When that was done, they expanded their role to other sciences like geology, physics, meteorology bc they had the scientists that were smart enough to actually do all that.16:31
floridagram1<AdamOutler> sure, and since NASA was "defunded", that needs to be moved out so NASA can focus on its primary mission.16:32
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Also, if they take away that part of NASA and NOT give something to noaa in return, that's pretty much sending a message16:32
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Also, science can't exist in a vacuum, one agency does not have only one branch of science16:33
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Considering the situation we are in right now, we need all the resources we could use16:34
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Considering the situation we have been in, reducing the scope of government agencies, saving tax dollars, and aligning the government more efficiently is the proper course of action.17:48
floridagram1<AdamOutler> I dislike big government.  They should be reduced to their primary functions and not do everything under the sun.17:48
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Big industry has proven time and again they can't be trusted with the responsibility not messing up the rest of the world for the sake of their bank accounts17:52
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Big government isn't about total control, it's about making sure the elite class don't control everthing17:55
floridagram1<AdamOutler> No, it's the opposite.  Big government == communism. Communism == no one gets ahead except those who are already ahead.17:57
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Big government is total control.17:57
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> I never said communism, it inherently has the same issue as a total capitalism, human greed gets in the way of the greater good17:58
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Now that the government controls healthcare, assassination by executive order,  or birth control, or control over anything is possible.  That's communism17:59
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Or "social" government17:59
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> ... We're never going to agree on any of this, are we17:59
floridagram1<Abrerr> Agree to disagree. Politics in a nutshell.18:00
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> I'm happy with that18:00
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Nope. In my opinion;  Structure is good. Anything more than structure is violating or permits violation of human rights.18:00
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> My opinion is different, but I shall respect your right to have yours18:01
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Same here.18:02
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Very good, lol18:02
floridagram1<AdamOutler> But seriously, social medicine allows the government to control every aspect of what you can and can't afford to live through.18:03
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> If you think this is social medicine, visit Canada, Israel, UK, Switzerland, France...18:04
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Compared to them, this is still very much a free market18:04
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> That was more of a factual statement than opinion since I did not give an actual opinion18:05
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floridagram1<AdamOutler> That's not the way to think about anything.  You don't get ahead by catching up to others.21:20
floridagram1<ahoneybun> ahead? We want to be on their level21:28
floridagram1<AdamOutler> WTF? USA invented the internet, put the first man on the moon, has the largest army in the world.  We don't want to come down to their level.  We need to advance in actually important areas.21:32
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Taking care of those who can't take care of themselves, to the same extent as those who can, is just a burden on society and the reason other countries don't have the accomplishments of the USA.21:33
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It also promotes corruption and creates a larger lower class.21:34
floridagram1<govatent> @KMyers do you have a tmobile up sync drive thing?22:36
floridagram1<KMyers> I do22:37
floridagram1<govatent> How is it?22:38
floridagram1<govatent> Does binge on count for the data on it?22:38
floridagram1<govatent> I'm wondering if I should take them up on their offer for it22:38
floridagram1<KMyers> So far so good. I drove with it up to Texas with no issue22:39
floridagram1<KMyers> You will need a 5GB per month plan or higher for the full BingeOn/DataStash to kick in. I got the 6GB plan on mine22:40
floridagram1<govatent> I have ten gig on my phone22:40
floridagram1<govatent> Do I need a separate 5 gb for the device?22:40
floridagram1<KMyers> Yes22:40
floridagram1<govatent> Cool. That's exactly what I wanted to confirm. It ain't worth it for me.22:42
floridagram1<govatent> But they are giving the device away for black Friday22:42
floridagram1<KMyers> TThe car tracking features are nice22:43
floridagram1<govatent> I have a standard obd Bluetooth adapter22:44
floridagram1<KMyers> But this does not need your phone to work.22:45
floridagram1<govatent> Yea. I know it's fully independent. Maybe if I start driving more I'd consider it23:14

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