theblazehenhi inetpro06:44
theblazeheninetpro: you run quassel right?06:44
chesedomorning inetpro theblazehen06:50
theblazehenhi chesedo06:51
chesedohow's it going theblazehen?06:51
inetprotheblazehen: correct06:53
theblazehenchesedo: Good and you?06:55
chesedogood ty06:55
theblazeheninetpro: Can you detach the monitor window like you can with the nick list etc?06:55
inetprotheblazehen: unfortunately no06:57
chesedotheblazehen: the monitor window as in the window where the messages are?06:58
theblazehenchesedo: There's chat window, and monitor window shows all channels combined07:01
* chesedo just learned a new feature07:02
* Kilos waves08:30
theblazehenHi Kilos!08:32
Kiloshi theblazehen 08:32
superflyGood evening09:09
theblazehenhi superfly09:09
superflyThat feeling when all your tests pass...09:10
theblazehensuperfly: That feeling when you don't have tests...09:11
superflytheblazehen: Yeah, I make that go away as quickly as possible...09:12
theblazehensuperfly: To be fair, I'm mostly the only person who uses stuff I write09:13
superflytheblazehen: Depending what I'm working on, can be anything from 20-odd people, to thousands.09:14
theblazehensuperfly: Yeah, then I'd write tests. Was just trying to make a joke..09:14
superflyAnd when I think of thousands of people every Sunday relying on the software I'm working on, then I want to write tests :-)09:14
superflytheblazehen: totally, not being negative toward you at all :-)09:15
superflyIf I write a quick script for myself, I never write tests...09:15
superflyAs soon as it becomes more than just a script, I look into writing tests09:16
theblazehenYup. Never did any huge applications09:17
superflyIt's my main open source app. When we started we never had any tests. Now there's a "no merge without a test" policy to force us to write more tests.09:21
superflyWhenever I add a new feature I make sure to test it properly.09:21
superflyI think we're sitting at around 47% coverage at the moment09:22
theblazehenGood idea09:24
Kiloshave a good day all of you. see you tomorrow09:41
KilosMaaz watch them09:41
MaazOK Kilos I'll keep an eye on them for you09:41
KilosMaaz ty09:41
MaazYou are welcome Kilos09:41
KilosMaaz botsnack09:41
MaazYAY someone cares about me too!09:41
superflyyay! another passing test!09:45
theblazehensuperfly: "pass" is my exception handler :)11:00
superflywoo! no problems with my code! :-P11:01
nsnzerosuperfly: if i want to print text that updates like the time , what should i use : end ='\r' or flush = True11:34
superflynsnzero: it depends. where are you printing it? why are you printing it? what's the goal?11:36
nsnzerotrying to print the time out in the console but i dont want it to scroll down/up11:45
superflynsnzero: my guess then is that you want to look at ncurses, but again, why? what's the goal? otherwise you're diving deep into something you don't need to. maybe there's a better way11:49
superflynsnzero: remember, print just outputs to stdout, and stdout is a stream, you can't place text, you can only output it11:50
nsnzerothanks superfly - i will search for alternatives to that 11:52
MaNIecho `watch time`11:55
nsnzerosuperfly: thanks and MaNI as well 11:59
nsnzerobasic had gotXY iirc12:00
superflynsnzero: basic on DOS/Windows?12:00
nsnzeroyes - i started on GWBasic 12:02
theblazehenQBasic here. In hindsight, it was shit12:20
nsnzeroi remember that gorilla game on qbasic12:22
theblazehenhi Squirm12:23
superflyMaaz: tell nsnzero the DOS/Windows command line is totally different to the Linux/UNIX terminal. The terminal is a serial device, the DOS/Windows text screen is a random-access buffer.13:35
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell nsnzero on freenode13:35
theblazehenmaaz tell nsnzero that doesn't mean you can't abuse the terminal though. http://www.termsys.demon.co.uk/vtansi.htm13:36
Maaztheblazehen: Okay, I'll tell nsnzero on freenode13:36
theblazehenhttp://www.junkmail.co.za/computers/desktop-pcs/gauteng/pretoria/pretoria-city/ibm-x3650-m4-servers/64739274 great deal if anyone wants15:32
inetproMaNI: watch date15:38
MaNIhaha true15:52
squish102superfly: you still not here in the US? black friday has some good deals16:25
superflysquish102: no, not yet16:26
squish102I got a samsung s7, pixel 32G and pixel xl 128G, retail price $2190 I got it with no contracts for $49216:27
superflysjoe, that's awesome16:27
squish102had to wake up at 3am and order online... couple f5 refreshes and deal went through16:28
nsnzerosuperfly: thanks for pointing me to QT / PyQt  17:49
superflynsnzero: you're welcome17:50
nsnzerohere is a puzzler -> for some reason my mobile wifi dongle states that i am in Sandton instead of Durban - as a result google blocked all my accounts. Any ideas how this could happen ?17:56
=== z4ki is now known as zaki
kulelu88hey superfly . are you familiar with twisted?19:45
superflykulelu88: I've never used it on a proper project, but I know of it and what it can be used for19:45
kulelu88I stumbled on this: https://klein.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html19:46
kulelu88I just realized it is Py 2.719:48
theblazehenkulelu88: You get your web server sorted? https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/11/22/%23ubuntu-za.html bottom of chat19:48
kulelu88theblazehen: the test server ?19:48
theblazehenkulelu88: yeah19:49
kulelu88I'm evaluating a few options theblazehen 19:50

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