sakrecoeri lean towards eylul s reasoning, but since it is very low traffic lately, i think a merge can be a good way to blow some fresh air on the fire18:03
sakrecoerif it gets cluttered with really hi-tech discussion, like "i just audio mastered this amazing 3D physics with my latest Krita Brush" (lol) then eventualy we could try push for reopening a subforum...?18:04
sakrecoeri suppose it would make the mods cringe if we asked, but eventualy if there really are a lot of multimedia tech/production dicsussions they are going to want that themselves...18:05
sakrecoerhehe of course i join when everyone is away :D18:06
eylulok just a quick note that, the repeat of the informal meeting/check-in will happen Tuesday evening (UTC evening, november 29) instead of sunday. OvenWerks I hope this works better for you? let us know if it doesn't. 18:52

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