sirixand... happy thanksgiving...:)00:28
bobbyFHi. Having trouble with audio (and recording) in ubuntu studio 16.04 with on-board sound card. Anyone available to help troubleshoot?00:50
bobbyFoops. my bad.00:56
bobbyFAnyone here to help troubleshoot an audio problem?00:57
MoBeatshappy leet o'clock13:37
danwehello there, Im searching for a utility/software that can upload midi files to an ancient yamaha symthesizer via midi. anyone knows this kind of software?17:15
MoBeatsyou mean like a sysex dump danwe?17:31
danweMoBeats yes, i believe so17:31
MoBeatsyou could try using qtractor danwe17:33
danweThanks MoBeats - do you know how?17:36
MoBeatshaven't personally done it, I only heard that qtractor has support for sending sysex dumps17:36
danweyes, looks like the export will work on controlles - Thanks17:37
edwinjdknecesito ayuda20:18
`{^v^}holy handbaskets! The Detroit Lyons won on thanksgiving for once20:42

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