tsimonq2acheronuk: So I've tried to fix umbrello in Zesty a few times to no avail. Could you please take a look?00:04
wxltsimonq2: according to clivejo, don't bother. it's an issue with llvm generally being broken in ubuntu00:05
tsimonq2wxl: Fair enough, thank you.00:05
wxlcantor and kalzium are similar messed up00:06
tsimonq2print-manager looks easy. Want to take a shot at fixing it, wxl? :)00:06
valorieis anybody fixing the llvm issue in Ubuntu?00:07
valorieseems like a big issue -- we get questions about it a few times per week in #kubunt00:07
valoriethey get questions in #kde-neon as well00:08
tsimonq2WHat exactly is the issue?00:08
valorieI dunno, the problems seem rather vaguely described00:11
tsimonq2bug 1365432?00:11
ubottubug 1365432 in llvm-toolchain-3.5 (Ubuntu) "llvm doesn't install any LLVMConfig.cmake file" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136543200:11
tsimonq2See, ovidiu-florin has been hiding it from us this whole time! :O00:11
valorieovidiu-florin's company just got acquired by Intel00:13
valorieI think it will take a bit before he can dig out from that00:13
tsimonq2So he now works for Intel now? :D00:13
tsimonq2Wow cool00:18
tsimonq2!info llvm-dev00:19
ubottullvm-dev (source: llvm-defaults (0.34)): Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM), libraries and headers. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.8-34 (yakkety), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB00:19
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Yippee, build fixed!00:22
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_knotifications build #303: FIXED in 8 min 17 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_knotifications/303/00:22
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Yippee, build fixed!00:22
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_knotifications build #115: FIXED in 9 min 2 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_knotifications/115/00:22
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Yippee, build fixed!00:22
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_knotifications build #24: FIXED in 9 min 2 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_knotifications/24/00:22
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> wxl @wxl23: Still in the general area?00:31
* acheronuk yawns00:35
wxltsimonq2: whatcha want?00:55
[Relic]For comments or queries on the plasma apps that come with the distro is that just kde forums?01:14
wxlanyone still awake?02:31
* ahoneybun gets more coke+rum02:31
wxltsimonq2: ?02:31
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> HAI HONEYBEAR!!!\02:31
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> .___.02:31
wxluh oh02:31
wxloh jeez02:31
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> I just wanted to be Rafael for a minute there. XD02:32
wxltsimonq2: merge this https://code.launchpad.net/~wxl/kubuntu-packaging/+git/plasma-sdk/+merge/31188002:32
tsimonq2<.< >.>02:32
tsimonq2wxl: You ran it through wrap-and-sort RIGHT?02:33
wxltsimonq2: the changelog entry? no.02:33
* tsimonq2 facepalsm02:34
wxlif you mean the lintian-overrides, yes :)02:34
* ahoneybun is now out of coke02:34
tsimonq2wxl: You know about wrap-and-sort, right?02:34
tsimonq2acheronuk: Stright up rum XD02:34
tsimonq2ahoneybun: Straight up rum XD02:34
ahoneybunI like being able to walk02:34
tsimonq2wxl: Good. You better become ninja soon though. I'll merge. XD02:35
wxla strange package to start with :)02:37
wxloops wrong channel02:37
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_plasma-sdk build #29: STILL UNSTABLE in 9 min 3 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_plasma-sdk/29/02:47
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_plasma-sdk build #264: STILL UNSTABLE in 9 min 9 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_plasma-sdk/264/02:47
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_plasma-sdk build #154: STILL UNSTABLE in 9 min 15 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_plasma-sdk/154/02:47
tsimonq2wxl: Fix it. :P03:01
tsimonq2wxl: -kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_plasma-sdk build #29: STILL UNSTABLE in 9 min 3 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_plasma-sdk/29/03:01
wxltsimonq2: have you looked at http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_plasma-mediacenter/11/parsed_console/ ? it seems to me like qt5multimedia-dev should be included as a dependency… or am i missing something?03:10
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Nope looks right to me.03:11
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Build it locally to be sure. wxl03:11
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> s/./,/03:11
wxland wtf that git problem is because the optional package is not found03:12
wxldo you usually build in your sbuild?03:12
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Yes03:13
wxlalright i guess i gotta fix mine up03:13
DarinMillerhi tsimonq2 and wxl. 03:13
wxlhai DarinMiller 03:13
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> You guys open for me to throw things at you? :)03:15
DarinMilleranyone have time to explain how to build a package in sbuild?  I have sbuild setup as per the sbuild website, but I have never built inside a build enviro.03:15
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Sure. :)03:15
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> sbuild -d DIST-amd64-shm inside your package dir03:15
wxltsimonq2: so were that to be the case, the issue then would be an upstream one, right?03:15
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> wxl: What *specifically*?03:16
wxltsimonq2: if it's missing qt5multimedia-dev as a dependency03:16
wxlno wait03:16
wxli'm answering my own question03:17
wxlit's not03:17
wxlbut then what exactly is it? 03:18
wxlthere's no such thing as an optional build-depends03:18
wxli guess it would be a suggests03:20
wxlin which case, so is git with plasma-sdk03:20
wxlwhich it already is03:20
wxlso that doesn't necessarily fix jenkins03:20
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Why can't you add those deps then? :)03:20
wxlwell you gave me the plasma-sdk to "fix"03:20
wxlthe issue is that git isn't found03:21
wxlit's not found because it's a Suggests03:21
wxlso the way i see it there's nothing to fix03:21
wxlunless we are required to build with every option03:21
wxlin which case git would HAVE to be a build-dep03:22
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Where is it a suggests?03:23
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Well why CAN'T git be a build dep? :)03:23
wxli'm wondering if it should be03:24
ahoneybunwxl: plasma sdk is yellow now03:37
wxlahoneybun: yeah i know. trying to figure out how to make it green :)03:39
ahoneybuntsimonq2: still on?03:40
wxli should probably worry about the reds03:40
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Yeee03:40
ahoneybunI'm looking at kalzium03:40
wxlahoneybun: per clivejo, it depends on a library that's not available yet03:40
ahoneybuntsimonq2: "Added libqt5opengl5-dev as build dep " is that enough of a changelog?03:41
ahoneybunwxl: yea I know but I want to get rid of the other dep issues 03:41
wxlahoneybun: i would say so03:41
ahoneybunthat way once the library is in the archive we'll be good to go03:41
wxlahoneybun: i think if you want to attack a red, your best bet is kde-runtime03:41
ahoneybunwxl: since tsimonq2 can merge I need him to approve it atm03:42
ahoneybunI'll look at kde-runtime now03:42
wxlit's a lot of errors but it's all the saem thing03:42
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Remember, no typos or I won't approve. 😂03:42
ahoneybunwell that's what I'm asking03:42
ahoneybunholy crao03:43
ahoneybunwxl: 708 errors, 3 warnings03:43
ahoneybunfor kde-runtime03:43
* DarinMiller raises hand03:43
DarinMillerI have both the tarball and git dl'd but I can figure out how to make sbuild run...03:44
DarinMillerI parked the git here: /home/darin/ubuntu/build/debian/03:45
ahoneybunwxl: but on LP it says successful03:45
DarinMillerfrom directory  /home/darin/ubuntu/build I attempt to run the sbuild it gets angry saying: /home/darin/ubuntu/build/debian/03:46
DarinMillerdpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no upstream tarball found at ../audiocd-kio_16.04.3.orig.tar03:46
wxlDarinMiller: it does??????03:46
wxlDarinMiller: move it up the hierarchy one level03:47
wxli'm sorry that incredulous comment was meant for ahoneybun, DarinMiller 03:47
wxlahoneybun: that kde-runtime succeeds on lp?03:48
wxlgive me a sec to get this schroot building and i'll check03:49
DarinMillersbuild is still angry:  Could not parse /home/darin/ubuntu/build/debian/changelog03:49
wxli admit i didn't dig too deep03:49
wxlDarinMiller: did you make the build directory?03:50
DarinMilleryes, I made the build dir.  Kill it?03:50
wxlDarinMiller: and the debian stuff is in there?03:50
DarinMillerthe build dir is part of my virgin sbuild enviro...03:50
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> I'll help in like 5 mins if you still don't get it :)03:51
* ahoneybun kicks git03:51
DarinMillerbrb... 03:52
ahoneybunthe heck03:53
ahoneybunmy push is being rejected03:53
wxlfull output please03:53
ahoneybunI just did a git clone03:53
ahoneybunI should not need a git pull/fetch anyway03:54
ahoneybunI do it and it says I'm uptodate03:54
wxland then push still won't work?03:54
ahoneybunI've cloned this thing 3 times so far03:55
ahoneybunand same error03:55
wxlwhat ref is HEAD pointed at?03:55
wxltop of git log03:55
ahoneybunI'm about to just delete it again and move on03:56
ahoneybungit log?03:56
wxlgive me the first ref03:56
wxlis it 776e3ccefd7ff6653ddf9904fc5e6fd449591009 ?03:56
ahoneybunref: refs/heads/kubuntu_unstable03:56
ahoneybunI don't know what log is03:56
ahoneybunor where it is03:57
wxlgit log -n103:57
ahoneybuncommit 0398f32954565394b7197593d407ffb3934895e903:57
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=398&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 39803:57
ahoneybunit has my commit03:57
wxlthat's not any ref you have in here!03:57
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> O_____________O03:57
ahoneybunwell I've commited to my local copy03:58
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> WHAT DID UBOTTU JUST DO03:58
wxlthe refs are here https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/+ref/kubuntu_unstable03:58
wxloh derp03:58
wxlwhat's the one after that (you can -n2 or just git log)03:58
* ahoneybun deletes dir03:58
ahoneybunsomeone else can deal with that03:58
wxlsure you want to give up so soon?03:59
wxlthat seems like a no brainer03:59
ahoneybungiving up is easy03:59
ahoneybunplus what git is doing makes no sense04:00
wxlbut i'm sure we could figure it out04:00
ahoneybunit's fine04:00
wxltsimonq2: show me your sbuild script again?04:01
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> 2 mins pls04:02
ahoneybunyea I don't know why it keeps rejecting it04:03
ahoneybunYour branch is up-to-date with 'origin/kubuntu_unstable'.04:04
ahoneybunI've git pull/fetch before my changes04:04
ahoneybungit commit was fine04:04
wxlgit remove -v04:04
ahoneybunI did not do that last time04:04
wxlremote i mean04:04
ahoneybunagain why04:04
DarinMillerwxl: did you want the sbuild script for ppa's that simon posted yesterday?04:04
wxlDarinMiller: yes plz04:05
wxlahoneybun: to check where you're getting stuff from/to04:05
DarinMillerwxl: I could not find the post, but I have the script: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23541206/04:05
ahoneybunI know what it does but 04:05
ahoneybunorigin  git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium (fetch)04:06
ahoneybunorigin  git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium (push)04:06
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> $ cat bin/build-kci | pastebinit … http://paste.ubuntu.com/23541210/04:06
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> wxl ^^04:06
tsimonq2Example usage: build-kci zesty04:06
tsimonq2wxl: Have fun. ;)04:07
wxlahoneybun: ok i have an idea. give me git log in a pastebin?04:07
wxlahoneybun: git log | pastebinit04:08
wxlaw man this sucks04:10
tsimonq2commit e9c4e8f873b5989332ac40a4bb47717f3504b6bb04:10
wxlsimon messed your life up04:10
tsimonq2Huh? :P04:10
wxlcompare https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/+ref/kubuntu_unstable04:11
tsimonq2I win :P04:11
wxlwith http://paste.ubuntu.com/23541217/04:11
tsimonq2Ah yes. Aaron needs to get with it. :P04:11
wxlhow do you deal with this???04:11
ahoneybunget with what?04:12
tsimonq2wxl: You are the git master. Type out a long rebase command he can use to fix this mess. XD04:12
ahoneybunSimon messing things up?04:12
wxlugh god04:12
wxlwell he didn't really mess things up04:12
wxlbut he did add a commit upstream that is not included in your fork04:12
ahoneybunwell I'm blaming him on this04:12
wxlit's not his fault, per se04:12
wxlit's a problem that could happen to anyone of us04:12
tsimonq2I totally blame Aaron. ALWAYS READ UPSTREAM COMMIT LOGS!04:12
ahoneybunbut I cloned it from our stuff04:13
ahoneybunnot my fork04:13
tsimonq2git pull04:13
wxli know04:13
wxlbut you're trying to push to your repo04:13
wxlusing code from outside your repo04:13
wxlthey're not in sync04:13
ahoneybunI get it04:13
wxli don't think a rebase will do this04:13
ahoneybunI could delete my repo04:13
wxlbecause it's not really a matter of branches04:13
ahoneybunand start from the main repo04:13
wxli'm kind of thinking that must be the only reasonable solution but i'm all ears if someone has another idea04:14
ahoneybunit's fine04:14
wxlyes but in a way these are like two separate repositories04:14
tsimonq2If you were a git master, you could export all of your commits that you made as patches and reapply them with a fresh clone. XDDDDD04:15
tsimonq2(or that's what I would do)04:15
wxlmaybe git fetch04:15
wxlyeah try git fetch!!!04:15
ahoneybuntried that 04:15
ahoneybundeleted it already04:15
wxlthere ya go04:16
ahoneybuntsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/+merge/31188604:17
ahoneybunwxl: thankfully that was a small change04:17
ahoneybunI'm currently trying to make a few alias for myself04:18
wxlahoneybun: yeah :)04:18
ahoneybunnot going too well04:18
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/KwI0cTOj/file_1236.mp404:18
wxltsimonq2: in sbuild --list do you have -amd64 AND -amd64-shm for both source and chroot04:18
tsimonq2Sorry I couldn't help myslef. :P04:19
ahoneybunI swear04:19
tsimonq2wxl: Correct.04:19
wxlahoneybun: whatcha need an alias for?04:19
tsimonq2ahoneybun: wrap-and-sort dude!04:19
wxloh so i guess i didn't delete my old one :)04:19
ahoneybunI'm going to get banned from this room and it will be because of Simon04:19
ahoneybunwe told you to stop with that meme04:19
tsimonq2<__<   >__>04:20
wxlyeah, i think you might be looking forward to a muting, tsimonq2 04:20
wxlthat is seriously the last time04:20
ahoneybuntsimonq2: that changelog is fine04:20
tsimonq2ahoneybun: Not the changelog04:20
tsimonq2Fine fine fine, I'll send it to wxl in private then. :P04:20
ahoneybunthe control is fine as well04:20
ahoneybunlooks fine in nano04:20
tsimonq2O______________________________O eew04:20
tsimonq210:19:16 PM < tsimonq2> ahoneybun: wrap-and-sort dude!04:21
wxlalso i'd consider getting in the habit of an interpreter directive of #!/usr/bin/env bash04:21
ahoneybunyou know what04:21
tsimonq2ahoneybun: You know what? :)04:21
ahoneybunwell then mmmmmmm04:22
DarinMillerhow/when should one wrap and sort?  Is that script I need to download?04:22
wxlit's in kubuntu autmation04:22
tsimonq2Hah I'm back. :P04:22
wxltsimonq2: seriously, that's enough.04:22
ahoneybunfirst you knock my "mm" and then my choice in text editors04:23
ahoneybunI'm sooooo close to being done with you04:23
wxladmittedly i'd knock your choice in text editors, too, but i think we have a better working relationship, ahoneybun :)04:24
* tsimonq2 goes to the kitchen and looks at the salt shakers04:24
ahoneybunwxl: agreed :)04:24
wxltsimonq2: i am personally giving you the last warning on this.04:25
wxlDarinMiller: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/tree/check-and-fix/ka-wrap-and-sort04:25
tsimonq2no no no no no04:25
tsimonq2Do not use that04:25
tsimonq2wrap-and-sort is a package in the archive :)04:25
wxl!info wrap-and-sort04:26
ubottuPackage wrap-and-sort does not exist in yakkety04:26
wxl!info wrap-and-sort zenial04:26
ubottu'zenial' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-backports04:26
wxl!info wrap-and-sort zesty04:26
ubottuPackage wrap-and-sort does not exist in zesty04:26
ahoneybunthe heck04:28
ahoneybunwrap-and-sort removed 2 lines04:28
ahoneybunI see what it did04:29
wxlwhat wrap and sort are you using?04:29
ahoneybuntsimonq2: https://git.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/commit/?id=4338addb322cbbe6f2129c69ec1f4dc0ce79050504:29
ahoneybunwxl: ^04:30
ahoneybunthat confused me at first04:30
wxlahoneybun: yes but where did you get the wrap and sort tool from?04:34
ahoneybunthe archive04:35
ahoneybunit was installed already04:35
wxloh hahahahah04:35
ahoneybun!info wrap-and-sort04:35
ubottuPackage wrap-and-sort does not exist in yakkety04:35
ahoneybun!info wrap-and-sort yakkety04:35
ahoneybunI have the package04:36
DarinMiller!info kubuntu-automation04:36
ubottuPackage kubuntu-automation does not exist in yakkety04:36
ahoneybunwxl: it even has a man page04:37
wxli found it04:37
wxli'm waiting for dpkg to tell me where it came from04:37
wxlah devscripts04:37
wxl^^ install that DarinMiller 04:37
ahoneybuntsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/+merge/31188704:38
DarinMillerwxl: how did you find that?04:38
wxlDarinMiller: whereis wrap-and-sort, then feed one of the paths through dpkg -S04:39
tsimonq2ahoneybun: Now THERE you go. :)04:39
ahoneybunyou know you could have been more helpful with what that command did04:39
wxlahoneybun: i suspect he was taking a hands-off approach so you could discover on your own. it's a reasonable method of teaching, though it might not work for you. just ask next time :)04:40
ahoneybunwxl: it does not work for me at all04:41
wxlahoneybun: so just ask :)04:42
ahoneybunI really hate that 04:42
wxli would have told you but i assumed you knew04:42
DarinMillercool, dpkg -S is quite handy (devscripts were already installed btw)04:42
DarinMillerI missed something, ahoneybun what lession did you learn the hard way?04:44
DarinMillerI was under the impression wrap n sort did not do what you expected.  You said it removed 2 lines but then you seemed ok with the outcome.04:45
ahoneybunDarinMiller: oh right04:45
ahoneybunit removed 2 lines but moved them back in different places04:46
wxlalso known as sort XD04:46
ahoneybunDarinMiller: remember how acheronuk said about the .install files for thing to be in abc order04:46
ahoneybunwell in a diff it looks different04:46
DarinMilleryes.  04:46
wxlyeah diffs are confusing04:46
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kalzium build #114: STILL FAILING in 3 min 58 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kalzium/114/04:47
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kalzium build #27: STILL FAILING in 5 min 3 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kalzium/27/04:48
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kalzium build #57: STILL FAILING in 5 min 34 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kalzium/57/04:48
ahoneybunwxl: what is this?04:49
wxlahoneybun: probably a chemistry tool04:50
ahoneybunit is the same name04:50
ahoneybun though04:50
ahoneybun Avogadro04:50
ahoneybunso but that cmake file is missing in that package04:50
wxlas in avogadro's number04:51
wxllike what a mole is based on04:51
ahoneybuntsimonq2: can I edit the changelog of kalzium so all those packages that I added are on one line?04:52
tsimonq2ahoneybun: If you want04:52
wxlis that correct?04:52
ahoneybunwell it would make it easier to read 04:52
wxli tried to merge two of santa's entries toegether and clivejo warned me against it04:53
wxlsaying that everything should be in chronological order04:53
tsimonq2Well I take that back04:54
tsimonq2wxl is right04:54
ahoneybuntsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/+merge/31188804:55
ahoneybunI did not do it 04:55
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kalzium build #115: STILL FAILING in 3 min 52 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kalzium/115/04:56
tsimonq2ahoneybun: Merged04:56
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kalzium build #28: STILL FAILING in 4 min 37 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kalzium/28/04:57
wxltsimonq2: why do you re-add kci every time with your script?04:57
tsimonq2wxl: Because it's a new ephemeral container every time04:58
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kalzium build #58: STILL FAILING in 4 min 56 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kalzium/58/04:58
ahoneybuntsimonq2: it has 2 builds going at the same time04:59
ahoneybunany reason?04:59
ahoneybunit stoped04:59
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kalzium build #116: STILL FAILING in 3 min 55 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kalzium/116/05:01
wxltsimonq2: why isn't this in kubuntu-automation05:01
tsimonq2wxl: Because it's hacky af05:02
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kalzium build #29: STILL FAILING in 5 min 34 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kalzium/29/05:03
ahoneybunthat thing needs a LOT more deps05:04
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kalzium build #59: STILL FAILING in 12 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kalzium/59/05:10
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kalzium build #117: STILL FAILING in 5 min 28 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kalzium/117/05:11
wxlahoneybun: XD05:12
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kalzium build #30: STILL FAILING in 4 min 3 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kalzium/30/05:12
wxltsimonq2: what was the thing for getting the tarball?05:12
ahoneybunwxl: did you see that?05:12
tsimonq2wxl: get-kci-tarball05:12
tsimonq2in ka05:12
ahoneybunwow 12am 05:13
ahoneybunmm 2 factor on my gmail was a good idea and bad05:15
ahoneybuncan't use any other email client now05:15
wxlsure you just need to make an app password05:15
ahoneybunwell if the client does not support it05:15
wxlit doesn't support a password?05:16
ahoneybunwell the default one but then I need a 6 digit code too05:17
ahoneybunbut the client does not know how to handle that05:17
wxlgo into google and you can make an app passsword05:17
wxlit's a password that's doesn't need 2fa05:17
ahoneybunwell that destroys the reason for 2fa05:18
wxlyeah it's a limited kind of thing only for clients that you really want to use that doesn't support 2fa05:18
ahoneybunwxl: I wonder if I should go though with kalzium and that dep nightmare05:19
wxlahoneybun: it'll keep you busy :)05:19
ahoneybun13 different ones05:20
ahoneybunwell tsimonq2 as well05:20
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kalzium build #60: STILL FAILING in 5 min 2 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kalzium/60/05:20
ahoneybuntsimonq2: ping05:25
ahoneybunthere are 13 new deps for kalzium05:25
ahoneybunI've added 4 in one commit05:26
ahoneybunI was going to do 3 commits05:26
ahoneybun4, 4, 505:26
tsimonq2Or all in one if you want. :)05:26
ahoneybunthen I'll send one merge05:26
tsimonq2Yup. :)05:27
* ahoneybun sets 'was' for 'wrap-and-sort'05:27
ahoneybuntsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kalzium/+merge/31188905:34
ahoneybunwxl: I'm wondering if debian changed the lib names05:38
ahoneybunAvogadroLibsConfig.cmake = AvogadroConfig.cmake05:38
wxlahoneybun: it's possible. you can try searching upstream. also might be interesting to see what neon does05:39
ahoneybunthough gentoo and the github page have that cmake file05:39
ahoneybunthough neon control file does not have most of the stuff we need from it05:41
ahoneybunwxl: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/amd64/libavogadro-dev/filelist05:44
ahoneybundebian does not have file05:44
ahoneybundebian does have kde-runtime as a dep though05:47
ahoneybunthough debian build 16.08 with older packages/...05:50
tsimonq2ahoneybun: See my response to your MP.05:50
ahoneybunI di05:51
ahoneybunnot sure why it needs them now05:51
ahoneybunpushed a new commit tsimonq205:52
ahoneybuntsimonq2: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/amd64/kalzium05:52
ahoneybunnot sure how they are using older packages though05:52
ahoneybunlooks like kde4 stuff05:52
ahoneybun16.08 vs 16.0405:54
ahoneybunanyway going to sleep in a few 05:54
ahoneybunonce that new build is done05:54
tsimonq2I think I'll head off now.05:56
DarinMillernite all05:58
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kalzium build #31: STILL FAILING in 6 min 1 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kalzium/31/06:01
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kalzium build #118: STILL FAILING in 6 min 55 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kalzium/118/06:02
ahoneybunfunny since AvogadroLibs is optional06:02
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kalzium build #61: STILL FAILING in 7 min 36 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kalzium/61/06:02
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kalzium build #32: STILL FAILING in 5 min 58 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kalzium/32/06:12
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kalzium build #119: STILL FAILING in 6 min 29 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kalzium/119/06:13
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kalzium build #62: STILL FAILING in 5 min 57 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kalzium/62/06:13
acheronukafternoon :)12:10
acheronuk-- Installing: /<<BUILDDIR>>/kalzium-16.04.3+p17.04+git20161127.0606/debian/tmp/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libscience.so.SOVERSION12:11
acheronuk-- Installing: /<<BUILDDIR>>/kalzium-16.04.3+p17.04+git20161127.0606/debian/tmp/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libscience.so12:11
acheronukthat's ugly ^^^12:11
acheronukupstream cmake problem setting the right version I guess12:16
blazeit's time to look at 16.12 apps packaging12:52
ahoneybunyea acheronuk14:06
=== z4ki is now known as zaki
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Hai15:29
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> blaze: Not yet.15:29
santa_good afternoon16:34
DarinMillergood morning/afternoon16:41
wxlDarinMiller: need an aplanation of single binary?16:57
wxldo you need to generate a new key everytime you make a new schroot?16:58
wxlweird guess so17:01
wxlor not argh17:01
DarinMillerwxl: as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild, looks like chroots can be pre-populated (Pre-populated chroots near the bottom)17:06
DarinMillerBut I still do not know how to use those dang things.17:06
wxlthis is what i'm getting hung up on http://pastebin.com/g89DMDJ417:06
DarinMillerSo packages have to be downloaded within the chroot enviro?  Is there a way to download and pass the download pack to the chroot enviro?17:10
wxlprobably but that's annoying17:11
DarinMillerwxl: I don't understand your question: [09:57] <wxl> DarinMiller:  need an aplanation of single binary?17:14
santa_if you want to speed up the downloading and installing of build dependencies you can use apt-cacher-ng (to speed up downloading) and eatmydata (to speed up installing)17:14
wxlDarinMiller: i saw you said something in your merge request like "single binary?" which suggested you might want an explanation17:14
wxlyeah wish i could get that far santa :)17:15
santa_well, I started with pbuilder, then switched to sbuild, then started to improve my stuff on top of that17:19
santa_I mean, there was a long road to get there17:19
wxlwell i'm going to start from scratch again17:19
santa_I didn't start to do everything in "pro mode"17:20
wxlthis issue with keys is honestly a little baffling17:20
wxlwhat's super weird is that it clearly sees the Sbuild Signer key17:29
wxlbut not the secret key17:29
wxlthey're both in freaking /var/lib/sbuild/apt-keys/17:30
DarinMillerI only have 2 files in /var/lib/sbuild/apt-keys/ (sbuild-key.pub and sbuild-key.sec).  17:33
wxlright same here17:33
DarinMillerso what were you running to generate these errors http://pastebin.com/g89DMDJ4   (I have only logged in an out of my sbuild session.)17:35
wxlso i'm trying to build plasma-sdk17:36
wxlthat's my pwd17:36
wxlthe tarball is in ../17:36
wxlfrom there i'm trying to use simon's build-kci command17:36
wxlbut ignoring that and doing a standard sbuild fails tooo17:36
wxlsbuild -d zesty-amd64-shm ../plasma-sdk*.dsc17:37
DarinMillerdid the dsc file come from a git download, tar package or ?????  I don't see a dsc for the audiocd-kio package (neither in the tar nor git link).17:40
wxlyeah sorry that's confusing17:40
wxlthe dsc came out of the tarball the first time i tried to run sbuild17:40
DarinMillerAm I supposed to generate the dsc file myself?17:40
wxlif you're doing it for the first time, just have the tarball in the right format in ../ and run sbuild while in the main directory17:41
wxlthe first time it runs and sees the source, it generates the dsc17:41
wxli find it odd that get-kci-tarball stores the tarball in ../build-area/. is there a way to specify this directory to sbuild? cuz that would sure clean up my repo directory17:46
wxlsanta ^^17:46
DarinMillerSo I don't need the git library files, just the uncompressed (.xz) tar package?17:47
IrcsomeBot1<wxl23> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/wverEkay/file_1243.jpg Too tired to package17:49
wxlso it's like this17:49
wxllet's say you're going to do everything out of ~17:49
wxlgit clone package17:49
wxlcd package17:50
wxlmv ../build-area/package*xz ../17:50
wxlsbuild -d zesty-amd64-shm17:50
wxlmake sense now?17:50
DarinMilleroh, that helps immensely!17:52
wxlyeah in general, you assume with packages, you're always going to be in the folder containing the debian folder17:52
wxland packaging is essentially a process of taking upstream (kde in our case) code and applying the debian packaging to it17:53
wxlthat packaging basically doing the job of specifying compilation options17:54
wxlsuch as applying patches 17:54
wxland then running it through some checking (like lintian)17:54
wxland then creating a deb file that works correctly17:54
wxli wonder if my chroot has a newer gnupg version17:56
wxlAH HA17:56
wxlwell that's cool17:56
wxlat least i can start using some people's keys :)17:56
ubottuDebian bug 827315 in src:sbuild "sbuild: Does not work with gnupg 2.x installed in the chroot" [Important,Fixed]17:57
wxl!info sbuild xenial-updates17:57
ubottu'xenial-updates' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-b17:57
wxl!info sbuild xenial17:58
ubottusbuild (source: sbuild): Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.67.0-2ubuntu7 (xenial), package size 75 kB, installed size 452 kB17:58
wxl!info sbuild xenial-proposed17:58
ubottuPackage sbuild does not exist in xenial-proposed17:58
wxl!info sbuild xenial-backports17:58
ubottuPackage sbuild does not exist in xenial-backports17:58
wxlthis is what i get for running LTS17:58
wxland now i have some other problem argh18:00
wxlgiong to do the dishes18:00
DarinMilleryes, I will need patching training assuming I can ever progress beyond my "packaging strider" cycle.18:01
* DarinMiller 's analagoy of his packaging abilities as related to cycling (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz6zG9EYOKI)18:02
DarinMillerso the directory for my sbuild looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/23544521 18:15
DarinMillerI am by the statement:  mv ../build-area/package*xz ../18:15
DarinMillerI am confused^18:16
wxlaw darin left19:39
wxlgotta teach that boy how to idle19:39
wxl!info libkf5kio-dev19:47
ubottuPackage libkf5kio-dev does not exist in yakkety19:47
wxl!info libkf5kio-dev zesty19:47
ubottuPackage libkf5kio-dev does not exist in zesty19:47
wxl!info libkf5plasma-dev zesty19:48
ubottuPackage libkf5plasma-dev does not exist in zesty19:48
wxlwhy the heck is kci not complaining about the fact that plasma-sdk can't even get the right packages? argh19:48
acheronuklibkf5kio-dev & libkf5plasma-dev are renames of sub-dev packages. there should be transitional  packages in KCI, but you won't find the new names in the ubuntu archive yet19:56
wxlso is there any easy way for me to run an sbuild?19:57
wxlthink i may have answered my own question19:58
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_plasma-desktop build #41: FAILURE in 3 hr 27 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_plasma-desktop/41/20:05
wxlwell i added the kci ppa and updated in --chroot-setup-command and yet i have all sorts of dependency issues http://pastebin.com/pwN7Bbx820:06
acheronukI use pbuilder not sbuild 20:16
wxlthis is kde identity/phabricator?20:18
wxlyes, wxl, it is :)20:19
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Yippee, build fixed!20:28
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_plasma-desktop build #42: FIXED in 23 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_plasma-desktop/42/20:28
blazeI don't even use pbuider but have it installed20:31
wxlyeah i think it's a thing you do when you go through the packaging guide on ubuntu20:41
blazeI don't need a packaging guide :)21:24
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Bah acheronuk21:29
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> sbuild ftw21:29
IrcsomeBot1<wxl23> (Voice, 1s)https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8SNBZFvP/file_1248.oga21:41
IrcsomeBot1<wxl23> Oops21:41
IrcsomeBot1<wxl23> Fix my sbuild Simon21:41
wxltsimonq2: fix it21:57
IrcsomeBot1<marcinsagol> Hello from Spain ;)22:43
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Zomg22:57
wxlfix it22:57
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> What22:57
wxlmy sbuild http://pastebin.com/pwN7Bbx822:57
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Your sbuild isn't broken22:59
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Push it to your repo and I'll push it to KCI, you'll see22:59
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> It's a dep problem22:59
wxlthen why is it not breaking like that on kci?22:59
wxlwait maybe you're right hold on22:59
wxlnope same problem tsimonq2 23:05
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> What did you do?23:05
wxli'm going to try this all over again23:06
valoriehello @marcinsagol!23:10
valoriewhatcha doing in Spain?23:10
valorieand where are you23:10
wxltsimonq2: happens even with a fresh repo, fresh schroot, frresh tarball23:15
wxltsimonq2: in other words, this should also happen on KCI23:15
wxltsimonq2: or something about my set up is messsed up23:16
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Alright23:16
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Next step23:16
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> LXC container. Add the PPA. Install the packages it says it can't install and diagnose it.23:17
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> wxl: Got it? :)23:17
wxli'll give it a go23:18
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Good. :P23:19
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> wxl: Any luck?23:25
wxltsimonq2: trying something else first23:25
wxltsimonq2: i assume you need to use a privledged container?23:38
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Nope23:39

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