raviloopmy PC is p4 , ram :2gb, processor : core 2 duo, which OS should i use09:51
raviloopi instlaled ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but it becomes quite slow when i use netbeans sort of softwares09:52
raviloop_my PC is p4 , ram :2gb, processor : core 2 duo, which OS should i use09:55
raviloop_which linux distro will be perfect09:55
raviloop_is it Lubuntu?09:55
raviloop_is anyone there?10:01
heybrokenHey buddys, have some problems here with instalation. Can someone help me? This is what happens when i trying to install lubuntu on my pc http://i.imgur.com/kJNWeql.jpg11:56
heybrokenIm tryed with nomodeset also11:57
heybrokenAlso i see error E[Xorg[1052]] failed to idle channel 0xcccc0000 [Xorg[4414]]11:58
heybrokenIn blackscreen after this grafic glitch11:59
dudztried with another graphics card heybroken ?12:40
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Fr_Daehi, i'm on Lubuntu 16.10x64, and after a update, lxpanel don't run on autostart, do you know why and how fix it ? thanks18:57
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