lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:31
lotuspsychjequick jump-in before work :p04:31
OerHeksheya lotus04:33
daftykinsmorn \o04:34
lotuspsychjemorning guys04:38
daftykinslotuspsychje: i got a super cheap little HP laptop for someone :) well, 15" - and sadly the nasty 1366x768 res, but it's an i5-6200, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD04:39
daftykinsonly £340 delivered \o/04:39
lotuspsychjewow good price04:41
daftykinsvery plasticy machine, i should grab it and snap some :>04:42
lotuspsychjewhat kind of ssd brand is that04:42
daftykinssamsung, must be a basic SATA one04:45
daftykinsthere was a nice looking HP for £260 with a proper 1080p IPS screen, but it was an i3 with 4GB RAM and a 500GB mechanical... could've upgraded it but you have to do full disassembly as they have no underside panel for RAM04:48
lotuspsychjesmart move04:49
daftykinsyep less work the better :D04:50
lotuspsychjew10 came by default?04:50
daftykinsfirst build :| wiped it instantly, as well as the silly recovery partitions :D04:51
lotuspsychjewhat did you put as OS?04:53
daftykins10 still04:53
lotuspsychjework times guys05:24
lotuspsychjehave a nice one!05:25
ducassehi all07:27
daftykinsgood morning \o07:33
daftykinsyay you brought the sun with you07:34
ducassethe same to you :) having a quiet sunday morning?07:35
daftykinssorta, got that cheap HP laptop yesterday and i just checked the air pressures on my bike suspension07:35
ducasselaptop for you or a client?07:37
daftykinsi've got a Dell XPS13 9350 :)07:48
ducasseyes, i recall you saying that. nice machine, that :)07:57
ducasseany plans for the day?07:57
daftykinsyeah hoping to take the bike out in a mo since i've done the suspension08:06
ducasselookie here :)08:09
ducassei'm going into town, maybe see a movie or get something to eat. dunno yet.08:09
daftykinsbuuut i just saw a twitch streamer i was watching play Mass Effect is back on, so chatting about that now08:09
daftykinsah neat08:09
ducassei keep meaning to install civilization, but never get around to it. might screw up my productivity :)08:10
daftykinslately if i find a game i enjoy i do get twinges that i should be doing something better XD08:11
daftykinshmm the fancy 65" 4K OLED TV is £100 off because of the sales, need to get that client to buy it D:08:11
ducassethere were some of those gaming chairs quite cheap during friday's sale, they look really comfy. can hardly justify it, though.08:12
daftykinsoh that every twitch person seems to have?08:12
daftykinskinda look like sports car seats08:13
daftykinsif i were a famous streamer i'd refuse them XD08:13
daftykinsat least i figure the companies give them away08:13
ducassei would think so. cheap advertising.08:14
ducassewonder why everything has to be designed to look like alien fighters now, have you seen some of these wifi routers etc?08:19
daftykinshahaha, yeah pretty mad08:19
daftykinsyou can bend the antennas and make them look like crabs08:19
ducasseridiculous. :)08:19
daftykinsmy current ISP supplied one is 2:2 stream -ac, 866Mb is pretty good08:21
daftykinsseen 40MB/sec from one floor away on 5GHz through wood08:21
ducassethat's decent. i haven't really measured my new one yet.08:22
daftykinscan't believe ;)08:29
ducasseno, but funny :)08:31
daftykinscats hugging me08:36
ducassed'awww :) does yours also sleep in your bed?08:40
daftykinsyep, but only on top of the sheets08:40
ducassemine too. she curls up against my legs, and gets really annoyed if i move around :)08:43
ducassethe snow is just about gone noe, so she has decided it's safe to go outside again :)08:47
daftykinsless litter tray work is always good08:48
ducasseyep. i guess i could have forced her to go outside at least to do that, but i don't have the heart.08:50
ducassewow, $92,000 so far... https://holidayhole.com/08:53
ducassedammit, these nazi spammers are back...08:56
daftykins#ubuntu ?08:58
ducasseyep. pretty bad stuff.09:00
daftykinsducasse: did you head out yet?09:50
ducassenot yet09:51
daftykinsknow anything about this? a mate is trying to x forward between his laptop and office desktop at the lab in Japan he works at09:51
daftykinslaptop is CentOS, desktop is ubuntu 16.04 - he gets a seg fault on trying emacs09:51
ducassetried emacs here now, just popped up. that was ubuntu -> ubuntu, though. ask him to try 'emacs -nw' to check that emacs itself fires up ok.09:53
daftykinsasking now09:53
daftykinsyep he says that's fine, whatever it means? :D09:58
ducasseit means "run as tui application"10:01
ducassecan he try forwarding something like xterm, see if that works?10:01
daftykinshe reckons 'xclock' works10:01
ducassenot sure what to suggest, i would probably see if strace could give me a hint as to why it segfaults...10:03
daftykinsthanks, i'll pass that on :>10:03
daftykinshe'll eventually have a new lab bought laptop to put 16.04 on too10:03
ducassei keep thinking about getting a new laptop myself, but i'll probably  end up just getting more memory for this and use it until the magic smoke departs :)10:05
ducasselaptops are spensive :(10:09
daftykinsi was so pleased i could get the XPS13 for the £580 i scored it for10:10
daftykinsso good :D dream machine!10:10
ducassei know, but i don't have that kind of money for toys now. that's a good price, though.10:13
daftykinsright i'm gonna go change and hop on the wheels now10:23
ducassedaftykins: have fun!10:32
daftykinsmmm suspension is ace now, but i forgot the brakes11:12
pauljwHi everyone13:34
daftykinsmorning o/13:35
pauljwhi daftykins :)13:35
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all14:41
pauljwhi lotuspsychje14:51
lotuspsychjehey pauljw how are you mate14:51
pauljwdoing well, thanks.  you?14:51
lotuspsychjegreat here, finished work for today14:52
pauljwah... :)14:52
pauljwmy day is just getting underway.14:53
ducassehi lotuspsychje :)15:12
lotuspsychjehey ducasse15:55
ducassewhat's up? :)15:56
lotuspsychjeoh nothing much, we just had dinner15:57
lotuspsychjeyesterday i updated the ubuntu box from our friends15:58
lotuspsychjeto xenial15:59
lotuspsychjebut i didnt got rid of the grub 10sec countdown boot15:59
ducassedon't you just set the timeout to 0?16:01
lotuspsychjeyes, it was set to 0, dont understand why it doesnt work16:01
ducasseno clue, but i've seen others have issues with it in #ubuntu16:01
lotuspsychjeoh well, after the 10sec it boots to xenial now16:02
ducasseyou ran update-grub, i assume?16:04
lotuspsychjeyes, didnt changed nothing16:04
lotuspsychjelemme check mine holdon16:05
ducassethat's all i did16:07
ducassegah, wrong paste16:07
lotuspsychjemine is 10, but i dont have a countdown16:08
lotuspsychjeshould compare it to their grub16:10
ducasseah, i see. i've commented out all the hidden_timeout stuff16:18
lotuspsychjeyeah cant remember if some line was commenten yesterday or not16:21
lotuspsychjeand how the heck it gets commented?16:21
ducassejust put a # in front16:25
lotuspsychjeyeah, but why does lines get commented without a reson?16:26
lotuspsychjegrub shouldnt timeout like that by default right16:26
ducassei can't remember what the default is16:29
lotuspsychjeme neither16:29
ducassei should probably change my post-install script to save the original config files, now i just copy mine into place16:31
lotuspsychjenewest linux shots: http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/customization/screenshots/nix/?order=516:49
lotuspsychjenice stuff in there16:52
lotuspsychjelol http://www.deviantart.com/art/LXDE-Windows-95-Theme-64554674016:53
lotuspsychjenow thats some linux eye candy16:54
lotuspsychjehi Srikanta16:55
lotuspsychjehowdy Daekdroom17:15
lotuspsychjeducasse: you got borderless terminal like this on i3? http://www.deviantart.com/art/2016-07-05-10-17-49-61970663817:18
lotuspsychjehi brunch87517:18
ducasselotuspsychje: for certain windows, yes17:20
ducassei don't use transparency for terminal windows, though - it looks cool but gets annoying17:23
lotuspsychjei set it 50-5017:24
lotuspsychjeand green on black17:24
lotuspsychjebut borderless terminal interests me17:24
ducassei have a keybinding to toggle border on/off, because i want them now and then.17:26
ducassei3 also uses the border to indicate where the split will be if you open a new window17:28
lotuspsychjeducasse: cool, whats the packagename of that terminal?17:31
ducassethe wm handles borders, not the terminal.17:31
lotuspsychje!info i3-sensible-terminal17:33
ubot5`Package i3-sensible-terminal does not exist in xenial17:33
ducassethat's just a script that calls whatever terminal is installed17:40
ducasseon debianish systems it runs x-terminal-emulator from the alternatives system.17:45
lotuspsychjei see17:45
ducasseoh, first it checks if $TERMINAL is set17:46
lotuspsychjebbl mate, coffee and movies :p17:50
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC

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