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knxhi. if i have a server connected with two ethernet ports, one connected to a router, can someone please help me understand what is necessary to be able to plug another device into the secondary ethernet port and be part of the same LAN (i.e. reach the same DHCP daemon).16:31
knxfrom what i can tell i have at least two options, either bridge eth0 and eth1, or use iptables and forward communication between eth0 and eth1 (and masquerade eth1?), or am i mistaken?16:32
knxsorry, meant "a server with two ethernet ports, one connected..."16:32
knxor can i specify the servers routing table such that eth0 and eth1 don't have to be bridged nor iptable'd in order to reach eachother?16:34
Phanesanybody using lxd/lxc?  not really finding a solid guide on custom image creation from scratch.  any suggested reading?20:01
patdk-lapPhanes, there is nothing to it20:37
patdk-lapit's the exact same why you would make an image for anything else, -kernel20:37
Phanesok, so, if i make an image for virtualbox it's an entirely different process then if i make an iso for bare metal, if I make an image for qemu it's entirely different a process then if I make it for either of those, and if I make an image for hyper-v it's entirely different then if i make an image for any of those.  so if just one single person who knows how to do this could spare me the philosophical tripe and just link me to some docs on20:39
Phanesimage creation in LXD i'd -very- much appreciate it in lieu of feeling stupid.20:39
patdk-laphmm, the process for all of the above is the same20:40
Phanesthat's not accurate20:40
patdk-lapvirtualbox/qemu/bare/... all use the same image20:40
Phanes.ignore patdk-lap*!*@*20:40
Phanesdoes anyone actually know how to do this?20:40
terabytehey. I have a choice, install a startup.service file via the debian package itself, or allow it to be configured via puppet. What's best practice/ standard?22:17
Phanespuppet should be used for all of that during the whole lifecycle of the server22:17
Phanesthat's puppet's purpose22:17
terabyteok. so the deb package should just install the package, and shouldn't install any .service files. Thanks22:18
Phanesdon't use debs on a puppet server22:23
Phanesyou'll thank yourself later22:24
Phanesuse the puppet abstraction layers for package management22:24
Phanespuppet abstracts away distro-specific things22:25
terabyteI'm using package {}, but package is ultimately going to be a deb from some private repo.. And I also write the package. I guess it's a question of who's responsibility it is to create users/startup scripts. deb package or puppet...22:25
Phanesah ok22:25
Phanesthat should be puppet22:26
Phanessince those are going to be configurable if you've written your service correctly22:26
Phanesbut at the same time users not using puppet should not be expected to create those22:26
terabytewell this is the thing ^^22:26
Phanesheh yep.  it should go in the package but should be overridden in puppet22:27
terabyteok cool.22:27
terabytethanks *22:29
Kiwi_Aliengood morning22:42
Kiwi_AlienI wish to make my samba ubuntu server only LAN22:42
Kiwi_Alienim a little confused22:42
Kiwi_AlienI read that i can simply just not give it a gateway?22:43
compdocthat can work. and you can block it on the router22:45
compdocit will never be able to update22:45
Kiwi_Alienshouldnt have to worry about updates if its on lan?22:46
Kiwi_AlienAn then if i wanted to, I could ssh in to then update?22:46
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