praisethemoongood day10:45
* praisethemoon is using pidgin17:08
pavlushkau-la-la: convert ascii praisethemoon to base 217:24
u-la-lapavlushka: That is 1110000 1110010 1100001 1101001 1110011 1100101 1110100 1101000 1100101 1101101 1101111 1101111 1101110 in binary17:24
pavlushkapavlushka: see, I have compile you :p17:25
pavlushkau-la-la: convert 1110000 1110010 1100001 1101001 1110011 1100101 1110100 1101000 1100101 1101101 1101111 1101111 1101110 from base 2 to ascii17:28
u-la-lapavlushka: That is "praisethemoon"17:28
praisethemoonHow dare you ..17:29
praisethemoonu-la-la: convert ascii pavlushka to base 1617:29
u-la-lapraisethemoon: That is 70 61 76 6C 75 73 68 6B 61 in hexadecimal17:29
praisethemoonhow about that huh?!17:29
praisethemoonu-la-la: good job!17:30
u-la-lapraisethemoon: Excuse me?17:30
pavlushkapraisethemoon: do you know any machine takes hex instructions?17:31
pavlushka*which takes17:31
pavlushkapraisethemoon: you just made me unreadable to both machine and to humans :p17:33
pavlushkapraisethemoon: and in that case, you win :p17:34
pavlushkau-la-la: convert 70 61 76 6C 75 73 68 6B 61 from base 16 to ascii17:35
u-la-lapavlushka: That is "pavlushka"17:35
pavlushkaahahaha, I am back :p17:36
praisethemoonyou didn't tell me he can "decompile"17:38
pavlushkapraisethemoon: well, I didn't tell you anything, lo17:39
pavlushka*about hex compiling (correction) :p17:40
pavlushka<pavlushka> pavlushka: see, I have compile you :p so its true, I didn't tell you anything, lol17:42
pavlushkait remind me of nzoueidi bashing on irc once :p17:44
pavlushkaand hitting tab works both on shell and on irc, so it autocompleted to a nick, lol17:46
AcidNinjaFWHRu-la-la, convert ascii AcidNinjaFWHR to hexadecimal17:48
u-la-laAcidNinjaFWHR: That is 41 63 69 64 4E 69 6E 6A 61 46 57 48 52 in hexadecimal17:48
AcidNinjaFWHRet le numéro complémentaire u-la-la ?17:49
nzoueidihahahaha xD17:57
pavlushkahey nzoueidi :)18:00
nzoueidiHello pavlushka how are you :D18:00
nzoueidineed to go, my coffee time :D18:01
praisethemoonAcidNinjaFWHR: o/ ça va?18:03
pavlushkaelacheche: o/18:31
pavlushkaelacheche: I set updatedb to run in every one minute. is that too much? using systemd.18:32
elachecheI don't know pavlushka.. I don't use updatedb, I use find.. But I think that it's not a good idea to run it usually, whenever you need to locate a file you can execute it manually then locate.. As I said, I use find not locate18:34
pavlushkaelacheche: good suggestion :)18:35
praisethemoonNourchene: hello o/18:36
elachecheWelcome to #ubuntu-tn Nourchene18:36
elachechepraisethemoon: you're quick x) I thought you're sleeping x)18:36
NourcheneThnx ^^18:36
pavlushkaNourchene: are you thanking praisethemoon for sleeping?18:37
praisethemoonpavlushka strikes again18:38
Nourchenehhhhhh why not xD18:38
pavlushkawell where is the vox wagon guy? I mean volkovmqx18:41
praisethemoonNice one XD18:42
elachechepraisethemoon, pavlushka nzoueidi https://medium.com/@likid.geimfari/the-list-of-interesting-open-source-projects-2daaa2153f7c#.fxtt3bq9w21:16
praisethemoonelacheche: very interesting! thank you :D21:27

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