IMUi wants to use ubuntu on my lenevo k3 note06:40
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Nycticebuscoucanhi guys, I am having troubles with the telegram app it does not start anymore. It shows the logo and the the screen is white. Do you have any ideas?12:59
mimecarhave you clean telegram configuration?13:03
NeoTheThird[m]Hey, i have some issues with the ubuntu sdk ide. I'm on 16.10, and every time i start the sdk, it promts me to update the package "ubuntu-sdk16.10-amd64". If i select the package and klick ok, it gives me a bunch of errors and a log: http://pastebin.com/HN5VFLH1 Can you help me?13:15
Nycticebuscoucanhow do i clean the config?13:16
mimecarhave your Ubuntu updated?13:16
Nycticebuscoucanyes ubutu is up to date13:16
mimecarcan you post the ouput of "sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?13:17
mimecarit looks you have some locked packages13:17
NeoTheThird[m]https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/ZoYjmYUZQOrBGuvuaHPpLCHl - NeoTheThird[m]_2016-11-27_13:18:12.txt13:18
NeoTheThird[m]oops, sry, its in german13:18
NeoTheThird[m]changing the settings, hang on13:18
mimecarno problem13:18
mimecarsystem is updated13:18
mimecarcan you remove ubuntu-sdk ppa, clean apt cache and add the repository again?13:19
NeoTheThird[m]ok, i will try that13:20
NeoTheThird[m]@mimecar that didn't seem to help13:30
NeoTheThird[m]i also tried reinstalling it comletely13:31
NeoTheThird[m]https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/iFascCagujGCuUamiPcDTWAq - NeoTheThird[m]_2016-11-27_13:34:12.txt13:34
Nycticebuscoucanmimecar all your instructions related to NeoTheThird didn't they?13:39
NeoTheThird[m]Sorry for stealing him, Nycticebuscoucan i didn't notice you weren't done13:41
mimecarclean qtcreator config13:44
mimecarNeoTheThird[m], you should clean telegram data and reinstall the app13:45
NeoTheThird[m]https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/SGvOhfQQAMEZBFqKRpgsxGmj - NeoTheThird[m]_2016-11-27_13:51:01.txt13:51
NeoTheThird[m]https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/RHLkTfielIiTcWtSIBgnmokv - NeoTheThird[m]_2016-11-27_13:51:45.txt13:51
mimecarit doesn't make sense13:52
mimecarcrean config again and reboot computer13:52
NeoTheThird[m]is it possible, that the ide is incompatible wit 16.10?13:53
mimecarno, I'm working with 16.1013:53
NeoTheThird[m]hmm, ok13:53
Nycticebuscoucanno worries Neo i'll try again later :)13:57
NeoTheThird[m]That fixed it. Thank you! Sometimes i think my computer is haunted14:14
brunch875hey I just realized the dialer has letters on the numbers16:19
brunch875but it doesn't really browse the contacts16:19
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Guest16350hi ppl, got a http 401 error during update,so unable to update18:35
Guest16350try to find answer online but nothing!!18:36
Guest16350any help appreciated thank you18:37
mimecarwhat's your device and channel?18:40
Guest16350aquaris 4.5...and what s channel?18:42
mimecaryou can use stable channel, RC (development), etc.18:43
Guest16350prefer stable18:43
mimecarok, what's the OTA you are using?18:44
mimecaris OTA-13?18:44
mimecarthat's the latest OTA on stable channel18:45
mimecar401 error is related with Unauthorized error18:46
Guest16350yes correct18:47
mimecardo you get error on apps / scop update or on system update?18:48
Guest16350on apps18:49
mimecarare you using apps from Ubuntu Store18:49
mimecaror have you installed external click packages?18:49
Guest16350ubuntu store18:50
mimecarGuest16350, remove ubuntu one account and create it again18:57
Guest16350already tried many time :(18:57
mimecarit is a strange bug18:58
mimecarwhen has the problem started?19:00
Guest16350connection from pc in ubuntu one and works19:00
Guest16350today after the phone has been sat for a while19:01
mimecarit must work with ubuntu one on phone also19:01
Guest16350in fact it s strange19:02
Guest16350don't know19:02
Guest16350if i open a browser session it works so connected19:02
mimecarhave you removed ubuntu one account from phone and added it again ?19:02
Guest16350yes many time... I ll do now again19:03
mimecarit can be a temporal issue19:04
Guest16350nothing mate still19:04
mimecarcheck tomorrow again19:04
Guest16350ok will do19:04
mimecarwhat's the app you get the error?19:05
Guest16350cinema clock telegramm fmessanger music19:06
mimecarsome core apps...19:07
mimecarcheck again tomorrow19:08
Guest16350ok thanks for help mimecar :)19:09
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