NokajiHi, for some reason Ubuntu Software fails to display any software lists, e.g. under All & Installed. Updates states up to date and last checked 06:07. Fortunatley I can install proggies via Synaptic Prog Mgr but I now cannot search for new software07:38
daftykins'ubuntu software centre' ?07:49
daftykinsyou're not giving any information about your setup07:50
daftykinslike, version - the #1 :D07:52
daftykinsNokaji: psst, are you off getting replied to in another channel?07:54
SuperEngineeryup, he/dhe appears to have joined channel #impatient&away ;)07:56
daftykinsah well, it's better than #cross-post-and-hassle-others08:06
SuperEngineer_[please ignore this, testing mobile setup ok]08:52
SuperEngineer_[seems to work OK]08:52
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:33
daftykinsaww yeah one 65" OLED TV on the way :O11:34
SuperEngineer...and some cinema seats, popcorn and annoying that bloke wearing a hat will follow11:58
SuperEngineer*that annoying11:59
SuperEngineerBBC News reports: "A coach carrying dozens of tourists becomes trapped in a sinkhole when a water main bursts"12:02
SuperEngineerGuess that TV arrived early!!12:02
SuperEngineerStreet couldn't take the extra weight :-O12:03
daftykinsthey're crazy light now, if it weren't for the bulk i'm sure i could lift this new one by myself12:04
daftykinsi can carry my 55" LED samsung from a couple of years back around by myself12:05
* SuperEngineer sticks with his theory12:06
SuperEngineer...all those extra cinema goers using the big tv as a substitute12:06
daftykinsour cinema is so bad, i've preferred home viewing for years :>12:07
SuperEngineer[don't forget to buy a popcorn machine12:07
daftykinsthat would be nice12:08
* acheronuk sets mode +F112:17
daftykinsyawn :>12:18
acheronukdaftykins: that @ F1? if so, I can sympathise a bit, as in recent years I've struggled to care who wins12:20
* SuperEngineer also sets same mode. daftykins, acheronuk: motorised gladiators on any size tv... yum yum12:22
SuperEngineerlast race of season, title tey to be decided, short odds for one of two... watch it and see12:22
acheronukyep, I've been a bit cool on watching the rest of the season, but if this race is competitive then should be good.12:24
SuperEngineer..and from one who was at the Britidh race:  "You weren't there, man!"12:24
penguin42how is Nouveau these days? I notice there are quite a lot of cheap fanless Nvidia cards now17:43
marxjohnsonI'm trying to write udev rule to run a script when I insert a blu-ray, but the rule doesn't seem to get triggered.17:44
marxjohnsonI'm clearly missing something big, because even a really simple rule isn't working.17:44
marxjohnsonI've got the following in /etc/udev/rules.d/99-disc-script.rules:17:46
marxjohnsonSUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="sr0", RUN+="touch /tmp/basic_rule_triggered"17:46
marxjohnsonwhich I think should touch that file whenever there's an event from /dev/sr0.  But I eject and load, which triggers events I can see with udevadm monitor, and no file17:47
penguin42marxjohnson: Is the problem that the rule gets triggered on the creation of sr0 - i.e. when it finds a blu-ray drive, not when media gets inserted?17:48
penguin42marxjohnson: i.e. I've got a /dev/sr0 even though my DVD drive is empty, so I think the rule gets triggered near boot17:49
marxjohnsonpenguin42: Right, but as I understand that rule should be triggered for any event from sr0, not just it's creation?17:51
penguin42marxjohnson: Hmm I'm not sure about that17:52
marxjohnsonfor example, here is a thread from linux questions where someone uses a similar rule to run ripping software when a disc is mounted https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/using-udev-to-automatically-run-a-script-on-optical-disc-mount-792428-print/17:59
diddledanmarxjohnson: did you restart udev?18:02
ali1234sudo udevadm control --reload-rules18:03
marxjohnsondiddledan: ali1234: yep, tried that18:05
ali1234i think penguin42 is right18:05
ali1234to run things when a disk is inserted you probably want to use udisks instead18:05
diddledanalso it looks like the command which that guy ended-up using included a detection on the variable DKD_MEDIA_AVAILABLE18:05
diddledanSUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="sr0", ENV{DKD_MEDIA_AVAIABLE}=="1", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/detectdisc"18:06
diddledanso when the variable flips to =1 rather than =0 (i.e. when the disk is present I believe) then it runs the command. otherwise it's only gonna run on creating /dev/sr018:06
diddledanI believe udev rules only fire when the elements match. and then only fired once until the elements unmatch again.18:10
marxjohnsondiddledan: That's not working for me either.  I figured less conditions in the rule with mean more matches, i.e my rule should trigger whether a disk is loaded or ejected18:10
marxjohnsonali1234: THanks, I'll look at udisks18:10
diddledanmarxjohnson: I'm kinda guessing though, so please take everything I suggest with a healthy dose of "diddledan is an idiot and obviously wrong"18:12
diddledannow, what can I buy off ebay for at least £25?18:14
diddledan(I got a £20-off when you spend £25+ voucher)18:14
marxjohnsondiddledan: I'm kinda guessing too.  Lots of things I've read on the web suggest other people have done something like what I'm trying to do, but I dont really understand udev18:16
marxjohnsonor rather, dont really know about it18:16
diddledanI think udev is one of those things that is somewhat "if it works don't touch it" so we don't find-out how to meddle with it18:17
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diddledanI really need to rip-out my desk and cables and reinstall everything neater23:20
zmoylan-piand 15 minutes after you've finished you'll need to re add it to your todo list :-)23:38

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