floridagram1<ahoneybun> @Ivoriesablaze check your discord room01:23
floridagram1<ahoneybun> There is a troll01:23
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> He's fine, a joking conversation got a little out of hand is all03:20
floridagram1<ahoneybun> mm03:23
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floridagram1<KMyers> Hey all, sorry I have been quiet. Was out of town, got home yesterday at 5 PM and have been comatose ever since16:00
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Wb16:06
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Nice16:33
floridagram1<KMyers> Hey All, I just setup an OpenVPN server for the group on a VM in my colo. If anyone wants access the OpenVPN. Please shoot me an email : KeithIokepaMyers@GMail.com with the names of each device(No Spaces), full name and email address in the following format. I will respond with the openvpn config files which will have the certs already in place … Device     Full Name    E-Mail … KMyersSystem76     Keith Myers  16:44
floridagram1KMyersNexus6P    Keith Myers    KeithIokepaMyers@GMail.com … I just ask that no torrents, illegal stuff or other insane bandwidth tasks take place on the network.16:44
floridagram1<KMyers> I allocated 2 TB of bandwidth to it on a 1 GBPS port and will see where it goes from there16:52
floridagram1<govatent> I just won a Samsung mobile charger at the Samsung truck today17:25
floridagram1<KMyers> Samsung Truck? Is that a new ISIS Terrorist Plot to get rid of the Notte 7?17:25
floridagram1<KMyers> Note 7?17:25
floridagram1<govatent> Lmao that's what Jack said17:27
floridagram1<govatent> It's the bomb squad truck17:27
floridagram1<KMyers> And I just wanted to add a memo to the NSA agent now reading this chat - That was called a JOKE17:28
floridagram1<KMyers> And @govatent - I am sure that the cones did not help17:32
floridagram1<govatent> Lol17:35
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It's fine, Keith.  I got it.17:37
floridagram1<AdamOutler> ;)17:37
floridagram1<KMyers> ^^ Says the guy who is really in the OSS database17:38
floridagram1<KMyers> Every since you --moved-- were re-assigned to Miami, I feel like someone has been following me around17:39
floridagram1<AdamOutler> That's just Ted.  He's a bit slow.17:39
floridagram1<KMyers> Ted is the agent? I like him, he brings me my newspaper every morning and offers to charge my phone on his special charger whenever I am outside. I thought he was bringing a great nextdoor neighbor17:40
floridagram1<AdamOutler> :D17:41
floridagram1<KMyers> @AdamOutler - I think you are mistaken. I just went out and asked Ted. He said he has no idea what you were taking about. He must have been playing with something hot when he waked back in the house as I heard him yell out that "He has been burned!. I tried to see if he is ok but he did not asnwer17:48
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Haha17:49
floridagram1<KMyers> Wow...18:34
floridagram1<AdamOutler> ?18:35
floridagram1<KMyers> I am in a chat with a Google rep right now and the statement they made was priceless18:36
floridagram1<KMyers> I tried to make a purchase with Google Play Credit and it got declined...18:36
floridagram1<KMyers> Lav M1:34 PM … Sure, I will touch all my possibility to help you out.18:36
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Sometimes I touch my possibilities.  I don't see the problem, he's not webcamming.18:41
floridagram1<KMyers> Not an image I want in my head18:41
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Just saying..  I'm touching my possibilities right now and you don't even notice18:42
floridagram1<KMyers> Is it bad that I have not eaten anything all day and was planning to do a food run... I am no longer hungry18:45
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Wish | USB Flash Drive Memory USB Stick U Disk Pen Drive 2TB Pendrive (Color: Silver) (Size: 2t) (Color: Silver) … https://www.wish.com/m/c/57f2b63450d1ab2b1946b44919:22
floridagram1<AdamOutler> $10 + shipping19:22
floridagram1<KMyers> I call Chinese knockoff scam19:23
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It's a legit site.19:23
floridagram1<AdamOutler> My buddy from India uses this site all the time.  It's cheap labor that produces these.19:24
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Some of it is the same stuff you'll find in best buy, without packaging and 5% of the price.19:25
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> did google recently announce more ads in gmail?21:58
floridagram1<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze, Not that I am aware of23:04

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