Kiloshi superfly inetpro paddatrapper pavlushka nlsthzn theblazehen chesedo and other za peeps 09:00
paddatrapperhi oom Kilos 09:00
superflyhello Kilos!09:00
Kilostomorrow this time ill be at the airport09:00
superflyKilos: :-(09:00
Kilosmuch sadness here already09:01
pavlushkaGreetings Kilos .09:07
Kilosthat ekiga prob is a 14.04 prob pavlushka 09:07
chesedohallo oom Kilos09:33
chesedoKilos: you guys should be doing stuff ( as much as you are allowed) and not focus on next week yet :D09:34
Kilosim leaving tomorrow chesedo 09:38
Kiloshard to focus on anything else09:38
chesedoKilos: oh boy... i read that as next week... yeah then it can be hard09:39
chesedostongs oom Kilos09:40
Kilosty lad09:40
theblazehenhi Kilos10:52
=== z4ki is now known as zaki
pavlushkaahoy ZA!20:09
superflyGood morning Kilos21:53
Kiloshi  there superfly 22:03
Kilosyou ok?22:04
Kilossorry in and out packing22:04
superflyya, I'm fine22:10

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