sakrecoerOvenWerks, eylul krytarik: 19:00 UTC works for me on tuesday!10:07
cfhowletteh, whot?10:07
eylulok I should just email the ML at this point10:25
sakrecoersorry cfhowlett... we were planning a IRC meeting for tuesday at 20.00UTC10:27
sakrecoerbut yeah, it should go to the mailing list..10:27
cfhowlettahhhhh, lemme put that up on the clock10:27
sakrecoeralso, very nice mail you sent out cfhowlett 10:27
cfhowlettthanks, sak10:27
sakrecoerhaven't got arround answering it yet.. sorry about that!10:28
sakrecoerbut since you are here, i think ttoines and eylul's feedback should be taken into account. then feel free to proceed!10:28
sakrecoercfhowlett: ^10:28
sakrecoereylul and cfhowlett if you haven't already, please share this post: https://www.facebook.com/Ubuntustudio/posts/1015449964933062210:29
eylullet me email the group first before I forget now that we know the time works at least for you, as lead. 10:30
eylulsakrecoer: done10:45

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