zawarudohello people00:16
xubuntu05whi there02:30
xubuntu05wearly afternoon in south pacific, french new caledonia02:30
xubuntu05wcan anybody explain me why my wifi connection doesn't work anylonger since I have decided to make a on shot try of a xubuntu 16 live usb ?02:31
xubuntu05wI'm a xubuntu 14 lts user and it worked very good until I had this stupid idea to test 16 lts.02:32
xubuntu05wNote that I made a test using a xubuntu 14 LTS live usb and my wifi work !!!! How can I fix it without making a new installation of xubuntu 1402:34
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xubuntu45wis there way to check if an install went properly?02:57
xubuntu45wWhen I was prompted to reboot my system after installing 16.10, the screen froze and I had to force shutdown. Everything seems to be fine now though. I just want to make sure there are no issues with the install.02:58
xubuntu45wFrom what I remember, the error message mentioned something like "error: no PCI controller, you may experience issues" and there was another line mentioning the encryption software I think02:59
xubuntu05wit is very early in Europe. We have to wait03:07
xubuntu44oHello, I'm Fernando04:10
xubuntu44oI'm having problems connectin to repositories, all souces fail04:11
xubuntu44obut I have internet connection04:11
xubuntu44ono idea were to start04:12
xubuntu44oSuddenly itś working again. Thankyou anyway.04:28
glitchdany special tricks to getting floppy drives to work?04:29
xubuntu44oI remember I did it work few years ago, by simpli using mount04:31
xubuntu44oI  mean I mounted floppys04:33
xubuntu44oIs it an external USB floppy drive?04:36
glitchd_xubuntu44o, no its an internal floppy that i just installed on the machine, it is an older machine tho04:36
xubuntu44oI guess floppy device is /dev/fd004:40
xubuntu44oshould be04:40
glitchdyep it is04:40
xubuntu44oso "mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy04:41
xubuntu44oyou have to create mount directory firs04:42
xubuntu44oyou can use any directory you want04:42
glitchdim running the command now04:43
xubuntu44oyou can first chenck filesystem integrity using fdisk04:43
glitchdmount: /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device04:43
xubuntu44ofdisk /dev/fd004:43
glitchdthats what the first command returned04:43
glitchdim not sure if the disks are any good tbh04:44
glitchdrunning fsck now04:44
glitchdfdisk: cannot open /dev/fd0: No such device or address04:44
glitchdthats from fsck04:45
glitchdso im still not sure if the drive is bad or the disk is bad itself04:45
xubuntu44otry this: If you start fdisk comman the use tab key to show autocompletion04:47
xubuntu44owill showyou available devices (at least it does here in my xubuntu)04:48
glitchd_xubuntu44o, yep it lists the drive "fd0"04:50
glitchd_but cannot open it04:50
glitchd_fidk: cannot open /dev/fd0: no such device or address04:51
glitchd_but the light comes on when i attempt to access it which makea me think just the disk itself is bad04:51
xubuntu44oglitchd, it could be the drive o the disk04:53
xubuntu44ohow old is the drive?04:53
xubuntu44ohave you ever use it recently04:53
glitchd_only god knows at this point04:53
glitchd_im not sure which computer it came out of04:54
glitchd_it was in a stash of hardware that i have04:54
glitchd_rather it was in one of the towers that ihave and dont use anymore04:54
xubuntu44oyou'd beter take it off, clean it and put it again04:54
glitchd_but hardware none the less04:54
glitchd_like open it and clean it?04:55
glitchd_im really feeling like its the disks that are bad04:55
glitchd_but at the same time, how could a pack of 20ish disks all go bad together04:55
glitchd_unless they were stored on speaker magnet lol04:55
xubuntu44omy experience is that old aquipment get dirty04:56
glitchd_true enough04:57
xubuntu44oI leave in a place like california, where there is a lot of dust on the air04:57
glitchd_im in texas04:57
xubuntu44obe carefull cleaning the drive, those are sensible04:59
glitchd_yep yep04:59
glitchd_ill tackle it tomorrow04:59
glitchd_im tired as shit already04:59
xubuntu44onice to meet you04:59
glitchd_you too bud, thx for the help05:00
xubuntu44owould you mind writing to me the result?05:01
xubuntu44omy email is fernandoduo@yahoo.com05:02
xubuntu63wHi there, anyone who wants to help through my wifi problem05:42
krytarikxubuntu63w: If you don't get sufficient help here, you can also try in the main #ubuntu channel.06:05
xubuntu63wok thanks06:26
supershibei keep getting the error "executing 'grub-install /dev/sda' install failed. This is a fatal error."08:11
supershibeim on a lenovo ideapad with windows 10 installed08:11
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CRCurselfHello. Any idea which routing daemons are used on xubuntu? I keep reading they are routed and gated, but have no man pages for them. Why is that?20:32
CRCurselfI am learning about dynamic routing and routing daemons and would like to be pointed in the right direction.20:32
CRCurselfCorrection: I read that routed and gated can be found on most TCP/IP implementations20:33
knomecan't help you with the thing itself, but anything that is said to work on ubuntu should work on xubuntu too20:40
CRCurselfIt's not a compatibility issue, more of a research one. I'm trying to figure out which routing daemons are used on my system.20:41
knomemaybe you are looking for the package net-tools20:43
knome(and specifically, it's description and contents)20:43
flux242what do you mean? There's netfilter in linux kernel and iptables in userspace20:43
CRCurselfI could not find a manual page for netfilter. I'm wondering if there exist man pages for kernel processes or daemons?20:45
xanguaHello everyone, just installed 16.04 and security updates, after suspend and trying to resume the screen is black20:46
xanguaIs this a know issue¿is there a workaround?20:47
CRCurselfTry ctrl-alt F1, followed by ctrl-alt F7 see if that clears it up20:47

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