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smoservans163, i see something back from the 25th from you. fwiw, cloud-init will look for the cdrom seed every time.14:17
smoseri had mentioned this to  you at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/11/16/%23cloud-init.html#t15:0014:18
smosernot pointing to that to be rude and say "i already told you this" but rather so you can look at it as the answer is still relevant.14:19
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vans163smoser:  ah  "if you want to detach that disk, then you will need to tell cloud-init "manual_cache_clean: True".  And you have to write that (probably via user-data) into /etc/cloud.cfg.d or the next reboot, it will go  looking for a datasource again."   ?18:28
vans163smoser: Totally did not remember that appreciate the refresher.18:28

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