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user|49363How do I upgrade to the most recent release of kubuntu? I currently have 16.04 installed, and I want to upgrade to 16.1001:53
krytarik!upgradeofflts | user|4936301:54
ubottuuser|49363: To upgrade from an LTS release of Ubuntu to the next (non-LTS) release, run sudoedit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change the prompt= line to "prompt=normal". Then, do sudo do-release-upgrade to begin the upgrade.01:54
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aniketh_valorie: Okay sure. Thanks06:04
valoriethank YOU06:06
valoriepatches are always welcome, aniketh_06:06
aniketh_valorie: thanks. But where to submit the patch for kubuntu ? though06:07
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valorieaniketh_: file a bug on launchpad, and put your patch there06:52
valorieeasiest way is `ubuntu-bug kscreen` in the cli06:53
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yocs0000how do you change the installation folder for a package?12:53
BluesKajHiyas all13:27
chr1shi BluesKaj13:32
chr1show's life?13:32
BluesKajhi chr1s, ok here, and you?13:47
chr1sgood thanks, don't seem to be many questions about Kubuntu today, I guess everything is working well :)13:47
BluesKajXenial is finally stabilized and Yakkety was quite stable from the first day, fewer problems than usual so far13:52
chr1sgood good :)14:00
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Not_a_RobotHi guys, I have a bluetooth headset that is paired to my computer but it does not output any sound. Can someone help me, please?15:22
mgoldenRight click on the speaker in the system tray15:31
mgoldenNot_a_Robot: Right click on the speaker in the system tray15:32
mgoldenNot_a_Robot: Actually, sorry - left click15:32
mgoldenNot_a_Robot: Look at the playback devices15:32
mgoldenNot_a_Robot: If you right click on the icon again, you should be able to select Audio Volume > Output Devices15:34
mgoldenNot_a_Robot: That will allow you to make one of them default15:35
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Not_a_RobotThank you mgolden :) but the problem is that that does not work :/15:43
mgoldenNot_a_Robot: And you do see it with the Bluetooth control in Settings?15:53
Not_a_Robotit is paired correctly15:54
Not_a_Robotjust no sound15:54
Not_a_RobotI connect it to audio sink but noooes :815:54
mgoldenI seem to recall that there are some applications that refuse to find it at first15:54
mgoldenI know I got it to work.15:54
mgoldenNo... the problem I am thinking of was on Android, not Kubuntu15:55
mgoldenDo you see it as an audio device in the volume control?15:55
Not_a_RobotYes mgolden, as I said it is connected and I can listen when I volume up or down15:57
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mgoldenSo what isn't working?16:06
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