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Guest89702I'm From Japan08:06
Guest89702Nice to meet you08:07
p14rHoi everyone. Got a lubuntu question: I've just ordered a netbook (Acer Travelmate B117) and want to install Linux whilst ensuring two things:20:22
p14r1) Use all the features the laptop offers (sound, screen-brightness, wireless, function keys, etc.)20:22
p14r2) Use as little power as possible / use advanced power management features20:23
p14rIs that possible with Lubuntu and is Lubuntu the best choice for this? What procedure do you recommend?20:23
lynorianp14r, well there is a terminal applicatoin called powertop for number 220:23
p14rThanks for any help.20:23
lynorianFor 1 I percensonally don't know about that hardware what sound and wirelesschipset does it have?20:24
p14rCPU is a Quadcore Intel Pentium N3710, the chipset is basically built around it (it could be all intel)20:26
p14rDoes Lubuntu offer the same support for function keys and special keys as Ubuntu?20:27
p14rOut of the box, I mean?20:27
lynorianI think for some we have them for multimedia things yes20:27
p14rHow does installing TLP on top of Lubuntu laptop mode work? Or does it fail? Any experiences with that?20:29
lynorianI am not that familar with TLP but it should work like any other package20:30
p14rMmmmh. Ok. If you had to save power on a laptop, which distribution would you use?20:45
lynorianp14r, I don't have battery life problems normally but that is because my battery is a massive 12 cell21:06

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