bilelhey everyone :)20:08
elachecheHello bilel :) Which bilel you are? x)21:22
elachecheOh! Hello bilel ! Sorry, I thought I'm in #ubuntu-tn we had many bilel's in there.. How are you doing? welcome to #ubuntu-africa21:24
bileli am mkadmi bilel friend of naiel ! and member ISETchux ! i am how assit with you in your workshop in SFD with  !21:24
elachecheOh! Welcome x) See, I know you :p I have the right to ask whcih one you are :p21:25
elachechenzoueidi: :p21:25
bilelwe eat to gether fish too !21:26
nzoueidihahaha :D glad to see arround again bilel :D21:31
bilelhahahahahah... thanx nzoueidi21:32
bilelhome sweet home21:32
Bilel_It's me again21:36
Bilel_Naiel were is querty ??21:36
nzoueidishe is sleeping x) :p21:37
nzoueidibrb, I finish my dinner :D21:37
Bilel_:p hhhhhh..21:38
Bilel_One day ! I will make azerty and bring here with me here21:41
elachecheBilel_: you should registre your nickname, so we will know who you are when oyu join us.. And you should use an autologin desktop irc client as wel :p21:44
Bilel_I am registered and I get cloack but I forget my password :(21:45
Bilel_I will registered again21:46
elachecheno Bilel_21:49
elachechejust reset your password21:49
elachecheBilel_: NickServ is your friend ;)21:50
Bilel_But I forget my nick name too21:50
elachecheYou still remeber the mail @ ?21:51
Bilel_Oh! Yes I guess21:51
elachecheLet's go to #freenode21:51
Bilel_Okay ! I will try to reset my password21:51
Bilel_Okay let's go21:52

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