seb128good morning desktopers08:03
Sweet5harkpitti: Orrr hell no, you will not, will ya?!08:18
Sweet5harkbonjours a tous!08:18
pittiBonojur tout le monde !08:20
seb128salut pitti08:20
seb128hey Sweet5hark08:20
pittiSweet5hark: <checks date> not April first I'm afraid, so I'm serious08:20
* Sweet5hark hugs pitti.08:21
pittiça va seb128, as-tu eu un bon weekend?08:21
* pitti hugs Sweet5hark back08:21
seb128oui, très bon, et toi ?08:21
Sweet5harkseb128: salut08:21
pittije vais bien aussie -- on a revu des amis de Dresden, joué du badminton, et la plus importante chose: le premier stollen !08:22
seb128pitti, btw we understood why the packet took a while to arrive, you didn't write the "wp" part of the postcode, they work with 4 digits + 2 lettres and you only noted down the digits, so they sent it back to triaging site, it arrived with an extra sticker with the "wp" info08:23
* Sweet5hark recently learned about that the pope gave explicit permission to saxony to use butter in their stollen after they asked about it. usesless facts 10108:24
pittiseb128: I didn't have a zip code from you, so I googled for it at the post office and this was the best I got08:24
seb128oh ok08:25
pittiSweet5hark: !08:25
seb128anyway, it arrived at the end, stollen ftw!08:25
pittiSweet5hark: so this had been illegal for like 5 centuries?08:25
* seb128 hugs pitti08:25
pittiseb128: so what is the full postcode?08:25
pittiah, just that08:25
Sweet5harkpitti: it was pope innocence VIII, so I guess it wasnt illegal for that long.08:26
seb128Sweet5hark, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stollen#History agrees with you08:34
pittiheeey Laney, good morning09:03
Laneyhey pitti09:04
seb128brrrr Laney09:04
Laneyhow's it going?09:04
Laneyseb128: indeed09:04
Laneyseb128: good day off / weekend?09:05
Laneysup willcooke?09:05
davmor2Morning all09:06
seb128yes! got some present ideas, enjoyed the weather than started feeling like winter, had some nice food and relaxing time09:06
seb128hey willcooke davmor209:06
davmor2Laney: man you and your street lingo bein' all down wid de kidz09:07
seb128it's amazing how all you u.k people start your day in a few minutes range ;-)09:07
davmor2seb128: I'm only late cause I had to set up my office again was at my mom's all last week09:08
seb128not later than your other fellow u.k coworkers ;-)09:08
davmor2seb128: normally though it's down to how fast your laptop starts up09:08
* Laney lives by the radio 4 pips09:09
Laneyseb128: was good, saw a friend on friday for bike ride and cake and climbing, then family at the weekend09:10
Laneyended up going shopping on BLACK FRIDAY /o\09:10
willcookeLaney, did you get to punch someone over a Bush TV?09:10
LaneyI took a cattle prod09:11
willcookeVery wise09:11
Laneyactually it wasn't that busy at 9am when I went09:11
Laneyalmost every shop had a BLACK FRIDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poster up though09:11
Laneyhuntingdon news09:11
Laneyaldi is opening this week!09:11
willcookeI love Aldi09:12
flexiondotorgHappy Cyber Monday desktopers09:12
willcookehey flexiondotorg09:12
seb128hey flexiondotorg09:12
flexiondotorgwillcooke, Laney seb128 davmor2 pitti Sweet5hark hikiko Morning09:13
Laneythe first 100 people get some kind of prize09:13
willcookeI splurged a bit at Amazon.  They had the Dash buttons (those little wifi connected buttons you press and they order stuff from Amazon) for 99p.  So I bought 609:13
Laneywas trolling my mum to get her to go down at 4am09:13
flexiondotorgSteady on there willcooke09:13
hikikogood morning all09:14
willcookeAlso - they had 4.99 off your first order with the button.  So I spent too long making a spreadsheet to decide if it was worth it or not.  And it turns out, even with the discount, Amazon is no cheaper than the supermarket.09:14
seb128hey hikiko09:15
willcookeBut... I bought boy #1 some Nerf bits for Christmas, and they had the discount as well.  So in the end I bought 6 buttons for 95p09:15
seb128willcooke, how do those work? you just press and it orders without you having to confirm? like if you set up one to order toilet paper and your kids decide to press it while you don't watch you end up with a truk of toilet paper at your door next day? ;-)09:17
willcookeThere are some safe guards.  You can cancel the order if you find out about it in time, and you *can* tell it not to order another one until the previous one is delivered09:18
willcookebut you have to enable that, it's not the default (I think)09:18
seb128it has potential for fun situations09:18
willcookeI've given them reserved IP address and blocked them on the firewall.09:18
willcookeSo now I just listen for the DHCP request and trigger an MQTT event09:19
willcookebut then I couldn't think of an actual purpose for them09:19
willcookemeh, worry about that another day09:19
seb128willcooke, http://www.dashbuttondudes.com/blog/2015/12/11/26-amazon-dash-button-hacks09:21
seb128just get one assign to "build that snap you are working on"09:22
willcookeah, nice one!09:22
willcookeMake it pull from github in to LP and start building09:22
hikikowhat's the dash button?09:25
willcookehikiko, see that link Seb posted for examples ^09:25
hikikoI saw it but I didn't understand: is it programmed already or the users hack them?09:28
willcookeIt's already programmed, you can't do much by flashing it yourself as it's quite locked down09:29
willcookeso it's really only useful as a push button09:30
hikikoyeah I see, it's only useful to place orders quickly :)09:31
Laneymake the kids have to press it every minute or else the wifi turns off09:34
hikikothey reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J691aLfkWP0 (10yrs ago video)09:34
willcookeIt's a shame its so locked down, the hardware is really quite capable.  I assume that the brands that have buttons are massively subsidising them and so want to make sure naughty hackers can use them as generic development boards.  Kinda fair enough09:34
hikikolol Laney09:34
Laneyfor bonus fun make it a different one each time09:34
Laneyactually that could be a fun exercise game09:34
Laneyⓒ ⓡ laney mmxvi09:34
andyrockmorning all10:11
Laneysup andyrock10:12
seb128hyey andyrock, how are you? good w.e?10:15
andyrocknothing special, had a dinner with canonicalers (?) on thursday but that not w.e.10:16
seb128w.e was good and relaxing ;-)10:28
hikikoquestion on ucc:10:39
hikikoI've put some debugging printfs somewhere but the message is not printed in sdout10:39
hikikoI've checked the /proc/pid/fd/110:40
hikikoand it's a symlink to /dev/ptsN10:40
hikikowhich is the terminal where I started ucc10:40
hikikoso the stdout is not redirected10:40
hikikowhy I can't see any printfs?10:41
hikikopfff :p ignore :)10:52
Laneyhikiko: ?!?!?!10:52
hikikoLaney, pebcak10:52
hikikowrong executable :p10:53
hikikonot wrong10:53
hikikowrong u710:53
hikikoso most of my functions were never called :p10:53
* Laney keeps typing zesty instead of xenial10:55
Laneydownloading the wrong source, releasing to the wrong release, testbuilding for the wrong release10:55
Laneybetter than typing zenial that I was doing for a while10:57
Laneyactually it's probably not better10:57
Laneysince I could actually upload to the wrong place ¬_¬10:57
* Laney goes to lie in a darkened room10:57
hikikolol I type that zenial too Laney :D11:09
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flexiondotorgYep. That ^12:29
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
ricotzSweet5hark, hi, did you have a look at 5.3 beta yet?14:50
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hikikoomg chromium finished building17:02
hikikoI was waiting at about 9hrs17:02
seb128hikiko, did you manage to get building over several machine or is that a local build?17:03
hikiko(1st build)17:03
hikikono seb128 chromium uses ninja :/17:03
hikikonot make17:03
hikikoso I couldn't use distcc as I planned17:03
seb128hum, k17:03
hikikobut ok it's the 1st build I guess next will be faster :)17:04
hikiko(I hope...)17:04
willcookewell done hikiko :)17:05
pittihikiko: would it help at all to do builds on a beefy cloud instance entirely, and just copy back the binary for testing?17:08
pittihikiko: and yes, well done taming that beast!17:08
pitti(in the spirit of "my other computer is a data center")17:08
hikikopitti, I will investigate solutions tomorrow :)17:29
chrisccoulsonhikiko, 9 hours???18:12
chrisccoulsonhow much ram do you have?18:12
ximionLaney: re your call for a Debian infra test instance: yes please!! I wanted this for years (but so far the pain wasn't big enough)18:46
ximionLaney: on another issue, did you upload the Xenial appstream fix already?18:46
Laneyhi ximion18:53
Laneywhat test instance?!?!?!?!18:53
Laneydon't remember doing that ot it wasn't me18:53
Laneyand yes I did18:53
ximionLaney: my bad, too many Ians :D18:58
ximionand me reading stuff way too quickly before leaving work18:58
ximionah, okay18:59
ximionLaney: Ubuntu users are the impatient breed ^^ (and like to spam you with "me too" mails so you fix the bug faster :P)18:59
Laneyximion: yeah, but it just makes the Launchpad mailbox more unusable when multiplied over many bugs19:02
ximionit's crazy annoying, especially after you already stated that you have enough information and are working on the bug19:04
ximionbut I also feel sympathy for them, afterall they are annoyed too :P19:04
willcookemorning robert_ancell19:27
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi19:27
willcookealrighty, night all19:42
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blaterhi all21:21

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