xnoxinfinity, shouldn't we demote lilo-installer udeb to universe, it's annoying that it gets loaded everywhere, no?11:18
xnoxbdmurray, could you please subscribe foundations to partman-swapfile package please? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-swapfile11:39
xnoxbdmurray, oh, i have powers too it seems. I've managed to subscribe foundations-bugs to it.11:40
xnoxsubscribing ubuntu-installer team too11:41
xnoxcyphermox, is it an oversight that driver-injection-disk is not part of the ubiquity build?18:44
xnoxi thought that's what is used for raid controller drivers by OEMs18:45
cyphermoxI don't think it's an oversight, ubiquity uses a "desktop" kernel, not the split up kernel for d-i18:45
cyphermoxdepends what exactly is shipped by driver-injection-disk18:45
cyphermoxis that the right source package name?18:46
xnoxthe question come up from an OEM that is trying to enable their raid controller (proprietary at the moment i am gueesing) yet use it with a dekstop/ubiquity installer for some reason18:46
xnoxi believe hw-detect is the package that ships that18:46
cyphermoxah, yeah, makes sense18:46
xnoxdriver-injection-disk is the binary/executable name, and the udeb for it is a slightly different name18:47
cyphermoxright, I see now18:48
cyphermoxI don't think it's an oversight, it just never came up18:49
cyphermoxI'd be tempted to say it probably don't hook up so great to the typical ubiquity UX18:49
cyphermoxotherwise I'd run it just after the welcome/prepare screen, same place as where the SB stuff is hooked up, it might take a bit to hook it up cleanly18:51
xnoxcyphermox, i think we simply want to install / activate the .deb live and for target. And do nothing for the .udeb .ude19:09
xnoxso slightly different code path.19:09
xnoxand obviously said OEM wants it for xenial....19:09
xnoxis there any other way to inject .deb during install & for target, with ubiquity images?19:09
xnoxdriver injection disk sounds like the cleanest way forward to me, but i'm not sure if there is anything else on the desktop iso.19:10
xnoxdoes ubuntu-drivers do anything special in ubiquity?19:10
cyphermoxwell, if the driver packages are in the archive they could get picked up by ubuntu-drivers via modaliases, but I guess in this case they're not in the archive19:10
cyphermoxeasiest might be to use an early command?19:11
xnoxwhich is fidally19:16
cyphermoxnot really19:27

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