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mate|78314is there any way to run ubuntu on a raspberry pi a+ or b+00:48
mate|78314do you know if any version of ubuntu will run on a raspberry pi a+ or b+?00:53
ali1234no, no version of ubuntu will run on them00:54
masterninjaHello !03:10
x2xx3xHi, my desktop background can not be changed any more. The menue idk in englisch "erscheinungsbild" in german is also not shown up in the System-->Settings menue. I reinstalled gnome-control-center but nothing changed, even as i manually created that menue. The thing does show up but does not start.05:30
x2xx3xappearance - thats the engl. word i was looking for...05:33
x2xx3xi am on 14.04 LTS, btw05:34
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jonyany one?12:54
vanessa_Hola, soy nueva en esto, un saludo a todos. Si tengo un problema. La pantalla parpadea y he querido actualizar el software y no recuerdo la clave de autenticación. como puedo cambiarla? he visto foros pero creo que se refieren a la clave de usuario, no es mi caso. Gracias por su ayuda13:15
ouroumov_!es | vanessa_13:21
ubottuvanessa_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:21
vanessa_ok, i am a begginer in ubuntu, i have a problem: the screen is flashing. So i try to update the software and it ask me an autentication key, i really dont remember it. what i can do? i will apreciate any help,13:29
ouroumov_vanessa_, when you run an update, if it ask for a key it's just the password of the User you defined during the installation process.13:32
ouroumov_vanessa_, that's the default admin user13:32
vanessa_i try whit the default admin user does not work13:33
ouroumov_vanessa_, do you have a specific error message?13:33
vanessa_something like "your authentication attempt was unseccesful. Please try again"13:36
ouroumov_vanessa_, when did you install Ubuntu and did you install it yourself?13:37
ouroumov_vanessa_, passwords in Ubuntu are case sensitive, meaning "K" is not "k", make sure you don't have caps lock active.13:38
ouroumov_vanessa_, also make sure your keyboard is in the correct layout by tapping your password in a plain text file first13:39
ouroumov_vanessa_, I can guide you through the password recovery procedure but it's not simple.13:43
ouroumov_vanessa_, also if you've encrypted your home directory and you do password recovery, you will loose access to your data.13:44
vanessa_i have few data, i recently started tu use ubuntu,13:47
vanessa_it works!!!!! i think, beacuse something is hapening and start to work13:49
vanessa_thank a lot! it was so embarrassing, i feel a dumb13:54
vanessa_I hope the screen flashing is fixed with the update13:56
stevenmhey in 'places' in caja... the bookmarks section is near the bottom (on 16.04) but on 14.04 it was at the top - any way to re-arrange this back how it was?14:50
DarkPsydeLorddidnt notice that until now14:52
stevenmDarkPsydeLord, yeah it's irritating as people bookmark what they most regularly used - which is now relegated to the bottom :S14:59
stevenmat the top it was near other navigation buttons14:59
DarkPsydeLordwell im looking for a solution must be caja related15:03
DarkPsydeLordbut lemme tell you it wont bother me at all since i never noticed15:03
stevenmDarkPsydeLord, some people never add bookmarks to even have a 'bookmarks' section15:04
DarkPsydeLordstevenm: thats true,15:19
Akulistevenm, in the bottom? you mean the bottom of the left side bar?15:24
* Akuli read the logs15:24
stevenmAkuli, yes15:30
Akulimy internet is slow, i'll try to find the side bar in the source when git is done cloning it15:30
Akulidoesn't seem like easy to fix, if you want the older order you could just install an older caja15:50
Akulior just don't bother with 16.04 :)15:50
ouroumovflexiondotorg, hi16:44
ouroumovflexiondotorg, I believe I've identified an edge-case bug in mpm 1.12.1, I'm not sure if I should file the issue against the 1.12 branch or Master on github, the 1.12 is marked "stale"16:46
ouroumovI'm unable to try against other versions16:47
ouroumovflexiondotorg, nevermind github doesn't allow filing against other branches anyway16:52
DarkPsydeLordeverytime i hear caja it messes up my mind17:54
khalid_so u new here18:48

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