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drabhi, I'm trying to preseed ubuntu on a raid1 and the preseed worked except that / and swap got flipped, so I got a huge swap and very small root partition03:52
drabanybody seen that before? this is the relevant preseed snippet: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23546912/03:52
drabwhcih seems about correct to me, shuold give me a swap no bigger than 2GB and a / of everything else (-1 max size)03:53
draba similar ex[ert recipe works just fine with non raid setup03:53
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jamespagecoreycb, ddellav, zul: lescina was backed up on storage - freed up some space11:05
jamespagethe local apt repository had a morgue directory with the full history of deb updates in it...11:06
tomreynmozart1893: no need fopr caps lock. are you still looking for assistence? if so, please describe the issue you're facing in more detail.11:14
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RoshanI have install plain Linode server with apache and now want install my own mail server and need your help to do this.11:43
tomreynuse postfix or exim, read their manuals / getting started guides first of all.11:44
tomreynpoistfix has a pretty good manual / starting guide.11:44
tomreynmailservers are a complex matter, be prepared to spend a lot of time.11:44
tomreyn... or have someome else do it for you.11:45
Roshantomreyn, I want to do it on Linode server11:46
rbasakcpaelzer: I looked at bug 1644595 but couldn't find the claimed violation. I commented.11:46
ubottubug 1644595 in krb5 (Ubuntu) "krb5-1.13.2+dfsg-5 source contains source subject to the aladdin license" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164459511:46
rbasakOh, I see what's going on.11:48
cpaelzerrbasak: I found the file itself, but I'll read the bug - thanks for looking at it11:49
rbasakcpaelzer: no, my mistake.11:49
rbasakI'll comment with a correction.11:49
cpaelzerrbasak: ah ok11:50
cpaelzerrbasak: you might - as I did first - have stumbled over Al[l]adins number of "l" chars11:51
rbasakIt looks like it's typod in the boilerplate.11:52
rbasakcpaelzer: so this should be reported to Debian as a policy violation. I can do that, or would you prefer to?11:53
cpaelzerrbasak: If that is the way to go I can do that11:53
cpaelzerrbasak: I was just a bit out of my comfort zone, that is why I pulled you in11:53
rbasakcpaelzer: OK. Make it "Severity: serious" as it's a "severe violation of Debian policy".11:54
rbasakI checked and it applies to current sid, too.11:54
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jurislavanyone thinks ZFS as a production fs is a bad idea..?13:29
zulcoreycb/ddellav/jamesage:The way that neutron loads its plugins have changed in ocata so im going through the neutron plugins in universe and make sure they are kosher13:35
coreycbzul, got a pointer?13:35
zulcoreycb: yep13:36
zulcoreycb:gimme a sec13:36
zulcoreycb: for ex https://github.com/openstack/neutron-lbaas/commit/00568ab38e5e057aec9fd0231bf8fa3101e4ceac13:36
coreycbzul, ok that's lbaas plugins. does that change how how plugins are configured?13:39
zulcoreycb:i dont think so because i was able to run the smoketests against ocata without a problem13:40
coreycbzul, ok i'm still poking at horizon13:41
zulcoreycb: ok cool...13:41
zulcoreycb: i didnt upload horizon last week because i wanted to be double sure now im glad i didnt13:42
coreycbzul, thanks13:42
zulcoreycb: ill be in plugin hell13:43
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samba35please correct me if i am using ethernet   pci passthrought in guest  ,is that is full virtualization ?14:13
ppetrakisamba35, nope, it's bare metal, that device cannot be shared with anyone else14:16
ppetrakisamba35, you typically use PCI passthrough only when speed, or some specific functionality is desired. Like giving a storage controller to a VM functioning as a virtual storage appliance is a good example.14:19
ppetrakisamba35, it's also helpful for hacking kernel drivers in VM, it won't crash your main system14:19
ppetrakiyou're welcome14:21
samba35i am confused with full and para virtualization14:21
ppetrakiit is confusing :)14:21
samba35do you have better way to explain to lay man :)14:22
ppetrakiIn a nutshell: full virtualization is when you completely emulate a device, which can be expensive as the driver is doing "lots of stuff" as if it was still talking to the firmware on that device... but that device isn't there, the software just presents a device that quacks like it.14:25
ppetrakipara virtualization: is when you create a new class of device that  performs the intended function e.g. network, storage. But actually knows it's in a virtual environment. So there's alot less overhead, which makes it faster, but also makes that VM's performanced biased towards that platform14:27
ppetrakivirtio drivers are considered para-virtual14:27
ppetrakipci passthrough is zero-virtualization, well everything else is virtualized but that device is not. So you get all the benfits of a VM... except the ability to move it, because the destination must have the same physical device available14:28
samba35can you please explain what do u mean by " completely emulate a device"14:29
ppetrakipick any device that shows up in lspci on your physical hardware, the VM presents a device that responds exactly as if the hardware was really there, down to touching it's registers14:30
ppetrakias a result, there are only a handful of fully virtualized devices available.14:30
ppetrakiI can't even name one14:30
samba35i bought 1 motherboard to test  pci-passthrouth with core2 quad cpu @40 us $14:30
ppetrakidoes it have intel vt-d?14:31
ppetrakithen you're good, that supports "modern pci passthrough" you can attach and detach a device to a VM as much as you want.14:32
samba35can i do pco-passthrought without vt-d ?14:32
ppetrakiyou can... but you have to plan it. You literally have to tell the system kernel "don't touch this device", that's how Xen did it14:32
ppetrakino one does it that way anymore, if they can help it14:33
samba35this info was new to me i never ever use xen14:34
ppetrakimost people don't need to deal with pci passthrough, virtio is plenty fast14:34
samba35Thank you !14:34
ppetrakihave fun14:34
samba35i do use virtio with nic but what is best way to get gpu in guest ?14:35
samba35i have install palo alto networks firewall on ubuntu 12.04 as a 1st guest and again ubuntu as a 2nd guest as a dmz but i am not able to do some tasks14:37
ppetrakisamba35, gpu as in cuda or brook gpu? or do you just want 3d accell?14:38
samba35as i am new to palo alto networks firewall14:38
samba353d accell?14:39
samba353 d accelerator ?14:39
ppetrakisamba35, virtio-gpu and connect to it with spice14:39
samba35please correct me to use spice do i require special hardware ?14:40
ppetrakinope, it's just a viewer protocol14:40
ppetrakithe docs could be better: http://askubuntu.com/questions/250981/how-do-i-configure-spice-with-kvm14:41
ppetrakifollow the instructions for adding the virtio-gpu in virt-manager, then apt install spice-client-gtk python-spice-client-gtk14:42
ppetrakiI'm surprised I can't find a native wiki on it...14:43
coreycbjamespage, we're getting some xenial-ocata backport failures for packages that need debhelper  > 10.  but prior to those we had some that backported successfully and i think they were picking up debhelper 10.2.2 from xenial-backports.14:43
jamespagecoreycb, hmm14:43
coreycbjamespage, does that make any sense?  could something have changed?14:43
jamespagecoreycb, unlikely - backports is not enabled by default in either our build schroots or the ppa's14:44
samba35will give try later today14:44
coreycbjamespage, ok.  i did have debhelper 10.2.2 backported the the ocata uca for a bit until i realized it was in xenial-backports, and it seemed to be causing problems.  maybe it's deb was lingering around after i deleted it.14:44
jamespagecoreycb, that might be possible14:45
ddellavzul thanks for the heads up on the neutron plugins14:49
zulddellav: yep14:51
coreycbjamespage, i think i'll try to backport it again after we test/promote b114:52
jamespagecoreycb, ack14:52
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coreycbzul, horizon's uploaded.  i have a charm change to go along with it.15:09
coreycbddellav, ^15:09
zulcoreycb: sweet15:09
ddellavcoreycb excellent15:12
coreycbzul, ddellav: do you have anything else outstanding for b1?15:14
ddellavcoreycb according to the list, just the debian syncs are remaining as far as i can tell15:15
zulcoreycb: we should be good to go...i was able to run a smoketest against the ci ppa15:15
coreycbddellav, ok yeah15:15
coreycbzul, awesome, how many failures?15:15
zulcoreycb:we might as well upload newer versions of those "syncs"15:16
zula couple but those tests were not confgiured properly15:16
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rbasakpowersj: based on your comment in bug 1643245, I think that should be Fix Released?16:44
ubottubug 1643245 in sssd (Ubuntu) "Fix related to skip invalid certificates" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164324516:44
powersjrbasak: I only moved it to fix committed since zesty isn't released.16:45
powersjShould I have done something different?16:46
rbasakpowersj: we still treat it as Fix Released if it's in the zesty (ie. development) release pocket.16:46
powersjthen yes please, go ahead and change it to released. Thank you!16:46
rbasakpowersj: done, thanks. Consider it this way: if you uploaded a fix to Zesty with a bug reference, that would automatically change to Fix Released as soon as the package hit the zesty release pocket.16:47
rbasakI appreciate that's a little unintuitive from a wider Ubuntu perspective.16:47
powersjrbasak: ah ok, that makes it clearer to me16:48
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coreycbjamespage, zul, ddellav: xenial-ocata-staging looks good - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23550029/20:02
coreycbcan't test zesty until some zesty charm updates land20:03
zulcoreycb: yeah waiting for them to land20:07
zulcoreycb: i think thats what i got as a result as well20:07
coreycbzul, ok also there are 2 charm updates to land.  beisner is picking up the swift charm-helper update to enable 2.11.0 in the zesty syncs, and there's a PR for horizon static files20:10
zulcoreycb: you mean this one? https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/charm-helpers/swift-ocata/+merge/31174320:11
coreycbzul, yup. sorry didn't know you had that out there for review.20:12
zulcoreycb:no worries20:12
jamespagecoreycb, I'll shove that lot into proposed then20:20
coreycbjamespage, thanks20:20
jamespagezul, coreycb: we should look to get libvirt into the UCA as well20:20
jamespageanyone looking at that?20:21
zuljamespage: i can probably20:21
jamespagezul, I see qemu already went back20:21
jamespagelibvirt is a natural partner for that20:21
jamespagethere are some nice features for migrations20:21
zuljamespage: qemu wasnt me ;)20:21
jamespagewho was that?20:21
coreycbjamespage, not me20:22
jamespagecoreycb, zul: might have been me20:24
zuljamespage: just did a quick check we dont have to backport libxen this time ;)20:25

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