lynorianalmost meeting time02:55
nhaineshey pleia2.  :)03:00
nhainesI'm almost recovered from traveling.  Almost.03:01
pleia2shall we meeting?03:02
nhainesProtip: flying in on Thanksgiving meant I was off the plane, through customs and curbside in like 15 minutes.03:02
nhainesYes, let's!03:02
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nhaines#chair lynorian pleia203:03
darthrobotCurrent chairs: lynorian nhaines pleia203:03
nhainesWelcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for November 27th, 2016.03:03
nhainesThe agenda for tonight is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16November2703:03
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16November27 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:03
nhainesThere are no items on the agenda tonight.03:03
nhaines#topic Upcoming events03:04
nhainesDoes anyone have any upcoming events to announce?03:04
pleia2nothing really on my radar, this time of year gets slow for things03:04
* lynorian does not 03:04
nhainesYup.  SCALE is a bit further than usual in March.  But the first weekend in March, so not much further.03:04
* pleia2 nods03:04
pleia2I suppose it wouldn't hurt to start prepping wiki pages and things for our activities there, we haven't formally discussed what that looks like yet though (booth? ubucon again?)03:05
nhainesRichard Gaskin and I are going to start meeting with SCALE and the Canonical community team on Tuesday to get those plans solidified.  UbuCon Europe planning sort of took everyone's time.03:05
pleia2oh great03:05
lynoriannhaines where are these meetings held?03:06
nhaineslynorian: in Google Hangouts, so shoot me an email and I'll get you a link.03:06
lynoriannhaines thank you03:06
nhainespleia2: you interested in attending?  I think it's Tuesday around 10am.03:06
pleia2nhaines: link me up, I'll come if I can (not sure what my tuesday looks like)03:07
nhainesUbuCon Summit will probably be a little scaled back, but we should have a booth as usual.03:07
nhainesWe'll talk about that Tuesday.  :)  Although our SCALE person is traveling.  So it might be the week after.03:08
nhainesWe need to have leadership elections soon.03:08
lynoriannhaines +103:09
nhainesUnless we just want to assume emergency powers for the well-being of the empire and attain hegemony.03:09
nhainesI'll figure out some dates and send an email.  For real this time because I'm not trying to get all my work done before I disappear for two weeks on travel.03:10
pleia2thanks nhaines :)03:10
nhainesThat's all I can think of there.03:11
pleia2I don't have anything else03:11
* lynorian does not03:11
nhaines#topic Announcements03:11
nhainesIf anyone has any other on-topic announcements to make, this is the time.  :)03:11
pleia2happy holidays :)03:12
lynorianahppy holidays as well03:12
nhainesOh yes, those have already begun.  :)03:12
nhainesHappy holidays to all.03:12
nhaines#topic Agenda items03:13
nhainesThere are no agenda items for this week's meeting.03:13
nhaines#topic Other business03:13
nhainesAnything else anyone wants to bring up?03:13
pleia2nothing fro mme03:13
nhainesMe either.03:14
nhainesI guess I should say that we represented California at UbuCon Europe.  :)03:15
pleia2indeed we did! along with philipballew03:15
nhainesI should have a blog post up in a day or two.  But the summary is that we were probably the ones that made UbuCon such a huge sucess.03:16
nhainesAs the default voice for uNav, I crashed Marcos Costales's presentation about uNav just before he started and announced "You have arrived at the presentation."03:16
nhainesOkay, I think we have officially meetinged.03:17
darthrobotTitle: [UbuCon Europe in the retrospective]03:17
pleia2was a good post about it :)03:17
pleia2but there have been several floating around03:18
nhainesA good post, although not quite as detailed as the German post, which I will harass Sujeevan about shortly.  ;)03:18
pleia2aha :)03:18
nhainesMarcos Costales has some good writeups in Spanish: https://plus.google.com/+MarcosCostales03:18
darthrobotTitle: [Error reading title]03:18
nhainesOkay, I'll see everyone for our next meeting on December 11th, same bat-time, same bat-channel.03:19
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Nov 28 03:19:58 2016 UTC.03:19
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2016/ubuntu-us-ca.2016-11-28-03.03.moin.txt03:19
pleia2thanks nhaines!03:20
nhainespleia2: I have a new appreciation for how you still get things done even while traveling heavily.  Although in my defence, I seem to have picked up a slight cold on the flight back!03:21
pleia2hah, it's so exhausting03:21
pleia2happy to be sitting on a couch in front of a fire right now, even if I'm on the wrong coast03:22
nhainesWell, we can't all be in California all the time.  ;)03:22
pleia2yeah, it gets full03:23
nhainesIt's been raining the last two days which has been pleasant, although supiciously identical to the weather in Essen.03:23
nhainesSujeevan said on Friday "you were hardly gone and the sun is shining."03:24
pleia2tsk :)03:24

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